Changelog for libX11-6-1.6.7-60.3.i586.rpm :

* Wed Oct 10 2018 Update to version 1.6.7
* XcmsLookupColor: fully initialize XColor structs passed to _XColor_to_XcmsRGB
* poll_for_response: Call poll_for_event again if xcb_poll_for_reply fails
* poll_for_event: Allow using xcb_poll_for_queued_event
* Mon Aug 27 2018 Format spec with spec-cleaner- Use %autopatch to not bother with one-by-one patch application- Remove autoreconf as we no longer patch any of the buildsystem- Explicitly disable silent rules during configuration
* Wed Aug 22 2018 Update to version 1.6.6: + Make Xkb{Get,Set}NamedIndicator spec & manpages match code + Clarify state parameter to XkbSetNamedDeviceIndicator + Improve table formatting in XkbChangeControls & XkbKeyNumGroups man pages + If XGetImage fails to create image, don\'t dereference it to bounds check + Use size_t for buffer sizes in SetHints.c + Change fall through comment in lcDB.c to match gcc\'s requirements + _XDefaultError: set XlibDisplayIOError flag before calling exit + Fix possible memory leak in cmsProp.c:140 + Don\'t rebuild ks_tables.h if nothing changed. + Remove statement with no effect. + Use flexible array member instead of fake size. + Valgrind fix for XStoreColor and XStoreColors. + XkbOpenDisplay.3: fix typo + Validation of server response in XListHosts. + Fixed off-by-one writes (CVE-2018-14599). + Fixed out of boundary write (CVE-2018-14600). + Fixed crash on invalid reply (CVE-2018-14598). + fix shadow warning + _XIOError(dpy); will never return so remore dead + remove argument check for free() adjust one inden + fix shadow char_size + fix more shadow warning + no need to check argument for _XkbFree() + remove stray extern + no need to check args for Xfree() + fix memleak in error path + fix memleak in error path + no need to check XFree arguments + mark _XDefaultIOError as no_return + Fixes: warning: variable \'req\' set but not,used + add _X_UNUSED to avoid unused variable warnings + remove empty line + silence gcc warning assignment discards \'const\' qualifier from pointer target type- Packaging changes: + Remove upstreamed u_Use-flexible-array-member-instead-of-fake-size.patch + Remove upstreamed u_off-by-one-write-in-XListExtensions.patch + Remove upstreamed u_out-of-boundary-write-in-XListExtensions.patch + Remove upstreamed u_crash-on-invalid-reply-in-XListExtensions.patch
* Mon Aug 20 2018 u_off-by-one-write-in-XListExtensions.patch
* fixes off-by-one write in XListExtensions (bsc#1102062, CVE-2018-14599)- u_out-of-boundary-write-in-XListExtensions.patch
* fixes out of boundary write in XListExtensions (bsc#1102068, CVE-2018-14600)- u_crash-on-invalid-reply-in-XListExtensions.patch
* crash on invalid reply in XListExtensions (bsc#1102073, CVE-2018-14598)
* Thu Mar 15 2018 u_Use-flexible-array-member-instead-of-fake-size.patch
* Fixes build error with gcc8. (bnc#1084639)
* Wed Mar 01 2017 Update to version 1.6.5: + Revert \"Compose sequences for rouble sign\" + specs/libX11: More synopsis fixes + specs/libX11: Fix paramdef entries listing multiple parameters + specs/libX11: Make paramdef spacing more consistent + specs/libX11: Add missing parameter types for XGetWindowProperty() + specs/libX11: Fix broken synopsis for Data/Data16/Data32 + specs/libX11: Update Portability Considerations for the 21st century + use quoted string variables + Plug a memory leak + Fix wrong Xfree in XListFonts failure path + Typos in \"Xlib - C Language X Interface\" document - Chapter 02 + autogen: add default patch prefix + Compose sequences for rouble sign + use exec instead of waiting for configure to finish + Revert cs_CZ.UTF-8 XLC_LOCALE to en_US.UTF-8- supersedes u_nls-fix-handling-of-cs_CZ.UTF8_locale.patch
* Tue Nov 08 2016 u_nls-fix-handling-of-cs_CZ.UTF8_locale.patch
* refix cs_CZ.UTF-locale (boo#1008951, fdo#81875, fdo#98219)
* Sat Nov 05 2016 Run fdupes over at least the manpages
* Sat Oct 29 2016 Update to version 1.6.4: + Move Compose \\ o / to be with other emoji compose sequences + Replace Xmalloc+memset pairs with Xcalloc calls + Remove unused definition of XCONN_CHECK_FREQ + Bug 93184: read_EncodingInfo invalid free + Bug 93183: _XDefaultOpenIM memory leaks in out-of-memory error paths + Use strdup instead of Xmalloc+strcpy in _XDefaultOpenIM + XDefaultOMIF: replace strlen+Xmalloc+strcpy with strdup, code simplification + XlcDL.c: replace strcpy+strcat sequences with snprintf + XlcDL.c: reduce code duplication + lcPubWrap: replace malloc(strlen) + strcpy with strdup + Stop checking XTRANS_SECURE_RPC_FLAGS since we no longer use them + Stop checking for preferred order of local transports + Don\'t need to link libX11-xcb against libX11 + xcms: use size_t for strlen/sizeof values instead of converting to int & back + xcms: use unsigned indexes when looping through unsigned values + xcms: use size_t for pointer offsets passed to strncmp + omGeneric.c: Correct the parameter usage of sizeof + fix for Xlib 32-bit request number issues + Add Compose sequence for U+1F4A9. + Xlib.h: Fix macros imitating C functions. + Add compose file for pt_PT similar to pt_BR + Mark _XNextRequest as hidden + New compose keys for local languages in Togo + Fixup param specification for XChangeProperty()- Package changes: + Remove upstream patch U_fix_for_Xlib_32-bit_request_number_issues.patch
* Mon Nov 23 2015 U_fix_for_Xlib_32-bit_request_number_issues.patch
* Fix for overflow of requet number on 32bit platforms. (bnc#845916)
* Thu Mar 12 2015 marked baselibs.conf as source file in specfile
* Wed Mar 11 2015 Update to version 1.6.3: This release of libX11 looks bigger than it is, due to a lot of spec/doc cleanup work that doesn\'t affect the code itself. There is still a good deal of bug fixes, code cleanup, locale improvements, and compose key table additions, including new UTF-8 compose sequences for: + : \"\" U20b9 # INDIAN RUPEE SIGN + : \"Ș\" U0218 # LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S WITH COMMA BELOW + : \"ș\" U0219 # LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH COMMA BELOW + : \"Ț\" U021A # LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T WITH COMMA BELOW + : \"ț\" U021B # LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH COMMA BELOW + : \"\" U1F595 # REVERSED HAND WITH MIDDLE FINGER EXTENDED +

: \"\" U1F596 # RAISED HAND WITH PART BETWEEN MIDDLE AND RING FINGERS- Changes to package: + remove Patch16: U_nls-en_US.UTF-8-Compose.pre-Fix-typo.patch