Changelog for gimp-plugin-gmic-2.4.1-1.30.x86_64.rpm :
Wed Nov 7 13:00:00 2018 Marcus Rueckert
- added cmake-fixes.patch:
- allow older cmake versions again to allow building on distros
older than TW
- install cmake modules into the proper path

Wed Nov 7 13:00:00 2018 Marcus Rueckert
- update to 2.4.1

Thu Aug 30 14:00:00 2018 Andreas Schneider
- Update to gmic-2.3.6

* New/improved filters (poissondisk, colorful blobs, pointcloud, ...).

* Better interactivity with points on preview window.

* A bunch of other bugfixes and small improvements.
- Removed gmic-2.3.0-add-cmake-for-qt.patch

Fri Aug 24 14:00:00 2018
- Update to gmic-2.3.5

Thu Jul 5 14:00:00 2018
- Update to gmic-2.3.3
- fixes small bugs discovered these last days (+ provides updated
- drop patches included in update
- gmic-2.3.0-zart-qbuttongroup.patch
- updated the gmic-2.3.0-add-cmake-for-qt.patch to remove the
chunks missing when upstream applied the patch

Thu Jun 21 14:00:00 2018
- Update to gmic-2.3.0

- Remove gmic-qt-2.2.2-Use-HiDPI-icons.patch
- Added gmic-2.3.0-add-cmake-for-qt.patch

Thu May 3 14:00:00 2018
- Update to gmic-2.2.2

- Add patch gmic-qt-2.2.2-Use-HiDPI-icons.patch
- Remove patch gmic-cflags.diff
- Remove patch gmic-docdir.diff
- Remove patch gmic-make-zart.diff
- Remove patch gmic-oldgimp.diff
- Remove patch gmic-openmp.diff
- Remove patch gmic-overflow.diff
- Remove patch gmic-unstrip.diff
- Remove patch gmic-x11opts.diff
- Remove patch gmic-zart-qmake.diff

Mon Dec 21 13:00:00 2015
- Update to gmic-1.6.8


Mon Jul 6 14:00:00 2015
- Fix build of gmic with older 2.6 GIMP (SLE11).

Wed Jul 1 14:00:00 2015
- Update to gmic-


* New commands: -label3d, -head, -files

* Improvements -repeat, -axes, -warn, -displacement, -files2video,
- apply_files

* Math parser now supports sqr()

* Bugfixes: Iain Fergusson denoising with selections and new layers,
video stream, -display garbage, -graph, -display_graph, -plot with
plot_type=3, 3d rendering, -camera with specified resolution.
- Update to gmic-


* New commands: -pack, -x_landscape

* Improvements for 3d object rendering with z-buffer

* Shared gmicrc resource directory

* Math parser supporrts isfile(path), isdir(path) and fdate() now.

* libgmic now uses libpng, libtiff, libjpeg, libcurl, libfftw.

* Added some tooltips (gimp plugin)

* Bugfixes: Possible buffer overflows in plugins

Thu Apr 30 14:00:00 2015
- Update to gmic-


* New commands -apply_timeout, -boxfilter, -serialize, -unserialize,
- fps, -transition.

* New filters Sequences / Spatial transition, Colors / Transfer colors

* Improved error message line numbers in -if .. -endif block.

* Improved -blur, -displacement, - input, -warp

* Compressed storage of custom commands

* Automatic filter updates on startup (gimp).

* Better progress bar (gimp)

* Bugfixes -command, .cimgz enidanness, -noarg, -error.
- Update to gmic-


* Cleanups, restulting in faster code and less memory usage

* Download network files with cURL

* New command -split_colors

* New filters B&W/Engrave, improved preview

* Improvements with string substitution

* valgrind, gprof and other code analyzer improvments

* -solve can also solve with a matrix on the RHS

* Various bugfixes.
- Udpate to gmic-


* New commands -array3d, -size3d, -imagegrid_hexagonal

* New filters Arrays & tiles / Grid [hexagonal], Arrays & Tiles /
Ministeck, Patterns / Crystal

* New command -delaunay3d, filter Artistic / Polygonize [delaunay]

* Improved -rgb2lab , -frame, -remove_pixels, -hostigram,
- equalize.

* Bugfixes for bbox with very very large images in -select and
- display.

Thu Jan 8 13:00:00 2015
- Update to gmic-

* New GIMP filters Degradation/Dirty, Rendering/Lightning,
Layers/Colors to Layers

* New commands rgb2int and int2rgb

* New preferred .gmz image list file format

* New -nlmeans denoising algorithm

* Improvements to -bilateral, -peronamalik_flow, -apply_parallel,
(= -ap), -split, -discard, -colormap, -displacement, vanvliet,
- belnd_median

* Bugfixes around -output codec, -eigen, -center3d, -normalize3d,
- split3d, -label
- Update to gmic-

* New -peronamalik_flow (diffusion smoothing)

* New -x_select_function1d and -x_color_curves

* New --guided, -cumulate

* New -apply_video, -video2files, -files2video, -average_video

* New -dct and -idct

* Improvements to -parallel

* Improving -fitscreen and tiff -output

* Improvements for -snapshot3d, -text, -fft, -ifft, -blur

* Major ZArt update

* Bugfixes for -deconvolve_fft, -bilateral, -gaussian, -srand
- Update to gmic-

* New: const(value) and button() typedefs to describe filters.

* Filter return status can be a list now.

* GIMP plug-in now has default capability to open display windows.

* New -x_segment (Contours/Extract Foreground).

* Double underscore vars are thread shared globals.

* New -x_select_color, -x_select_palette, -input_gpl, -x_colorize

* C++11 support in CImg, avoiding uneeded image copies

* Removed bool option for -endian

* Command --reverse now only reverses the selected images

* Bug fixes around -pass, -parallel, -quit, -equalize and
buffer overflow avoidance for plug-in code.

Sun Sep 7 14:00:00 2014
- Add more workarounds for limited openMP support in gcc-4.3.
- Disable openMP for gcc-4.8.1 (openSUSE-13.1, FC19/20); it produces
ICEs (see

Sat Sep 6 14:00:00 2014
- Update to gmic-

* New commands -pass, -noargs, -is_image_arg, -gimp_error_preview,
- outputx (-ox), -names (-nms), -mul_channels. -oneminus.

* Source ~/.gmic on startup.

* Colors for gmic -h (with bash).

* New filters Film emulation / Various (color presets) and
Details / Mighty details.

* New filters for zart.

* Only support image datatypes with floats (thus remove -type),
but optionally do conversion in -input and -output.

* Supply boundary values in -map derived with

* More -blend paramaters.

* -apply_pose3d renamed to -pose3d.

* Remove -background3d (use enahnced -display3d and -snapshot3d
to replace).

* Better exception handling (-onfail).

* gmic -h command suggests corrections for misspelled cmds.

* -median support thresholds.

* -threshold2 (-t2) renames to -inrange (-ir).

* Bugfixes for merging very large 3d objects, spurious EOF on
stdout with -output, maintaining shared state with -keep,
- erode and -dilate, line number of errors.
- Update to gmic-

* Official support for parallelization with OpenMP.

* New commands -variance_patch and -skeleton3d.

* New filter Artistic / Circle abstraction.

* Shortcuts for -and (-&) and -or (-|).

* Bugfix loading .tiff with 3 channels signed char.
- Update to gmic-

* New filter Artistic / Cutout.

* Speedup of complex math evaluations.

* Improvements on -circles3d and -primitives3d.

* Default window sizes (3d) now based on screen size.

* Adjust down GIMP preview size.
- Update to gmic-

* New command -seamcarve (Deformation / Seamcarve).

* New command -montage (Arrays & tiles / Montage).

* New command -inpaint_holes (Repair / Inpaint [holes]).

* -window now normalizes images individually.

* multipage TIFF output with is_multipage.

* remove slow image pointer check.

* -discard optimization.

* bug fix with -structuretensors (2d, scheme=1).
- Update to gmic-

* New command -blend_seamless (Layers / Blend [seamless]).

* New commands -sub_alpha and -montage.

* New filter Details / Split details [layers].

* Larger default preview in GIMP plugin.

* Fixes for -split, -histogram, -equalize, -graph, -display
- Update to gmic-

* New plugins Film emulation / Add grain.

* New command -syntexturize (Patterns / Resynthesize texture).

* New command -fractalize (Artistic / Fractalize).

* New command -img2ascii (Arrays & tiles / Ascii art).

* New command -periodize_poisson (Patterns / Make seamless).

* New command -x_2048 -- launches famour 2048 game.

* Bug fixes for -minimal_path and -test

* AATT{-1,t} now always returns a string

* Disable sharing global vars between threads

* -uncommand and -command improvements
- Update to gmic-

* Support for PANDORE-5 (.pan) output files.

* Improve and optmize -replace-seq.

* Support for is_binary_data and maximum_sequence_length in
- compress-rle.

* Recoded and improved -text.

* Bugfixes for -output and math expressions starting with < or >.

Sat Mar 8 13:00:00 2014
- Update to gmic-

* New command -imageblocks3d (and corresponding gimp plugin).

* New filter Degradations / Blur [depth-of-field].

* Improved -endian command (accepts optional datatype).

* Tiff output type can be specified.

* -apply_files can now force filename extensions.

* ability to wait for threads run with -parallel.

* Math parser now understands med() and kth().

* Reduce stack footprint of main parser.

* Request higher minimal stack size when possible.

* New output modes for Arrays & tiles / Extract objects.

* More imporvements to -inpaint.

* Fix line number displayed when error in .gmic file found.

* Fix thread destruction with non-wait mode and sub-commands.

Fri Feb 14 13:00:00 2014
- Add logic to avoid excessive compilation time:

* Limit parallel make to available memory

* Set OBS _constraint to provide enough memory

* Reorder build targets to improve parallelism

Thu Feb 13 13:00:00 2014
- Update to

* New plug-in filter Frames / Frame[blur]

* Improvements: Less warnings on TIFFs, valgrind found bugfixes,
OS name in plug-in titlebar, slightly better -inpaint_patch,
more options for -taquin, significantly better -inpaint

* Fixed invalid mem access when reading command files

* Update reference manual.

Fri Jan 10 13:00:00 2014
- Update to

* New commands -puzzle, -map_sprites, -detect_skin

* Improvements to -bilateral amd debugging custom commands

* Fix bug with -display for images with NaNs
- Update to

* New command -split_details

* New (GIMP plugin) filters Details/Details equalizer and
Repair/Smooth [skin].

* -repair is merged with -inpaint

* Improve UI of -display and -select

* Fix crash of -bilateral on blank image

* Fixes for Ctrl+F in GIMP plugin

* 3D object display light source follows object zoom now
- Update to

* Bugfixes, Optimizations, and Improvements

* Small API changes
- Update to

* New commands -output_ggr, -at_line, -x_metaballs, -cubes3d,
- color_med, -x_bouncing, -mutex

* Fast marching algo available in -distance

* New substituion $\"
*\" which does quoting to protect whitespace

* GIMP plugin filters Rendering/Gradient [custom shape] and
[from line]

* Improvements for -display, -ball and documentation

* Fix CPU eating of gmic display

* Compilation improvements (for clang++)
- Update to

* Improve parallelization (-fft, -apply_parallel,
- apply_parallel_overlap)

Fri Sep 13 14:00:00 2013
- Update to

* Parallelization: Multiple threads can be used now, commands
- parallel, -apply_parallel, -apply_parallel{2,4,8} to use
it. Smoothing and sharpening filters use it already ...

* New: -image_integral, -autocrop_components, -bilateral

* Bugfixes: Added more randomness to the PRNG (gimp plugin), bug
in -polygon, in -output (% symbol), valgrind warings (false
positives actually)
- Update to

* New filters \'Lights & Shadows / Drop shadow 3d\', \'Colors /
Colorize comics\'

* New commands \'-pack_sprites\', \'-rprogress\'

* Converted native commands \'-haar\' and \'-ihaar\' as custom
commands, re-organized filter tree sections (gimp), volumetric
images zoom in viewer keeps displaying z-coords.

* Bugfixes: raw files now correctly use unsigned int when requested
so (instead of unsigned short), -polygon, gimp non-interactive
- Update to

* New command (and filter) -bokeh

* Math parser accepts \'j(dx,_dy,_dz,_dc,_interpolation,_boundary)\'

* Commands \'-deblur_richardsonlucy\' and \'-deblur_goldmeinel\'
integrated into trunk.

* gimp plug-in external filter source management, optimiztion of
math parser, replace native -resize2x and 3x with custom
- scale2x and 3x, -blend_median recoded

* Integrate external filters in gimp plugin

* Bugfix: 3d rendering with parallel projection

Tue May 14 14:00:00 2013
- Disable GraphicsMagick features again (dependency hell).

Tue May 14 14:00:00 2013
- Include reference documentation (PDF) in -doc subpackage.

Tue May 14 14:00:00 2013
- Require same lib version from -devel package.
- Enable openmp, xshm, xrandr, opencv and magick features.

Sat May 11 14:00:00 2013
- Split off -zart and -gimp sub packages.

Thu May 9 14:00:00 2013
- Update to
- Update to

* Inpainting (-repair) to reconstruct image areas
- Update to

* New logo (GREYC\'s Magic for Image Computing)

* New blending modes for -blend

* opencv allows requesting specific resolution for camera capture

* -alert box display

* improve image resolution for pdf files

* -richardson_lucy was a misnomer and is now called -deblur

* Various bugfixes
- Update to

* Spanish translations

* Colors/Recolorize added

* -weave

* -compose_
* deprecated, use -blend instead

* bugfixes
- Update to

* _sort_str sorts in lexicographic order

* -echo_stdout and -echo_file

* -gimp_list_filters

* -symmetrice

* bug fixes
- Update to

* multiple frames of animated GIF files supported

* interactive demo -x_quantize_rgb

* -uniform_distribution

* bugfixes
- Update to

* Web interface G\'MIC online

* -text_pointcloud3d

* -vignette

* -ssd_patch

* -circle and -rectangle

* -x_pacman game

* -region_feature

* -average_color

* -histogram_pointwise

* -img2str

* -sprites3d

* -star3d

* -stars

* Bugfixes and Optimizations
- Update to

* -med, -mad, -variance_noise, -resize_pow2, -denoise_haar

* Enhancement/Smooth [wavelets]

* -autocrop_seq

* -x_tetris

* Bugfixes

Wed Oct 19 14:00:00 2011
- Split out libgmic1 and libgmic-devel subpackages.
- Update to

* New features: -replace_nan, -min_patch/-max_patch, -rodilius.

* Bugfixes: -compose_alpha.

* Improvements: -gaussian.
- Update to

* Improvements: P7 pink file format, image list name duplication limit,
- paper renamed to -texturize_paper.

* New features: -x_rubber3d, -texturize_canvas, Lylejk\'s painting
plug-in filter, -compose_alpha.

* Bug fixes: -select with feature_type=3.
- Update to

* New features: -tensro2eigen, -eigen2tensor, space pauses -animate,
Solve Labyrith filter, managing empty images (-input 0), -maze

* Improvements: -split can split an image along several axes now

* Bug fixes: -ripple, -minimal_distance, AATT{x,-y} substitutions.
- Update to

* New features: -output_pink3d, -ripple.

* Improvements: Remove \'beta\' marker from man pages, reading BMP.

* Bug fixes: -convolve, -autocrop, modulo corrected for negative
numbers, -label (high connectivity mode).
- Update to

* New features: -x_shadebobs, multi-line text parameter widget (plug-in),
paned GUI, faves copying in plug-in, allow specifying filename format
without filename extension, -uncase, compression of built-in commands,
gmic reference page documents convenient functions, -fire_edges.

* Improvements: Image copies have ~ appended, -mirror can now mirror
along several axes, outlined labels for -plot, -display_graph, labels
in command calls may reference several images, support for extended
ASCII chars, enlarge the size of preview window, chose RGBA channels
for plug-in filters.

* Bug fixes: -apply_channels, expand now displays last folder, -split,
- Update to

* New features: -update, counter for documented commands, -x_blobs.

* Improvements: Kuwahara filter, more robust faves, GPT filter,
prefix for saved files in visualization module is now gmic_.
- Update to

* New features: -distance (new mode), -gmicky, -minimal_path,
- x_minimal_path, -kuwahara,

* Improvements: -pointcloud3d, diplay start and end of shortened messages,
- input and -command now accept URLs, -select.

* Bug fixes: -ffast-math now safer, -pointcloud precision, remove update
files from temp dir.
- Update to

* New features: -rgb2srgb, -srgb2rgb, -mdic, -discard, Plaid filter,
3d colored object filter, -otsu, -hough, -x_hough, -houghsketchbw.

* Improvements: g++-4.6 compatibility, -quotify renamed to -quote,
- pointcloud, decrease verbosity in substitutions, -hardsketchbw,
- pointcloud3d.
- Update to

* Improvments: package libgmic and header in .deb package, -flood, -label.

* Bug fixes: -round, \'Mirrored array\' filter.
- Update to

* New features: -svd, -diagonal matrix functions.

* Improvements: Progress bar disabling in plug-in.

* Bug fixes: -split, -dijkstra ... allow rounding values.
- Update to

* New features: Stained glass, plasma filters, input_network command,
poker tournament score board, external filter sources, -quotify.

* Improvements: multi-page TIFF support, -displacement w/ negative
smoothness (anisotropic), raw pixel types, fave management, -return.

* A number of smaller bug fixes.
- Update to

* New features: -onfail, -srand, -reset, -replace.

* Improvements: More restrictive syntax for -do, -while, -if, ...,
- r3d shortcut, code examples with gmic -h command and on reference
page, removed HTML documentation from tar balls, -streamline3d,
- trisolve, -sharpen, real global vars, better reference doc (at

* Bug fixes: -break, -sort, -resize3x, -display, -equalize, -histogram,
- solve, -normalize.
- Update to

* Bug corrections: -isosurface3d, -isoline3d, -extrude3d.

* New features: PINK extensions (.pgm), P1+P4 .pnm files, new filter
Light&Shadows/Light glow.

* Improvements: Avoid using xshm X11 extension, -gpt command.
- Update to

* New features: (Partial) support of MINC2 files.

* Bug fixes: -append, image rations, -split, -text, \'\\r\' handling.
- Update to

* Improvements: -break, -continue, -return control flow, maintain some
special chars in variable names.

* Bug fixes: segfault reading filter zoon factor, display bugs in -shell
mode, DICOM format (3d), diplay of image lists and visualization windows
for very small images.
- Update to

* New features: -distance with custom metric, -label threshold, interactive
navigation through image lists, HSV equalizer.

* Improvements: Auto-completion, class name for windows, -display_array,
- append.

* Bug fixes: Manage mouse wheel again in -animate.
- Update to

* Bug corrections: -graph, plug-in with gimp 2.7.x

* New features: -display_array, Grain merge and Grain extract layer mode,
- distance metrics, -label, 3d view for 3d volumetric images (Ctrl-V).

* Improvements: Image display, -split.
- Update to

* G\'MIC interpreter: Substitution expressions \'${>}\' and \'${\' and \'$<\',
*\', command line with spaces in filenames handling, large 3d object

* G\'MIC commands: -split improvement, .off 3D file handling, new
- pointcloud3d, -colorcube3d, updated -histogram3d, -primitive3d,
- primitives3d. Bugfix for -primitive3d, -resize, -graph. New -gpt.
- Update to

* Significant optimization in managing named variables, introduction of
global variables (start with _). Improved image selection.
- Update to

* Significant cleanups.

Fri Dec 10 13:00:00 2010
- Update to

* Raised precision for the sliders in the G\'MIC for GIMP
- Update to

* New command \'-display_graph\' that renders a graph plot

* New in GIMP plug-in : \'Rendering/Equation plot\'

* Bugfixes: \'-convolve\', \'-correlate\', \'-erode\', \'-dilate\'.
Added boolean parameter for the computation of normalized versions.

* Bugifixes: small bugs in \'-grid\', \'-graph\' and \'-plot\'.

* New in GIMP plug-in: \'Various/Do nothing\', \'Polka dots\'
- Update to

* Layers are now named after the G\'MIC command generating them
- Update to

* New filters \'Rendering/3d lathing\', \'Contours/Skeleton\'

* Improvement of 3d rendering capabilities in the G\'MIC plug-in.

* Improvement of the \'Sequence\' folder.

* Bugfixes in the internal G\'MIC engine, in particula \'-break\'.
- Update to

* Small improvements over
- Update to

* Many bug fixes, and some speed improvements.

* Some new options in the 3d objects filters.
- Update to

* Bugfixes: Display of 3d objects containing point primitives,
bad memory access in command \'-input\', typos in various
error/warning messages.

* Features: \'-gyroid3d\', \'-texturize3d\', new default colormaps
for \'-map\' and \'-index\' (8 in total) : hot, jet, cube, ...,

* New in the GIMP plug-in : sphere and gyroid.
- Update to
- New native commands \'-trisolve\', \'-camera\', \'-rotation3d\'
- New custom commands (\'-tunnel\',\'-apply_camera\',\'-function1d\',
\'chessboard\',...). New internal timer with a ms precision.
- New in the GIMP plug-in: RGB/YCbCr/Lab curves, Tunnel effect,
Tone Mapping and Chessboard filters.
- The command line version of G\'MIC can now manage the webcam,
through the use of the OpenCV library.
- Small bugfixes and optimization.

* Update to
- Small bugfixes and optimizations

* Update to
- Various bugfixes

* Update to
- Simplify the variable management in the G\'MIC language
- Some small bugfixes
- Slightly reduced memory footprint of the interpreter
- Updates to The technical reference documentation

* Update to
- Minor bugfixes

* Update to
- Bugfixes

* Update to
- Small improvements and optimizations: Better substitution mechanism
(with labels, making filter writing more comfortable), new (\'-grid\')
and improved commands
- Demo for new label mechanism: gmic -x_jawbreaker

Fri Jun 25 14:00:00 2010
- Update to

* Final stable version
- Update to

* Maximize preview button (plugin dialog)

* New filters in plugin

* Small optimizations
- Update to

* Processing engine now allows custom functions w/ return values

* Scrollbar in plugin parameters dialog
- Update to

* deriche command

* Improved stability
- Update to

* Optimize memory usage
- Update to

* Quick preview toggling

* Median filtering

* Layers/Shape average

* Internal changes and optimizations
- Update to

* Minor bug fixes

Sun Mar 21 13:00:00 2010
- Fix GraphicsMagick++ vs. (Image)Magick++ mess; work with either,
not both.

Fri Mar 19 13:00:00 2010
- Update do gmic-

* gmic lang interpreter stabilized

* Minor fixes and improvements

* Major performance gains

* Smarter preview

* gimp plugin more in line with the rest
- Drop parallel make patch (is upstream).
- Compile flag -fno-tree-pre now determined by detected compiled
version (4.3

Mon Nov 23 13:00:00 2009
- Parallel make.

Sun Nov 22 13:00:00 2009
- Update to

* Non-interactive mode possible

* Bug fixes and new modes

Mon Jul 6 14:00:00 2009
- Update to

* Documentation improvements.

* Better image transfer with gimp.

Tue Mar 31 14:00:00 2009
- Update to

Mon Mar 2 13:00:00 2009
- Fix compiler overflow warning.