Changelog for ipe-doc-7.2.7-2.4.x86_64.rpm :

* Fri Dec 09 2016 Ipe version 7.2.7- use liblua5_x according to lua-devel which depends on suse_version
* Fri Dec 09 2016 Ipe version 7.2.6- remove service files since build service still fails when downloading the file from the given url- removed ipe-openmanual.patch- updated ipe-config.patch- removed fixing the paths for fontmap since fontmap is no longer necessary (see release notes for Ipe 7.2.1)
* Sun Nov 15 2015 Ipe version 7.1.9- update to QT5- update download url
* Tue Jul 28 2015 force use of Lua 5.2 using suse_version in Tumbleweed and Factory- remove dependency on the lua package since it should be liblua5_2 which is automatically detected
* Sun Jul 12 2015 Ipe version 7.1.8- adapted service file, ipe-config.patch (moc-qt4 -> moc), and ipe-openmanual.patch- updated website url
* Thu May 07 2015 fixed paths in gsfonts-fontmap.xml- fixed installation path of fontmap.xml to match default one
* Wed May 06 2015 added recommendation for ipe-doc package- added patch to use xdg-open instead of gnome-open- added xdg-utils to requirements
* Mon May 04 2015 moved pdftoipe and figtoipe to their own packages- added OBS source service to set upstream version- convert rpm spec changelog into changes file
* Fri May 01 2015 Ipe7 version 7.1.7- added OBS source services for
* downloading the main tar.gz archive and
* checking out pdftoipe and figtoipe- removed obsolete archives- changed LaTeX dependency to texlive-latex- removed unnecessary define macros- fixed licence string warning- updated mail address of the author- removed obsoletes to fix warning obsolete-not-provided- removed path substitution because they did not replace anything
* Sun Sep 14 2014 fix build errors (libjpeg-turbo was missing in openSUSE:13.1 repo but is avail in graphics repo)- fixed license string and url- removed unnecessary required lib packages (rpm wants to find out itself whats needed)
* Thu Jun 12 2014 Ipe7 version 7.1.5
* Thu Jul 25 2013 Ipe7 version 7.1.4
* Mon Nov 26 2012 Ipe7 version 7.1.2
* Fri Dec 09 2011 Ipe7 version