Changelog for libIex-2_3-24-2.3.0-52.4.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Nov 06 2018 Petr Gajdos - asan_build: build ASAN included- debug_build: build more suitable for debugging
* Mon Nov 05 2018 Petr Gajdos - updated to 2.3.0
* ThreadPool overhead improvements, enable custom thread pool to be registered via ThreadPoolProvider class
* Fixes to enable custom namespaces for Iex, Imf
* Improve read performance for deep/zipped data, and SIMD-accelerated uncompress support
* Added rawPixelDataToBuffer() function for access to compressed scanlines
* Iex::BaseExc no longer derived from std::string.
* Imath throw() specifiers removed
* Initial Support for Python 3
* removed patch - ilmbase-halfExport.h-license.patch (upstreamed)
* Mon Feb 12 2018 fix license of halfExport.h [bsc#774408] + ilmbase-halfExport.h-license.patch
* Wed Jan 17 2018 Update keyring and set keyring URL
* Mon Jan 15 2018 Update to version 2.2.1
* Bumped version to track OpenEXR- bump sonum and macroify it- cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Sat Aug 12 2017 Fix RPM groups. Diversify summaries.- Drop useless --with-pic, this is only for static libs.
* Tue Aug 08 2017 simplify check section in specfile and remove hack for gcc45- add patches from debian to allow testsuite to pass - testBox.patch allow fuzzy comparison of floats, doubles - testBoxAlgo.patch allow fuzzy match of b12 == b2
* Fri Jan 23 2015 updated openexr.keyring from the savannah project page.
* Wed Jan 21 2015 Update to version 2.2.0
* Bumped version to track OpenEXR- Bump so_suffix to 2_2-12 and libHalf11 to libHalf12 according to upstream changes- removed arm-build.diff: upstream?- removed fix-i586.patch: upstream?- Bump so version in baselibs.conf
* Thu Aug 21 2014 Add obsoletes to baselibs.conf.