Changelog for python3-ruamel.yaml-0.15.35-9.3.x86_64.rpm :
Tue Jan 9 13:00:00 2018
- update to 0.15.35

* allow None as stream when specifying transform parameters to YAML.dump()

Thu Oct 12 14:00:00 2017
- update to 0.15.34

* fix for issue 157: CDumper not dumping floats

* support for “undefined” round-tripping tagged scalar objects

* fix issue 148: replace cryptic error message when using !!timestamp with
an incorrectly formatted or non- scalar.

* allow setting yaml.default_flow_style = None (default: False) for for typ=\'rt\'.

* fix for issue 149: multiplications on ScalarFloat now return float

* fix Comment dumping

* fix for issue with “compact JSON” not parsing: {\"in\":{},\"out\":{}}

* fix issue #51: different indents for mappings and sequences

* fix for flow sequence/mapping as element/value of block sequence
with sequence-indent minus dash-offset not equal two.

* fix issue #61: merge of merge cannot be __repr__-ed

* fix issue 62, YAML 1.2 allows ? and : in plain scalars if non-ambigious

* fix lists within lists which would make comments disappear

* fix for disappearing comment after empty flow sequence

* fix for problem with dumping (unloaded) floats

* added ScalarFloat which supports roundtripping of 23.1, 23.100, 42.00E+56,
0.0, -0.0 etc. while keeping the format. Underscores in mantissas
are not preserved/supported

* (finally) fixed longstanding issue 23, now handling comment between block
mapping key and value correctly

* warn on YAML 1.1 float input that is incorrect

* allow setting of boolean representation (false, true)
by using: yaml.boolean_representation = [u\'False\', u\'True\']

* fix for round_tripping integers on 2.7.X > sys.maxint

* fix for round_tripping singe excl. mark tags doubling

* fix for writing unicode in new API,

* added object constructor for rt, decorator yaml_object to replace YAMLObject.

* fix for problem using load_all with Path() instance

* fix for load_all in combination with zero indent block style literal
(pure=True only!)

* missing pure attribute on YAML useful for implementing !include tag
constructor for including YAML files in a YAML file

* some documentation improvements

* trigger of doc build on new revision

* support for Unicode supplementary Plane output

* fix for issue 135, typ=’safe’ not dumping in Python 2.7

* fix for issue 133, in change ModuleNotFoundError to ImportError

* suppress duplicate key warning on mappings with merge keys

* remove fatal dependency of on wheel package

* fix for issue 130, regression in nested merge keys

* top level PreservedScalarString not indented if not explicitly asked to

* some mypy additions

* fix for issue 127: tagged scalars were always quoted and seperated by
a newline when in a block sequence

* allow plug-in install via install ruamel.yaml[jinja2]

* add plug-in mechanism for load/dump pre resp. post-processing

* a set() with duplicate elements now throws error in rt loading

* support for toplevel column zero literal/folded scalar in explicit documents

* repeat load() on a single YAML() instance would fail.

* transform parameter on dump that expects a function taking a string
and returning a string. This allows transformation of the output before
it is written to stream. This forces creation of the complete output in memory!

* some updates to the docs

* update to conform to mypy 0.511: mypy –strict

* duplicate keys in mappings generate an error

* dependecy on ruamel.ordereddict for 2.7 now via extras_require

* it is now allowed to pass in a pathlib.Path as “stream” parameter
to all load/dump functions

* passing in a non-supported object (e.g. a string) as “stream” will result
in a much more meaningful YAMLStreamError.

* assigning a normal string value to an existing CommentedMap key
or CommentedSeq element will result in a value cast to the previous
value’s type if possible.

* added YAML class for new API

* fix for issue 119, deepcopy not returning subclasses

* fix for issue 103 allowing implicit documents after document end marker
line (...) in YAML 1.2

* fix problem with emitting using cyaml

Mon Apr 24 14:00:00 2017
- Update to 0.14.9 (see included CHANGES file)
- Converted to single-spec
- LICENSE file is now provided internally, so dropped Source1
- Dropped python-ruamel.ordereddict as build requirement

Tue Oct 11 14:00:00 2016
- Initial build (FATE#321630, bsc#1002895)
+ Include in SLES 12
+ Version 0.12.14