Changelog for perl-Template-Toolkit-2.28-43.5.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu Nov 08 2018 Stephan Kulow - updated to 2.28 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Template-Toolkit/Changes
* Matthew Somerville stopped a list import from printing an ARRAY(...) string. [#]----------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Unreleased [#]------------------------------------------------------------------------ [#]----------------------------------------------------------------------- [#] Version 2.28 - 11th October 2018 [#]------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Add and enable Travis CI to track GitHub Pull Requests
* Template is now using GitHub as the official Bug Tracker
* Nicolas R. fixed a circular reference in Template::Plugin::Filter
* Nicolas R. adjusted group regexes to not be greedy
* Nicolas R. added unit tests to cover regression from RT 91172
* Nicolas R. added support for template files having mtime=0
* Todd Rinaldo fixed rand calls with no args in Math plugin
* Todd Rinaldo corrected ttree 2.22 logic change
* Todd Rinaldo turned off automated testing for tests using optional modules
* Nicolas R. adjusted unit tests to not force Stash::XS
* Nicolas R. added a pre allocated buffer in Stash.xs to avoid malloc/free
* Nicolas R. optmized Template::Parser by avoiding a dummy sub
* Nicolas R. optimized Template:Directive by using index
* Nicolas R. adjust _dotop logic in Stash for perl 5.28 and earlier
* Todd Rinaldo documented VMethod method called \'item\'
* Nicolas R. adjusted t/filter.t after recent switch to RFC3986
* Nicolas R. fixed warnings from t/cgi.t
* Ivan Krylov added STRICT option to ttree
* Kent Fredric fixed relative path handling in templates on Perl 5.26+
* Tom Delmas fixed some typo from documentation
* Matthew Somerville switched uri/url to use RFC3986 updated the documentation to match the history.
* Sebastien Deseille used remove_tree helper to remove directories
* Nick Hibma - Add Sortkeys to DUMPER_ARGS
* E. Choroba added a warn on duplicate block name
* Jason Lewis fixed some typo in ttree.pod
* Sun Apr 16 2017 updated to 2.27 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Template-Toolkit/Changes [#] Version 2.27 - 13th December 2016 [#]------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Ghost fixed the regex in the uri/url filters, removing double quotes to make it RFC3986 compliant.
* Sean Zellmer added testrules.yml to always run compile
*.t sequentially
* Simon Dawson added \'empty\' vmethods for scalar, list and hash
* Dennis Clark added --envvars option to tpage
* Yanick Champoux made Template::Toolkit a module
* Various warnings silenced and typos fixed. [#]-----------------------------------------------------------------------
* Sun May 10 2015 updated to 2.26 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Template-Toolkit/Changes [#] Version 2.26 - 17th September 2014 [#]------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Andy Wardley added outline directives. See Template::Manual::Syntax and Template::Manual::Config for details of the OUTLINE_TAG option and new \'outline\' TAG_STYLE. See t/outline.t for examples.
* Andy Wardley improved the handling of keywords when the ANYCASE option is in use. See t/anycase.t for examples.
* Chromatic fixed UTF-8 encoding in URLs in URL plugin.
* Brian Fraser added support for platforms without LC_ALL/setlocale.
* Amiri Barksdale fixed RT46691 to plug filter memory leaks
* John Lightsey fixed RT59208 to improve SET UPDATE: This had to be reverted as it cause a subtle breakage elsewhere [#]-----------------------------------------------------------------------
* Tue Jul 30 2013 update to 2.25 upstreaming split_pattern.patch
* Jon Jensen fixed the behaviour of split() which changed in Perl 5.18.0
* Jay Hannah added repository information for et. al.
* Colin Keith fixed Template::Provider\'s handling of directories
* Kevin Goess made the date plugin accept the ISO8601 \"T\" separator
* David Steinbrunner fixed various typos.
* Andreas Koenig silenced recent Pod::Simple warnings
* Slaven Rezic silenced warnings in the replace vmethod.
* Ricardo Signes made the Image plugin emit extra tags in a predictable order
* Johan Vromans added the --link option to ttree.
* Smylers added documentation for the ENCODING option.
* Andy Wardley made some minor documentation changes relating to github.
* Wed Jun 26 2013 add split_pattern.patch from RT#84778 to fix build with perl 5.18
* Fri Feb 10 2012 update to 2.24
* Added text virtual methods: upper, lower, ucfirst, lcfirst, squote, dquote, trim, collapse, html and xml.
* Fixed bug RT#67918 - Bug in Makefile.PL command line parsing when 2 = signs were in an arguement.
* Fixed bug RT#74335 - Added documentation for some methods that were lacking it to keep Pod::Coverage happy.
* Sat Jan 21 2012 update to 2.23:
* fixed bug RT#47929 which caused the XS Stash to die mysteriously when calling code that used string evaluation (e.g. DateTime)
* fixed bug RT#68722 so that list.defined(\'alpha\') always returns false
* added the TRACE_VARS option to keep track of what variables are used in a template; it\'s not documented yet; see t/trace_vars.t for an example of use
* applied patch from RT#48989 to avoid Template::Plugin::Procedural from adding target class\' methods AUTOLOAD and new methods multiple times
* applied patch from RT#53451 to accept negative epoch times in Template::Plugin::Date
* applied patch to add $Template::Directive::WHILE_MAX option to tpage
* Tue Aug 30 2011 fixed typo and standardized \"Authors:\" format in description of perl-Template-Toolkit.spec
* Fri Feb 18 2011 add Provides perl(Template::Toolkit) = {version}
* Wed Dec 01 2010 switch to perl_requires macro