Changelog for libXau6-1.0.9-24.2.i586.rpm :

* Mon Feb 11 2019 Update to version 1.0.9:
* Update bug URL for gitlab migration
* use quoted string variables
* autogen: add default patch prefix
* use exec instead of waiting for configure to finish
* XauFileName: always go through buf allocation if buf is NULL
* XauFileName: reset bsize when malloc failed
* AuDispose.c:remove redundant null check on calling free()
* AuFileName.c: remove redundant null check on calling free()
* AuRead.c: remove redundant null check on calling free()
* Avoid out of boundary read access- supersedes U_0001-XauFileName-reset-bsize-when-malloc-failed.patch, U_0002-XauFileName-always-go-through-buf-allocation-if-buf-.patch
* Mon Sep 30 2013 U_0001-XauFileName-reset-bsize-when-malloc-failed.patch/ U_0002-XauFileName-always-go-through-buf-allocation-if-buf-.patch
* fixes regression in libXau 1.0.8, which resulted in a crash in Mozilla (bnc#831620,fdo#69929)
* Wed May 29 2013 Update to version 1.0.8: This maintenance release brings happiness by getting rid of things that make valgrind, clang, doclifter, automake, the GNOME build system, various other static analyzers, and obsessive developers be unhappy. Don\'t warn, be happy.
* Sun Feb 17 2013 Use more robust make install call- Avoid calling fdupes outside of /usr
* Wed Apr 11 2012 Update to version 1.0.7: + Improve the handling of \"normal\" locking collisions + Documentation cleanups + Build configuration improvements
* Sat Feb 11 2012 Rename xorg-x11-libXau to libXau and utilize shlib policy
* Tue Dec 21 2010 bumped version number to 7.6_1.0.6
* Sat Sep 04 2010 libXau 1.0.6
* This minor release includes a number of packaging updates accumulated over the last year, and a couple of documentation fixes.- bumped version number to 7.5_1.0.6- make use of %fdupes macro- fixed Summary/Group entries in -devel package
* Sun Apr 04 2010 libXau 1.0.5- bumped version number to 7.5
* Mon Dec 14 2009 add baselibs.conf as a source