Changelog for xorg-x11-libs-7.6.1-137.7.noarch.rpm :

* Wed Jan 31 2018 raised version number of package; improved definitions for provide/obsolete of xorg-x11-util-devel so makedepend, lndir, gccmakedep, xorg-cf-files and xorg-sgml-doctools no longer conflict with xorg-x11-devel package (bsc#1077489)
* Mon Jan 29 2018 Directly require packages, which were required by xorg-x11-util-devel meta package; provide/obsolete xorg-x11-util-devel now (bsc#1077489)
* Sat May 03 2014 removed requires to libWindowsWM-devel, which never has been required by anyone on non-Windows platforms
* Fri Apr 25 2014 xorg-x11-devel: remove requires to xorg-x11-proto-devel, which has been replaced by pthread-stubs and numerous
*proto packages
* Sat Jan 11 2014 libvnc/libXcliplist have been part of xf4vnc. Since we moved from xf4vnc to tigervnc, they are of no use any longer. So no longer require them at all.
* Fri Feb 01 2013 update license to new format
* Thu Apr 19 2012 Remove all tarballs and patches, since they\'re not used anymore with the split packages.- Stop making xorg-x11-devel have a Requires on xorg-x11-libs: both are metapackages, so it\'s useless.- Add a README.meta file to explain the goal of the compatibility metapackages, and update their summaries and descriptions as well.
* Fri Feb 24 2012 devel package: fixed devel requires for libpciaccess, added the remaining requires: liblbxutil-devel, xbitmaps-devel, xorg-x11-fonts-devel
* Fri Feb 24 2012 there is no value in manually adding the pkgconfig provides of package names we already know (bnc#748486) The pkgconfig provides of random X libraries can change at any time and it would be necessary to touch this meta package without any additional gain.
* Mon Feb 20 2012 fixed xcb-util Requires for openSUSE <= 12.1