Changelog for python3-python-dateutil-2.7.3-3.10.noarch.rpm :
Tue Dec 4 13:00:00 2018
- Remove superfluous devel dependency for noarch package

Wed Aug 22 14:00:00 2018
- Update to version 2.7.3

* Update tzdata to 2018e. (gh pr #710)

* Fixed an issue where decimal.Decimal would cast `NaN` or infinite value in a
parser.parse, which will raise decimal.Decimal-specific errors. Reported and
fixed by AATTamureki (gh issue #662, gh pr #679).

* Fixed a ValueError being thrown if tzinfos call explicity returns ``None``.
Reported by AATTpganssle (gh issue #661) Fixed by AATTparsethis (gh pr #681)

* Fixed incorrect parsing of certain dates earlier than 100 AD when repesented
in the form \"%B.%Y.%d\", e.g. \"December.0031.30\". (gh issue #687, pr #700)

* Fixed a bug where automatically generated DTSTART was naive even if a
specified UNTIL had a time zone. Automatically generated DTSTART will now
take on the timezone of an UNTIL date, if provided. Reported by AATThref (gh
issue #652). Fixed by AATTabsreim (gh pr #693).

* Corrected link syntax and updated URL to https for ISO year week number
notation in relativedelta examples. (gh issue #670, pr #711)

* Add doctest examples to tzfile documentation. Done by AATTweatherpattern and
AATTpganssle (gh pr #671)

* Updated the documentation for relativedelta. Removed references to tuple
arguments for weekday, explained effect of weekday(_, 1) and better explained
the order of operations that relativedelta applies. Fixed by AATTkvn219
AATThuangy22 and AATTElliotJH (gh pr #673)

* Added changelog to documentation. (gh issue #692, gh pr #707)

* Changed order of keywords in rrule docstring. Reported and fixed by
AATTrmahajan14 (gh issue #686, gh pr #695).

* Added documentation for ````. Reported by AATTpganssle (gh
issue #647). Fixed by AATTweatherpattern (gh pr #704)

* Cleaned up malformed RST in the ``tz`` documentation. (gh issue #702, gh pr

* Changed the default theme to sphinx_rtd_theme, and changed the sphinx
configuration to go along with that. (gh pr #707)

* Reorganized ```` documentation and fixed issue with the
```` docstring. (gh pr #714)
- Update to version 2.7.2

* Fixed an issue with the setup script running in non-UTF-8 environment.
Reported and fixed by AATTgergondet (gh pr #651)
- Update to version 2.7.1

* Updated tzdata version to 2018d.

* Fixed issue where parser.parse would occasionally raise
decimal.Decimal-specific error types rather than ValueError. Reported by
AATTamureki (gh issue #632). Fixed by AATTpganssle (gh pr #636).

* Improve error message when rrule\'s dtstart and until are not both naive or
both aware. Reported and fixed by AATTryanpetrello (gh issue #633, gh pr #634)
- Update to version 2.7.0

* Dropped support for Python 2.6 (gh pr #362 by AATTjdufresne)

* Dropped support for Python 3.2 (gh pr #626)

* Updated zoneinfo file to 2018c (gh pr #616)

* Changed licensing scheme so all new contributions are dual licensed under
Apache 2.0 and BSD. (gh pr #542, issue #496)

* Added __all__ variable to the root package. Reported by AATTtebriel
(gh issue #406), fixed by AATTmariocj89 (gh pr #494)

* Added python_requires to so that pip will distribute the right
version of dateutil. Fixed by AATTjakec-github (gh issue #537, pr #552)

* Added the utils submodule, for miscellaneous utilities.

* Added within_delta function to utils - added by AATTjustanr (gh issue #432,
gh pr #437)

* Added today function to utils (gh pr #474)

* Added default_tzinfo function to utils (gh pr #475), solving an issue
reported by AATTnealmcb (gh issue #94)

* Added dedicated ISO 8601 parsing function isoparse (gh issue #424).
Initial implementation by AATTpganssle in gh pr #489 and #622, with a
pre-release fix by AATTkirit93 (gh issue #546, gh pr #573).

* Moved parser module into parser/ and officially deprecated the use
of several private functions and classes from that module. (gh pr #501, #515)

* Tweaked parser error message to include rejected string format, added by
AATTpbiering (gh pr #300)

* Add support for parsing bytesarray, reported by AATTuckelman (gh issue #417) and
fixed by AATTuckelman and AATTpganssle (gh pr #514)

* Started raising a warning when the parser finds a timezone string that it
cannot construct a tzinfo instance for (rather than succeeding with no
indication of an error). Reported and fixed by AATTjbrockmendel (gh pr #540)

* Dropped the use of assert in the parser. Fixed by AATTjbrockmendel (gh pr #502)

* Fixed to assertion logic in parser to support dates like \'2015-15-May\',
reported and fixed by AATTjbrockmendel (gh pr #409)

* Fixed IndexError in parser on dates with trailing colons, reported and fixed
by AATTjbrockmendel (gh pr #420)

* Fixed bug where hours were not validated, leading to improper parse. Reported
by AATTheappro (gh pr #353), fixed by AATTjbrockmendel (gh pr #482)

* Fixed problem parsing strings in %b-%Y-%d format. Reported and fixed by
AATTjbrockmendel (gh pr #481)

* Fixed problem parsing strings in the %d%B%y format. Reported by AATTasishm
(gh issue #360), fixed by AATTjbrockmendel (gh pr #483)

* Fixed problem parsing certain unambiguous strings when year <99 (gh pr #510).
Reported by AATTalexwlchan (gh issue #293).

* Fixed issue with parsing an unambiguous string representation of an ambiguous
datetime such that if possible the correct value for fold is set. Fixes
issue reported by AATTJordonPhillips and AATTpganssle (gh issue #318, #320,
gh pr #517)

* Fixed issue with improper rounding of fractional components. Reported by
AATTdddmello (gh issue #427), fixed by AATTm-dz (gh pr #570)

* Performance improvement to parser from removing certain min() calls. Reported
and fixed by AATTjbrockmendel (gh pr #589)

* Significantly refactored parser code by AATTjbrockmendel (gh prs #419, #436,
[#490], #498, #539) and AATTpganssle (gh prs #435, #468)

* Implementated of __hash__ for relativedelta and weekday, reported and fixed
by AATTmrigor (gh pr #389)

* Implemented __abs__ for relativedelta. Reported by AATTbinnisb and AATTpferreir
(gh issue #350, pr #472)

* Fixed relativedelta.weeks property getter and setter to work for both
negative and positive values. Reported and fixed by AATTsouliane (gh issue #459,
pr #460)

* Fixed issue where passing whole number floats to the months or years
arguments of the relativedelta constructor would lead to errors during
addition. Reported by AATTarouanet (gh pr #411), fixed by AATTlkollar (gh pr #553)

* Added a pre-built tz.UTC object representing UTC (gh pr #497)

* Added a cache to tz.gettz so that by default it will return the same object
for identical inputs. This will change the semantics of certain operations
between datetimes constructed with tzinfo=tz.gettz(...). (gh pr #628)

* Changed the behavior of tz.tzutc to return a singleton (gh pr #497, #504)

* Changed the behavior of tz.tzoffset to return the same object when passed the
same inputs, with a corresponding performance improvement (gh pr #504)
same inputs, with a corresponding performance improvement (gh pr #504)

* Changed the behavior of tz.tzstr to return the same object when passed the
same inputs. (gh pr #628)

* Added .instance alternate constructors for tz.tzoffset and tz.tzstr, to
allow the construction of a new instance if desired. (gh pr #628)

* Added the tz.gettz.nocache function to allow explicit retrieval of a new
instance of the relevant tzinfo. (gh pr #628)

* Expand definition of tz.tzlocal equality so that the local zone is allow
equality with tzoffset and tzutc. (gh pr #598)

* Deprecated the idiosyncratic tzstr format mentioned in several examples but
evidently designed exclusively for dateutil, and very likely not used by
any current users. (gh issue #595, gh pr #606)

* Added the tz.resolve_imaginary function, which generates a real date from
an imaginary one, if necessary. Implemented by AATTCheukting (gh issue #339,
gh pr #607)

* Fixed issue where the tz.tzstr constructor would erroneously succeed if
passed an invalid value for tzstr. Fixed by AATTpablogsal (gh issue #259,
gh pr #581)

* Fixed issue with tz.gettz for TZ variables that start with a colon. Reported
and fixed by AATTlapointexavier (gh pr #601)

* Added a lock to tz.tzical\'s cache. Reported and fixed by AATTUnrud (gh pr #430)

* Fixed an issue with fold support on certain Python 3 implementations that
used the pre-3.6 pure Python implementation of datetime.replace, most
notably pypy3 (gh pr #446).

* Added support for VALUE=DATE-TIME for DTSTART in rrulestr. Reported by AATTpotuz
(gh issue #401) and fixed by AATTUnrud (gh pr #429)

* Started enforcing that within VTIMEZONE, the VALUE parameter can only be
omitted or DATE-TIME, per RFC 5545. Reported by AATTUnrud (gh pr #439)

* Added support for TZID parameter for DTSTART in rrulestr. Reported and
fixed by AATTryanpetrello (gh issue #614, gh pr #624)

* Added \'RRULE:\' prefix to rrule strings generated by rrule.__str__, in
compliance with the RFC. Reported by AATTAndrewPashkin (gh issue #86), fixed by
AATTjarondl and AATTmlorant (gh pr #450)

* Switched to setuptools_scm for version management, automatically calculating
a version number from the git metadata. Reported by AATTjreback (gh issue #511),
implemented by AATTSulley38 (gh pr #564)

* Switched to use find_packages, and started testing against pip
installed versions of dateutil in CI. Fixed issue with parser import
discovered by AATTjreback in pandas-dev/pandas#18141. (gh issue #507, pr #509)

* Switched test suite to using pytest (gh pr #495)

* Switched CI over to use tox. Fixed by AATTgaborbernat (gh pr #549)

* Added a test-only dependency on freezegun. (gh pr #474)

* Reduced number of CI builds on Appveyor. Fixed by AATTkirit93 (gh issue #529,
gh pr #579)

* Made xfails strict by default, so that an xpass is a failure. (gh pr #567)

* Added a documentation generation stage to tox and CI. (gh pr #568)

* Added an explicit warning when running python explaining how to run
the test suites with pytest. Fixed by AATTlkollar. (gh issue #544, gh pr #548)

* Added requirements-dev.txt for test dependency management (gh pr #499, #516)

* Fixed code coverage metrics to account for Windows builds (gh pr #526)

* Fixed code coverage metrics to NOT count xfails. Fixed by AATTgaborbernat
(gh issue #519, gh pr #563)

* Style improvement to zoneinfo.tzfile that was confusing to static type
checkers. Reported and fixed by AATTquodlibetor (gh pr #485)

* Several unused imports were removed by AATTjdufresne. (gh pr #486)

* Switched ``isinstance(
*, collections.Callable)`` to callable, which is available
on all supported Python versions. Implemented by AATTjdufresne (gh pr #612)

* Added (gh pr #533)

* Added (gh pr #542)

* Corrected metadata to reflect author vs. maintainer, (gh issue #477,
gh pr #538)

* Corrected README to reflect that tests are now run in pytest. Reported and
fixed by AATTm-dz (gh issue #556, gh pr #557)

* Updated all references to RFC 2445 (iCalendar) to point to RFC 5545. Fixed
by AATTmariocj89 (gh issue #543, gh pr #555)

* Corrected parse documentation to reflect proper integer offset units,
reported and fixed by AATTabrugh (gh pr #458)

* Fixed dangling parenthesis in tzoffset documentation (gh pr #461)

* Started including the license file in wheels. Reported and fixed by
AATTjdufresne (gh pr #476)

* Indendation fixes to parser docstring by AATTjbrockmendel (gh pr #492)

* Moved many examples from the \"examples\" documentation into their appropriate
module documentation pages. Fixed by AATTTomasz-Kluczkowski and AATTjakec-github
(gh pr #558, #561)

* Fixed documentation so that the parser.isoparse documentation displays.
Fixed by AATTalexchamberlain (gh issue #545, gh pr #560)

* Refactored build and release sections and added setup instructions to
CONTRIBUTING. Reported and fixed by AATTkynan (gh pr #562)

* Cleaned up various dead links in the documentation. (gh pr #602, #608, #618)

Mon Jul 10 14:00:00 2017
- Update to version 2.6.1

* Updated zoneinfo file to 2017b. (gh pr #395)

* Added Python 3.6 to CI testing (gh pr #365)

* Removed duplicate test name that was preventing a test from
being run.

* Reported and fixed by AATTjdufresne (gh pr #371)

* Fixed testing of folds and gaps, particularly on Windows (gh
pr #392)

* Fixed deprecated escape characters in regular expressions.
Reported by AATTnascheme and AATTthierryba (gh issue #361), fixed by
AATTthierryba (gh pr #358)

* Many PEP8 style violations and other code smells were fixed
by AATTjdufresne (gh prs #358, #363, #364, #366, #367, #368, #372,
[#374], #379, #380, #398)

* Improved performance of tzutc and tzoffset objects. (gh pr

* Fixed issue with several time zone classes around DST
transitions in any zones with +0 standard offset (e.g.
Europe/London) (gh issue #321, pr #390)

* Fixed issue with fuzzy parsing where tokens similar to AM/PM
that are in the end skipped were dropped in the
fuzzy_with_tokens list. Reported and fixed by AATTjbrockmendel (gh
pr #332).

* Fixed issue with parsing dates of the form X m YY. Reported
by AATTjbrockmendel. (gh issue #333, pr #393)

* Added support for parser weekdays with less than 3
characters. Reported by AATTarcadefoam (gh issue #343), fixed by
AATTjonemo (gh pr #382)

* Fixed issue with the addition and subtraction of certain
relativedeltas. Reported and fixed by AATTkootenpv (gh issue #346,
pr #347)

* Fixed issue where the COUNT parameter of rrules was ignored
if 0. Fixed by AATTmshenfield (gh pr #330), reported by AATTvaultah
(gh issue #329).

* Updated documentation to include the new tz methods. (gh pr

* Update documentation to reflect that the parser can raise
TypeError, reported and fixed by AATTtomchuk (gh issue #336, pr

* Fixed an incorrect year in a parser doctest. Fixed by
AATTxlotlu (gh pr #357)

* Moved version information into and set up the
versions more granularly.
- Use recommended source URL format

Sat May 6 14:00:00 2017
- Don\'t provide python2-dateutil, singlespec packages should use
correct name.

Tue Mar 28 14:00:00 2017
- Converted to single-spec
- Enabled tests
- Spec cleanup

Wed Nov 9 13:00:00 2016
- Use https for Source

Tue Nov 8 13:00:00 2016
- Update to version 2.6.0

* Added PEP-495-compatible methods to address ambiguous and
imaginary dates in time zones in a backwards-compatible
way. Ambiguous dates and times can now be safely represented
by all dateutil time zones. Many thanks to Alexander
Belopolski (AATTabalkin) and Tim Peters AATTtim-one for their
inputs on how to address this. Original issues reported by
Yupeng and AATTzed (lP: 1390262, gh issues #57, #112, #249,
[#284], #286, prs #127, #225, #248, #264, #302).

* Added new methods for working with ambiguous and imaginary
dates to the tz module. datetime_ambiguous() determines if
a datetime is ambiguous for a given zone and datetime_exists()
determines if a datetime exists in a given zone.
This works for all fold-aware datetimes, not just those
provided by dateutil. (gh issue #253, gh pr #302)

* Fixed an issue where dst() in Portugal in 1996 was
returning the wrong value in tz.tzfile objects. Reported
by AATTabalkin (gh issue #128, pr #225)

* Fixed an issue where zoneinfo.ZoneInfoFile errors were not
being properly deep-copied. (gh issue #226, pr #225)

* Refactored tzwin and tzrange as a subclass of a common
class, tzrangebase, as there was substantial overlapping
functionality. As part of this change, tzrange and tzstr
now expose a transitions() function, which returns the
DST on and off transitions for a given year. (gh issue
[#260], pr #302)

* Deprecated zoneinfo.gettz() due to confusion with
tz.gettz(), in favor of get() method of
zoneinfo.ZoneInfoFile objects. (gh issue #11, pr #310)

* For non-character, non-stream arguments, parser.parse now
raises TypeError instead of AttributeError. (gh issues
[#171], #269, pr #247)

* Fixed an issue where tzfile objects were not properly
handling dst() and tzname() when attached to
datetime.time objects. Reported by AATTovacephaloid.
(gh issue #292, pr #309)

* /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo was added to TZPATHS for
compatibility with Solaris systems. Reported by AATTdhduvall
(gh issue #276, pr #307)

* tzoffset and tzrange objects now accept either a number of
seconds or a datetime.timedelta() object wherever
previously only a number of seconds was allowed.
(gh pr #264, #277)

* datetime.timedelta objects can now be added to
relativedelta objects. Reported and added by Alec Nikolas
Reiter (AATTjustanr) (gh issue #282, pr #283

* Refactored relativedelta.weekday and rrule.weekday into a
common base class to reduce code duplication.
(gh issue #140, pr #311)

* An issue where the WKST parameter was improperly rendering
in str(rrule) was reported and fixed by Daniel LePage
(AATTdplepage). (gh issue #262, pr #263)

* A replace() method has been added to rrule objects by
AATTjendas1, which creates new rrule with modified attributes,
analogous to datetime.replace (gh pr #167)

* Made some significant performance improvements to rrule
objects in Python 2.x (gh pr #245)

* All classes defining equality functions now return
NotImplemented when compared to unsupported classes,
rather than raising TypeError, to allow other classes to
provide fallback support. (gh pr #236)

* Several classes have been marked as explicitly unhashable
to maintain identical behavior between Python 2 and 3.
Submitted by Roy Williams (AATTrowillia) (gh pr #296)

* Trailing whitespace in has been removed.
Submitted by AATTOmgImAlexis (gh pr #299)

* Windows-only batch files in build scripts had line endings
switched to CRLF. (gh pr #237)

* AATTadamchainz updated the documentation links to reflect
that the canonical location for readthedocs links is now
at .io, not .org. (gh pr #272)

* Made some changes to the CI and codecov to test against
newer versions of Python and pypy, and to adjust the code
coverage requirements. For the moment, full pypy3
compatibility is not supported until a new release is
available, due to upstream bugs in the old version
affecting PEP-495 support. (gh prs #265, #266, #304, #308)

* The full PGP signing key fingerprint was added to the in favor of the previously used long-id.
Reported by AATTvalholl (gh issue #287, pr #304)

* Updated zoneinfo to 2016i. (gh issue #298, gh pr #306)

Fri Mar 4 13:00:00 2016
- Fix Obsoletes. No version upgrade was done during renaming.

Fri Feb 26 13:00:00 2016
- Rename package to python-python-dateutil . It\'s openSUSE policy
to use the $pypi name with the python prefix.

Thu Aug 13 14:00:00 2015
- update url in specfile
- use sed to eliminate MS-DOS style end of lines
- update to version 2.4.2:

* Updated zoneinfo to 2015b.

* Fixed issue with parsing of tzstr on Python 2.7.x; tzstr will now
be decoded if not a unicode type. gh #51 (lp:1331576), gh pr #55.

* Fix a parser issue where AM and PM tokens were showing up in fuzzy
date stamps, triggering inappropriate errors. gh #56 (lp:
1428895), gh pr #63.

* Missing function \"setcachsize\" removed from zoneinfo __all__ list
by AATTryanss, fixing an issue with wildcard imports of
dateutil.zoneinfo. (gh pr #66).

* (PyPi only) Fix an issue with source distributions not including
the test suite.
- changes from version 2.4.1:

* Added explicit check for valid hours if AM/PM is specified in
parser. (gh pr #22, issue #21)

* Fix bug in rrule introduced in 2.4.0 where byweekday parameter was
not handled properly. (gh pr #35, issue #34)

* Fix error where parser allowed some invalid dates, overwriting
existing hours with the last 2-digit number in the string. (gh pr
[#32], issue #31)

* Fix and add test for Python 2.x compatibility with boolean
checking of relativedelta objects. Implemented by AATTnimasmi (gh pr
[#43]) and Céic Krier (lp: 1035038)

* Replaced parse() calls with explicit datetime objects in unit
tests unrelated to parser. (gh pr #36)

* Changed private _byxxx from sets to sorted tuples and fixed one
currently unreachable bug in _construct_byset. (gh pr #54)

* Additional documentation for parser (gh pr #29, #33, #41) and

* Formatting fixes to documentation of rrule and README.rst.

* Updated zoneinfo to 2015a.
- changes from version 2.4.0:

* Fix an issue with relativedelta and freezegun (lp:1374022)

* Fix tzinfo in windows for timezones without dst (lp:1010050, gh

* Ignore missing timezones in windows like in POSIX

* Fix minimal version requirement for six (gh #6)

* Many rrule changes and fixes by AATTpganssle (gh pull requests #13
[#14] #17), including defusing some infinite loops (gh #4)
- changes from version 2.3:

* Cleanup directory structure, moved to

* Changed many aspects of dealing with the zone info file. Instead
of a cache, all the zones are loaded to memory, but symbolic links
are loaded only once, so not much memory is used.

* The package is now zip-safe, and universal-wheelable, thanks to
changes in the handling of the zoneinfo file.

* Fixed tzwin silently not imported on windows python2

* New maintainer, together with new hosting: GitHub, Travis,

Mon Jul 27 14:00:00 2015
- Update to version 2.2:

* Updated zoneinfo to 2013h

* fuzzy_with_tokens parse addon from Christopher Corley

* Bug with LANG=C fixed by Mike Gilbert
- Aligned requirement version with PyPI

Thu Oct 24 14:00:00 2013
- Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)

Wed Jun 6 14:00:00 2012
- license update: BSD-3-Clause
Look at the LICENSE file

Wed Jun 6 14:00:00 2012
- Added python-six requires and buildrequires. dateutil will build
without out, but packaged down the dependency chain will fail
if it isn\'t installed

Sun Jun 3 14:00:00 2012
- Update to version 2.1

* See NEWS for changes

Fri Apr 27 14:00:00 2012
- Fix building python 3 package on openSUSE 11.4

Thu Apr 26 14:00:00 2012
- Add python 3 package

Tue Apr 20 14:00:00 2010
- updated to version 1.5

* See NEWS for all changes and fixes

Thu Aug 13 14:00:00 2009
- build as noarch