Changelog for libattr1-2.4.48-69.167.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Sep 11 2018 update description for libattr-devel-static to make it less boilerplate
* Wed Sep 05 2018 Add libattr-devel-static subpackage
* Sat Aug 25 2018 Replace unspecific boilerplate summary from years ago.
* Mon Aug 13 2018 Remove obsolete Obsolete lines- Drop static subpackage, nothing in TW depends on it Deb/RH do not provide it either- Rely on simple upstream make install target- Run tests- Update to 2.4.48:
* Provide default xattr.conf
* Update buildsystem to reflect current autotools state
* Small test updates
* Remove various deprecated sections like attr/attr.h- Update keyring, Mike Frysinger released this version- Add patch to have tests working with newer perls:
* 0001-attr-2.4.48-test-suite-perl.patch
* Tue Mar 20 2018 Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Mon May 11 2015 remove man5/attr.5, it is now part of man-pages
* Tue Sep 23 2014 Reduce size of filelist by using wildcards; remove %doc (some locations are always %doc), remove %attr (files already have proper permissions)
* Tue Jun 18 2013 remove gpg-offline from bootstrap packages
* Sun Jun 16 2013 Update to new upstream release 2.4.47
* This release fixes two functional bugs related to tree walking and the return code from getfattr. Also, a number of build system problems were fixed.- Remove config-guess-sub-update.patch (no longer applies), attr-syscalls.patch (resolved differently upstream), (replaced by logic in specfile)- Signature verification
* Wed Mar 20 2013 Added url as source. Please see