Changelog for libdbusmenu-qt2-0.9.2+14.04.20131209-lp150.30.5.x86_64.rpm :

* Wed Dec 18 2013 Update to 0.9.2+14.04.20131209
* Install CMake config files for dbusmenu-qt and dbusmenu-qt5. This makes it easy for other projects to use the library with find(dbusmenu-qt) or find(dbusmenu-qt5) without having to ship a FindDBusMenuQt.cmake file. (More about this topic here: ). Test programs available here:
* Destructors of classes intended to be base classes updated to virtual.
* When adding a new submenu action, refresh() that action to ensure full menu hierarchy is built.- Rebase noqDebug-qWarnings.patch to this release- Explicitly disable Qt5 build, in case both Qt4 and Qt5 are present in build enviroment
* Wed Nov 06 2013 Update to 0.9.2+13.10.20130826
* Various bugfixes
* Qt5 port- Droped 237_236.diff, merged upstream
* Sun Aug 25 2013 Added 237_236.diff from upstream, fixes lp#1068050 (Some icons of kate menu are wrong when run with the global menubar) and noqDebug-qWarnings.patch, which disables spamming users with useless debug
* Wed Apr 11 2012 Update to 0.9.2:
* Fix disabling and hiding actions
* Avoid spamming dbus at startup
* Do not print warnings when not necessary From 0.9.1:
* Add support for \"opened\" and \"closed\" events
* Add support for icon-data (LP BUG 633339)- Install also the development documentation.
* Thu Sep 01 2011 Update to 0.9.0:
* Add support for the \"Status\" dbusmenu property. Will be used by appmenu-qt for LP BUG 737419 - Collapse multiple separators, get rid of starting and trailing separators (LP BUG 793339) (Aurelien Gateau)- Spec file updates:
* Changed License: to LGPL-2.0+.
* Minor other updates.
* Sat Jun 25 2011 Update to 0.8.3:
* If DBusMenuExporter is deleted, delete all DBusMenu instances which were working with it
* Only show icons in menu if the platform allows them
* Sun May 15 2011 Update to 0.8.2:
* Shortcut handling: Translate \"+\" into \"plus\" and \"-\" into \"minus\" (LP BUG 712565) From 0.8.1:
* Added target to build documentation with Doxygen From 0.8.0:
* Implements version 2 of the dbusmenu protocol
* Merged support for KMenu titles From 0.7.0:
* Switched DBus domain from org.ayatana to com.canonical- Spec file updates:
* Changes based on spec-cleaner run.
* Changed License: to LGPLv2+.
* Removed dbus-1-devel from BuildRequires:.
* Added doxygen and libqjson-devel in BuildRequires:.
* Updates in Summary, %description and Group entries.
* Removed /sbin/ldconfig from devel package %post
* scripts (not needed).
* Minor other updates.
* Wed Dec 22 2010 update to 0.6.6
* Avoid false warnings
* Make sure we don\'t track actions twice (bko254066)
* CMake-parser-friendly of dbusmenu_version.h
* Trigger action asynchronously when the \"clicked\" event is received (LP bug 643393)
* Fixed copyright headers
* Removed all code which did not belong to Canonical.
* Fix some memory leaks
* Do not keep dangling pointers to deleted actions (LP bug 624964)
* Added the DBusMenuImporter::actionActivationRequested(QAction
*) signal
* Fix hardcoded libdir in pkgconfig file (LP BUG 610633)
* Tue Sep 14 2010 fix runtime dependencies
* Fri Aug 13 2010 update to 0.5.2
* Fix implementation of GetGroupProperties()
* Fix detection of QIcon::name() with gold
* Add support for KMenu titles
* Queue calls to refresh() because we may be spammed with many LayoutUpdated() signals at once
* Turned DBusMenuImporter::updateMenu() into a slot
* Introduce a dbusmenu_version.h file
* Introduce updateMenu() and menuUpdated(), deprecate menuReadyToBeShown()
* Better build check for QIcon::name() (LP BUG 597975)
* Rework the way menuReadyToBeShown() is emitted
* Queue LayoutUpdated() signal to avoid emitting it too often
* Increase timeouts: prefer slow but complete menus to fast but incomplete
* Use QIcon::name() to return the icon name, when built with Qt 4.7
* Correctly handle non-exclusive action groups
* bugfix (bko#237156)
* Added support for shortcuts
* Make the connection to LayoutUpdated() work
* Mon Jun 07 2010 add baselibs.conf
* Mon May 31 2010 correct license (bnc#610291)
* Fri May 28 2010 update to 0.3.3:
* package rename to libdbusmenu-qt
* Introduce a qt minimum version. Qt 4.5 doesn\'t work. (Michael Jansen)
* Use the FindQjson.cmake file made by pinotree for chokoq because it works.
* Refresh after LayoutUpdated signal (Marco Martin)
* Test items added to an existing menu are properly imported (Aurelien Gateau)
* Allow notification of the menu being filled, don\'t call aboutToShow more than once per actual menu showing (Aaron Seigo)
* Win32 fixes from Ralf Habacker (Patrick Spendrin)
* Added option to disable tests (Alex Elsayed)
* Wed Apr 28 2010 Initial package