Changelog for arnold-20090317-2.40.i586.rpm :

* Thu Apr 29 2010 fix (not quite lethal) buffer overflow in iextdsk.c
* Wed Sep 09 2009 update -> 2009-03-17: - arnold started up with something that looked like a cpc6128 but was cassette based. now fixed. arnold starts with a real cpc6128 configuration. - started to implement a new \"load file into ram\" option. Not finished yet but I was going to use this to run some tests with arnold. - it was not possible to insert an expansion rom (now fixed). clicking on load button would not do anything. - lots of dissassembly errors fixed. Some instructions were wrong, some were not formatted correctly. Some were inconsistent. - If Arnold failed to auto-start a disc it would not tell you. - If Arnold failed to auto-start a disc it would leave autotype on and would print garbage. Cpc would hang. - If Arnold failed to auto-start a disc it would leave autotype on, reset did not stop it. Cpc would be hung after reset. - Failed to autostart discs where directory had graphics and the only file to run was hidden. - Can now load 256k and 512k snapshots. - Much more tolerant to bad snapshots (bad length). - Can now autostart disc/tape on cpc+. - compressed memory blocks in snapshot v3 are now supported (snapshots written by winape should now load) - disc image filename blocks in snapshot v3 specification are now supported (snapshots written by winape should now load) - scroll lock led no longer reflects drive led. it was not useful because it only reflected the state of the internal drive anyway. - Ukonx tracker now loads. - Last Ninja 2 Remix (protected disc image) can now be inserted without Arnold crashing - Natural Bug Killer demo now runs - Inserting some disc images would cause Arnold to crash. - Fixed bug with CPC+ snapshot loading/saving. Some snapshots identify themselves for CPC old generation, but if a CPC+ special block is found it is assumed CPC+ is used. - Fixed a bug in the fdc emulation meaning Natural Bug Killers would hang after intro part. Linux port: - low-latency initialization for pulseaudio - 64bit fix for pulseaudio - pulseaudio support via new pulseaudio \"plugin\" - more 64bit fixes by Guillaume Bedot - sound plugins are specified by name - sound plugin auto detection - doublesize and fullscreen command line options - 64bit and compile fixes by Guillaume Bedot - merged new emulation core from Kevin Thacker (02-January-2009) - Sound output on Linux is now provided via four different \"plugins\": OSS, ALSA, ALSAMMAP or SDL. OSS is the default, others can be choosen via command line (see arnold -h for help). - Sound now actually works as expected when using ALSA or OSS. The SDL plugin is left in for completeness but still broken as before. - Spanish CPC6128 with different ROMs - Limited mouse support (Joymouse, Symbimouse) and mouse grabbing - Expansion ROM Support (by Kevin Thacker) - Merged in changes made by Kevin Thacker to Linux port- fixed some ugly code rpmlint complained about