Changelog for blueMSX-2.8.2-1.2.i586.rpm :
Wed Sep 9 14:00:00 2009
- update -> 2.8.2(ish):
- Added support for MSX1 VDP timing checks in the debugger
- Added support for .der copy protected disk files
- Fixed multiple bugs in DRAM management that fixes many known Turbo R issues
- Fixed memory write bug in debugger that made memory writes occasionally fail
- Fixed default directory for hard disk insert
- Fixed memory leaks
- Fixed Moonsound FM bug
- Speed up save states and pause/resume
- Added support for 16kB, 32kB, 48kB and 64kB external ram cartridges
- Added support for Joyrex PSG module
- Added support for PSG pin 6/7 quirk
- Added support for VR bit in VDP register 8
- Added 35 new machine configurations
- Added 23 new cheats
- Updated support for NoWind USB Diskroms
- Fixed SVI M1 Wait state
- Fixed ColecoVision Keyboard read error
- Fixed ColceoVision PSG noise bug
- Fixed DirectX initialization bug
- Fixed V9958 Scroll masking bug in Screen 4 (introduced in 2.8)
- Fixed Screen 2 scroll bug
- Fixed R15 PSG register read
- Fixed bug in VDP line engine
- Fixed bug in obsonet write method
- Fixed bug in Harryfox rom mapper
- Fixed bug in Crossblaim rom mapper
- Fixed bug in Korean bootleg rom mapper
- Made bluemsxlite compile on OSX
- Fixed bug in Arkanoid Pad emulation
- Fixed addressing bug in R-Type mapper
- Fixed x/y flags on scf/ccf
- Fixed instructions ld a,i or ld a,r to handle interrupts correclty
- build with -fno-strict-aliasing

Thu Nov 13 13:00:00 2008
- fixed for rpmlint

Tue Jun 10 14:00:00 2008
- update -> 2.8:
* Added support for Manbow 2 mapper (it was added earlier, but not
mentioned in the releasenotes before)
- Added support for DRAM mode in MSXturboR machines
- Added support for Panasonic FS-A1FM machine
- Added support for FS-A1WX and FS-A1WSX firmware mapper
- Added support for Matra INK mapper
- Added support for Jaleco Moero!! Nettou Yakyuu \'88 mapper with sample
- Added support for Ark-A-Noah copy protected disks
- Replaced SN76489 emulation
- Updated support for TC8566AF Disk Controller
- Updated machine structure
- Added 2 new generic machines : MSX1 Estonian and MSX2 Estonian
- Updated some generic MSX1 machines (no keyboard repeat bug)
- More accurate configuration of specific machines (correct RAM size, no
CAS patch on the BIOS)
- Updated all specific machines to use MESS file names when it\'s possible
- Added Catalonian translation
- Added Russian translation
- Added infos in the manual about specific machines with internal or
external firmware
- Extended or improved other parts of the manual
- Added current machine and currently inserted media information to the
Classic theme titlebar
- Fixed DigiBlue Suite theme thinking a cartridge or disk was still
present after ejecting it
- Fixed DirectSound bug that happened on constant intervals depending on
sound buffer size
- Added ejectMediaOnExit setting. If enabled, all media are ejected when
exiting blueMSX
- Added MSX keyboard matrix quirk emulation, eg. pressing X+Z+J results in
- Fixed cassette rewind after insert setting
- Fixed horizontal scroll in lower screenmodes
- Fixed 512 pixel width screen modes having a width of 511
- Fixed small bug with MSX1 VDP address writes
- Fixed audio mixer knobs being one notch to the left
- Fixed Moonsound FM 4-op bug
- Fixed many resource leaks, most notably in the debugger
- Fixed ColecoVision RAM initialization bug
- Added 75ms setting for soundbuffer size (step from 50 to 100 was a bit
too big)
- Added support for Forte II Games arcade boards
- Added support for Halnote mapper
- Added support for Arkanoid pad
- Added the Ciel Expert 3 IDE machine
- Added 165 new game cheats
- Reduced SCC volume to conform with an average MSX machine
- Fixed screen 6 sprite collision timing bug
- Fixed properties bug when canceling the Properties dialog
- Fixed bug in Konami mapper that made non standard size roms not run
- Rom name in machine config dialog can now be edited in the text field
- Fixed minor SCC timing issue
- Fixed PSG volume initialization in ColecoVision
- Fixed Joystick initialization in ColecoVision
- Minor bugfixes in Yamaha SFG05 emulation