Changelog for transactional-update-zypp-config-2.13.1-88.1.noarch.rpm :

* Thu Feb 14 2019 Update to version 2.13.1 - Bugfix: Clean up empty /etc snapshot directories again- Use official release files from GitHub for building
* Thu Feb 14 2019 Update to version 2.13 - Fix a serious data loss problem (deleting all files in /etc overlays) in case /var/lib/overlay/etc is not part of any snapshot any more. - Avoid error message in case a system has no /etc/fstab.sys
* Mon Jan 28 2019 Update to version 2.12 - Implements support for needs-restart (Fate#326451) - Adds easy rollback to last known working snapshot by using \"last\" as the snapshot number - Migrate /etc/fstab.sys entires to /etc/fstab for systemd being able to create mount units; this will prevent errors on unmount - Remove implicit --no-allow-vendor-change - this option can be configured in zypper\'s configuration file now - Add support for mounting the /etc overlay file system as a systemd unit in /etc/fstab on a read-only system (replacing /etc/fstab.sys in the long run) - Various bugfixes: - Only remove /etc overlays on read-only root file systems [boo#1122455] - Disable \"Persistent\" flag in systemd timer unit to prevent updates during or immediately after the boot phase - Don\'t set global zypper options during migration - this is not supported by the migration plugin - Fix error handling when interrupting while rsync is running - Filter out security.selinux attributes during rsync
* Sat Nov 17 2018 Jan Engelhardt - Use noun phrase in summary.
* Mon Nov 12 2018 Update to version 2.11 - Update man page to explain new /etc overlay handling - Add special handling for migrating away from old overlay directory - Read default update method for systemd service from config file- Add package \"transactional-update-zypp-config\" to prevent accidental transactional-update uninstallation on transactional systems (boo#1111319)- Use \"up\" for systemd service on non-rolling release distributions (boo#1111321)
* Thu Oct 04 2018 Update to version 2.10 - Introduce /etc overlays - Each root file system snapshot now has a dedicated /etc overlay in /var/lib/snapshots//etc - Changes in older snapshots will be visible in newer snapshots (if the file hasn\'t been changed in both snapshots), but not the other way around; this makes it possible to roll back to a previous snapshot even if the configuration is broken - The /etc state of the oldest active snapshot will be synchronized into the new snapshot to prevent ever growing overlays - Removed creation of /etc backup snapshots - Removed complex overlayfs cleanup handling during dracut early boot; only thing left is to output a warning if files have been changed in old and new overlay after snapshot creation - Unused overlays will be removed during \"cleanup\" operation - Add compatibility with snapper >= 0.7.0 - Correctly detect BTRFS ID when using multiple snapper configurations - Fix disappearing prompt in \"shell\" command when application was updated - Prevent accidental rollback on fast reboots (boo#1111786) - Use zypper attribute packages-to-change if available (boo#1105992 & boo#1097619) - Add kexec as reboot alternative - Added explicit --with-doc / --without-doc build configure opttions for enforcing or excluding documentation build - Removed precompiled documentation (boo#1088676) - Added more dependency checks to configure script - Small improvements to documentation - Restored compatibility with older rsync versions not supporting the -x filter - Small bugfixes for cleanup in error situations - Fix possible incorrect detection of snapshots numbers during cleanup - Mention parent in snapshot description- Add dependencies for documentation build (boo#1088676)
* Mon Aug 20 2018 Update to version 2.6 - Add --interactive and --non-interactive options to change the default interactivity for zypper calls. For previously non-interactive calls (e.g. dup) these options makes it possible to pick the correct solution in case of conflicts or make sure that a script will never be stuck at an input prompt. - Add kured reboot support - Tries to clean up temporary files and mount points if transactional-update quits unexpectedly - Remove trancactional-update-helper (replaced by zypper options) - Create /var/lib/zypp if not available (boo#1104452) - Robustify parsing zypper output (boo#1105992) - Various small fixes- Changed permissions of systemd script again
* Fri Jun 15 2018 Update to version 2.5 - Support for overlayfs attributes like trusted.overlay.opaque - this will avoid disappearing configuration files on system updates - Documentation update - Only sync /etc if it\'s on an overlayfs mount - Use correct locale for zypper - thus updating locale specific packages and avoiding \"empty\" updates where transactional-update didn\'t see the change- Add dependency to attr- Fix permissions of systemd script
* Tue Jun 05 2018 Update to version 2.4 - Bug fix release
* Mon May 14 2018 Update to version 2.3 - Reformat help text / synopsis - More detailled output (use --quiet for less output) - Log all error messages into log file - Avoid potential lock file race condition on self update - Accept package names with whitespace - Don\'t wait for user input during self-update - Fix broken error message output when creating new snapshot without reboot - Fix erroneous mounting of stale grub mounts
* Wed May 02 2018 Update to version 2.2 - Fix security issue in self update [boo#1091316] - Create dirs in /var more reliably by sorting the list- Rebuild initrd (needed since 2.0)
* Thu Apr 26 2018 Update to version 2.1 - Cleanup the code cleaning up /etc
* Tue Apr 24 2018 Update to version 2.0 - Create missing directories from rpm database during boot - Merge /etc overlay with root subvolume during update
* Fri Apr 20 2018 Update to version 1.29 - Implement self-update - Disable optical media on dup - Ignore certain zypper return codes
* Tue Apr 03 2018 Add conflicts with snapper-zypp-plugin
* Sat Mar 17 2018 Require perl-HTML-Parser (needed since 1.26) [boo#1085764]
* Mon Mar 12 2018 Update to version 1.28 - Adjust for latest grub2
* Tue Mar 06 2018 Update to version 1.27 - Fallback to snapper without dbus support if dbus fails - Add workaround for update-alternatives - Add support for /usr/etc/transactional-update.conf
* Fri Feb 23 2018 Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Wed Jan 31 2018 Update to version 1.26 - Auto accept repo keys config option - Detect broken snapshots after abort - Ignore user deleted snapshots - Include all error messages in main log file - Add configuration file - Correctly implement migration of major OS versions - Default reboot strategy is configuration option - Salt option is deprecated
* Tue Jan 09 2018 Update to version 1.25 - preliminary SELinux support - support for seperate /var subvolume
* Tue Dec 05 2017 Update to version 1.24 - Don\'t save unused snapshots if we may delete them again. Partly fixes [bsc#1071038] - Copy passwd, group and shadow to /usr/etc if modified
* Fri Nov 17 2017 Update to version 1.23 - Fix re-registration in rollback case - Fix problems with updating the grub2 bootloader - Add support for migration of products with SCC/SMT - Re-add support to re-write bootloader [bsc#1068933]
* Tue Nov 07 2017 Update to version 1.22 - Rewrite cleanup code to be more aggressive
* Fri Oct 27 2017 Update to version 1.21 - Reset salt grains even if no update was found
* Wed Sep 13 2017 Update to version 1.20 - Improve documentation - Add pkg update option
* Fri Jun 30 2017 Update to version 1.19 - Add \'shell\' option for debugging and testing
* Wed Jun 28 2017 Update to version 1.18 - Auto accept product license in non-interactive mode
* Tue Jun 27 2017 Update to version 1.17 - copy modified bootloader config into snapshot - unit file cleanup, no change of behavior
* Mon Jun 26 2017 Update to version 1.16 - internal changes [bsc#1045942]
* Thu Jun 01 2017 Update to version 1.15 - Rename option ptf to pkg - Add option to set salt grains
* Fri Apr 21 2017 Update to version 1.14 - Fix check of return values of commands in pipes [bsc#1034900]
* Tue Mar 21 2017 Update to version 1.12 - minor bug fixes
* Thu Mar 02 2017 Update to version 1.11 - use --no-allow-vendor-change with \"zypper dup\" - update manual page
* Mon Feb 13 2017 Update to version 1.10 - implement and document rollback option
* Tue Feb 07 2017 Update to version 1.9 - fix umounting of special filesystems and subvolumes - fix interactive installation of PTFs [bsc#1023026] - fix dependencies of systemd service
* Wed Feb 01 2017 Add Requires for lsof and fuser
* Wed Feb 01 2017 Update to version 1.8 - fix references in html docu - build kdump initrd if we build standard initrd, too
* Mon Jan 30 2017 Update to version 1.7 - build html docu, too
* Sun Jan 29 2017 Update to version 1.6 - Add support for kdump [bsc#1018098]
* Thu Jan 19 2017 Update to version 1.5 - Install PTFs in interactive mode - Sync state file between current and new snapshot
* Tue Jan 17 2017 Update to version 1.4 - Fix wrong error messages - More debug output if umount fails - Try a second time if umount fails
* Mon Dec 19 2016 Update to version 1.3 - Add initrd option
* Thu Dec 15 2016 Do some spec file cleanup
* Mon Dec 12 2016 Update to version 1.2 - suppport ro-subvolume with overlayfs
* Tue Dec 06 2016 Update to version 1.1 - bug fix release - implement lock
* Wed Nov 23 2016 Update to version 1.0 - implement and document PTF options
* Mon Nov 21 2016 Update to version 0.99 - Support for rebootmgr - Write real manual page
* Mon Nov 21 2016 Add empty directory /etc/systemd/system/transactional-update.timer.d/ so to make it easier to override transactional-update.timer entries.
* Thu Nov 17 2016 Update to version 0.90 - Finish normal options - Implement support for PTFs
* Sun Nov 06 2016 Disable restart on update for post install scripts
* Sun Nov 06 2016 Implement activating the new snapshot as new root filesystem
* Fri Nov 04 2016 Initial version