Changelog for libzstd1-1.3.8-lp150.23.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Sat Jan 05 2019 zstd 1.3.8:
* better decompression speed on large files (+7%) and cold dictionaries (+15%)
* slightly better compression ratio at high compression modes
* new --rsyncable mode
* support decompression of empty frames into NULL (used to be an error)
* support ZSTD_CLEVEL environment variable
* --no-progress flag, preserving final summary
* various CLI fixes
* Wed Oct 24 2018 zstd 1.3.7:
* fix ratio for dictionary compression at levels 9 and 10
* add man pages for zstdless and zstdgrep- includes changes from zstd 1.3.6:
* faster dictionary builder, also the new default for --train
* previous (slower, slightly higher quality) dictionary builder to be selected via --train-cover
* Faster dictionary decompression and compression under memory limits with many dictionaries used simultaneously
* New command --adapt for compressed network piping of data adjusted to the perceived network conditions- drop zstd-1.3.5-fix-list-stdin.patch, upstream- switch from git tag snaphshot to bootstrapped tarball
* Tue Jul 03 2018 update to 1.3.5:
* much faster dictionary compression
* small quality improvement for dictionary generation
* slightly improved performance at high compression levels
* automatic memory release for long duration contexts
* fix overlapLog can be manually set
* fix decoding invalid lz4 frames
* fix performance degradation for dictionary compression when using advanced API- add zstd-1.3.5-fix-list-stdin.patch to avoid test issues with - -list when stdin is not a tty, patch from upstream- disable failing pzstd tests
* Thu Jun 14 2018 fix pzstd tests- add pzstd-global-gtest.patch
* Thu Jun 14 2018 enable pzstd (parallel zstd)- add pzstd.1.patch, taken from Fedora package (git 21908004)
* Thu May 24 2018 Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Wed Mar 28 2018 Update to 1.3.4
* perf: faster speed (especially decoding speed) on recent cpus (haswell+)
* perf: much better performance associating --long with multi-threading
* perf: better compression at levels 13-15
* cli : asynchronous compression by default, for faster experience (use --single-thread for former behavior)
* cli : smoother status report in multi-threading mode
* cli : added command --fast=#, for faster compression modes
* cli : fix crash when not overwriting existing files
* api : `nbThreads` becomes `nbWorkers` : 1 triggers asynchronous mode
* api : compression levels can be negative, for even more speed
* api : ZSTD_getFrameProgression() : get precise progress status of ZSTDMT anytime
* api : ZSTDMT can accept new compression parameters during compression
* api : implemented all advanced dictionary decompression prototypes
* Mon Feb 05 2018 build the static library (depency for btrfsprogs-static)
* Thu Dec 21 2017 Update to 1.3.3
* perf: improved zstd_opt strategy (levels 16-19)
* fix : bug #944 : multithreading with shared ditionary and large data, reported by AATTgsliepen
* cli : fix : content size written in header by default
* cli : fix : improved LZ4 format support, by AATTfelixhandte
* cli : new : hidden command -b -S, to benchmark multiple files and generate one result per file
* api : change : when setting pledgedSrcSize, use ZSTD_CONTENTSIZE_UNKNOWN macro value to mean \"unknown\"
* api : fix : support large skippable frames, by AATTterrelln
* api : fix : re-using context could result in suboptimal block size in some corner case scenarios
* api : fix : streaming interface was adding a useless 3-bytes null block to small frames
* Sun Oct 29 2017 update to 1.3.2:
* new long range mode, using --long command
* new ability to generate and decode magicless frames
* changed maximum nb of threads reduced to 200, to avoid address space exhaustion in 32-bits mode
* fix multi-threading compression works with custom allocators
* fix ZSTD_sizeof_CStream() was over-evaluating memory usage
* fix a rare compression bug when compression generates very large distances and bunch of other conditions (only possible at --ultra -22)
* fix 32-bits build can now decode large offsets (levels 21+)
* cli added LZ4 frame support by default
* cli improved --list output
* cli now can split input file for dictionary training, using command -B#
* cli new clean operation artefact on Ctrl-C interruption
* do not change /dev/null permissions when using command -t with root access
* cli fix write file size in header in multiple-files mode
* api: added macro ZSTD_COMPRESSBOUND() for static allocation
* api: new advanced decompression API
* api: sizeof_CCtx() used to over-estimate
* build: fix : no-multithread variant compiles without pool.c dependency
* build: better compatibility with reproducible builds
* license: changed /examples license to BSD + GPLv2
* license: fix a few header files to reflect new license
* Mon Aug 21 2017 Update to v1.3.1
* License is now BSD + GPL-2.0
* See for the complete changelog.
* Mon Mar 27 2017 Update to v1.1.4 See for details.- Drop zstd-lib-no-rebuild.patch
* Wed Dec 07 2016 Fix group name for the shared library
* Sun Dec 04 2016 Update to version 1.1.1
* New : cli commands -M#, --memory=, --memlimit=, - -memlimit-decompress= to limit allowed memory consumption during decompression
* Improved : slightly better compression ratio at --ultra levels
* Improved : better memory usage when using streaming compression API
* Added : API : ZSTD_initCStream_usingCDict(), ZSTD_initDStream_usingDDict() (experimental section)
* Changed : zstd_errors.h is now installed within /include (and replaces errors_public.h)
* Fixed : several sanitizer warnings
* Sun Oct 16 2016 Update descriptions
* Wed Oct 05 2016 initial package version 1.1.0 based on