Changelog for apache2-mod_python-3.5.0-20.114.i586.rpm :
Wed Sep 2 14:00:00 2015
- test module with %apache_test_module_load

Thu Jul 16 14:00:00 2015
- Requries: %{apache_suse_maintenance_mmn}
This will pull this module to the update (in released distribution)
when apache maintainer thinks it is good (due api/abi changes).

Mon Nov 3 13:00:00 2014
- call spec-cleaner
- use apache rpm macros

Thu Jan 9 13:00:00 2014
- update to 3.5.0
- remove the three obsolete patches

Thu May 10 14:00:00 2012
- license update: Apache-2.0
Choose the correct license and use SPDX format

Tue Dec 20 13:00:00 2011
- add autoconf as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency

Sat Sep 17 14:00:00 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build

Sat Mar 5 13:00:00 2011
- refine last change to apply to python-2.7+ only (11.4+).

Tue Mar 1 13:00:00 2011
- apache2-mod_python-bnc675927.patch fixes bnc#675927:
python segfaults on openSUSE 11.4 when used with mod_python

Thu May 6 14:00:00 2010
- fix md5 deprecation warning

Tue May 19 14:00:00 2009
- spec file cosmetic fixes
- pass -j
- use in-place sed (sed -i)
- added hacks for building with python2.5 on SLE 9

Tue Aug 19 14:00:00 2008
- fix build with apr 1.3.2 and later

Fri Apr 13 14:00:00 2007
- update to 3.3.1
| New Features
| - (MODPYTHON-103) New req.add_output_filter(),
| req.add_input_filter(), req.register_output_fiter(),
| req.register_input_filter() methods. These allows the dynamic
| registration of filters and the attaching of filters to the
| current request.
| - (MODPYTHON-104) Support added for using Python in content being
| passed through \"INCLUDES\" output filter, or as more commonly
| referred to server side include (SSI) mechanism.
| - (MODPYTHON-108) Added support to cookies for httponly attribute,
| an extension originally created by Microsoft, but now getting
| more widespread use in the battle against cross site-scripting
| attacks.
| - (MODPYTHON-118) Now possible using the PythonImport directive to
| specify the name of a function contained in the module to be
| called once the designated module has been imported.
| - (MODPYTHON-124) New req.auth_name() and req.auth_type() methods.
| These return the values associated with the AuthName and AuthType
| directives respectively. The req.ap_auth_type has now also been
| made writable so that it can be set by an authentication handler.
| - (MODPYTHON-130) Added req.set_etag(), req.set_last_modified() and
| req.update_mtime() functions as wrappers for similar functions
| provided by Apache C API. These are required to effectively use
| the req.meets_condition() function. The documentation for
| req.meets_condition() has also been updated as what it previously
| described probably wouldn\'t actually work.
| - (MODPYTHON-132) New req.construct_url() method. Used to construct
| a fully qualified URI string incorporating correct scheme, server
| and port.
| - (MODPYTHON-144) The \"apache.interpreter\" and \"apache.main_server\"
| attributes have been made publically available. These were
| previously private and not part of the public API.
| - (MODPYTHON-149) Added support for session objects that span
| domains.
| - (MODPYTHON-153) Added req.discard_request_body() function as
| wrapper for similar function provided by Apache C API. The
| function tests for and reads any message body in the request,
| simply discarding whatever it receives.
| - (MODPYTHON-164) The req.add_handler(),
| req.register_input_filter() and req.register_output_filter()
| methods can now take a direct reference to a callable object as
| well a string which refers to a module or module::function
| combination by name.
| - (MODPYTHON-165) Exported functions from mod_python module to be
| used in other third party modules for Apache. The purpose of
| these functions is to allow those other modules to access the
| mechanics of how mod_python creates interpreters, thereby
| allowing other modules to also embed Python and for there not to
| be a conflict with mod_python.
| - (MODPYTHON-170) Added req._request_rec, server._server_rec and
| conn._conn_rec semi private members for getting accessing to
| underlying Apache struct as a Python CObject. These can be used
| for use in implementing SWIG bindings for lower level APIs of
| Apache. These members should be regarded as experimental and
| there are no guarantees that they will remain present in this
| specific form in the future.
| - (MODPYTHON-193) Added new attribute available as
| req.hlist.location. For a handler executed directly as the result
| of a handler directive within a Location directive, this will be
| set to the value of the Location directive. If LocationMatch, or
| wildcards or regular expressions are used with Location, the
| value will be the matched value in the URL and not the pattern.
| Improvements
| - (MODPYTHON-27) When using mod_python.publisher, the __auth__()
| and __access__() functions and the __auth_realm__ string can now
| be nested within a class method as a well a normal function.
| - (MODPYTHON-90) The PythonEnablePdb configuration option will now
| be ignored if Apache hasn\'t been started up in single process
| mode.
| - (MODPYTHON-91) If running Apache in single process mode with PDB
| enabled and the \"quit\" command is used to exit that debug
| session, an exception indicating that the PDB session has been
| aborted is raised rather than None being returned with a
| subsequent error complaining about the handler returning an
| invalid value.
| - (MODPYTHON-93) Improved util.FieldStorage efficiency and made the
| interface more dictionary like.
| - (MODPYTHON-101) Force an exception when handler evaluates to
| something other than None but is otherwise not callable.
| Previously an exception would not be generated if the handler
| evaluated to False.
| - (MODPYTHON-107) Neither mod_python.publisher nor mod_python.psp
| explicitly flush output after writing the content of the response
| back to the request object. By not flushing output it is now
| possible to use the \"CONTENT_LENGTH\" output filter to add a
| \"Content-Length\" header.
| - (MODPYTHON-111) Note made in session documentation that a save is
| required to avoid session timeouts.
| - (MODPYTHON-125) The req.handler attribute is now writable. This
| allows a handler executing in a phase prior to the response phase
| to specify which Apache module will be responsible for generating
| the content.
| - (MODPYTHON-128) Made the req.canonical_filename attribute
| writable. Changed the req.finfo attribute from being a tuple to
| an actual object. For backwards compatibility the attributes of
| the object can still be accessed as if they were a tuple. New
| code however should access the attributes as member data. The
| req.finfo attribute is also now writable and can be assigned to
| using the result of calling the new function apache.stat(). This
| function is a wrapper for apr_stat().
| - (MODPYTHON-129) When specifying multiple handlers for a phase,
| the status returned by each handler is now treated the same as
| how Apache would treat the status if the handler was registered
| using the low level C API. What this means is that whereas
| stacked handlers of any phase would in turn previously be
| executed as long as they returned apache.OK, this is no longer
| the case and what happens is dependent on the phase.
| Specifically, a handler returning apache.DECLINED no longer
| causes the execution of subsequent handlers for the phase to be
| skipped. Instead, it will move to the next of the stacked
| handlers. In the case of PythonTransHandler, PythonAuthenHandler,
| PythonAuthzHandler and PythonTypeHandler, as soon as apache.OK is
| returned, subsequent handlers for the phase will be skipped, as
| the result indicates that any processing pertinent to that phase
| has been completed. For other phases, stacked handlers will
| continue to be executed if apache.OK is returned as well as when
| apache.DECLINED is returned. This new interpretation of the
| status returned also applies to stacked content handlers listed
| against the PythonHandler directive even though Apache notionally
| only ever calls at most one content handler. Where all stacked
| content handlers in that phase run, the status returned from the
| last handler becomes the overall status from the content phase.
| - (MODPYTHON-141) The req.proxyreq and req.uri attributes are now
| writable. This allows a handler to setup these values and trigger
| proxying of the current request to a remote server.
| - (MODPYTHON-142) The req.no_cache and req.no_local_copy attributes
| are now writable.
| - (MODPYTHON-143) Completely reimplemented the module importer.
| This is now used whenever modules are imported corresponding to
| any of the Python
*Handler, Python
*Filter and PythonImport
| directives. The module importer is still able to be used directly
| using the apache.import_module() function. The new module
| importer no longer supports automatic reloading of
| packages/modules that appear on the standard Python module search
| path as defined by the PythonPath directive or within an
| application by direct changes to sys.path. Automatic module
| reloading is however still performed on file based modules (not
| packages) which are located within the document tree where
| handlers are located. Locations within the document tree are
| however no longer added to the standard Python module search path
| automatically as they are maintained within a distinct importer
| search path. The PythonPath directive MUST not be used to point
| at directories within the document tree. To have additional
| directories be searched by the module importer, they should be
| listed in the mod_python.importer.path option using the
| PythonOption directive. This is a path similar to how PythonPath
| argument is supplied, but MUST not reference sys.path nor contain
| any directories also listed in the standard Python module search
| path. If an application does not appear to work under the module
| importer, the old module importer can be reenabled by setting the
| mod_python.legacy.importer option using the PythonOption
| directive to the value \'
*\'. This option must be set in the global
| Apache configuration.
| - (MODPYTHON-152) When in a sub request, when a request is the
| result of an internal redirect, or when when returning from such
| a request, the req.main, req.prev and members now
| correctly return a reference to the original Python request
| object wrapper first created for the specific request_rec
| instance rather than creating a new distinct Python request
| object. This means that any data added explicitly to a request
| object can be passed between such requests.
| - (MODPYTHON-178) When using mod_python.psp, if the PSP file which
| is the target of the request doesn\'t actually exist, an
| apache.HTTP_NOT_FOUND server error is now returned to the client
| rather than raising a ValueError exception which results in a 500
| internal server error. Note that if using SetHandler and the
| request is against the directory and no DirectoryIndex directive
| is specified which lists a valid PSP index file, then the same
| apache.HTTP_NOT_FOUND server error is returned to the client.
| - (MODPYTHON-196) For completeness, added req.server.log_error()
| and req.connection.log_error(). The latter wraps ap_log_cerror()
| (when available), allowing client information to be logged along
| with message from a connection handler.
| - (MODPYTHON-206) The attribute req.used_path_info is now
| modifiable and can be set from within handlers. This is
| equivalent to having used the AcceptPathInfo directive.
| - (MODPYTHON-207) The attribute req.args is now modifiable and can
| be set from within handlers.
| Bug Fixes
| - (MODPYTHON-38) Fixed issue when using PSP pages in conjunction
| with publisher handler or where a PSP error page was being
| triggered, that form parameters coming from content of a POST
| request weren\'t available or only available using a workaround.
| Specifically, the PSP page will now use any FieldStorage object
| instance cached as req.form left there by preceding code.
| - (MODPYTHON-43) Nested __auth__() functions in
| mod_python.publisher now execute in context of globals from the
| file the function is in and not that of mod_python.publisher
| itself.
| - (MODPYTHON-47) Fixed mod_python.publisher so it will not return a
| HTTP Bad Request response when mod_auth is being used to provide
| Digest authentication.
| - (MODPYTHON-63) When handler directives are used within Directory
| or DirectoryMatch directives where wildcards or regular
| expressions are used, the handler directory will be set to the
| shortest directory matched by the directory pattern. Handler
| directives can now also be used within Files and FilesMatch
| directives and the handler directory will correctly resolve to
| the directory corresponding to the enclosing Directory or
| DirectoryMatch directive, or the directory the .htaccess file is
| contained in.
| - (MODPYTHON-76) The FilterDispatch callback should not flush the
| filter if it has already been closed.
| - (MODPYTHON-84) The original change to fix the symlink issue for
| req.sendfile() was causing problems on Win32, plus code needed to
| be changed to work with APR 1.2.7.
| - (MODPYTHON-100) When using stacked handlers and a SERVER_RETURN
| exception was used to return an OK status for that handler, any
| following handlers weren\'t being run if appropriate for the
| phase.
| - (MODPYTHON-109) The Py_Finalize() function was being called on
| child process shutdown. This was being done though from within
| the context of a signal handler, which is generally unsafe and
| would cause the process to lock up. This function is no longer
| called on child process shutdown.
| - (MODPYTHON-112) The req.phase attribute is no longer overwritten
| by an input or output filter. The filter.is_input member should
| be used to determine if a filter is an input or output filter.
| - (MODPYTHON-113) The PythonImport directive now uses the
| apache.import_module() function to import modules to avoid
| reloading problems when same module is imported from a handler.
| - (MODPYTHON-114) Fixed race conditions on setting sys.path when
| the PythonPath directive is being used as well as problems with
| infinite extension of path.
| - (MODPYTHON-120) (MODPYTHON-121) Fixes to test suite so it will
| work on virtual hosting environments where localhost doesn\'t
| resolve to but the actual IP address of the host.
| - (MODPYTHON-126) When Python
*Handler or Python
*Filter directive is
| used inside of a Files directive container, the handler/filter
| directory value will now correctly resolve to the directory
| corresponding to any parent Directory directive or the location
| of the .htaccess file the Files directive is contained in.
| - (MODPYTHON-133) The table object returned by
| req.server.get_config() was not being populated correctly to be
| the state of directives set at global scope for the server.
| - (MODPYTHON-134) Setting PythonDebug to Off, wasn\'t overriding On
| setting in parent scope.
| - (MODPYTHON-140) The util.redirect() function should be returning
| server status of apache.DONE and not apache.OK otherwise it will
| not give desired result if used in non content handler phase or
| where there are stacked content handlers.
| - (MODPYTHON-147) Stopped directories being added to sys.path
| multiple times when PythonImport and PythonPath directive used.
| - (MODPYTHON-148) Added missing Apache contants
| added new constants for Apache magic mime types and values for
| interpreting the req.connection.keepalive and req.read_body
| members.
| - (MODPYTHON-150) In a multithread MPM, the apache.init() function
| could be called more than once for a specific interpreter
| instance whereas it should only be called once.
| - (MODPYTHON-151) Debug error page returned to client when an
| exception in a handler occurred wasn\'t escaping special HTML
| characters in the traceback or the details of the exception.
| - (MODPYTHON-157) Wrong interpreter name used for fixup handler
| phase and earlier, when PythonInterpPerDirectory was enabled and
| request was against a directory but client didn\'t provide the
| trailing slash.
| - (MODPYTHON-159) Fix FieldStorage class so that it can handle
| multiline headers.
| - (MODPYTHON-160) Using PythonInterpPerDirective when setting
| content handler to run dynamically with req.add_handler() would
| cause Apache to crash.
| - (MODPYTHON-161) Directory argument supplied to req.add_handler()
| is canonicalized and a trailing slash added automatically. This
| is needed to ensure that the directory is always in POSIX path
| style as used by Apache and that convention where directories
| associated with directives always have trailing slash is adhered
| to. If this is not done, a different interpreter can be chosen to
| that expected when the PythonInterpPerDirective is used.
| - (MODPYTHON-166) PythonHandlerModule was not setting up
| registration of the PythonFixupHandler or PythonAuthenHandler.
| For the latter this meant that using Require directive with
| PythonHandlerModule would cause a 500 error and complaint in
| error log about \"No groups file\".
| - (MODPYTHON-167) When PythonDebug was On and and exception
| occurred, the response to the client had a status of 200 when it
| really should have been a 500 error status indicating that an
| internal error occurred. A 500 error status was correctly being
| returned when PythonDebug was Off.
| - (MODPYTHON-168) Fixed psp_parser error when CR is used as a line
| terminator in psp code. This may occur with some older editors
| such as GoLive on Mac OS X.
| - (MODPYTHON-175) Fixed problem whereby a main PSP page and an
| error page triggered from that page both accessing the session
| object would cause a deadlock.
| - (MODPYTHON-176) Fixed issue whereby PSP code would unlock session
| object which it had inherited from the caller meaning caller
| could no longer use it safely. PSP code will now only unlock
| session if it created it in the first place.
| - (MODPYTHON-179) Fixed the behaviour of req.readlines() when a
| size hint was provided. Previously, it would always return a
| single line when a size hint was provided.
| - (MODPYTHON-180) Publisher would wrongly output a warning about
| nothing to publish if req.write() or req.sendfile() used and data
| not flushed, and then published function returned None.
| - (MODPYTHON-181) Fixed memory leak when mod_python handlers are
| defined for more than one phase at the same time.
| - (MODPYTHON-182) Fixed memory leak in req.readline().
| - (MODPYTHON-184) Fix memory leak in apache.make_table(). This was
| used by util.FieldStorage class so affected all code using forms.
| - (MODPYTHON-185) Fixed segfault in psp.parsestring(src_string)
| when src_string is empty.
| - (MODPYTHON-187) Table objects could crash in various ways when
| the value of an item was NULL. This could occur for
| SCRIPT_FILENAME when the req.subprocess_env table was accessed in
| the post read request handler phase.
| - (MODPYTHON-189) Fixed representation returned by calling repr()
| on a table object.
| - (MODPYTHON-191) Session class will no longer accept a normal
| cookie if a signed cookie was expected.
| - (MODPYTHON-194) Fixed potential memory leak due to not clearing
| the state of thread state objects before deleting them.
| - (MODPYTHON-195) Fix potential Win32 resource leaks in parent
| Apache process when process restarts occur.
| - (MODPYTHON-198) Python 2.5 broke nested
| __auth__/__access__/__auth_realm__ in mod_python.publisher.
| - (MODPYTHON-200) Fixed problem whereby signed and marshalled
| cookies could not be used at the same time. When expecting
| marshalled cookie, any signed, but not marshalled cookies will be
| returned as normal cookies.

Mon Oct 23 14:00:00 2006
- simplify last fix, so it still builds with python < 2.5.

Sat Sep 23 14:00:00 2006
- Fix build with python 2.5.

Fri Aug 18 14:00:00 2006
- update to 3.2.10
|- New Features
| - (MODPYTHON-78) Added support for Apache 2.2.
| - (MODPYTHON-94) New req.is_https() and req.ssl_var_lookup()
| methods. These communicate direct with the Apache mod_ssl
| module, allowing it to be determined if the connection is
| using SSL/TLS and what the values of internal ssl variables
| are.
| - (MODPYTHON-137) New req.server.get_options() method. This
| returns the subset of Python options set at global scope
| within the Apache configuration. That is, outside of the
| context of any VirtualHost, Location, Directory or Files
| directives.
| - (MODPYTHON-131) The directory used for mutex locks can now be
| specified at at compile time using ./configure
| --with-mutex-dir value or at run time with PythonOption
| mod_python.mutex_directory value.
| - (MODPYTHON-145) The number of mutex locks can now be
| specified at run time with PythonOption
| mod_python.mutex_locks value.
| - (MODPYTHON-172) Fixed three memory leaks that were found in
| _apachemodule.parse_qsl, req.readlines and util.cfgtree_walk.
|- Improvements
| - (MODPYTHON-77) Third party C modules that use the simplified
| API for the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL), as described in
| PEP 311, can now be used. The only requirement is that such
| modules can only be used in the context of the
| \"main_interpreter\".
| - (MODPYTHON-119) DbmSession unit test no longer uses the
| default directory for the dbm file, so the test will not
| interfer with the user\'s current apache instance.
| - (MODPYTHON-158) Added additional debugging and logging output
| for where mod_python cannot initialise itself properly due to
| Python or mod_python version mismatches or missing Python
| module code files.
|- Bug Fixes
| - (MODPYTHON-122) Fixed configure problem when using bash 3.1.x.
| - (MODPYTHON-173) Fixed DbmSession to create db file with mode 0640.
| - (MODPYTHON-84) Fixed request.sendfile() bug for symlinked
| files on Win32.
- drop obsolete patches

Fri Aug 18 14:00:00 2006
- update to 3.2.8
|- New Features:
| - New apache.register_cleanup() method.
| - New apache.exists_config_define() method.
| - New file-based session manager class.
| - Session cookie name can be specified.
| - The maximum number of mutexes mod_python uses for session
| locking can now be specifed at compile time using configure
| --with-max-locks.
| - New a version attribute in mod_python module.
| - New test handler has been added.
|- Improvements
| - Autoreload of a module using apache.import_module() now works
| if modification time for the module is different from the
| file. Previously, the module was only reloaded if the the
| modification time of the file was more recent. This allows
| for a more graceful reload if a file with an older
| modification time needs to be restored from backup.
| - Fixed the publisher traversal security issue
| - Objects hierarchy a la CherryPy can now be published.
| - mod_python.c now logs reason for a 500 error
| - Calls to PyErr_Print in mod_python.c are now followed by
| fflush()
| - Using an empty value with PythonOption will unset a
| PythonOption key.
| - req.path_info is now a read/write member.
| - Improvements to FieldStorage allow uploading of large files.
| Uploaded files are now streamed to disk, not to memory.
| - Path to flex is now discovered at configuration time or can
| be specifed using configure --with-flex=/path/to/flex.
| - sys.argv is now initialized to [\"mod_python\"] so that modules
| like numarray and pychart can work properly.
|- Bug Fixes
| - Fixed memory leak which resulted from circular references
| starting from the request object.
| - Fixed memory leak resulting from multiple PythonOption
| directives.
| - Fixed Multiple/redundant interpreter creation problem.
| - Cookie attributes with attribute names prefixed with $ are
| now ignored. See Section 4.7 for more information.
| - Bug in setting up of config_dir from Handler directives
| fixed.
| - mod_python.publisher will now support modules with the same
| name but in different directories
| - Fixed continual reloading of modules problem
| - Fixed big marshalled cookies error.
| - Fixed mod_python.publisher extension handling
| - mod_python.publisher default index file traversal
| - mod_python.publisher loading wrong module and giving no
| warning/error
| - apply_fs_data() now works with \"new style\" objects
| - File descriptor fd closed after ap_send_fd() in
| req_sendfile()
| - Bug in mem_cleanup in MemorySession fixed.
| - Fixed bug in _apache._global_lock() which could cause a
| segfault if the lock index parameter is greater number of
| mutexes created at mod_python startup.
| - Fixed bug where local_ip and local_host in connection object
| were returning remote_ip and remote_host instead
| - Fixed install_dso Makefile rule so it only installs the dso,
| not the python files
| - Potential deadlock in psp cache handling fixed
| - Fixed bug where sessions are used outside
| directive.
| - Fixed compile problem on IRIX. ln -s requires both TARGET and
| - Fixed ./configure problem on SuSE Linux 9.2 (x86-64). Python
| libraries are in lib64/ for this platform.
| - Fixed req.sendfile() problem where sendfile(filename) sends
| the incorrect number of bytes when filename is a symlink.
| - Fixed problem where util.FieldStorage was not correctly
| checking the mime types of POSTed entities
| - Fixed conn.local_addr and conn.remote_addr for a better IPv6
| support.
| - Fixed psp_parser.l to properly escape backslash-n,
| backslash-t and backslash-r character sequences.
| - Fixed segfault bug when accessing some request object members
| (allowed_methods, allowed_xmethods, content_languages) and
| some server object members (names, wild_names).
| - Fixed request.add_handler() segfault bug when adding a
| handler to an empty handler list.
| - Fixed PythonAutoReload directive so that AutoReload can be
| turned off.
| - Fixed connection object read() bug on FreeBSD.
| - Fixed potential buffer corruption bug in connection object
| read().
- remove references to obsolete APR_STATUS_IS_SUCCESS and
apr_sockaddr_port_get() for libapr-1.2.7
- drop obsolete mod_python-3.1.3-publisher.dif
- fix installation into the correct libdir, it didn\'t work anymore