Changelog for cross-arm-gcc-2010.09-2-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm :

* Thu May 05 2011 Paulo Andrade 2010.09-2+ Revision: 668621- Properly use sysroot- Force gcc build with system zlib- Install different lib configurations in different sysroots- Relocate gcc lib{,exec}dir to avoid ld warnings due to path starting in a system library path- Match summary and description of -binutils with other subpackages- Correct typo and remove unneeded make install argument
* Tue May 03 2011 Paulo Andrade 2010.09-1+ Revision: 664402- Explicitly disable gcc plugin- Correct gdbserver paths (it is mean\'t to be executed in the target)- Do not create wrong include and lib symlinks during build- Add some symlinks (mostly cause the the binary not in path to work correctly)- Add another build requires that should be required by gdb- Add extra build requires- Add package owner for base directory- Correct gdb files listed in the glibc package- Define target to use mandriva as vendor- Attempt to make it clear the source of the package while also saying it is not supported- Add extra cross-arm-gdb package- Install linker scripts with relative paths.- Remove most --with-sysroot options and keep only one for binutils to add support for it to ld, to simplify build. This change should not require relative paths on linker scripts, but not a bad idea to make it easier to relocate.- Rename build_sysroot define to sysroot, besides using it only for build.- Add main cross-arm metapackage that requires all subpackages.- Remove some defines that are not used (anymore), as it cannot really use the default cflags, because at least FORTIFY_SOURCE will act really bad with some \"magic\" in the cross toolchain generation.- Use install_root instead of DESTDIR otherwise it may try to create files outside of the buildroot. This means it will not generate \"specialized\" binaries, but since it already creates and installs multiarch libraries, it should be good enough for now- Corrected to build and actually generate packages- Another checkpoint commit- Checkpoint commit- Initial rework to build c++ on a second pass (once it can build binaries)- Build gcc with proper/final prefix and correct wrong symlink- More work on package better matching CodeSourcery build- Add missing patch- Update to use Sourcery G++ Lite as base cross arm package- Initial/experimental cross-arm- Initial/experimental cross-arm