Changelog for gcc-4.7.0-0.6-mdv2012.0.i586.rpm :

* Thu Mar 15 2012 Paulo Andrade 4.7.0-0.6+ Revision: 785036- Update to second gcc 4.7.0 release candidate.- Obsolete libgcj12 for clean upgrade.- Update to LATEST-4.7 snapshot.- Update to LATEST-4.7 snapshot.- Update to LATEST-4.7 snapshot.- Update to LATEST-4.7 snapshot.- Prepare a main/testing gcc 4.7 package based on LATEST-4.7 gcc snapshot.- Create placeholder for gcc4.7 testing package- Install libstdc++ documentation in -devel package.
* Fri Jan 27 2012 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-11+ Revision: 769234- Do not depend on rpm optflags to select default 32 bit arch.- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.- Split 32 and 64 bit libraries in two different packages.- Provides extra symlinks and obsoletes stray manbo-mandriva-files packages.- Remove redundant rpm markup from spec.- Correct long standing typo in libgcc1 package using non existing macro.
* Sun Jan 15 2012 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-10+ Revision: 760881- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Sun Jan 08 2012 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-9+ Revision: 758645- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Sun Dec 25 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-8+ Revision: 745133- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.- Move libtool .la files to -static-devel packages. + Per Øyvind Karlsen - add versioned buildrequires on spec-helper to pull in fixed
*.la removal - add back libtool .la files, required for static linking..
* Sun Dec 18 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-7+ Revision: 743410- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Sun Dec 04 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-6+ Revision: 737585- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot. + Per Øyvind Karlsen - canonicalize provides - drop redundant provides & requires
* Sun Nov 27 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-5+ Revision: 733679- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.- Do not package libffi by default.
* Sun Nov 20 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-4+ Revision: 731917- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Sun Nov 13 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-3+ Revision: 730403- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Sun Nov 06 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-2+ Revision: 722382- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Thu Oct 27 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-1+ Revision: 707651- Update to GCC 4.6.2 Release.- Adapt Fedora java bootstrap procedures to Mandriva gcc package.
* Thu Oct 20 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.2-0.1+ Revision: 705459- Rework file lists to explicitly specify major version of libraries.- Add minor correction to incorrect hardcoded path in libstdc++ docs.- Update to first GCC 4.6.2 Release Candidate.
* Sat Oct 15 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-18+ Revision: 704828- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.- Add configure options for armv7hl.- Enable gcc-objc build on arm.- Ignore documentation build errors.
* Mon Oct 10 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-17+ Revision: 703958- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Sun Oct 02 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-16+ Revision: 702395- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Fri Sep 30 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-15+ Revision: 702137- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Thu Sep 22 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-14+ Revision: 700972- Add patch for gcc PR50442- Add armv7l configure options
* Mon Sep 19 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-13+ Revision: 700282- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Mon Sep 12 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-12+ Revision: 699445- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.- Avoid macro expansion problem with -C option (#64082)
* Sun Sep 04 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-11+ Revision: 698192- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Sun Aug 28 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-10+ Revision: 697252- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.- Remove update from 4.5.2 logic to force same urpmi transaction- Add proper requires to gcc-plugin-devel
* Tue Aug 23 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-9+ Revision: 696229- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot
* Wed Aug 17 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-8+ Revision: 695066- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot- Add gcc plugin installation patch (#63996)
* Fri Aug 12 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-7+ Revision: 694090- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot
* Mon Jul 25 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-6+ Revision: 691488- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.
* Mon Jul 18 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-5+ Revision: 690237- Update rpm macro tests to provide biarch library names for mdkversion 201200
* Sun Jul 17 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-4+ Revision: 690163- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot.- Correct plugin files for extra arm file. + Per Øyvind Karlsen - don\'t make obsoletes on mandriva-manbo-files
* conditional on mandriva version, it\'s no less required for packages built on cooker for being able to upgrade to - add obsoletes on manbo-mandriva-files-
* Wed Jul 13 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-3+ Revision: 689932- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot- Make build of qt awt optional
* Tue Jun 28 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-2+ Revision: 687613- Update to gcc-4.6.1 release.- Install gengtype and gtype.state in plugin-devel- Tune arm build to default to build armv5te binaries + Alexandre Lissy - Preparing for a separate gcc-plugin-melt package: removal from gcc\'s spec
* Wed Jun 22 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.1-1+ Revision: 686626- Update to gcc-4.6.1-RC-20110620 (first 4.6.1 release candidate)
* Mon Jun 20 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-15+ Revision: 686097- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot 20110617.
* Sun Jun 12 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-14+ Revision: 684298- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot 20110610.- Correct install of gdb auto-load libstdc++ python scripts- Add %%{vendor} as gcc/DEV-PHASE to better identify gcc version- Make conflicts for clean update conditional to system compiler.- Make multi precision libraries as global build requires.
* Sat Jun 04 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-13+ Revision: 682742- Update to latest gcc 4.6 snapshot- Start adding diff to previous snapshot to source rpm
* Sun May 29 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-12+ Revision: 681610- Update to latest gcc 4.6 branch snapshot
* Mon May 23 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-11+ Revision: 677474- Update to gcc 4.6 snapshot 20110520- Enable back java build
* Sun May 15 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-10+ Revision: 674774- Update to gcc-4.6-20110513
* Mon May 09 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-9+ Revision: 672715- Update to gcc-4.6 20110506 snapshot- Update to melt-0.7 gcc-4.6 plugin- Remove gfortran patch as better correction is in gcc 4.6 branch
* Thu Apr 28 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-8+ Revision: 660101- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot- Update to LATEST-4.6 snapshot- Reimplement Mandriva patch to pass -m32 if under a 32 bit personality- Update to latest melt for gcc 4.6 plugin release candidate
* Tue Apr 19 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-7+ Revision: 655946- Synchronize with upstream gcc 4.6 branch- Rediff custom patches and/or patches only in trunk
* Sat Apr 16 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-6+ Revision: 653868- Add gcc-plugin-devel as build requires of gcc-plugin-melt- Add correction to bugzilla #63047 from upstream related bug report- Add missing compiler symlink to main package- Make build of plugin support conditional- Build gcc melt rc3 plugin for gcc-4.6.0
* Mon Apr 11 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-5+ Revision: 652708- Obsolete manbo-mandriva-files-
* to avoid broken compiler symlinks
* Sun Apr 10 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-4+ Revision: 652247- Rebuild with cloog/ppl enabled and corrections to python files- Enable cloog/ppl- Rediff gcc pr48343 from gcc 4.6 branch commit- Correct python path in .py files moved to py_puresitedir
* Wed Apr 06 2011 Funda Wang 4.6.0-3+ Revision: 651034- update source\'s address- add runtime dep on binutils for clean chroot
* Tue Apr 05 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-2+ Revision: 650786- Bump release to allow clear upgrade for people using main/testing- Change glibc-devel from BuildRequires to Requires what is the proper condition- Update to gcc 4.6.0
* Fri Mar 04 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.6.0-1+ Revision: 641868- Exclude gcj-tools gnative2ascii file from gcc-ada
* Thu Feb 10 2011 Paulo Andrade 4.5.2-2+ Revision: 637182- Disable cloog as a package should be made for ppl/cloog/melt support- Actually enable plugins- Add workaround for rpm debugedit due to joining $TMP or $TMPDIR with a filename and having // in the pathname- Update to gcc 4.5.2. + Funda Wang - rebuild for new ppl + Thierry Vignaud - let the doc subpackage be noarch
* Wed Aug 25 2010 Christophe Fergeau 4.5.1-1mnb2+ Revision: 573098- gcc 4.5.1
* Tue Aug 24 2010 Christophe Fergeau 4.5.0-1mnb2+ Revision: 572931- fix gcc-plugins group- revert previous commit which was bogus :-/- libstdc++ gdb python helper is always in /usr/lib whatever the arch is, and since it\'s a python script, it\'s \"noarch\", so we can unconditionnally put it in a directory ending in /usr/lib, no need to have both /usr/lib and /usr/lib64- make sure LTO is enabled- remove workaround for debugedit issue since it\'s now fixed in rpm thanks to Anssi :)- import gcc 4.5.0 + Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski - Move to gdb data dir.
* Tue Feb 09 2010 Funda Wang 4.4.3-2mnb2+ Revision: 502641- rebuild for new gmp
* Sun Jan 24 2010 Funda Wang 4.4.3-1mnb2+ Revision: 495383- New version 4.4.3- CVE-2009-3736 patch merged upstream + Per Øyvind Karlsen - set interpreter path when using -muclibc to the one used by our uClibc (P304)
* Mon Nov 30 2009 Oden Eriksson 4.4.2-5mnb2+ Revision: 471759- P303: security fix for CVE-2009-3736
* Fri Nov 27 2009 Christophe Fergeau 4.4.2-4mnb2+ Revision: 470667- update for gcc 4.4.2 + Thierry Vignaud - split checks in %%check - more more doc from libstdc++-devel and gcc-c++ into gcc-doc - use ln instead of cp (less disk usage, faster)
* Tue Sep 29 2009 Christophe Fergeau 4.4.1-3mnb2+ Revision: 450840- another attempt at fixing the libgcj_bc stuff. The previous change wasn\'t a good idea because non-system compilers\' libgcj_bc would obsolete the system libgcj_bc which is a bad idea :)
* Mon Sep 28 2009 Christophe Fergeau 4.4.1-2mnb2+ Revision: 450607- One more attempt at fixing libgcj_bc packaging- don\'t ship libgcj_bc shared libs both in libgcj10 and libgcj_bc1 should fix bug #54121
* Thu Jul 23 2009 Christophe Fergeau 4.4.1-1mnb2+ Revision: 398776- upload gcc 4.4.1 tarball- preparation for gcc 4.4.1 (couldn\'t find it on the mirrors yet)
* Mon Jul 20 2009 Anssi Hannula 4.4.0-5mnb2+ Revision: 398069- remove python files from gcj-tools that conflicted with java-1.5.0-gcj-devel
* Sat Jul 18 2009 Anssi Hannula 4.4.0-4mnb2+ Revision: 396976- enable libobjc_gc (Mika Laitio)
* Wed Jun 03 2009 Christophe Fergeau 4.4.0-3mnb2+ Revision: 382395- enable cloog/ppl in the build- Don\'t install aot-compile and rebuild-gcj-db since it\'s part of java-1.5.0-gcj- remove meaningless comment, disable -Wformat=error :-/- only do try find locale files for libstdc++ if we actually build it- check if files are present before trying to sanitize their rpath- ada fixes- Revert wrong hunk from wformat-fixes (see comment above it in the source)
* Tue May 19 2009 Christophe Fergeau 4.4.0-1mnb2+ Revision: 377476- Don\'t attempt to build ada docs when ada is disabled- Add cloog/ppl support to build (disabled for now)- Fix customization of gcc bug URL- Fix spec for ada support. Don\'t reenable ada build for now since we don\'t have a gnat compiler available in main to bootstrap it- enable java in build- spec update for gcj 4.4.0- Initial pass at a gcc 4.4 package, rediff patches and get working C and C++ compilers. java and ada and tests are disabled for now.- Fix one more format warning- Get rid of cputoolize- Rediff patches against gcc 4.3.3- Reset release counter- Disable ada for now- Add missing space in substitution, this bug has been here forever, dunno why it never showed up before...- Add patch 114 to fix -Wformat=error issues- Upload gcc 4.3.3 tarball + Helio Chissini de Castro - Add another wformat fix on current patch + Anssi Hannula - split libgcj_bc to a separate package to avoid future conflicts - fix libgcj_bc handling of non-system-compilers (ported from gcc4.3) - do not require libgcj-devel in gcj-tools + Per Øyvind Karlsen - only leave out libgcc_eh.a when building cross bootstrap (needs to be verified) - don\'t include when building without libgomp - libgmp-devel & libmpfr-devel is needed for building regardless of gfortran - sync some patches and configure options with gcc from gdium tree - fix bootstrap build of cross compiler - work around issue with xgcc ignoring --sysroot when cross-compiling - fix so that lsb-headers patches gets applied in correct location.. -
* add mips stuff to lsb-headers for cross compiling (P1000)
* sysroot headers should go to usr/include/, not include/ + Pixel - rebuild with gnat enabled