Changelog for nash-6.0.93-25-mdv2012.0.i586.rpm :

* Sat Jun 02 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen 6.0.93-25+ Revision: 801998- add provides for \'mkinitrd-command\' so that kernel can add a dependency that may be satisfied by either mkinitrd or dracut
* Mon May 21 2012 Matthew Dawkins 6.0.93-24+ Revision: 799809- rebuild for parted- cleaned up spec- added patches from MGA
* Mon May 30 2011 Funda Wang 6.0.93-23+ Revision: 681970- fix linkage
* Sun Apr 17 2011 Anssi Hannula 6.0.93-22+ Revision: 654060- do not load kms drivers when booted with nokmsboot or failsafe options- whitelist nouveau and radeon drivers for putting into initrd- fix build with gcc4.6 + Per ?yvind Karlsen - move required mkinitrd functions under /lib/mkinitrd so that we\'ll actually have a working /sbin/mkinitrd if /usr isn\'t mounted (P151)
* Thu Nov 04 2010 G?tz Waschk 6.0.93-20mnb2+ Revision: 593316- rebuild for new python 2.7
* Sat May 29 2010 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski 6.0.93-19mnb2+ Revision: 546560- Fix nash firmware loading (see #53220).
* Sat May 08 2010 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-18mnb2+ Revision: 543989- Remove warning for hid devices not handled by a module
* Tue May 04 2010 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-17mnb2+ Revision: 542005- Fix 1 minute delay on cciss (#59077)- Include crc32c for btrfs (#51622)
* Mon May 03 2010 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-15mnb2+ Revision: 541832- Include additionnal hid keyboard drivers (#57872)
* Wed Mar 10 2010 Frederic Crozat 6.0.93-14mnb2+ Revision: 517416- Patch146: update file list to install for bootchart mode, for bootchart2
* Sat Feb 27 2010 Funda Wang 6.0.93-13mnb2+ Revision: 512202- rebuild for new parted
* Sun Feb 07 2010 Luca Berra 6.0.93-12mnb2+ Revision: 501594- rework postun according to alternatives policy
* Sat Feb 06 2010 Andrey Borzenkov 6.0.93-11mnb2+ Revision: 501424- convert lsinitrd to alternatives (provided now by dracut)
* Sat Jan 09 2010 Luca Berra 6.0.93-10mnb2+ Revision: 487940- implement alternatives for /sbin/mkinitrd
* Sun Dec 27 2009 Funda Wang 6.0.93-9mnb2+ Revision: 482621- rebuild for new parted
* Sat Dec 26 2009 Anssi Hannula 6.0.93-8mnb2+ Revision: 482579- rework and simplify drm modules handling code- always use DRM_WHITELIST; previously currently-loaded drm drivers bypassed the whitelist, and all proprietary drivers matching the same hardware were also added to the initrd, causing obvious problems (fixes #55676)- only add DRM_WHITELISTed drm modules and their dependencies to the initrd (previously just one driver for a card being whitelisted caused mkinitrd to put all drivers to initrd, including proprietary ones)
* Thu Dec 24 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-7mnb2+ Revision: 481977- Conflict with old dmraid as we use --rm_partitions which appeared in rc15 + Michael Scherer - add a Requires on diffutils, as mkinitrd use cmp
* Mon Oct 12 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-6mnb2+ Revision: 456870- Always emit plymouth
* Mon Oct 12 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-5mnb2+ Revision: 456852- Fix keyboard detection fix
* Tue Oct 06 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-4mnb2+ Revision: 455284- Improve keyboard drivers detection
* Wed Sep 30 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-3mnb2+ Revision: 451768- Create urandom for LVM- Detect devtmpfs support at boot time
* Thu Sep 24 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-2mnb2+ Revision: 448468- Workaround issue on dmraid 10 (#53653)
* Tue Sep 22 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.93-1mnb2+ Revision: 447339- Update to 6.0.93- Drop splashy support- Document patch generation from git
* Thu Sep 17 2009 Thierry Vignaud 6.0.92-12mnb2+ Revision: 444011- patch 200: backport fix for radeon firmware loading from 6.0.93 (\"Move hotplug run to before gpu driver probing (airlied, #520730)\")
* Mon Sep 14 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.92-11mnb2+ Revision: 439072- Fix waiting on full disks (#53653)
* Mon Aug 31 2009 Frederic Crozat 6.0.92-10mnb2+ Revision: 422846- Fix plymouth detection when splashy is still enabled (Mdv bug #53264)
* Fri Aug 28 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.92-9mnb2+ Revision: 421890- Do not lookup UUID on full disks, some have
* Thu Aug 27 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.92-8mnb2+ Revision: 421713- Fix patch listing- Add drm detection if module is not loaded
* Mon Aug 24 2009 Frederic Crozat 6.0.92-7mnb2+ Revision: 420429- Own /usr/libexec (only used for mkinitrd)- Patch141: no longer uses daemonize to start plymouthd, upstream suggests it is a bad idea nowadays
* Wed Aug 19 2009 Frederic Crozat 6.0.92-6mnb2+ Revision: 418006- Patch140: really fix plymouth support on x86-64 (revert to /usr/libexec)
* Tue Aug 18 2009 Frederic Crozat 6.0.92-5mnb2+ Revision: 417836- Patch140: fix plymouth tool path for x86-64
* Tue Aug 18 2009 Frederic Crozat 6.0.92-4mnb2+ Revision: 417810- Patch139: disable KMS / drm support in DRM until kernel has agp built-in
* Fri Aug 14 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.92-3mnb2+ Revision: 416333- Add back patch fixing 1 minute delay- Fix dmraid handling to wait for disks
* Thu Aug 13 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.92-2mnb2+ Revision: 416004- Add back netlink patch which was not in git
* Wed Aug 12 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.92-1mnb2+ Revision: 415580- Update to 6.0.92- Use patches from git- Support plymouth- look for plymouth script in /usr/lib not libexec- use readlink -f instead of manually computing directories
* Mon Jul 27 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.86-7mnb2+ Revision: 400510- Require only kprtx now that it is package separatly
* Tue Jul 14 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.86-6mnb2+ Revision: 395865- Require multipath-tools for kpartx, it is now used for dmraid
* Tue Jul 07 2009 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski 6.0.86-5mnb2+ Revision: 393329- Drop mkinitrd-6.0.63-resume-md.patch: it fails to start md devices as read-only before nash-resume, and even if it worked, would break hibernate on machines that have swap partition as a md device, because hibernate magic wouldn\'t be reset after waking up from hibernate as md is in read only mode, causing machine to continue thinking it comes from hibernate even after shutting down or resetting it, which in turn results in file system corruption.
* Tue Jul 07 2009 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski 6.0.86-4mnb2+ Revision: 393319- Fixes to mkinitrd-6.0.86-waitdev.patch:
* slaves variable isn\'t set anymore in mkinitrd; rename to waitblks and use it to get the list of all partitions that we must wait to appear. This also will fix a bug where boot is slow with dm/lvm devices, because we did \"waitdev --timeout=60000000 --rootdev $rootdev\" before running md/lvm commands that will in fact make $rootdev appear. But it should not be needed to wait on $rootdev if we already wait for all partitions that forms root and resume devices, thus remove this part and the wait from resumeCommand in nash.
* If uuid is available, wait on uuid of partition instead of device node when using waitdev for partitions we must wait to appear (experimental).
* Tue Jun 30 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.86-3mnb2+ Revision: 391021- SYSFONTACM does not contain full file name (#51916)
* Wed Jun 24 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.86-2mnb2+ Revision: 388884- Fix handling of root= + Andrey Borzenkov - nash cannot hande udev netlink messages; restrict received groups to kernel messages ony to avoid false error message
* Fri Jun 12 2009 Pascal Terjan 6.0.86-1mnb2+ Revision: 385467- Fix path for kbd data- Reorganize patches- Update to 6.0.86
* Tue Jun 09 2009 Frederic Crozat 6.0.63-18mnb2+ Revision: 384369- Switch to libblkid-devel + Christophe Fergeau - release -17 - fix passing of mount options in nashmount + Andrey Borzenkov - remove hardcoded $rootdev from \"waiting for root to appear\" message to avoid confusion when different root= was explicitly given on command line