Changelog for tuned-profiles-realtime-2.9.0-1.fc26.noarch.rpm :

* Sun Oct 29 2017 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.9.0-1- new release - rebased tuned to latest upstream related: rhbz#1467576
* Fri Oct 20 2017 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.9.0-0.2.rc2- new release - rebased tuned to latest upstream related: rhbz#1467576 - fixed expansion of the variables in the \'devices\' section related: rhbz#1490399 - cpu-partitioning: add no_rebalance_cores= option resolves: rhbz#1497182
* Thu Oct 12 2017 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.9.0-0.1.rc1- new release - rebased tuned to latest upstream resolves: rhbz#1467576 - added recommend.d functionality resolves: rhbz#1459146 - recommend: added support for matching of processes resolves: rhbz#1461838 - plugin_video: added support for the \'dpm\' power method resolves: rhbz#1417659 - list available profiles on \'tuned-adm profile\' resolves: rhbz#988433 - cpu-partitioning: used tuned instead of tuna for cores isolation resolves: rhbz#1442229 - inventory: added workaround for pyudev < 0.18 resolves: rhbz#1251240 - realtime: used skew_tick=1 in kernel cmdline resolves: rhbz#1447938 - realtime-virtual-guest: re-assigned kernel thread priorities resolves: rhbz#1452357 - bootloader: splitted string for removal from cmdline resolves: rhbz#1461279 - network-latency: added skew_tick=1 kernel command line parameter resolves: rhbz#1451073 - bootloader: accepted only certain values for initrd_remove_dir resolves: rhbz#1455161 - increased udev monitor buffer size, made it configurable resolves: rhbz#1442306 - bootloader: don\'t add nonexistent overlay image to grub.cfg resolves: rhbz#1454340 - plugin_cpu: don\'t log error in execute() if EPB is not supported resolves: rhbz#1443182 - sap-hana: fixed description of the sap-hana profiles resolves: rhbz#1482005 - plugin_systemd: on full_rollback notify about need of initrd regeneration resolves: rhbz#1469258 - don\'t log errors about missing files on verify with ignore_missing set resolves: rhbz#1451435 - plugin_scheduler: improved logging resolves: rhbz#1474961 - improved checking if we are rebooting or not resolves: rhbz#1475571 - started dbus exports after a profile is applied resolves: rhbz#1443142 - sap-hana: changed force_latency to 70 resolves: rhbz#1501252
* Mon Aug 21 2017 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.8.0-5- kernel-tools made weak dependency
* Thu Jul 27 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.8.0-4- Rebuilt for
* Mon Jul 24 2017 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.8.0-3- fixed traceback in disk plugin if dynamic tuning is enabled
* Fri Apr 28 2017 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.8.0-2- qemu-kvm-tools-rhev made weak dependency
* Fri Apr 07 2017 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.8.0-1- new release - rebase tuned to latest upstream resolves: rhbz#1388454 - cpu-partitioning: enabled timer migration resolves: rhbz#1408308 - cpu-partitioning: disabled kvmclock sync and ple resolves: rhbz#1395855 - spec: muted error if there is no selinux support resolves: rhbz#1404214 - units: implemented instance priority resolves: rhbz#1246172 - bootloader: added support for initrd overlays resolves: rhbz#1414098 - cpu-partitioning: set CPUAffinity early in initrd image resolves: rhbz#1394965 - cpu-partitioning: set workqueue affinity early resolves: rhbz#1395899 - scsi_host: fixed probing of ALPM, missing ALPM logged as info resolves: rhbz#1416712 - added new profile cpu-partitioning resolves: rhbz#1359956 - bootloader: improved inheritance resolves: rhbz#1274464 - units: mplemented udev-based regexp device matching resolves: rhbz#1251240 - units: introduced pre_script, post_script resolves: rhbz#1246176 - realtime-virtual-host: accommodate new ktimersoftd thread resolves: rhbz#1332563 - defirqaffinity: fixed traceback due to syntax error resolves: rhbz#1369791 - variables: support inheritance of variables resolves: rhbz#1433496 - scheduler: added support for cores isolation resolves: rhbz#1403309 - tuned-profiles-nfv splitted to host/guest and dropped unneeded dependency resolves: rhbz#1413111 - desktop: fixed typo in profile summary resolves: rhbz#1421238 - with systemd don\'t do full rollback on shutdown / reboot resolves: rhbz#1421286 - builtin functions: added virt_check function and support to include resolves: rhbz#1426654 - cpulist_present: explicitly sorted present CPUs resolves: rhbz#1432240 - plugin_scheduler: fixed initialization resolves: rhbz#1433496 - log errors when applying a profile fails resolves: rhbz#1434360 - systemd: added support for older systemd CPUAffinity syntax resolves: rhbz#1441791 - scheduler: added workarounds for low level exceptions from python-linux-procfs resolves: rhbz#1441792 - bootloader: workaround for adding tuned_initrd to new kernels on restart resolves: rhbz#1441797
* Sat Feb 11 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.7.1-4- Rebuilt for
* Mon Oct 17 2016 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.7.1-3- Fixed traceback when non-existent profile is queried through tuned-adm profile_info Resolves: rhbz#1385145
* Wed Sep 21 2016 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.7.1-2- Fixed pkexec Resolves: rhbz#1377896
* Tue Aug 02 2016 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.7.1-1- New release Resolves: rhbz#1362481- Dropped tuned-gui-traceback-fix and tuned-adm-list-no-dbus-traceback-fix patches (both upstreamed)
* Thu Jul 21 2016 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.7.0-2- Fixed tuned-gui traceback (by tuned-gui-traceback-fix patch) Resolves: rhbz#1358846- Fixed \'tuned-adm list\' traceback if daemon is not running (by tuned-adm-list-no-dbus-traceback-fix patch)
* Tue Jul 19 2016 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.7.0-1- new-release - gui: fixed save profile resolves: rhbz#1242491 - tuned-adm: added --ignore-missing parameter resolves: rhbz#1243807 - plugin_vm: added transparent_hugepage alias resolves: rhbz#1249610 - plugins: added modules plugin resolves: rhbz#1249618 - plugin_cpu: do not show error if cpupower or x86_energy_perf_policy are missing resolves: rhbz#1254417 - tuned-adm: fixed restart attempt if tuned is not running resolves: rhbz#1258755 - nfv: avoided race condition by using synchronous mode resolves: rhbz#1259039 - realtime: added check for isolcpus sanity resolves: rhbz#1264128 - pm_qos: fixed exception if PM_QoS is not available resolves: rhbz#1296137 - plugin_sysctl: reapply system sysctl after Tuned sysctl are applied resolves: rhbz#1302953 - atomic: increase number of inotify watches resolves: rhbz#1322001 - realtime-virtual-host/guest: added rcu_nocbs kernel boot parameter resolves: rhbz#1334479 - realtime: fixed kernel.sched_rt_runtime_us to be -1 resolves: rhbz#1346715 - tuned-adm: fixed detection of no_daemon mode resolves: rhbz#1351536 - plugin_base: correctly strip assignment modifiers even if not used resolves: rhbz#1353142 - plugin_disk: try to workaround embedded \'/\' in device names related: rhbz#1353142 - sap-hana: explicitly setting kernel.numa_balancing = 0 for better performance resolves: rhbz#1355768 - switched to polkit authorization resolves: rhbz#1095142 - plugins: added scsi_host plugin resolves: rhbz#1246992 - spec: fixed conditional support for grub2 to work with selinux resolves: rhbz#1351937 - gui: added tuned icon and desktop file resolves: rhbz#1356369
* Tue Jul 19 2016 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.6.0-3-
* Fri Feb 05 2016 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.6.0-2- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 05 2016 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.6.0-1- new-release - plugin_cpu: do not show error if cpupower or x86_energy_perf_policy are missing - plugin_sysctl: fixed quoting of sysctl values resolves: rhbz#1254538 - tuned-adm: added log file location hint to verify command output - libexec: fixed listdir and isdir in resolves: rhbz#1252160 - plugin_cpu: save and restore only intel pstate attributes that were changed resolves: rhbz#1252156 - functions: fixed sysfs save to work with options resolves: rhbz#1251507 - plugins: added scsi_host plugin - tuned-adm: fixed restart attempt if tuned is not running - spec: fixed post scriptlet to work without grub resolves: rhbz#1265654 - tuned-profiles-nfv: fix for CPUS where ns > 6500 resolves: rhbz#1267284 - functions: fixed restore_logs_syncing to preserve SELinux context on rsyslog.conf resolves: rhbz#1268901 - realtime: set unboud workqueues cpumask resolves: rhbz#1259043 - spec: correctly remove tuned footprint from /etc/default/grub resolves: rhbz#1268845 - gui: fixed creation of new profile resolves: rhbz#1274609 - profiles: removed nohz_full from the realtime profile resolves: rhbz#1274486 - profiles: Added nohz_full and nohz=on to realtime guest/host profiles resolves: rhbz#1274445 - profiles: fixed lapic_timer_adv_ns cache resolves: rhbz#1259452 - plugin_sysctl: pass verification even if the option doesn\'t exist related: rhbz#1252153 - added support for \'summary\' and \'description\' of profiles, extended D-Bus API for Cockpit related: rhbz#1228356
* Wed Aug 12 2015 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.5.1-2- packaging fixes for rpm-4.12.90- dropped qemu-kvm-tools-rhev requirement (not in Fedora)
* Tue Aug 04 2015 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.5.1-1- new-release related: rhbz#1155052 - plugin_scheduler: work with nohz_full resolves: rhbz#1247184 - fixed realtime-virtual-guest/host profiles packaged twice resolves: rhbz#1249028 - fixed requirements of realtime and nfv profiles - fixed tuned-gui not starting - various other minor fixes
* Sun Jul 05 2015 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.5.0-1- new-release resolves: rhbz#1155052 - add support for ethtool -C to tuned network plugin resolves: rhbz#1152539 - add support for ethtool -K to tuned network plugin resolves: rhbz#1152541 - add support for calculation of values for the kernel command line resolves: rhbz#1191595 - no error output if there is no hdparm installed resolves: rhbz#1191775 - do not run hdparm on hotplug events if there is no hdparm tuning resolves: rhbz#1193682 - add oracle tuned profile resolves: rhbz#1196298 - fix bash completions for tuned-adm resolves: rhbz#1207668 - add glob support to tuned sysfs plugin resolves: rhbz#1212831 - add tuned-adm verify subcommand resolves: rhbz#1212836 - do not install tuned kernel command line to rescue kernels resolves: rhbz#1223864 - add variables support resolves: rhbz#1225124 - add built-in support for unit conversion into tuned resolves: rhbz#1225135 - fix vm.max_map_count setting in sap-netweaver profile resolves: rhbz#1228562 - add tuned profile for RHEL-RT resolves: rhbz#1228801 - plugin_scheduler: added support for runtime tuning of processes resolves: rhbz#1148546 - add support for changing elevators on xvd
* devices (Amazon EC2) resolves: rhbz#1170152 - add workaround to be run after systemd-sysctl resolves: rhbz#1189263 - do not change settings of transparent hugepages if set in kernel cmdline resolves: rhbz#1189868 - add tuned profiles for RHEL-NFV resolves: rhbz#1228803 - plugin_bootloader: apply $tuned_params to existing kernels resolves: rhbz#1233004
* Fri Jun 19 2015 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.4.1-6- Rebuilt for
* Thu Apr 30 2015 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.4.1-5- fixed configobj class imports resolves: rhbz#1217327
* Thu Apr 02 2015 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.4.1-4- fixed bash completion resolves: rhbz#1207668
* Fri Jan 09 2015 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.4.1-3- fixed KeyError exception in powertop2tuned
* Mon Jan 05 2015 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.4.1-2- remove 00_tuned grub2 template upon tuned uninstall resolves: rhbz#1178310
* Thu Oct 16 2014 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.4.1-1- new-release - fixed return code of tuned grub template resolves: rhbz#1151768 - plugin_bootloader: fix for multiple parameters on command line related: rhbz#1148711 - tuned-adm: fixed traceback on \"tuned-adm list\" resolves: rhbz#1149162 - plugin_bootloader is automatically disabled if grub2 is not found resolves: rhbz#1150047 - plugin_disk: set_spindown and set_APM made independent resolves: rhbz#976725
* Wed Oct 01 2014 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.4.0-1- new-release resolves: rhbz#1093883 - fixed traceback if profile cannot be loaded related: rhbz#953128 - powertop2tuned: fixed traceback if rewriting file instead of dir resolves: rhbz#963441 - throughput-performance: altered dirty ratios for better performance resolves: rhbz#1043533 - latency-performance: leaving THP on its default resolves: rhbz#1064510 - used throughput-performance profile on server by default resolves: rhbz#1063481 - network-latency: added new profile resolves: rhbz#1052418 - network-throughput: added new profile resolves: rhbz#1052421 - recommend.conf: fixed config file resolves: rhbz#1069123 - systemd: added cpupower.service conflict resolves: rhbz#1073392 - balanced: used medium_power ALPM policy - added support for >, < assignment modifiers in tuned.conf - handled root block devices - balanced: used conservative CPU governor resolves: rhbz#1124125 - plugins: added selinux plugin - plugin_net: added nf_conntrack_hashsize parameter - profiles: added atomic-host profile resolves: rhbz#1091977 - profiles: added atomic-guest profile resolves: rhbz#1091979 - moved profile autodetection from post install script to tuned daemon resolves: rhbz#1144067 - profiles: included sap-hana and sap-hana-vmware profiles - man: structured profiles manual pages according to sub-packages - added missing hdparm dependency resolves: rhbz#1144858 - improved error handling of switch_profile resolves: rhbz#1068699 - tuned-adm: active: detect whether tuned deamon is running related: rhbz#1068699 - removed active_profile from RPM verification resolves: rhbz#1104126 - plugin_disk: readahead value can be now specified in sectors resolves: rhbz#1127127 - plugins: added bootloader plugin resolves: rhbz#1044111 - plugin_disk: added error counter to hdparm calls - plugins: added scheduler plugin resolves: rhbz#1100826 - added tuned-gui
* Thu Mar 06 2014 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.3.0-3- added kernel-tools requirement resolves: rhbz#1072981
* Fri Nov 08 2013 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.3.0-2- fixed race condition in the start/stop code resolves: rhbz#1028119- improved tuned responsiveness resolves: rhbz#1028122
* Wed Nov 06 2013 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.3.0-1- new-release resolves: rhbz#1020743 - audio plugin: fixed audio settings in standard profiles resolves: rhbz#1019805 - video plugin: fixed tunings - daemon: fixed crash if preset profile is not available resolves: rhbz#953128 - man: various updates and corrections - functions: fixed usb and bluetooth handling - tuned: switched to lightweighted pygobject3-base - daemon: added global config for dynamic_tuning resolves: rhbz#1006427 - utils: added pmqos-static script for debug purposes resolves: rhbz#1015676 - throughput-performance: various fixes resolves: rhbz#987570 - tuned: added global option update_interval - plugin_cpu: added support for x86_energy_perf_policy resolves: rhbz#1015675 - dbus: fixed KeyboardInterrupt handling - plugin_cpu: added support for intel_pstate resolves: rhbz#996722 - profiles: various fixes resolves: rhbz#922068 - profiles: added desktop profile resolves: rhbz#996723 - tuned-adm: implemented non DBus fallback control - profiles: added sap profile - tuned: lowered CPU usage due to python bug resolves: rhbz#917587
* Tue Mar 19 2013 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.2.2-1- new-release: - cpu plugin: fixed cpupower workaround - cpu plugin: fixed crash if cpupower is installed
* Fri Mar 01 2013 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.2.1-1- new release: - audio plugin: fixed error handling in _get_timeout - removed cpupower dependency, added sysfs fallback - powertop2tuned: fixed parser crash on binary garbage resolves: rhbz#914933 - cpu plugin: dropped multicore_powersave as kernel upstream already did - plugins: options manipulated by dynamic tuning are now correctly saved and restored - powertop2tuned: added alias -e for --enable option - powertop2tuned: new option -m, --merge-profile to select profile to merge - prefer transparent_hugepage over redhat_transparent_hugepage - recommend: use recommend.conf not autodetect.conf - tuned.service: switched to dbus type service resolves: rhbz#911445 - tuned: new option --pid, -P to write PID file - tuned, tuned-adm: added new option --version, -v to show version - disk plugin: use APM value 254 for cleanup / APM disable instead of 255 resolves: rhbz#905195 - tuned: new option --log, -l to select log file - powertop2tuned: avoid circular deps in include (one level check only) - powertop2tuned: do not crash if powertop is not installed - net plugin: added support for wake_on_lan static tuning resolves: rhbz#885504 - loader: fixed error handling - spec: used systemd-rpm macros resolves: rhbz#850347
* Mon Jan 28 2013 Jan Vcelak 2.2.0-1- new release: - remove nobarrier from virtual-guest (data loss prevention) - devices enumeration via udev, instead of manual retrieval - support for dynamically inserted devices (currently disk plugin) - dropped rfkill plugins (bluetooth and wifi), the code didn\'t work
* Wed Jan 02 2013 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.1.2-1- new release: - systemtap {disk,net}devstat: fix typo in usage - switched to configobj parser - latency-performance: disabled THP - fixed fd leaks on subprocesses
* Thu Dec 06 2012 Jan Vcelak 2.1.1-1- fix: powertop2tuned execution- fix: ownership of /etc/tuned
* Mon Dec 03 2012 Jan Vcelak 2.1.0-1- new release: - daemon: allow running without selected profile - daemon: fix profile merging, allow only safe characters in profile names - daemon: implement missing methods in DBus interface - daemon: implement profile recommendation - daemon: improve daemonization, PID file handling - daemon: improved device matching in profiles, negation possible - daemon: various internal improvements - executables: check for EUID instead of UID - executables: run python with -Es to increase security - plugins: cpu - fix cpupower execution - plugins: disk - fix option setting - plugins: mounts - new, currently supports only barriers control - plugins: sysctl - fix a bug preventing settings application - powertop2tuned: speedup, fix crashes with non-C locales - powertop2tuned: support for powertop 2.2 output - profiles: progress on replacing scripts with plugins - tuned-adm: bash completion - suggest profiles from all supported locations - tuned-adm: complete switch to D-bus - tuned-adm: full control to users with physical access
* Mon Oct 08 2012 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.0.2-1- New version- Systemtap scripts moved to utils-systemtap subpackage
* Sun Jul 22 2012 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.0.1-4- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jun 12 2012 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.0.1-3- another powertop-2.0 compatibility fix Resolves: rhbz#830415
* Tue Jun 12 2012 Jan Kaluza - 2.0.1-2- fixed powertop2tuned compatibility with powertop-2.0
* Tue Apr 03 2012 Jaroslav Škarvada - 2.0.1-1- new version
* Fri Mar 30 2012 Jan Vcelak 2.0-1- first stable release