Changelog for knot-libs-2.4.5-1.fc24.i686.rpm :

* Mon Jul 10 2017 Petr Spacek - 2.4.5-1New upstream release: 2.4.5Knot DNS 2.4.5 (2017-06-23)===========================Security:--------- - Improper TSIG validity period check can allow TSIG forgery (Thanks to Synacktiv!)Bugfixes:--------- - Corner case journal fixes (huge changesets, OpenWRT operation)Knot DNS 2.4.4 (2017-06-05)===========================Improvements:------------- - Improved error handling in kjournalprintBugfixes:--------- - Zone flush not replanned upon unsuccessful flush - Journal inconsistency after deleting deleted zone - Zone events not rescheduled upon server reload (Thanks to Mark Warren) - Unreliable LMDB mapsize detection in kjournalprint - Some minor issues found by AddressSanitizerKnot DNS 2.4.3 (2017-04-11)===========================Improvements:------------- - New \'journal-db-mode\' optimization configuration option - The default TSIG algorithm for utilities input is HMAC-SHA256 - Implemented sensible default EDNS(0) padding policy (Thanks to D. K. Gillmor) - Added some more semantic checks on the knotc configuration operationsBugfixes:--------- - Missing \'zone\' keyword in the YAML output - Missing trailing dot in the keymgr DS owner output - Journal logs \'invalid parameter\' in several cases - Some minor journal-related problemsKnot DNS 2.4.2 (2017-03-23)===========================Features:--------- - Zscanner can store record comments placed on the same line - Knotc status extension with version, configure, and workers parametersImprovements:------------- - Significant incoming XFR speed-up in the case of many zonesBugfixes:--------- - Double OPT RR insertion when a global module returns KNOT_STATE_FAIL - User-driven zscanner parsing logic inconsistency - Lower serial at master doesn\'t trigger any errors - Queries with too long DNAME substitution do not return YXDOMAIN response - Incorrect elapsed time in the DDNS log - Failed to process forwarded DDNS request with TSIG
* Mon Feb 27 2017 Petr Spacek - 2.4.1-1- new upstream release: + fix: Transfer of a huge rrset goes into an infinite loop + fix: Huge response over TCP contains useless TC bit instead of SERVFAIL + fix: Failed to build utilities with disabled daemon + fix: Memory leaks during keys removal + fix: Rough TSIG packet reservation causes early truncation + fix: Minor out-of-bounds string termination write in rrset dump + fix: Server crash during stop if failed to open timers DB + fix: Failed to compile on OS X older than Sierra + fix: Poor minimum UDP-max-size configuration check + fix: Failed to receive one-record-per-message IXFR-style AXFR + fix: Kdig timeouts when receiving RCODE != NOERROR on subsequent transfer message + improvement: Speed-up of rdata addition into a huge rrset + improvement: Introduce check of minumum timeout for next refresh + improvement: Dnsproxy module can forward all queries without local resolving
* Fri Feb 10 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.4.0-2- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 24 2017 Petr Spacek - 2.4.0-1- new upstream release: + fix: False positive semantic-check warning about invalid bitmap in NSEC + fix: Unnecessary SOA queries upon notify with up to date serial + fix: Timers for expired zones are reset on reload + fix: Zone doesn\'t expire when the server is down + fix: Failed to handle keys with duplicate keytags + fix: Per zone module and global module insconsistency + fix: Obsolete online signing module configuration + fix: Malformed output from kjournalprint + fix: Redundant SO_REUSEPORT activation on the TCP socket + fix: Failed to use higher number of background workers + improvement: Lower memory consumption with qp-trie + improvement: Zone events and zone timers improvements + improvement: Print all zone names in the FQDN format + improvement: Simplified query module interface + improvement: Shared TCP connection between SOA query and transfer + improvement: Response Rate Limiting as a module with statistics support + improvement: Key filters in keymgr + features: New unified LMDB-based zone journal + features: Server statistics support + features: New statistics module for traffic measuring + features: Automatic deletion of retired DNSSEC keys + features: New control logging category
* Fri Dec 09 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.3.3-1- new upstream release: + fix: double free when failed to apply zone journal + fix: zone bootstrap retry interval not preserved upon zone reload + fix: DNSSEC related records not flushed if not signed + fix: false semantic checks warning about incorrect type in NSEC bitmap + fix: memory leak in kzonecheck + improvement: all zone names are fully-qualified in log + features: new kjournalprint utility
* Thu Nov 17 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.3.2-1- new upstream release: + fix: missing glue in some responses + fix: knsupdate prompt printing on non-terminal + fix: configuration policy item names in documentation + fix: segfault on OS X Sierra + fix: incorrect %s expansion for the root zone + fix: refresh not existing slave zone after restart + fix: immediate zone refresh upon restart if refresh already scheduled + fix: early zone transfer after restart if transfer already scheduled + fix: not ignoring empty non-terminal parents during delegation lookup + fix: CD bit clearing in responses + fix: compilation error on GNU/kFreeBSD + fix: server crash after double zone-commit if journal error + improvement: significant speed-up of conf-commit and conf-diff operations + improvement: new EDNS Client Subnet API + improvement: better semantic-checks error messages + improvement: speed-up of knotc if control operation and known socket + improvement: zone purge operation purges also zone timers + feature: print TLS certificate hierarchy in kdig verbose mode + feature: new +subnet alias for +client + feature: new mod-whoami and mod-noudp modules + feature: new zone-purge control command + feature: new log-queries and log-responses options for mod-dnstap + feature: simple modules don\'t require empty configuration section + feature: new zone journal path configuration option + feature: new timeout configuration option for module dnsproxy
* Mon Aug 29 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.3.0-3- fix post-installation scriptlet (RHBZ #1370939)
* Thu Aug 11 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.3.0-2- endian independent DNS cookies (fixes build on ppc64 and s390x)
* Tue Aug 09 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.3.0-1- new upstream release: + fix: No wildcard expansion below empty non-terminal for NSEC signed zone + fix: Don\'t ignore non-existing records to be removed in IXFR + fix: Fix kdig IXFR response processing if the transfer content is empty + fix: Avoid multiple loads of the same PKCS #11 module + improvement: Refactored semantic checks and better error messages + improvement: Set TC flag in delegation only if mandatory glue doesn\'t fit the response + improvement: Separate EDNS(0) payload size configuration for IPv4 and IPv6 + feature: Zone size limit restriction for DDNS, AXFR, and IXFR (CVE-2016-6171) + feature: DNS-over-TLS support in kdig (RFC 7858) + feature: EDNS(0) padding and alignment support in kdig (RFC 7830)
* Fri Jun 24 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.2.1-2- rebuild for updated userspace-rcu
* Mon May 30 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.2.1-1- new upstream release: + fix: Separate logging of server and zone events + fix: Concurrent zone file flushing with many zones + fix: Control timeout parsing in knotc + fix: \"Environment maxreaders limit reached\" error in knotc + fix: Don\'t apply journal changes on modified zone file + fix: Enable multiple zone names completion in interactive knotc + fix: Set the TC flag in a response if a glue doesn\'t fit the response + fix: Disallow server reload when there is an active configuration transaction + improvement: Distinguish unavailable zones from zones with zero serial in log messages + improvement: Log warning and error messages to standard error output in all utilities + improvement: Document tested PKCS #11 devices + improvement: Extended Python configuration interface- update requirements for Fedora 25
* Sun May 29 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.2.0-3- update default configuration file
* Sun May 08 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.2.0-2- fix: systemd service starting
* Tue Apr 26 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.2.0-1- new upstream release: + fix: Query/response message type setting in dnstap module + fix: Remote address retrieval from dnstap capture in kdig + fix: Global modules execution for queries hitting existing zones + fix: Execution of semantic checks after an IXFR transfer + fix: kdig failure when the first AXFR message contains just the SOA record + fix: Exclude non-authoritative types from NSEC/NSEC3 bitmap at a delegation + fix: Mark PKCS#11 generated keys as sensitive + fix: Error when removing the only zone from the server + fix: Don\'t abort knotc transaction when some check fails + feature: URI and CAA resource record types support + feature: RRL client address based white list + feature: knotc interactive mode + improvement: Consistent IXFR error messages + improvement: Various fixes for better compatibility with PKCS#11 devices + improvement: Various keymgr user interface improvements + improvement: Better zone event scheduler performance with many zones + improvement: New server control interface + improvement: kdig uses local resolver if resolv.conf is empty
* Wed Feb 10 2016 Jan Vcelak 2.1.1-1- new upstream release: + fix: Allow import of duplicate private key into the KASP + fix: Avoid duplicate NSEC for Wildcard No Data answer + fix: Server crash when an incomming transfer is in progress and reload is issued + fix: Socket polling when configured with many interfaces and threads + improvement: Use correct source address for UDP messages recieved on ANY address + improvement: Extend documentation of knotc commands
* Thu Feb 04 2016 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.1.0-2- Rebuilt for
* Thu Jan 14 2016 Jan Vcelak 2.1.0-1- new upstream release: + improvement: Remove implementation limit for the number of network interfaces + improvement: Remove possibly insecure server control over a network socket + fix: Schedule zone bootstrap after slave zone fails to load from disk
* Sun Dec 20 2015 Jan Vcelak 2.1.0-0.1.rc1- new upstream pre-release: + feature: Per-thread UDP socket binding using SO_REUSEPORT + feature: Support for dynamic configuration database + feature: DNSSEC, Support for cryptographic tokens via PKCS #11 interface + feature: DNSSEC, Experimental support for online signing + improvement: Support for zone file name patterns + improvement: Configurable location of zone timer database + improvement: Non-blocking network operations and better timeout handling + improvement: Caching of Critical configuration values for better performance + improvement: Logging of ACL failures + improvement: RRL: Add rate-limit-slip zero support to drop all responses + improvement: RRL: Document behavior for different rate-limit-slip options + improvement: kdig: Warning instead of error on TSIG validation failure + improvement: Cleanup of support libraries interfaces (libknot, libzscanner, libdnssec) + fix: synth-record module: Fix application of default configuration options + fix: TSIG: Allow compressed TSIG name when forwarding DDNS updates
* Wed Nov 25 2015 Jan Vcelak 2.0.2-1- new upstream release: + security fix: out-of-bound read in packet parser for malformed NAPTR record
* Thu Sep 03 2015 Jan Vcelak 2.0.1-1- new upstream release: + fix: do not reload expired zones on \'knotc reload\' and server startup + fix: rare race-condition in event scheduling causing delayed event execution + fix: skipping of non-authoritative nodes in NSEC proofs + fix: TC flag setting in RRL slipped answers + fix: disable domain name compression for root label + fix: fix CNAME following when quering for NSEC RR type + fix: fix refreshing of DNSSEC signatures for zone keys + fix: fix binding an unavailable IPv6 address (IP_FREEBIND) + fix: fix infinite loop in knotc zonestatus and memstats + fix: fix memory leak in configuration on server shutdown + fix: fix broken dnsproxy module + fix: fix multi value parsing on big-endian + fix: adapt to Nettle 3 API break causing base64 decoding failures on big-endian + feature: add \'keymgr zone key ds\' to show key\'s DS record + feature: add \'keymgr tsig generate\' to generate TSIG keys + feature: add query module scoping to process either all queries or zone queries only + feature: add support for file name globbing in config file includes + feature: add \'request-edns-option\' config option to add custom EDNS0 option into server initiated queries + improvement: send minimal responses (remove NS from Authority section for NOERROR) + improvement: update persistent timers only on shutdown for better performance + improvement: allow change of RR TTL over DDNS + improvement: documentation fixes, updates, and improvements in formatting + improvement: install yparser and zscanner header files
* Mon Jul 20 2015 Jan Vcelak 2.0.0-1- new upstream release: + feature: possibility to disable zone file synchronization + feature: knsupdate, add input prompt in interactive mode + feature: knsupdate, TSIG algorithm specification in interactive mode
* Thu Jun 18 2015 Jan Vcelak 2.0.0-0.1.rc1- new upstream pre-release: + fix: lost NOTIFY message if received during zone transfer + fix: kdig, record correct dnstap SocketProtocol when retrying over TCP + fix: kdig, hide TSIG section with +noall + fix: do not set AA flag for AXFR/IXFR queries + feature: new configuration format in YAML, binary store im LMDB + feature: DNSSEC, separate library, switch to GnuTLS, new utilities + feature: DNSSEC, basic KASP support (generate initial keys, ZSK rollover) + feature: zone parser, split long TXT/SPF strings into multiple strings + feature: kdig, add generic dump style option (+generic) + feature: try all master servers on failure in multi-master environment + feature: improved remotes and ACLs (multiple addresses, multiple keys) + feature: basic support for zone file patterns (%s to substitute zone name) + improvement: do not write class for SOA record (unified with other RR types) + improvement: do not write master server address into the zone file + documentation: manual pages also in HTML and PDF format
* Wed Jun 17 2015 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.99.1-4- Rebuilt for
* Mon May 04 2015 Kalev Lember - 1.99.1-3- Rebuilt for nettle soname bump
* Fri Feb 13 2015 Jan Vcelak 1.99.1-2- fix BuildRequires for systemd integration
* Fri Feb 13 2015 Jan Vcelak 1.99.1-1- new upstream pre-release version: + DNSSEC: switch from OpenSSL to GnuTLS + DNSSEC: initial support for KASP- split package into subpackages- add documentation building- restart daemon on updated