Changelog for java-1.5.0-sun-devel- :
Sat Mar 10 01:00:00 2007 Rex Dieter 0:
- 1.5.0_11
- redhat-ize Group:\'s
- own alternatives (using %ghost)
- make plugin handling simpler, use just /usr/lib/{firefox,mozilla}/plugins
- first pass at Alternatives simplification, removing all %_mandir
and non-essential %_bindir items

Sun Nov 14 01:00:00 2004 Ville Skyttä - 0:1.5.0-3jpp
- Provide java-sasl.
- Fix build failure when no previous java-1.5.0 package is installed
*.jar are dangling symlinks at build time).
- Minor spec cleanups and consistency tweaks.

Mon Oct 18 02:00:00 2004 Carwyn Edwards - 0:1.5.0-2jpp.cte.1
- Switched off rpm internal dependency generator. This fixes the bogus
devel package provides noted in 1.5.0-0.beta2.4jpp.
- Changed auto requires/provides for all packages to be the same as
java-1.4.2-sun (all on except jdbc due to libodbc name variability).
- AutoReq off for demo package as it still looks for

Tue Oct 5 02:00:00 2004 Ville Skyttä - 0:1.5.0-2jpp
- Update to 1.5.0, thanks to Carwyn Edwards.
- Fix alternative priority (1500 -> 1503, where \"3\" is Sun).

Sat Oct 2 02:00:00 2004 Carwyn Edwards 0:1.5.0-0.cte.1
- Added missing Obsoletes for java-1.4.2-plugin.
- Modified release version to use style 0. so jpp packages
will override mine.

Fri Oct 1 02:00:00 2004 Carwyn Edwards 0:1.5.0-1jpp
- Updated to 1.5.0 final.

Fri Sep 3 02:00:00 2004 Carwyn Edwards 0:1.5.0-0.rc.1jpp
- Updated to J2SE 1.5.0 rc.
- Added alternatives slaves for new tools (and their man pages):
apt, jinfo, jmap, jps, jsadebugd, jstack, jstat and jstatd.

Tue Aug 3 02:00:00 2004 Carwyn Edwards 0:1.5.0-0.beta2.4jpp
- Switch off AutoReq for demo package (breaks on:
- Switch off AutoReqProv for devel package (Provides:!?).

Fri Jul 30 02:00:00 2004 Carwyn Edwards 0:1.5.0-0.beta2.3jpp
- Corrected Requires and BuildRequires for jpackage-utils (1.5.38).

Mon Jul 26 02:00:00 2004 Carwyn Edwards 0:1.5.0-0.beta2.2jpp
- Use %{_datadir}/xml for XSL\'s per FHS.
- Change plugin handling to be the same as
(adds firefox support).
- Remove dependency on %{_bindir}/mozilla.
- Change manpage extension management to be the same as
(also supports uncompressed man pages).
- Rollback javaws alternative location to _datadir location so that concurrent
jdk installation works again.
- Fixed menu entry - Exec line was incorrect.
- Corrected the way the jconsole, pack200 and unpack200 man pages were added
(use macros, added slave links).
- Actaully add jconsole, pack200, unpack200 and their alternatives links.

Sat Jul 24 02:00:00 2004 Carwyn Edwards 0:1.5.0-0.beta2.1jpp
- Updated to J2SE 1.5.0 Beta 2.
- Upstream filenames have changed, string replacement: \"j2sdk\" -> \"jdk\".
- Remove attempt to copy jre/.systemPrefs (it isn\'t there any more).
- Added man pages for jconsole, pack200 and unpack200

Thu Feb 26 01:00:00 2004 David Walluck 0:1.5.0-0.beta1.3jpp
- remove some unused code from the spec file

Sat Feb 21 01:00:00 2004 David Walluck 0:1.5.0-0.beta1.2jpp
- find man extension based on distribution
- ensure correct plugin installation
- Obsoletes: java-1.4.2-fonts
- install java-rmi.cgi
- move ControlPanel back to main so that we can use update-alternatives
- fix ControlPanel, HtmlConverter, and java-rmi.cgi bash scripts
- use included .desktop file for ControlPanel and modify included .desktop file for javaws

Tue Feb 10 01:00:00 2004 David Walluck 0:1.5.0-0.beta1.1jpp
- J2SE 1.5.0 Beta 1
- change javaws alternative to point to %{_bindir}/javaws and only edit
%{_sysconfdir}/mime.types if it exists
- add javaws menu into main package (still looking for icon)
- fix installing extensions when %{version} = %{javaver}
- add epochs to all requires and provides
- really turn off automatic dependency generation