Changelog for mono-data-postgresql-3.4.0-176.1.x86_64.rpm :
Thu May 29 14:00:00 2014
- Refresh patches
- Update to 3.4.0

* Revamped HttpWebRequest/ServicePoint stack
- Should properly reuse connections.
- Uses the specified idle times
- NTLM support has been improved.
- SSL/TLS operations on via async APIs are now
implemented using async patterns internally
to greatly alleviate Thread Pool abuse.

* Network stack
- Now allows developers to control which cipher
suites to use with TLS/SSL.

- Emit shorter floating point operations when possible
- Hard float support: Mono now should work on Linux
distributions which uses a hard float (armhf) ABI,
like the Raspberry PI.
Notes: Homogeneous floating point aggregates are not
yet supported on armhf.

* Documentation
- Updated documentation stubs to the 4.5 .NET API.

* mono-api-html
- Now supports regular expressions when specifying
members to ignore (e.g. mono-api-html -i \'INSCopying$\')

Mon Mar 10 13:00:00 2014
- rediff and reactivate ppc.patch
- port forward ppc64le fixes from matz:
- Add support for ppc64le, fix build warnings, the blocksize
changes in mono-core-ppc64le.diff should also help ppc64 proper.
Added patches:

* mono-core-parallel-build.diff

* mono-core-ppc64le-callreg.diff

* mono-core-ppc64le-swr11r12.diff

* mono-core-ppc64le.diff
- no valgrind on aarch64 and s390 (but on s390x)

Sat Feb 22 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.2.8
+ On armhf, VFP scratch registers are now properly preserved across method calls.
+ A potential codegen bug on armhf for methods with lots of arguments has been fixed.
+ We now emit shorter floating point load/store sequences on armhf when possible.
+ Bugs surrounding alignment and mono_gc_bzero () / mono_gc_memmove () have been fixed.
+ A typo in the BigInteger.Cosh () implementation has been fixed.
+ Tuple<...> classes now implement ITuple and have a correct ITuple.ToString () implementation.
+ Bug #17589 has been fixed.
+ Bug #17558 has been fixed.
+ A stack alignment change that broke debugging on Android/x86 has been reverted (#17410).
+ Bug #17201 has been fixed.
+ The AOT compiler now adds types for method headers for gshared methods.
+ Bug #17632 has been fixed.
+ The DISABLE_JIT build has been fixed.
+ Bug #4510 has been fixed.
+ A potential crash in mono_method_desc_full_match () has been fixed.
+ Various build system fixes so that make dist works again.
- Changes from 3.2.7
+ [jit] Fix the handling of OP_ISUB_IMM in abcrem.
+ [jit] Improve ABCREM on 64-bits architectures
+ [jit] Implement the delegate ctor optimization in AOT mode too.
+ [jit] Some work towards a win64 port.
+ [jit] Use vectorized exception handling on windows.
+ [jit] Initial support for the hardfp ABI on ARM.
+ [jit] Add beginnings of a mach image writer for use with xdebug.
+ [jit] Implement proper TLS offset translation on mach based kernels.
+ [jit] Add a simple loop invariant loop motion pass for use with LLVM, which moves loop invariant instructions out of loop headers into the preceeding bblock.
+ [jit] Avoid linking the try block with the EH block as this produces spurious BBs during inlining.
+ [jit] The AggressiveInlining hint now triggers class initialization so more stuff gets force-inlined.
+ [jit] Add an alias analysis pass to the JIT.
+ [jit] ARM can dynamically switch between modes.
+ [jit] Atomics and hardware fences revamped and improved.
+ [jit] Add 64bits atomics on 32bits systems , this makes PLINQ significantly faster on multicore systems.
+ [llvm] Implement support for OP_TLS_GET_REG on osx/amd64.
+ [llvm] Update list of optimizations passed to \'opt\'.
+ [runtime] Scalability work: reduce usage of the loader lock
+ [runtime] Removed the old debugger from the runtime.
+ [runtime] socket-io: make it possible to specify an interface index as a MulticastInterface SocketOption on linux.
+ [runtime] Don\'t expand variant generic interfaces on arrays.
+ [runtime] Implemented g_win32_getlocale function to return correct locale.
+ [runtime] Revamped hardware caps detection.
+ [runtime] Add LLDB support to mono_gdb_render_native_backtraces () on POSIX.
+ [runtime] Promote the reference queue API to the public.
+ [runtime] Provide more public API to inspect MonoTypes, MonoClasses and MonoMethodSignatures.
+ [runtime] Improving the retrieval of the user\'s locale on Apple systems.
+ [runtime] Async stack walking with AOT
+ [sdb] Allow users to specify a suspension policy when enabling an event
+ [sdb] Add async variants to the InvokeMethod methods.
+ [sdb] Support a setpgid=y/n option to --debugger-agent.
+ [sdb] Emit better debugger attribute for stepping over state machine initialization
+ [sgen] Reverse the free-list after sweeping to be in address-order.
+ [sgen] Only enqueue LOS objects if they contain references.
+ [sgen] Use gcc bitcount intrinsics where appropriate.
+ [corlib] Implementation of System.Reflection.ParameterInfo.HasDefaultValue
+ [corlib] Implemented System.Threading.Monitor.IsEntered
+ [corlib] LogicalSet/GetData implementation in CallContext
+ [corlib] Implement CultureInfo.DefaultThreadCurrentUICulture.
+ [corlib] Implement CultureInfo.DefaultThreadCurrentCulture.
+ [corlib] Add \'System.Runtime.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime.EventRegistrationToken\' stub.
+ [Mono.Options] Improve error message for badly bundled args.
+ [pcl] Add new \'System.Runtime.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime\' Facade Assembly.
+ [rx] Updated Rx to 2.2 release.
+ [System] Add IsIPv6Teredo to System.Net.IpAddress
+ [System] Add more of System.ComponentModel to MOBILE profile.
+ [System.Core] Update MonoTouch System.Linq.Expression to be 4.5 compatible
+ [System.Core] Add dynamic interpreter
+ [System.Core] Support IReadOnlyList in System.Linq.Enumerable.ElementAt and ElementAtOrDefault
+ [classlib] Introduce the mobile_static build.
+ [classlib] Add OrderedDictionary to the mobile profile.
+ [mcs] Suport recursive references of non-FX assemblies
+ [mcs] Implements definite assignment of expressions
+ [linker] Allow overriding MarkCustomAttribute and expose the MarkDefaultConstructor feature to subclasses
+ [xbuild] Initial MSBuild 12.0 support.
+ [xbuild] Improved xbuild diagnostics.
+ [xbuild] implement \"skip target due to previous success\" feature.
+ [xbuild] Add xbuild support for BuildManager
+ [Microsoft.Build.Engine] Fix the escaping/unescaping of FullPath metadata
+ Properly compare assembly versions when performing binding. Fixes #17368.
+ [sdb] Fix setting of byref variables in registers. Fixes #17185.
+ [System.Net.Http] Add parsing of multi-value strings. Fixes #17132
+ [io-layer] Properly check write permission of a file. Fixes #3501.
+ Don\'t raise an exception if we can\'t find the src assembly on a shadow copy appdomain
+ [corlib] Update en-GB first day of week. Fixes #17151
+ [mcs] Check type of index used in pointer array aritmetic. Fixes #17145
+ [runtime] Fix large file support on android, it doesn\'t support -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64, so call lseek64 directly. Fixes #17128.
+ Fix bug #11335.
+ Fix bug #11336.
+ [io-layer] Correctly implement permission checking for File.Move. Fixes #17009.
+ The old check was simply for open sharing status, which is incorrect. The right thing to do is to check for FileShare.Delete and not FileAccess.
+ [jit] Fix some checks in the arm dyn call code. Fixes #17101.
+ BXC14584 - Console windows pop up during build with mono runtime
+ [PCL]: Add ReadOnlyDictionary type-forwarder for XI. Fixes #16951.
+ [corlib] Mark all promise-style task exceptions observed. Fixes #17015
+ [mcs] Emit Debuggable attribute. Fixes #16924
+ [mcs] Method group caching needs to consider type arguments as well. Fixes #17059
+ [jit] Save/restore all-callee saved registers in methods using some atomic opcodes on x86, since the opcode implementations use these registers, and the push/pop code used by these opcodes is not async safe, since the unwind code doesn\'t know about it. Fixes part of #16808.
+ [runtime] Fix yet another metadata problem with dynamically created types. Fixes #14977.
+ [jit] Emit calls to class init trampolines for fields accesses inside inline methods in AOT mode. Fixes #16461.
+ [runtime] Avoid RuntimeHelpers.EnsureSufficientExecutionStack () failing on windows. Works around #16776.
+ [runtime] Call mono_class_setup_methods () before accessing klass->method.count. Fixes #16883.
+ [corlib] Update datetime patters. Fixes #17044
+ [mcs] Better check for value type base call. Fixes #16806
+ [mcs] Await flow analysis uses resolved expression. Fixes #16840
+ [gsharedvt] Avoid using the variable size code paths for non-variable size types with some array opcodes. Fixes #17023.
+ [jit] Avoid nullifying class init trampolines for recursive calls to class initializers. Fixes #16489
+ [WindowsBase] Implement GroupDescription based on moonlight implementation
+ Remove usage of mini_replace_type () from mono_jit_runtime_invoke (), runtime invokes care about the precise types of parameters. Fixes #16830.
+ [aot] Sanitize utf8 characters in symbol names. Fixes #16851.
+ Fix for PkgConfig cache orphaned entries bug (xam bug #11133)
+ [mcs] Don\'t wrap reference type values in explicit nullable conversion. Fixes #16900
+ [mcs] Restore async modifiers context after nested enums declaration. Fixes #16997
+ [corlib] Promise style tasks cannot be started manually. Fixes #16857
+ [corlib] Thread.GetNamedDataSlot allocates slot on failure. Fixes #16788
+ Use LIFO policy for CancellationTokenSource Fixes #16992
+ Fix CancellationTokenSourceTest.ReEntrantRegistrationTest
+ Make tuple hash function consistent with the F# implementation
+ Don\'t call CFNetworkCopyProxiesForAutoConfigurationScript from more than one thread. Fixes #7923, comment 21.
+ Check for null item in BindingList.InsertItem. Fixes #16902
+ Do not assume the first certificate of a PKCS12 file is the one matching the key (even if it\'s the most common way).
+ [System] Change S.N.S.NetworkStream\'s param name on ctor #16832
+ [System] When starting a process with UseShellExecute=true, don\'t return a process. Fixes #16119
+ [io-layer] On OSX don\'t pass -W to open as we don\'t care for it waiting.
+ [runtime] A thread without a domain set cannot be running managed code. Fixes #16794.
+ [aot] Give the compilation unit entries in the DWARF debug info different names, the osx tools seem to need this (#15202).
+ [aot] Add runtime wrappers for methods of generic classes and generic methods. Fixes #16747.
+ [gsharedvt] Add a wrapper to the mono_gsharedvt_constrained_call () icall, since it calls mono_runtime_invoke () which can throw exceptions. Fixes #16439.
+ [jit] Fix TLS+AOT support in the monitor enter/exit trampolines.
+ [jit] Fix memory leaks in get_gsharedvt_type (). Fixes #16787.
+ [corlib] Mark ConcurrentDictionary serializable. Fixes #16730
+ [bcl] When finalizing a Process object, don\'t touch the streams as they are finalized on their own. Fixes #10883.
+ [mcs] Clone labeled statements cache in probing mode. Fixes #16376
+ [jit]Emit explicit float rounding on amd64. Fixes #15987
+ [mcs] Update populated member cache of dynamic containers manually for additional entries. Fixes #16659
+ [mcs] Show correct #line location for files in other than current location referenced as relative files. Fixes #16576
+ [system] Redirect of put requests was converted to get. Fixes #16670
+ [corlib] Multiple fixes to TPL.
+ [Bug 14664] LogicalSet/GetData implementation in CallContext
+ [sgen]Fix a deadlock when the GC try to free a JI during world restart. Fixes #15759
+ [bcl] Invoke assembly resolve hooks even if the assembly name has a parse error. Fixes #16487.
+ [corlib] Optimize one string Join overload. Fixes #16647
+ [bcl] Handle BigInt -> long conversions that should overflow but dont. Fixes #16526
+ [System.Net.Http] Don\'t throw on invalid input in TryGetValues. Fixes #16634
+ [mcs] Don\'t stop type inference when a unique construction of the generic interface cannot be found. Fixes #16567
+ [mcs] Add better type conversion to unary mutators. Fixes #16578
+ [corlib] Implement task awaiters running on custom task scheduler. Fixes #16587
+ [corlib] Better conversion betwen system locale and CultureInfo. Fixes #15875
+ [xbuild]: Check a \'s \"Returns\" first, then fall-back to \"Outputs\".
+ [xbuild]: Allow expressions inside a dynamic \'s metadata. Fixes #14661.
+ [sgen] Never invoke libc’s memmove() or bzero(). Fixes #16449
+ [mcs] Report nice error instead of crash for cyclic type forwarders. Fixes #16385
+ [mcs] Report all failure errors in lambda conversions. Fixes #16513
+ [xbuild]: Implement task batching for properties; fixes #16403.
+ [linq] Enumerable.Join and GroupJoin needs to ignore null keys. Fixes #16530
+ [corlib] DebuggerTypeProxyAttribute.ProxyName needs to return an assembly qualified type name. Fixes #16527
+ [jit] Implement double->uintptr conversions on 64 bit platforms. Fixes #16529.
+ [sdb] Fix step-over with recursive functions. Fixes #5700.
+ [corlib] Consider all unicode separators in ToTitleCase. Fixes #16365
+ [corlib] Set initialized List capacity to match input enumeration. Fixes #16318
+ [mcs] Report ambiguity in attribute types in expanded mode. Fixes #16342
+ [mcs] Emit this initializer for structs. Fixes #16430
+ [sgen] Implement our own qsort() so as not do deadlock. #16432
+ [mcs] Dynamically calculate size of flow-analysis bitset. Fixes #4210
+ [Bug 16334] Fix ConcurrentBag.TryTake and TryPeek
+ [Bug 16267] SemaphoreSlim.Wait fix when no timeout
+ [runtime] Avoid caching member_ref tokens of dynamic images. Fixes #16096
+ Fix the `nop` opcode on some MIPS-based Loongson CPUs.
+ [Bug 16186] SqlCommand.BeginExecuteInternal fix
+ [sdb] Add an ExitCode property to VMDeathEvent. Fixes #16113.
+ [aot] Increase a buffer size to avoid an assert. Fixes #16239.
+ [runtime]Type parsing of generics should not rely on the presence of a backtick. Fixes #15124.
+ [mcs] Assignment to value type readonly generated variables needs to check all member access expressions. Fixes #15832
+ [mcs] Missing type forwarded types should not cause type collision. Fixes #16196
+ [linker] Do not import something that is not marked when sweeping type references (otherwise we might re-intoduce dependencies we\'re not including or need) + [#16213]
+ Always show error message when type resolver produces ambiguous type. Fixes #16115
+ Setting ReceiveBufferSize & SendBufferSize on Socket (Bug 16021 & Bug 12754)
+ [sle] Enable char equality comparison. Fixes #15582
+ Update currency separators. Fixes #15425
+ Extract CurrencyDecimalDigits using currency and not territory info. Fixes #15895
+ [jit] Use unsigned comparisons with the IMT thunks as they can live in high memory addresses.
+ Task.WhenAllCore now handles empty argument list correctly. Fixes #15956
+ TimeZone.GetUtcOffset should use Standard UTC offsets for the period when daylight savings ends.
+ [runtime] Preserve the call chain in mono_arch_setup_async_callback () on amd64 to prevent crashes in the libgcc unwinder (#15969).
+ Return empty result array when calling Task.WhenAllCore with empty argument list. Fixes #15956
+ [runtime] Fix stack size detection on osx mavericks. Fixes #15890.
+ [runtime]Split thread unregistration in two steps, one with no locks, one with locks taken. Fixes #15916.
+ [runtime] Handle unaligned access in all interlocked icalls. Fixes #15925.
+ [sdb] Implement support for DebuggerStepThrough attribute. Fixes #15139.
+ [System] Avoid an NRE when Close() and Write() are concurrent. #15857
+ [sdb] Fix an assertion if a single step breakpoint is hit in a thread other than the thread the single stepping is done on. Fixes #14950.
+ [Mono.Debugger.Soft] Implemented inheritance for TypeMirror.GetCustomAttributes() Fixes bug #15320
+ [runtime] Fix an assertion in mono_arch_context_get_int_reg () on amd64. Fixes #15786.
+ When parsing documentation cref text turn on error probing for tokenizer as well. Fixes #15511
+ Better error message when member does not implement interface. Fixes #15369
+ Variables from diffent parameter block still need to be captures even if async block has no await. Fixes #15719
+ The stripper does not care if some variables can\'t be referenced (they\'ll be removed) and new cecil has a similar fix + [#15727]
+ Update lower/upper type inference fixing to match the latest C# standard. Fixes #15505
+ Enum subtraction quirk needs to work with numeric constants only. Fixes #15520
+ When looking for base implementation of generic MVAR methods use non-inflated parameter types. Fixes #15523
+ [sdb] Add an IncludeSubclasses property to ExceptionEventRequest, to control whenever to include subclasses of the exception type. Fixes #15541
+ Fix condition (for MOBILE) that excluded System.Xml.Schema/Extensions.cs. Removed the condition since every profile we now support includes this + [#15552]
+ Fill out AssemblyName.ProcessorArchitecture for assemblies. Fixes #15347.
+ Better check for open generic types in probing expression. Fixes #15422
+ Fixes too early optimization of binary &&/& bool constants. Fixes part of #15392
+ [sgen] Don\'t crash on nurseries of 512M or larger.
+ [aot] Only use an AOT shortcut in the trampoline code if its safe to do so. Fixes #15345.
+ [xdebug] Avoid using a MonoDebugMethodJitInfo structure after it has been freed. Fixes #15090.
+ bxc#13642: MacNetworkChange: implement using managed code
+ Compound assignment of optimized binary constant needs to decompose it first. Fixes #15315
+ Ensure that CodeDom generated temporary directory is always created. Fixes #12202
+ Process/compare/output method\'s generic parameters + [#15311]
+ Enum IConvertible can convert to same enum or System.Enum. Fixes #15289
+ Release continuation ancestor before running. Fixes #15036
+ Adds async type inference of void return type. Fixes #15238
+ Make Task.Delay more reliable. Fixes #14585
+ Fallback to $LANG if $LC_ALL isn\'t set. 15214
+ Cache only resolved types not expression to report correct error location. Fixes #15035
+ Better check for instance equality of generic types. Fixes #15100
+ Support deserializing relative Uris. Fixes #15169.
+ Relax name check when deserializing a WindowsIdentity instance as the name can be empty (e.g. iOS7 simulator will hide the user name) + [#12789]
+ Anonymous method with this access inside an iterator needs to initialize captured this field from iterator\'s copy. Fixes #14926
+ [sdb] Fix decoding of nested structs. Fixes #14942.
+ There was another escape sequence 1B 24 40 to indicate \"old\" JIS. Fix bug #14951
+ Don\'t crash when reporting invalid named argument name. Fixes #14962
+ [MSBuild] Fix the ${level} and ${number} capture. Fixes:
+ Better checks for inaccessible member used via dynamic proxy. Fixes #14762
+ Initialize cookie container for default requests. Fixes #14783
+ Check modifying members of readonly value-type field. Fixes #14802
+ Make sure we properly account for transitive liveness when processing bridge objects. Fixes #13858
+ Implements content loading cancellation. Fixes #13200
+ Fixed TaskFactory::ContinueWhenAny with func result. Fixes #14839
+ [sgen] Use __builtin_ctzl () in OBJ_BITMAP_FOREACH_PTR () on 64 bit platforms. Fixes #14834.
+ AggregateException::GetBaseException uses only 1-based inner exceptions. Fixes #14824
+ [FIX] Bug 267: wsdl fails with \"Argument is out of range.\"
+ [System.Web] Do not crash on duplicate keys in browser capabilities #14720 #13014
+ [System.Net] Fix CFNetworkCopyProxiesForAutoConfigurationScript signature. Fixes #7923.
+ [runtime] Fix a bug in the local register allocator when an fp vreg wasn\'t clobbered by a call if its href happened to be equal to the hreg of the call instruction. Fixes #12510.
+ Fix: bug (to be reviewed)
+ [sdb] Add an implicit seq point after every nonvoid call and make step over skip them. Fixes #10782.
+ [runtime] Make mono_install_handler_block_guard () async-safe. Fixes #14073.
+ Don\'t crash when unreachable code contains unreachable constant switch. Fixes #14587
+ Unify Array/List FindIndex/FindLastIndex handling and argument checking. Fixes #14632
+ [bcl] Fix BlockingCollection.TakeFromAny to handle when no items are available on the first collection. Fixes #6095.
+ Fix Bug 4811, xbuild should find xml documentation
+ [jit] Make ABCREM really remove bounds checks, not just when running with -v -v -v -v.
+ [llvm] Use i64
* as the LLVM type of objrefs instead of i64/i32, the basicaa LLVM pass cannot see through the inttoptr casts we were emitting before loads.
+ [llvm] Make some types more precise to decrease the number of int<->ptr conversions generated.

Sun Jan 26 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.2.6 - Hotfixes:
+ Add System.Runtime.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime APIs and PCL Facade
+ Fix problem in MSBuild handling of \"Returns\" in . This affects multiple Microsoft.Bcl.Build NuGet packages
+ Implement task batching in MSBuild. Fixes BXC #16403
+ Add /Libraries to llvm search path on OSX, this makes --llvm work in more cases

Tue Nov 26 13:00:00 2013
- Update to 3.2.5 - Hotfixes:
+ Miscompilation of PCL projects referencing System.Net.Http
+ Improper stack size detection on Mavericks lead F# and C# compilers to crash.
+ Includes the latest F# release, 3.0.31.
- Added temporary patch mono-3.2.5-disttarget.diff

Sat Nov 16 13:00:00 2013
- Update to 3.2.4
+ Fix some packaging issues.
+ Fix System.IO.Compression.CompressionLevel enum.
+ Include namespace-level summary and remarks elements [#14672]
+ Multiple fixes to the PCL Facade assemblies.

Sun Oct 6 14:00:00 2013
- Make libmono-2_0-devel Require libmonoboehm-2_0-devel, as the it\'s
.so is a symlink to the libmonoboehm one

Sun Sep 29 14:00:00 2013
- Update to 3.2.3
+ Check generic constraints for duplicates.
+ XmlSchemaImporter needs to consider attributeGroupRef in some case.
+ xsl:stylesheet always ignored xsl template contents.
+ C# compiler doesn\'t like decimal in custom attribute values, so use string.
+ Correctly install xbuild
+ Don\'t allow execution of dynamic assemblies without run access.
+ omit xml declaration for ToString().
+ Implements parsing of multi value User-Agent string.
+ Add more implicit generic array interfaces.
+ Do not use chunked encoding with CGI/FastCGI.
+ SetElementValue(nonExistentElementName, null) caused NRE.
+ Add more system assemblies remapping.
+ Fix Syscall.readlink() for non-ascii targets.
+ Implement character validation methods in XmlConvert.
+ xsi:nil=\'true\' was ignored in some scenario.
+ Add more conversion methods to XmlAtomicValue.
+ Avoid an assert in mono_save_seq_point_info () if no seq points are generated for a method.
+ Properly null terminate strings in mono_dwarf_escape_path ().
+ Continue single stepping if the same line reached in all cases. Factor out some code code.
+ Avoid passing partially shared instances to the JIT.
+ Fix an overflow if MONO_ZERO_LEN_ARRAY is not 0.
+ Nested partial type inside generic class can have base type defined later than current type inflation happens.
+ Add nested partial types inside nested partial types to AST.
+ Schedule internal delay task on default scheduler only.
+ Lazy initialization of type parameters expanded interfaces.
+ Handle property with default values.
+ Another attempt at fixing mono_atomic_load_acquire() on MSVC.
+ Support FTP download where PWD starts with \'\\\'.
+ Adds async handling to binary:emitbranchable.
+ Add some error checking to custom attr parsing and plug a memory leak.
+ Add clone for error expression.
+ Lift result of enum substraction when operation is lifted due to non-nullable enum type.
+ Add
*CachePolicy to mobile profile.
+ Ignore space separators in nowarn arguments.
+ Add AssemblyAction.Save to the linker.
+ Check promoted value type binary equality operations against null too.
+ Correctly parse pragma headers.
+ Remove CultureInfo.CurrentCulture dependency from ordinal based string::EndsWith.
+ Write only import section from global namespaces before global attribute sections.
+ Fix overflow checking in newarray with 64 bit array lengths.
+ Correctly import nested non-generic types inside generic containers used within same generic container.
+ Grow underlying buffer only when necessary.
+ Quote path arguments to opt/llc.
+ STW handshake/thread shutdown race condition.
+ Rewrites RuntimeReflectionExtensions to actually do something.
+ Don\'t show internal error when default paramater expression cannot be converted to paramter type.
+ ASP.NET routing constraints should be treated as \'convertible to string\'
+ use XmlSchemaSettings.XmlResolver to resolve schemas.
+ Fix cross compilation to windows. \"Windows.h\" should be \"windows.h\".
+ Handle partial class case when nested type of partial container depends on parent base type from another partial container.
+ Disable LLVM for async methods.
+ Create correct flow branching for single non-default switch section.
+ Always release DeflateStream unmanaged resources.
+ Handle custom attributes with nested array of enums.
+ Update named params parameter converted result expression.
+ Inflate default parameter expression without type checks
+ Thread teardown race condition.
+ Basic optional parameters support in binder.
+ Verifier support for IReadOnlyList and IReadOnlyCollection.
+ Relax the restriction on global methods visibility.
+ Add argument modifiers to generated base proxy when needed.
+ Avoid lookups in the AOT images during STW.
+ Don\'t crash when reporting invalid case label value.
+ Support OID names in RSACryptoServiceProvider.SignData().
+ Fix recursive check for non dependent return types during type inference.
+ Correct parsing of invalid 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 guid format.
+ Use the invariant culture calendar if the requested one is not available.
+ Type parameter inflated interfaces needs to be marked too.
+ Fixes GZipStream dispose order.
+ Report error for name collision between property and generic method.
+ Avoid the managed->copy for ref vtypes with an [In] attribute in n2m wrappers.
+ HashSet no longer grows in capacity on deserialize
+ Bad compiler interaction between anonymous method and async
+ xsl:import in included stylesheet caused compilation error.
+ Use IReflectType interface instead of TypeDelegator.
+ Fixes negative symbol definition for few locales to be simple -.
+ Fix yet another DISABLE_JIT bug in wrapper generation.
+ Fix an LLVM assertion on structs with unaligned size.
+ Invalid syntax during attribute target parsing can crash parser.
+ Probing of generic parameter needs to check both operands.
+ Clear out the ref fields from MonoDomain before calling mono_gc_clear_domain.
+ More thorough check for managed type parameters.
+ Bad compiler interaction between captured this, lambdas and async.
+ Don\'t resolve extension method expression when in probing mode.
+ Perform alignment checks for CAS on 32bits systems.
+ Add support for invoking interface methods.
+ Set empty string to TraceListeners for empty assert message.
+ Fixes parallel enumerable index counter.
+ Add System.ServiceModel.Activation assembly.
+ Make suspend work during thread cleanup.
- Changes from 3.2.2
+ TPL- Fix scheduling of non-inlined synchronous continuations.
+ Weaken a race condition in object initialization
+ Fix race conditions in finalizer/weak link staging
+ Fixed System.Text.Decoder.GetChars(byte
*,int,bool) to copy output into the char
* buffer
+ Fixed to fail the __thread check with clang
+ Fixed g_utf8_to_utf16_general() to handle invalid utf8
+ Add more implicit generic array interfaces.
+ Properly null terminate strings in mono_dwarf_escape_path ().
+ Avoid passing partially shared instances to the JIT.
+ Adds async handling to binary:emitbranchable.
+ Add clone for error expression.
+ Lift result of enum substraction when operation is lifted due to non-nullable enum type.
+ Add
*CachePolicy to mobile profile.
+ Ignore space separators in nowarn arguments.
+ Check promoted value type binary equality operations against null too.
+ Remove CultureInfo.CurrentCulture dependency from ordinal based string::EndsWith.
+ Quote path arguments to opt/llc.
+ STW handshake/thread shutdown race condition.
+ Disable LLVM for async methods to work around.
+ Register the jit info for GC critical methods as soon as they are loaded
+ Don\'t crash when reporting invalid case label value.

Mon Sep 9 14:00:00 2013
- Removed more .a files from the packaging.

Sat Aug 17 14:00:00 2013
- Fixed error: File not found: /usr/lib/mono/4.0/Microsoft.Portable.CSharp.targets

Wed Aug 7 14:00:00 2013
- Uppdate to version 3.2.1
+ Fixes bug 13509, which causes a crash when the current culture is set to zh_TW.

Sat Jul 27 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 3.2.0
+ LLVM updated to version 3.2, this brings better optimizations for mono.
+ problematic workloads for the SGen Garbage Collector addressed:
- popular objects are made immortal until the next major collection.
- hash filtering on pin queues and that dramatically reduce their average size
- switched to lazy sweeping by default
+ Three new experimental modes for the garbage collection are now available:
- Low pause mode
- Low promotion nursery
- Mostly precise stack scanning
+ Size Reduction: Multiple features can now be disabled for the classlibs
+ The FullAOT compiler can now generate much faster code for icalls and has support for generic valuetype sharing.
+ Performance of primitive parsing was greatly enhanced.
+ LINQ is now much faster with arrays.
+ Large object cloning and boxing is up to two times faster.
+ Optimize Marshal.Read/Write methods to avoid a trip to unmanaged when possible.
+ Google contributed ports of NaCl for ARM and Amd64.

Sun Jul 21 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 3.1.2
+ Emit additional sequence points for call entry when needed.
+ Loading of nested type of missing type needs to create another missing type.
+ Equality structural comparer needs to do recursive comparisons.
+ Allow async for explicitly implemented interface methods.
+ Implement webrequest cancellation.
+ Prefer user operators over predefined operators for binary enum operations too.
- Changes from version 3.1.1

* Mono now defaults to sgen

* Update Mono.Cairo to include APIs from cairo 1.10

* Update the LLVM used from Nov-2012 to Jul-2013

* Several optimizations to improve string performance
+ Enable managed allocation using gsharing
+ Implemented the string allocator for SGen
+ Fixed String.Contains, as it is not supposed to be culture aware

* Added a dummy implementation of System.Net.Http.WebRequestHandler

* Bug fixes
+ Make WebClient report an error when the download aborted prematurely.
+ Add [Serializable] to X509Certificate2 (added in .NET 4.0)
+ Fix order of capturing of this inside switch statement.
+ Rewrite lifted binary operators to match C# spec more closely.
+ Fix MethodImplOptions argument checks.
+ Make ServicePointManager hash on the proxy as well as uri and use_connect
+ Fix register allocation for hw remainder opcodes on armv7s.
+ Block task awaiter until task completes.
+ Use directly captured this instead of parent reference for nested state machine inside another state machine without anonymous storey.
+ When unloading domains, free dynamic assemblies first.
+ Mutate generic catch block type when needed.
+ Fix MethodInfo::ToString () to properly format generic structs.
+ Recover more from invalid throw statement.
+ Verify if the catch type is valid under the method context.
+ Call correct ApplyToExtraTarget base override.
+ Do system.object type scan after all references are loaded.

Fri Jun 28 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 3.0.12
+ Added PCL support to xbuild, mono\'s MSBuild implementation.
+ Fixed multiple hangs that happen during shutdown or appdomain unload
+ Merged most of the ARM support for NaCl
+ mkbundle now uses IKVM.Reflection
- Added rpmlint ignore rules

Sat May 25 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 3.0.10
+ Reverted parallel mkbundle.
+ Fixed duplicated debug symbol problem in the compiler.
- Changes from version 3.0.9
+ Fix gtk+ copy & paste.
+ Fix debugger support for custom attributes.
+ Proper stack bounds calculation on windows.
+ Add partial generic methods to our C# compiler.
+ NaCL support for ARM.
+ Fix LLVM loading on OSX.
- Changes from version 3.0.8
+ Multiple improvements to the BCL to reduce usage of non generic collections and use faster string comparisons.
+ Optimize large object cloning and boxing.
+ Multiple changes to bring mono closer to full PCL compatibility.
+ Add System.WeakReference
+ Sgen can now return memory to the system for
+ Many compiler fixes for async.
+ Improved FullAOT support for async.
+ NaCl build fixes and improvements.
+ WCF now has cookie support in .net 4.0.
+ Optimize Marshal.Read/Write methods to avoid a trip to unmanaged when needed.
+ Optimize LINQ with arrays.
+ Multiple fixes to the sgen\'s concurrent collector.

Tue Apr 16 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 3.0.7
+ Multiple fixes to the sgen\'s concurrent collector.
+ Performance improvements in primitive types parsing.
+ Add a configuration time option to disable remoting.
+ Optimize tls lookups on full-aot + arm.
+ Add a configuration option to disable remoting.
+ Multiple improvements and bug fixes in culture related code.
+ Runtime assembly mapping for PCL.
+ Fix Binder primitive conversion to make .net.
+ Optimize Activator.CreateInstance ().
+ Optimize icalls in FullAOT code.
+ Implement Volatile.Read/Write and Interlocked.MemoryBarrier ().
+ Optimized unmanaged to managed string conversion.

Tue Apr 16 14:00:00 2013
- Add Source URL, see

Tue Mar 19 13:00:00 2013
- Refresh and apply mono-core-target-4.0.patch
- Apply ppc.patch again

Sat Mar 9 13:00:00 2013
- libgdiplus now has a devel package, use it

Sat Mar 9 13:00:00 2013
- Update to

* Hotfix to the 3.0.x series

Wed Mar 6 13:00:00 2013
- Remove hardcoded lib directory from the config, this unbreaks
running GDI+ programs on 64bit.

Sun Feb 24 13:00:00 2013
- Add missing Provides: for monodevelop 4.0

Sat Feb 23 13:00:00 2013
- Update to

* Bug fixes to the 3.0.x series

Tue Jan 29 13:00:00 2013
- Add mono-core-target-4.0.patch: Use .Net runtime 4.0 as default
for Nunit and Cairo.

Fri Jan 11 13:00:00 2013
- Update to

* Bug fixes to the 3.0.x series
- new sub-package mono-reactive including

Thu Dec 27 13:00:00 2012
- Fix ppc build failures (ppc.patch)

Mon Dec 17 13:00:00 2012
- fix patches for arm
- do not detect hard fp support in gcc (mono is not supporting it yet for real)

Sat Dec 15 13:00:00 2012
- Updated to mono 3.0.2

* Bug fixes to the 3.0.x series

Sun Nov 11 13:00:00 2012
- Updated to mono 3.0.1

* Bug fixes to the 3.0.0 release

Fri Oct 19 14:00:00 2012
- Update to mono 3.0.0

* C# 5.0 - async!


* 4.5 profile

* New assemblies - System.Net.Http, System.Threading.Task.Dataflow

* Microsoft\'s open source ASP.NET WebStack

* Entity Framework

* sgen

* Runtime Optimizations

* Code Contracts

* Partial suppor for Portable Class Libraries

* Improved GDB support for SGenGC internals

* Lots of bug fixes

Fri Oct 5 14:00:00 2012
- workaround for ppc build with mcs-docs enabled
use --with-sigaltstack=no (bxc#6440)

Sat Jul 21 14:00:00 2012
- fix ppc build

Fri Dec 2 13:00:00 2011
- use hammer approach for vfp instead

Sun Nov 27 13:00:00 2011
- add arch linux vfp patch

Sun Nov 27 13:00:00 2011
- use vfp on armv7

Sun Nov 27 13:00:00 2011
- fix arm build to not depend on the build host\'s /proc/cpuinfo

Fri Oct 7 14:00:00 2011
- update to 2.10.6


Wed Apr 27 14:00:00 2011
- Update to 2.10.2


Mon Apr 4 14:00:00 2011
- libmono devel package must require libmono

Tue Feb 22 13:00:00 2011
- Update to 2.10


Fri Jan 7 13:00:00 2011
- Update to 2.8.2

* Fix for CVE-2010-4225, bnc#660070


Fri Nov 19 13:00:00 2010
- Require libmono-2_0-1 by libmono-2_0-devel.

Thu Nov 18 13:00:00 2010
- Update to 2.8.1


Tue Oct 12 14:00:00 2010
- Update to 2.8


Mon May 17 14:00:00 2010
- Revert r155259 for bnc#604251

Wed Apr 28 14:00:00 2010
- Remove libmono-profiler-
*.la files.

Tue Apr 27 14:00:00 2010
- Update to 2.6.4


Fri Apr 2 14:00:00 2010
- Add dependency on unzip for monodoc-core to allow build-compare to work.

Tue Mar 2 13:00:00 2010
- Update to 2.6.3

- Obsoleted patches

Mon Mar 1 13:00:00 2010
- try to prevent crash on exit in gmcs
call mono_alloc_special_static_data_free before closing

Tue Jan 26 13:00:00 2010
- Patch to fix AOT on Xen

Tue Jan 26 13:00:00 2010
- Update to 2.6.1


Mon Aug 10 14:00:00 2009
- Update to


Tue Mar 31 14:00:00 2009
- Update to 2.4