Changelog for libgirepository-1_0-1-1.36.0-2.14.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Mar 26 2013 Update to version 1.36.0: + Update glib annotations.
* Thu Mar 21 2013 Update to version 1.35.9: + Bugs fixed: bgo#637832, bgo#662241, bgo#692165, bgo#693539, bgo#694198, bgo#694426, bgo#694485, bgo#694593, bgo#695182.
* Mon Mar 11 2013 Simplify to make it easier to add other 64bit architectures. Include aarch64 in the list.
* Tue Feb 19 2013 Update to version 1.35.8: + Bugs fixed: bgo#660698, bgo#687522, bgo#691873, bgo#692084, bgo#693040, bgo#693096, bgo#693097, bgo#693098, bgo#693598, bgo#693742, bgo#693838, bgo#693876, bgo#693939.
* Thu Jan 24 2013 Update to version 1.35.4: + Update glib annotations. + Various mallardwriter improvements and fixes + Bugs fixed: bgo#690514, bgo#686388, bgo#656312, bgo#691030, bgo#690850, bgo#690851, bgo#691524, bgo#678401, bgo#684059, bgo#682355.
* Wed Jan 23 2013 Eliminate lines which contain \"from gi.repository import Foo\" (incl. quotes) as possible matches... this phrase is commonly used in multiline documentation blobs (like for example in python-gobject >= 3.7.3).
* Wed Jan 23 2013 Modify in case of python scripts, do not add python-gobject Requires: we do not know if the scripts is meant for python3, which would require python3-gobject.
* Tue Jan 22 2013 Update to version 1.35.3: + scanner: Deprecate using identifier prefixes in GINames. + giscanner: Don\'t prefer identifier prefixes over namespaces in deps. + Build system enhancements / fixes. + Update glib annotations. + Updated documentations.- Remove remnants of BUILD_FOR_VCS in the spec file.- Unconditionall BuildRequire gtk-doc and pass --enable-gtk-doc to configure. The build system changed and the doc is no longer built otherwise.
* Tue Jan 22 2013 Fix escape \".\" in grep calls (\"\\.\").
* Mon Dec 10 2012 Enhance in case we add typelib() requires for python scripts, we are sure that this script would also require python-gobject (which provides gi.repository). Fixes issues similar to bnc#793758.
* Tue Nov 13 2012 Refactored the various requires extraction methods are split in functions, which allows to execute the same function on different patterns. This helps us insofar as we need to be able to check files in /usr/bin and want to habe them processed the same way as other files. Needed for example by accerciser, where /usr/bin/accerciser is a python script with stricter gi requirements (Wcnk 3.0).- Add /usr/bin/
* to fileattrs to be checked for dependencies. At the moment, only treats python scripts found like this.- Add file Requires: gi-find-deps makes use of file to identify the file types.
* Tue Nov 13 2012 Update to version 1.34.2: + gimarshallingtests: Fix return data type. + scanner: correctly handle large 64bit integer constants.
* Wed Oct 17 2012 Update to version + Add test method for GDestroy with no user data- Changes from version 1.34.1: + Update glib annotations to 2.34.1.- Add pkgconfig(glib-2.0) BuildRequires, so it can be versioned.
* Tue Oct 16 2012 Extend to understand gi.require_version in python code. This was the last know format not yet supported.
* Tue Oct 02 2012 Extend to understand versioned gi imports in JavaScript (
*.js) code.
* Mon Sep 24 2012 Update to version 1.34.0: + Update glib annotations.
* Tue Sep 18 2012 Update to version 1.33.14: + Update glib annotations. + Bugs fixed: bgo#683596.
* Tue Sep 04 2012 Update to version 1.33.10: + Many bugfixes.
* Mon Aug 20 2012 Update to version 1.33.9: + Many bugfixes.
* Tue Jul 17 2012 Update to version 1.33.4: + Update glib annotations + Scanner fixes + Don\'t use an O(N) lookup when we already have a hashmap
* Tue Jun 26 2012 Update to version 1.33.3: + scanner: fix pairing of error quarks with registered enums. + Update glib annotations.
* Thu Jun 07 2012 Update to version 1.33.2: + Add regression tests for GHashTable holding GValue. + update-glib-annotations: Set required environment variables + scanner: allow for functions that look like constructors but aren\'t + Add comment documenting we\'re ignoring C++ style comments. + Improve tests.- Add pkgconfig(cairo-gobject) BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Wed Jun 06 2012 Update License tags (bnc#765472): + The main/src package is LGPL-2.1+ and GPL-2.0+ + The library subpackages are LGPL-2.1+
* Tue May 22 2012 Create new subpackage girepository-1_0, which contains the
* .typelib files. This allows to bump the soname of libgirepository and being able to parallel install several libgirepository without a file conflict on the typelib files. This fixes bnc#684826.- Add a girepository-1_0 Requires to libgirepository-1_0-1, for the above. The Requires is versioned with a >=, which is what allows the parallel-installability.- Drop xz BuildRequires, as it now comes for free in the build system.- Change rpm group of libgirepository-1_0-1 from Development/Libraries/GNOME to System/Libraries.
* Wed Apr 18 2012 Update to version 1.32.1: + repository: - Make g_callable_info_invoke public - Fix leak + Update glib annotations.
* Wed Mar 28 2012 Update to version 1.32.0: + No changes.
* Wed Mar 21 2012 Update to version 1.31.22: + repository: - Fix conversion of FFI values on big-endian architectures - Add new public gi_type_info_extract_ffi_return_value() API + scanner: Fix matching of methods named
*_get_type() + Various other code changes. + Update glib annotations.
* Mon Mar 05 2012 Update to version 1.31.20: + scanner: - Allow adding annotations to vfuncs directly - Add better errors for unknown param names + typelib: fix invalid alignment assumptions, that break platforms like m68k. + Many improvements to g-ir-doctool. + Updated annotations for glib. + Several other code changes. + Build and test improvements/fixes.- Rebase g-ir-dep-tool.patch.
* Thu Feb 02 2012 Improve + ia64 also needs ()(64bit) for shlib providers. + Send stderr from find to /dev/null (to avoid errors for platforms where lib64 does not exist).
* Thu Jan 19 2012 Update to version 1.31.10: + scanner: Allow using GLib.List(Foo) instead of GLib.List + ffi: Treat enums as 32 bit signed values to fix PPC64 + Updated annotations for glib. + Minor bug fixes. + Add some tests.
* Wed Jan 18 2012 ppc64 and s390x are also 64bit so providers
* Fri Dec 23 2011 Enhance Inject subfolders of libdir containing .typelib files into GI_TYPELIB_PATH.
* Tue Dec 20 2011 Update to version 1.31.6: + Update annotation for glib 2.31.6. + giscanner: fix use after decref
* Tue Dec 06 2011 Add g-ir-dep-tool.patch: add a tool to inspect .typelib files and find their dependencies to be added to the rpm packages.- Add libtool BuildRequires and call to autoreconf, as the patch above touches the build system.- Extend to use the new g-ir-dep-tool and add Requires coming from the .typelib files.
* Mon Dec 05 2011 Update to version 1.31.1: + Scanner: - Split CC environment variable - Allow GObject.Object as a supercall return type - Support --header-only flag - Also add an rpath for library paths specified - Only add rpaths for absolute directories - Out the -l library name after the .o + Minor bug fixes + Bugs fixed: bgo#660338.- Change license to spdx identifier (LGPL-2.1+).- Add xz BuildRequires because we can\'t build a package for a xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See bnc#697467 for more details.
* Thu Oct 27 2011 Update to version 1.31.0: + No longer use deprecated g_thread_init. + scanner: - Support --header-only flag - Allow GObject.Object as a superclass return type - Split CC environment variable - Skip analysis of params that have been (skip)\'d - Show the file/line even when processing FATAL + libgirepository: - Add API to fix memory leak - Fix g_irepository_get_c_prefix() - Use the correct size when freeing unused info - Prevents a segfault in gir parser + Build and test improvements/fixes.
* Wed Sep 21 2011 Update to version 1.30.0: + Regenerate Gio/GLib/GObject annotations. + Lots of work on the Windows port. + Add \"Value:\" annotation tag. + scanner: Correctly handle structs with arrays of anon unions. + Various bug fixes. + Build fixes.- Drop gobject-introspection-fix-regress.patch: fixed upstream.
* Mon Sep 05 2011 Fix build on 11.4 by owning %{_rpmconfigdir}/fileattrs, that appeared in recent rpm.
* Fri Sep 02 2011 Add gobject-introspection-fix-regress.patch: fix wrong type for a variable, which was causing build issues in gjs and python-gobject.
* Fri Sep 02 2011 Update to version 1.29.17: + Fix declarations in xlib-2.0.gir. + Regenerate Gio/GLib/GObject annotations. + libgirepository: - Deprecate ErrorDomain - Switch to storing string form of error quarks - Add g_irepository_find_by_error_domain() - Allow enums and bitfields to have static methods - Documentation improvements + giscanner: - Add DocBook and Mallard generator - Various fixes to correctly handle the docs - Add signal flags - Recognize constructors ending in \'newv\' - Handle static methods on all types - Allow enums and bitfields to have static methods - Try harder to preserve c:type - Forbid GPtrArrays holding non-pointer types - Disallow non byte types for GByteArrays - Properly handle GParamSpec and descendants - Add a moved_to property to backcompat functions - Avoid most of the special-casing of GObject.Object in the scanner - Fix warning for missing (element-type) - Fix symbols being reported in invalid files - Teach scanner\'s girparser about fundamentals - Make the Transformer respect \'skip\' annotations - Allow passing additional include dirs when parsing a gir - Workaround: Automatically turn Gdk.Rectangle gtype into cairo.RectangleInt + Various code cleanups. + Tests improvements.
* Wed Aug 17 2011 Extend with a special case for .py files: \"raise ImportError.
*\" lines are deleted. This is needed as pygobject tries to explain with such lines how to convert the sources to the new gi-based python bindings.
* Wed Jul 27 2011 Update to version 1.29.16: + Fix broken definition of DATADIR in 1.29.15, breaking scripts.- Update to version 1.29.15: + Update glib annotations. + libgirepository: Plug leak. + dumper: - Only make libtool silent if we were passed --silent - Improve output for parallel builds + giscanner: - Support srcdir != builddir - Mark GAsyncReadyCallbacks as allow-none - Make comments starting with tab characters work + Test-related changes. + Build fixes.
* Tue Jul 19 2011 Remove trailing space characters from the import lines, when listing the required typelibs. This fixes an issue with files using \\r\
to end a line (since \\r was kept, and was breaking the output of the script).
* Mon Jul 11 2011 Correctly deal with \"from gi.repository import Gtk,GObject\" by replacing \',\' with a space instead of just removing it. This should fix wrong Requires like typelib(GtkGObject).
* Wed Jun 15 2011 Update to version 1.29.0: + Bump version to reflect the link to the glib version. + Many improvement and fixes in the scanner, including: - Read (array) and (element-type) annotations for fields - Add support for the (skip) annotation on parameters or return values - Always add a zero-terminated attribute when it cannot be implied + Fix accessing structure fields that are arrays + Improved regression tests
* Sat Jun 11 2011 Add an exclude path to gobjectintrospection.attr: we do not want to look at files in /usr/share/doc/packages/ as those are just documentation files. If examples are provided as documentation, we do not want those examples to cause excessive Requires. This fixes python-gobject requiring typelib(Gtk).
* Fri Jun 03 2011 Enable typelib() Requires as well.
* Fri Jun 03 2011 Currently only add typelib() Provides symbol to make sure we do not break entire Factory.
* Sat May 28 2011 Minor fixes on + Quotes are not allowed symbols in an import name. Fixes for example gnome-shell Requiring typelib(\'). + The typelib symbol is not supposed to contain a dot [.]. Should we find a Requires / Provides that does, then we know we were caught in some code using it direcly as an object. The typelib symbol in this case is the first token before the first dot. + Ignore anything after # in python parsing (it\'s a comment).- Provide the template-based typelib() versioned.
* Fri May 27 2011 Manually provide the typelib() symbols for libgirepository-1_0-1. The rpm magic is not yet in place and can thus not automatically detect the symbols.
* Tue May 17 2011 Add gobjectintrospection.attr: install rpm reqprov plugin handler, benefitting from the new rpm 4.9 infrastructure.- Move the rpm helpers to the main package: this is really what is used to build with gobject-introspection, while the devel subpackage is mostly needed if building against libgirepository-1.0.
* Wed Apr 27 2011 Add automatically detect Requires and Provides for gobject-introspection typelibs.
* Tue Apr 26 2011 Update to version 0.10.8: + bgo#647621: g_spawn_async_with_pipes annotation corrections. + gimarshallingtests: Remove incorrect cast. + bgo#647796: Added annotation for g_variant_new_variant to mark it as const.
* Tue Apr 05 2011 Update to version 0.10.7: + add annotations for g_base64_encode and g_base64_decode + bgo#640264: girparser: use c:identifier-prefixes instead of c:prefix.
* Mon Mar 28 2011 Update to version 0.10.6: + bgo#645692: fix generation of cairo typelib.- Changes from version 0.10.5: + bgo#644749: support setting gobjects and ginterfaces in struct fields.- Changes from version 0.10.4: + Use fully qualified shared library for cairo-1.0.gir.
* Thu Feb 24 2011 Update to version 0.10.3: + Visible changes: - Nested structs and unions (bgo#555960) - Support Shadows: annotation (bgo#556475) - Allow annotation of enums as bitfields (bgo#573332) - Add support for a \'closure\' and \'destroy\' annotations (bgo#574284) - Add short/ushort support (bgo#584423) + Many improvement and fixes in the scanner, including: - Parse doc-comment tags case-insensitive (bgo#572086) - #defines should be parsed in .h files but not .c files (bgo#572790) + Various additions and fixes to introspection data shipped with gobject-introspection, including: - Add annotations for g_spawn_
* functions (bgo#585373) + Other bugs fixed: bgo#551738, bgo#555964, bgo#561360, bgo#561604, bgo#563469, bgo#563682, bgo#564016, bgo#566560, bgo#567906, bgo#568680, bgo#569355, bgo#569633, bgo#569930, bgo#570594, bgo#570903, bgo#571182, bgo#571248, bgo#571483, bgo#571548, bgo#571649, bgo#572075, bgo#572423, bgo#572434, bgo#572563, bgo#572965, bgo#573306, bgo#573309, bgo#574139, bgo#574501, bgo#575613, bgo#576323, bgo#576605, bgo#576627, bgo#577065, bgo#577534, bgo#577546, bgo#579522, bgo#579602, bgo#581680, bgo#581682, bgo#581684, bgo#581685, bgo#581689, bgo#583338, bgo#584432, bgo#584453, bgo#584816, bgo#584842, bgo#585081, bgo#585141, bgo#585150, bgo#585328, bgo#585579, bgo#585584, bgo#585908.- Changes from version 0.10.2: + Add (constructor) annotation + Add (method) overrides + Disable missing class structure warning. + Depend on cairo-gobject if available + Pass shared-library as-is to g_module_open + Various improvements and bug fixes.- Add support for source service checkout, with %BUILD_FROM_VCS: + Add gnome-common and gtk-doc BuildRequires. + Add call to ./ + Enforce gtk-doc html generation by passing --enable-gtk-doc to configure.
* Fri Jan 14 2011 Update to version 0.10.1: + Scanner: - Properly parse recursive list type nodes - Fix handling of property transfer - Make sure that vfuncs made to the GIR + Add API to call the native implementation of a virtual function + Update introspection data for gobject/gio.- Drop gobject-introspection-git-fixes.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sat Jan 08 2011 Add gobject-introspection-git-fixes.patch: this patch contains various commits from git, to fix the build with glib 2.27.90.
* Wed Dec 22 2010 Update to version 0.10.0: + An hash-table index has been added to the typelib format. Using a perfect hash generated with the CMPH library allows for much more efficient lookups in cases where symbols need to be looked up repeatedly. + GIO annotations are now extracted from the GLib sources (as a manual step; the extracted annotations are shipped with gobject-introspection.) This will be extended in the future to cover the rest of GLib. + UTF-8 string constants are now supported. + The cairo typelib now integrates properly with the cairo-gobject library.- Drop patches that were fixed upstream: + gobject-introspection-keyring-workaround.patch + gobject-introspection-libgda-workaround.patch
* Wed Oct 27 2010 Add a rpmlintrc file: the devel-file-in-non-devel-package errors for gir and source files are wrong here, because gobject-introspection is, by definition, a devel package (in the same way as gcc is).- Add an extra % to a macro in a comment to make rpmlint happy (and to make sure that the macro won\'t get expanded).
* Sat Oct 09 2010 Update to version 0.9.12: + Ship gtk-doc files in tarball.- Changes from version 0.9.11: + Scanner: - Add -export-dynamic when compiling with libtool. - Honor -L commandline option. + Various scanner fixes and improvements.- Drop gobject-introspection-export-dynamic.patch: fixed upstream.- Remove comments about upstream tarball and gtk-doc, and remove gtk-doc BuildRequires: the files are in the tarball now.
* Fri Oct 01 2010 Add gobject-introspection-export-dynamic.patch: this fixes the build of some gir, like in clutter.
* Fri Oct 01 2010 Update to version 0.9.10: + gir: Explicitly specify path to girepository so libtool can find it- Changes from version 0.9.9: + Actually do something about fundamentals when parsing a .gir + Abort if we would be generating an empty namespace + Minor fixes
* Tue Sep 28 2010 Update to version 0.9.8: + Fix --include-uninstalled + Don\'t ignore annotations if there\'s a : in docs- Remove --enable-gtk-doc from configure: API docs got forgotten again :/
* Tue Sep 28 2010 Update to version 0.9.7: + Add an annotation tool. + Improve gobject/gio annotations. + Validate annotations during the scan. + Catch cpp errors during the scan. + Make Full the default transfer for returned foreign structs. + Various scanner fixes and improvements.- Pass --enable-gtk-doc to configure again, to get API docs.
* Sat Sep 18 2010 Add gobject-introspection-libgda-workaround.patch: this is a workaround needed when generating the gir file for libgda. See bgo#629779.
* Fri Sep 17 2010 Drop gir-repository Recommends from libgirepository-1_0-1: there is no real interesting file there anymore.- Temporarily remove --enable-gtk-doc option from configure: the 0.9.6 tarball is missing all the files needed for this. See bgo#629871.- Move all gir files to the main package (as well as the m4 file and the Makefile), but still keep the /usr/share/gir-1.0 directory in libgirepository-1_0-1, to not force everybody to own it. The reason for the move is that the gobject-introspection package is more or less like a compiler, while the devel package is really the devel package for the libgirepository-1.0 library.- However, we need to keep the pkg-config file in the devel subpackage at the moment, since they cover both the library and the gobject-introspection tools. We\'ll be able to change this when bgo#629930 gets fixed.- Move the AUTHORS, NEWS and similar files to the main package.- Add gobject-introspection-keyring-workaround.patch: this is a workaround needed when generating the gir file for libgnome-keyring. See bgo#629426.
* Thu Sep 16 2010 Update to version 0.9.6: + Fix regressions in the scanner rewrite from 0.9.5, especially issues that stopped other modules from building correctly. + Various other small improvements and code cleanups in the scanner. + Add missing annotations to GLib and Gio. + Various bug fixes.
* Sat Sep 11 2010 Update to version 0.9.5: + Major rewrite, that leads to a bump in the gir format (version 1.2). + Rename Everything to Regress, and do no longer install it by default; instead, ship the C files in $(datadir)/gobject-introspection/tests/ + Fix giscanner crash with no cache directory. + Make the scanner parse C++ files too. + If GI_SCANNER_DEBUG is set, drop into a debugger on error in the scanner. + Import DBus, DBusGLib gir from gir-repository. + Update some gir files shipped with gobject-introspection. + Various bug fixes.
* Fri Aug 06 2010 Pass --enable-gtk-doc to configure.
* Thu Aug 05 2010 Update to version 0.9.3: + Add annotations for g_variant_new_strv() and g_variant_get_strv() + Add annotation for g_dbus_proxy_new_sync + Fix ordering in override_search_path on gir-repository + Make scanner compatible with python 2.y + Add g_irepository_enumerate + Append -Wl,-rpath=. to the scanner compile + Add g_info_type_to_string (GIInfoType type) + Add new API g_typelib_require_private() + Misc bug fixes- Add gtk-doc to BuildRequires
* Wed Jul 21 2010 Clean up update to 0.9.2.- Change cairo-devel, glib2-devel BuildRequires to pkgconfig(cairo) and pkgconfig(gobject-2.0).- Remove checks for old versions of openSUSE (<= 11.1).- Remove glib2-devel Requires of devel package: it\'s now automatically handled with pkgconfig() Requires.- Fix post/postun to be for libgirepository-1_0-1.
* Thu Jul 15 2010 Upate to version 0.9.2: + Add some cairo methods + Add support for non-GObject fundamental objects + Bump shared library version, typelib version + Don\'t include machine-dependent integral types in the typelib + Bug fixes- Rename libgirepository-1_0-0 to libgirepository-1_0-1
* Mon Jul 05 2010 Update to version 0.9.0: + Barf if running on unsupported platform + Annotate GVariant as a foreign struct + Support the (transfer) annotation for properties + Allow for methods in GLib + Add versioning to the cache + Add some more Gio annotations + Apply annotations from invoker to vfunc + Support introspectable=no attribute, add warnings framework + Allow attributes on parameters and return values + Clean up annotation parsing, don\'t try to parse invalid annotations + Cleanups and code reorganization + Bug fixes + Update docs- Changes from version 0.6.14: + Support unsigned long/short int + Add type annotation for properties + Fix marshalling of GStrv + Bug fixes + Update docs
* Fri May 28 2010 Update to version 0.6.12: + Build system cleanups + Documentation updates + Minor bugfixes- Changes from version 0.6.11: + Add various annotations + Take into account the underscore after the type name when checking if a function is a method + Use g_slice + Add support for the \'foreign\' annotation to g-i-scanner + Bug fixes + Update docs- Changes from version 0.6.10: + Add GKeyFile annotations + Revert a change that makes gjs crash + Correctly use ffi_closure_alloc(), fixing mmap permissions error + Assert input values in Everything funcs + Add GIMarshallingTests typelib + If needed, convert from camelcase to underscores when stripping the prefix of constants + Add foreign struct funcs to Everything + Add a simple callback type which has no arguments or return values + Make g_file_set_contents() take uint8
*, not utf8 + Warn about annotations for unknown args + Add support for GArrays + Use -1 not None for closure/destroy indices + Validate scope annotation values and parameter references + Add a basic gir for xrandr + Add uid_t, gid_t, dev_t to integral type conversions + Add tests + Update docs + Minor bug fixes- BuildRequire cairo-devel
* Fri Mar 19 2010 Update to version 0.6.9: + Correctly cast to a CommonBlob when looking up embedded types + g-ir-compiler: Slightly less lame error messages + [everything] Add some \"torture\" test functions with baroque signatures + scanner: Catch OSError too when checking for libtool + scanner: Always explicitely set the scope of callbacks
* Wed Mar 10 2010 Update to version 0.6.8: + [girffi] Clean up API, add g_function_info_prep_invoker + Allow stack allocating GIBaseInfo, add stack retrieval variants + scanner: Always explicitely set the scope of callbacks + scanner: Print error instead of throwing for unknown include
* Thu Dec 17 2009 Update to version 0.6.7: + Add a Makefile.introspection file. + Revert \"GI_TYPE_TAG_VOID != ffi_type_void\" + protect on null retval + fix invoke tests + Substitute deprecated Glib symbol: g_mapped_file_free
* Wed Dec 16 2009 Add libffi-devel Requires to devel package; this fixes the build of packages linking to gobject-introspection.
* Mon Dec 14 2009 Update to version 0.6.6: + Make g-ir-scanner 64-bit enable. bgo#593639 + Consistently resolve symbolic links + Improve warning and error messages. + Explicitly sort object interfaces, properties, and signals + When doing type resolution on a string, treat it as its own ctype + Implement callbacks as part of struct fields. bgo#557383 + Add g_ir_ffi_convert_arguments + Add a method to compare infos + Make (skip) annotation work everywhere + InitiallyUnownedClass should contain all the fields as ObjectClass + Ignore errors caused by permissions in $HOME + Add async callback tests to everything + [dumper] Fix threads initialization + Allow NULL to be sent in for various callbacks + Fix an annotationparser bug for empty tags + Add/Fix annotations. + Many small bug fixes. + Build fixes. + Build system fixes.
* Wed Sep 09 2009 Update to version 0.6.5: + Replace LIBTOOL_LIBTOOL to LIBTOOL (bgo#592968) + Use CC rather than LD to fix build issue for gir (bgo#593599) + Add GVolumeMonitor interfaces + Use built scanner from tarball builds (bgo#593162) + Fix unref of GIUnresolvedInfo instances (bgo#593322) + Add CLFAGS and LIBS variables + Correctly ref repository in GIUnresolvedInfo
* Tue Aug 25 2009 Update to version 0.6.4: + Add annotations for various API, update for some API. + Bug fixes. + Add COPYING.GPL and COPYING.LGPL.- Add Requires on python-xml.
* Tue Jun 23 2009 Update to version 0.6.3: + Too many bugfixes to mention, see NEWS for full details- Remove gobject-introspection-git-20090501.patch.bz2 and it\'s requirements. The tarball is newer than the used git-patch
* Mon May 04 2009 Fix build on 11.1.
* Fri May 01 2009 Make libgirepository-1_0-0 Recommends gir-repository.
* Fri May 01 2009 Move package doc files to libgirepository-1_0-0 since this is the important package.
* Fri May 01 2009 Initial package.