Changelog for typelib-1_0-LibvirtGLib-1_0-0.1.6-2.3.i586.rpm :

* Mon Mar 18 2013 Update to version 0.1.6: + Prefer g_strlcpy over strncpy. + Fix potential crashes in some error handling cases. + Fix typo in gvir_config_init docs which broke vala binding. + Use \'transfer none\' for argv parameter in all init functions. + Ensure stream data parameters are annotated to be guint8 arrays, not gchar, since they\'re not NULL terminated strings. + Replace FSF address with URL in copyright headers. + Add API for changing Spice compression parameters.
* Tue Jan 15 2013 Update to version 0.1.5: + Add support for bridge interface types in guest XML. + Add API to open a read-only connection. + Add support for smartcard devices in guest XML. + Remove storage volume from pool list after deleteing it.
* Sun Nov 18 2012 Update to version 0.1.4: + Add support for configuring power management config. + Add API binding for updating device config. + Avoid SEGV when querying storage volume with NULL name. + Avoid reference count leak when constructing wrapped libvirt objects. + Avoid calling g_type_init for newer glib. + Add flags for domain reboot API. + Fix leak with GMutex compatibility wrappers. + Don\'t use storage volumes before the pool refresh finishes. + Add binding for destroying storage pools. + Add binding for defining storage pools.
* Thu Oct 11 2012 Update to version 0.1.3: + Improve documentation for set_memory method in GVirConfigDomain + Handle size units for memory attributes + Add API for current memory + Fix python example to specify virt type + Use 1 GB of RAM in python example instead 1 TB ! + Add API to get hypervisor name and version + Avoid NULL format string for g_set_error + Fix XXX_new_with_xml constructors for config objects + Add misc getters for VNC/SPICE config attributes + Add handling of PMSUSPENDED state + Add handling of WAKEUP events + Require libvirt 0.10.2 minimum + Add API for domain PM wakeup.
* Tue Aug 21 2012 Update to version 0.1.2: + Add async binding for virDomainResume. + Fix deadlock in event loop handle/timer removal.
* Tue Aug 07 2012 Update to version 0.1.1: + Add bindings for virDomainSnapshotCreate
*(). + Add bindings for virDomainRestore
*(). + Add GVir.DomainShutdownFlags() binding. + Add GVir.DomainXMLFlags binding.
* Wed Jul 18 2012 Update to version 0.1.0: + Add setters for capabilities CPU config object + Add constructor for capabilities CPU config object + Add config object for domain CPU schema + Add bindings for domain save APIs + Add bindings for storage volume upload/download- Changes from version 0.0.9: + Full API docs for libvirt-glib library + Add API for getting domain OS config + Add API for getting domain OS boot devices + Add APIs for querying host capabilities + Add missing domain OS type enum values + Add API for getting domain virt type + Add comprehensive API arg checking + Add API for getting domain arch + Allow zero timeouts in timer + Fix build with newer glibc-headers and -O0 + Fix generation of filesystem source element + Port to use Mingw64 toolchain for automated builds + Add async API for starting domains + Fix thread safety of event loop timeouts/watches + Add support for filesystem type=bind|ram.
* Mon May 14 2012 Update to version 0.0.8: + Fix build of test suites with Debian\'s libtool + Add API for disk source startup policy + Add API for domain controller devices + Add APIs for USB controllers + Add APIs for USB / PCI device addressing schemes + Add APIs for USB redirection devices + Add ASync API for fetching domain info + Add APIs for domain timer configuration
* Sun Apr 01 2012 Update to version 0.0.7: + Fix typo in filesystem access mode constant. + Remove incorrect encoding of XML attributes. + Add support for USB redirection devices. + Add support for SPICE agent device. + Fix typo in channel device target constant. + Make all string getters return a const string. + Keep list of devices sorted in original XML order.
* Wed Mar 07 2012 Update to version 0.0.6: + Add binding for virDomainBlockResize(): gvir_domain_disk_resize(). + Set correct target node attribute for domain interface. } Getter for the associated domain of a domain device. + Getters for GVirConfigDomainInterface attributes. + GVirDomainDevice now has an associated GVirConfigDomainDevice. + Remove now redundant \'path\' property from GVirDomainDevice subclasses. + Add gvir_domain_get_devices(). + Empty statistics for user-mode interfaces. One of the limitations of user-mode networking of libvirt is that you can\'t get statistics for it (not yet, at least). Instead of erroring-out in that case, simply return empty statistics result and spit a debug message. + Fix a GVirStream leak. + Also distribute GNUmakefile, and files.
* Tue Feb 21 2012 Update to version 0.0.5: + Fix error after finishing a stream + Use G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS + Add config for readonly disks + Add config for description/metadata + Fix type when creating storage volumes + Remove some bogus g_error usage + Import GNULIB\'s compiler warning flags support & fix problems + Add API for resizing storage volumes + Add API to check if a domain is saved + Add config for disk cache method + Add APIs to get node information + Add flags for deleting domains
* Tue Jan 31 2012 Update to version 0.0.4: + Add support for configuring sound, serial, parallel and channel devices + Add support for newer libvirt shutdown event + Add support for setting SPICE/VNC passwords + Fix storage pool annotations + Improve docs for memory APIs + Fix problem with duplicated attributes + Many internal XML helper API cleanups/additions + Add API for retrieving list of all devices + Fix mixup between g_new0/g_slice_free + Change namespace for GVirConfig APIs (breaks ABI and API) + New APIs for save/suspend
* Tue Jan 10 2012 Update to version 0.0.3: + Flesh out API in libvirt-gconfig to allow basic domain configuration + Don\'t memset private data fields, since glib already ensures this + Fix VPATH builds + Add syntax-check rules ensuring coding style compliance + Describe coding style in HACKING file + Expand libvirt-gobject API to allow watches on streams + Simplify debug system with new glib + Fix libvirt-gobject pkg-config file + Fix domain event handlig wrt transient guests + Don\'t crash if given a NULL uri to connect to + Expand libvirt-gobject API for storage pools & volumes + Fix some crashes in error paths where GError instance was NULL + Add vala files to the RPM + Add binding for open domain consoles & graphics.- Add libtool BuildRequires.- Split typelib file into typelib-1_0-Libvirt
* subpackage.- Add typelib-1_0-Libvirt
* Requires to devel subpackage.
* Thu Nov 24 2011 Initial package, version 0.0.2