Changelog for accountsservice-debuginfo-0.6.32-3.4.i586.rpm :

* Wed May 15 2013 Update to version 0.6.32: + Don\'t treat remote users as system accounts (fdo#64186). + Clean up spawn_with_login_uid error handling (fdo#55067). + Quit on SIGINT/SIGTERM (fdo#63869). + Make --debug work as expected (fdo#63870). + Remove newlines from debug output (fdo#63871). + Fix mismatched function signature (fdo#63873). + Fix gir/vapi warnings (fdo#63875). + Fix documentation warnings (fdo#63880).
* Wed Apr 17 2013 Update to version 0.6.31: + Check for logind, not systemd (bgo#62586). + Add --enable-admin-group configure option (bgo#62235). + Be more aggressive at excluding system accounts (bgo#48178). + Fix xsession property notification (bgo#58493). + Fix login history variant handling (bgo#58466).- Rebase accountsservice-sysconfig.patch.
* Sun Dec 16 2012 Update to version 0.6.30: + Minor source clean ups. + Crasher fix on 32bit systems. + Add get_user_by_id. + Don\'t lose sessions list for users at startup. + Add API for detecting when accountsservice is unavailable.
* Fri Nov 23 2012 Update to version 0.6.29: + Translate D-Bus errors to local errors in libaccountsservice. + Fix a wrong property name in the login history support.
* Mon Nov 19 2012 Update to version 0.6.28: + Fix act_user_manager_delete_user_finish. + Fix handling of LoginTime and LoginHistory properties.- Changes from version 0.6.27: + Fix warnings when the singleton user manager object is finalized. + Generated docs for libaccountsservice. + Initialize local_acount to TRUE. + Add async api for user creation, caching and deletion.
* Wed Nov 14 2012 Update to version 0.6.26: + Require libsystemd-login 186. + Protect against deleting root user. + Add LoginTime and LoginHistory properties. + Fix crash consolekit code. + Fix has_multiple_user property after removing user.
* Tue Sep 25 2012 Update to version 0.6.25: + Uninitialized variable fix + Typo fix + Create data dirs just-in-time + Ignore closing sessions for is_logged_in test + Disable NULL user for delete_user call + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 28 2012 Update to version 0.6.24: + add User.Local property for identifying local users.
* Wed Aug 08 2012 Update to version 0.6.23: + Fix up some debug output. + add new CacheUser and UncacheUser apis. + uncache user before deleting user.
* Wed Jul 18 2012 Add the user \'fax\' to the exception list (bnc#771177).
* Thu Jun 28 2012 Update to version 0.6.22: + Correct CVE-2012-2737, local file disclosure + small memory leak fix + exclude system accounts from ListCachedUsers + make has-multiple-users properly only check non-system users + remove icon when deleting user + Revert usage of getpwent() as fallback for fgetpwent + support consolekit call cancellation to prevent crashes caused by shortlived sessions + ignore built files in .gitignore + quiet down build goo nagging- Drop accountsservice-CVE-2012-2737.patch: fixed upstream.
* Wed Jun 27 2012 Add accountsservice-CVE-2012-2737.patch: fix local file disclosure flaw. Fix bnc#768807, CVE-2012-2737.
* Tue Jun 26 2012 Add users cyrus, ldap and mailman to the openSUSE specific users to be excluded (accountsservice-filter-suse-accounts.patch). Fixes bnc#765487.
* Fri May 18 2012 Update to version 0.6.21: + Detect old versions of systemd and fall back to ConsoleKit + Exclude users without a valid shell + Fix log spew
* Fri May 04 2012 Update to version 0.6.20: + Fix user listing which broke in previous release- Changes from version 0.6.19: + Fix spurious warnings in logs + Make userdel succeed even if user is already logged in + Exclude users with no shell + Exclude \"at\" user- Drop accountsservice-filter-more-accounts.patch and accountsservice-filter-no-shell.patch: fixed upstream.
* Mon Apr 23 2012 Add back accountsservice-filter-more-accounts.patch to filter the at user.- Add accountsservice-filter-no-shell.patch to filter users with no shell, which happens when NIS is setup.- This should fix bnc#757662.- Rebase accountsservice-filter-suse-accounts.patch.
* Sat Apr 14 2012 Update to version 0.6.18: + Fix systemd configure check + Add a few more common system accounts to the blacklist + Fix some issues in systemd session handling- Drop accountsservice-filter-more-accounts.patch: fixed upstream.- Drop accountsservice-fix-systemd-test-always-evaluating-true.patch: fixed upstream.
* Tue Apr 03 2012 Add accountsservice-filter-more-accounts.patch: filter out ftp, games, man and mysql system users too, taken from git.- Add accountsservice-filter-suse-accounts.patch: filter out some openSUSE-specific accounts (beagleindex, suse-ncc).
* Mon Apr 02 2012 Add accountsservice-fix-systemd-test-always-evaluating-true.patch Make it possible to build accountsservice without systemd (fdo#48190).
* Wed Mar 28 2012 Update to version 0.6.17: + Fix user filtering which was broken in 0.6.16 + Fix double free in user code
* Tue Mar 27 2012 Update to version 0.6.16: + Don\'t filter out users below UID_MIN in login.defs + Filter out users with invalid shells + Use infinite timeout for ListCachedUsers calls + Port to GDBus + Add systemd support + Build fixes for srcdir != builddir + Vala support and introspection fixes + PPC32 fixes + Updated translations.- Drop pkgconfig(dbus-glib-1) BuildRequires: dependency is gone upstream.- Enable support for systemd session tracking: + Note that it will fall back to ConsoleKit at runtime, so it\'s fine to build it. + Add pkgconfig() BuildRequires: libsystemd-login, libsystemd-daemon.- Rebase accountsservice-sysconfig.patch.- Add vala BuildRequires, which is now needed because of the call.
* Mon Feb 27 2012 Fix systemd-related packaging: + Use %{?systemd_requires}. + Call %service_{add,del}_
* macros in scriptlets for accounts-daemon.service.- Remove xz BuildRequires now that it comes for free in the build system.
* Thu Dec 08 2011 Split typelib file into typelib-1_0-AccountsService-1_0 subpackage.- Add typelib-1_0-AccountsService-1_0 Requires to devel subpackage.
* Tue Oct 18 2011 Update to version 0.6.15: + Only accept regular files as icons + Don\'t track non-graphical sessions + Fix wtmp handling + Fix build on FreeBSD and OpenBSD- Drop accountsservice-regular-file-for-icon.patch: fixed upstream.
* Thu Sep 29 2011 Add accountsservice-regular-file-for-icon.patch: only use regular files when setting user icon. Part of bnc#676638.
* Mon Sep 05 2011 Update to version 0.6.14: + Ignore extraneous SetAutomaticLogin(false) calls for a user + Monitor /etc/gdm/custom.conf for changes in autologin config + Fix fast user switching + Fix docs to build + Updated translations.- Rebase accountsservice-sysconfig.patch, and add gnome-common BuildRequires and call to since it\'s easier to rebase the patch without Add gobject-introspection-devel BuildRequires to build introspection data.
* Wed Jul 20 2011 Add accountsservice-sysconfig.patch: read and write autologin configuration from sysconfig, as done in gdm. Fix bnc#688071.
* Wed Jul 20 2011 Update to version 0.6.13: + Honor aclocal flags environment variable + Set log domain so it can be hushed + Use wtmp instead of consolekit for determining login frequency + Leak and warning fixes + Clean up polkit deprecation warnings + Add \'--\' before username to account helper programs- Add xz BuildRequires because we can\'t build a package for a xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See bnc#697467 for more details.
* Thu May 19 2011 Update to version 0.6.12: + The usual pile of race fixes- Changes from version 0.6.11: + Add API for adding users to the library.
* Mon May 02 2011 Drop rpmlintrc as the necessary changes have now been done in both rpmlint (for suse-dbus-unauthorized-service) and in polkit-default-privs (for polkit-unauthorized-privilege).
* Fri Apr 29 2011 Update to version 0.6.10: + An assortment of race fixes + Updated translations- Changes from version 0.6.9: + Add a \'system-account\' property to users- Update download url for tarball.
* Mon Apr 11 2011 Add pkgconfig(systemd) to BuildRequires and package systemd configuration file for accountsservice.
* Tue Apr 05 2011 Update to version 0.6.8: + use same rules for parsing booleans from gdm config as gdm.
* Wed Mar 23 2011 Update to version 0.6.7: + Fix call to useradd for normal users + Correct free array of groups + Updated translations- Changes from version 0.6.6: + Make it possible to disable user icon + Drop Supervised user role + Use \"wheel\" instead of \"desktop_admin_r\" as admin group since that\'s what everyone uses for this purpose anyway. + Crasher fixes + Misc distro integration fixes + Updated translations- Changes from version 0.6.5: + No longer return excluded users from cached listings + Add a --debug command line option + Use proper dbus proxy for settings api in client lib + Expose XSession property over bus- Enforce dependency on main package in library package by changing Recommends to Requires.- Add a rpmlintrc to ignore security-related rpmlint warnings that make the build fail on Factory. This needs to get removed when entering Factory, though.
* Thu Mar 03 2011 Cleanup for inclusion in Factory.
* Thu Feb 17 2011 Update to version 0.6.4: - fix typo in HomeDirectory property - fix bug in asynchronous loading code - drop some random g_print\'s- Changes from version 0.6.3: + Add more getters to client library + Add an initial cut at a setter api + Add XSession property type- Changes from version 0.6.2: + Remove the unused UserChanged signal + Add a small client library, based on code from gdm + Don\'t use gnome-common + Use the user-administration privilege for autologin changes- Changes from version 0.6.1: + Always emit the changed signal when setting user photo + Install systemd unit files + Translation updates- Changes from version 0.6: + Always require user-administration privilege when setting a password or changing a username + Allow changing password mode and password even when the account is locked, and unlock it as a side-effect + Use /etc/shadow to store account locking and \'set password at next login\' information and monitor /etc/shadow for changes + Set loginuid when runing commands on behalf of a user to generate proper audit records + Drop SetIconData and make SetIconFile copy the file when appropriate. As a consequence, the service no longer links against image libraries. + Various other robustness and error-handling fixes- Changes from version 0.5: + Make initial user list call work + Avoid extraneous commandline parsing- Package directories used by daemon to store user data: /var/lib/AccountsService and subdirectories.
* Sat Jan 30 2010 New package (version 0.4).