Changelog for libchewing3-0.3.4.git20130424-2.4.1.i586.rpm :

* Fri Apr 26 2013 retrack upstream source. previous source is from unknown origin.
* it couldn\'t be found at the link in specfile.
* it didn\'t have the same content and build result as upstream source.
* it missed entire python and data sub directories, so almost useless.- remove ambiguous libchewing package. fix bnc#808338
* libchewing is always taken as an old version by users.
* libchewing contained the runtime libraries but it was not required by libchewing3. important orphan package. so ibus-chewing and fcitx-chewing can\'t work.- enable ncurses wide-char and thread-safe (w6)- enable python.- new sub-packages: chewing-data python-chewing
* Thu Jan 17 2013 Split
* into subpackage libchewing3
* Wed Jan 16 2013 Update to libchewing 0.3.4- Remove libchewing-gcc-fix.diff (upstream rewrite this part)- Improve the description of libchewing API Simplified examples to illustrate the usage are added- Revise libchewing API. Check the documentation for details- Support THL (Taiwan Huayu Luomapinyin) and MPS2 Pinyin keyboard layout- Reimplementation of unit test framework. No external \'check\' package is required- Fix several phrase errors Add exceptional phrase as well- Improved developer and user guide- Introduce CMake based build system, which is convenient to MS-Windows based environments.- Add --enable-gcov to enable gcov coverage- Fix possible strncat() overflow- Consistent checks for bopomofo sequence internally- Handle incomplete bopomofo with space key properly- Internal structure refactoring- Read hash path from CHEWING_PATH environment variable- Make libchewing thread-safe- Fix IM crash by changing default candidate per page to 10- Fix the detection of ncursesw- Fix the usage of autotools- Update and tune symbols- Fix valgrind warning- Fix several compilation warnings- Fix GCC visibility availability for Darwin specific PIC code- Fix hash table initialization and its memory leakage- Support building with mingw32 toolchain- Fix GNU Hurd build- Fix Microsoft VC build- Fix Windows 64-bit build- Fix mingw32/64 + WINE build
* Sun Nov 13 2011 add libtool as explicit buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency from prjconf
* Tue Jun 14 2011 Update to libchewing 0.3.3: Fix setfault, improved python-binding, build fixes, etc; see for details
* Thu Mar 04 2010 fix buffer overflow
* Tue Nov 03 2009 updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Mon Sep 21 2009 fix to apply the previous patch properly
* Fri Sep 11 2009 fix missing call to fclose in sort_word.c (bnc#535452)
* Wed Jun 17 2009 updated to version 0.3.2, including previous fix patches, fix memory leaks, doxygen updates, etc. See ChangeLog for details.- build with -fno-strict-aliasing to avoid type punning problems in src/hash.c