Changelog for python3-qt4-4.9.6-3.2.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Sun Dec 09 2012 Update to 4.9.6: - Added the missing constBits() and constScanLine() methods to QImage. - A QPoint can now be specified whenever a QPointF is expected. - Added support for Qt v4.8.4. - Added support for Qt v5.0-rc1 (QtCore, QtGui, QtHelp, QtNetwork, QtSql, QtSvg, QtWebKit and QtXml only). - Added the --no-deprecated option to - SIP v4.14.2 is now required.
* Thu Nov 22 2012 Removed openSUSE 11.4 spec file workarounds
* Mon Oct 01 2012 Updated to the latest upstream version: - Added support for Qt v4.8.3. - Added support for Qt v5-beta1 (QtCore, QtGui, QtHelp, QtNetwork, QtSql, QtSvg, QtWebKit and QtXml only). - Implemented __str__ and __unicode__ for QChar. - Added the missing QPointF operator
*(qreal, QPointF). - Added the example. - SIP v4.14 is now required.
* Thu Jul 05 2012 require the sip version it built against (bnc#768499)- Update to version 4.9.4:
* bug fixes
* Fri Jun 22 2012 Update to version 4.9.2
* Added support for Qt v4.8.2.
* Added support for Qt v5-alpha (QtCore and QtGui only).
* Added support for Python v3.3.
* bool(QPyNullVariant(...)) now returns False rather than True to mimic the behaviour of None.
* Exposed the pyqtBoundSignal type object in the QtCore module.
* Added the signal attribute to pyqtBoundSignal containing the signature that would be returned by SIGNAL().
* Added the optional package argument to uic.loadUi() to properly handle relative imports.
* pyuic4 now supports themed icons.
* Added the spreadsheet example from Hans-Peter Jansen.
* Mon Jun 04 2012 Update license
* Fri May 25 2012 Update to version 4.9.1
* Bugfixes- Spec file cleanups- Fixed licenses
* Sun Dec 25 2011 Update to version 4.9
* Fixed %PickleCode for QByteArray for Python v3.
* Completed the support for QPainter.drawPixmapFragments().
* pyuic4 now makes sure that a module implementing a resource file is only imported once.
* Fixed a regression in the handling of translated strings by pyuic4.
* QDBusArgument now handles QStringList explicitly so that it can be used with QString v2 API.
* Renamed QDBusArgument.write() to add().
* Changed QDBusArgument.write() to use a QMetaType.Type to specify the integer sub-type to be consistent with beginArray() and beginMap().
* Implemented QDBusArgument.write().
* DBus dicts are now demarshalled to Python dicts.
* Added support for demarshalling DBus basic types, variants and arrays.
* QDBusObjectPath, QDBusSignal and QDBusVariant instances are now demarshalled automatically.
* DBus structures are now demarshalled to tuples.
* Added the missing cornerWidget() and setCornerWidget() methods to QMenuBar.- See include ChangeLog for complete change list.
* Fri Nov 25 2011 Use %make_install
* Mon Nov 21 2011 Update to 4.8.6, see Define python3_sitearch for Opensuse < 12.1- Spec cleanup
* Tue Oct 18 2011 Added phonon-devel to BuildRequires in python3-qt4.spec
* Adds phonon support to python3-qt4 which is required by programs like
* Tue Aug 30 2011 Remove check for obsolete openSUSE versions.
* Mon Aug 29 2011 Add python-qt4-utils package to avoid conflicts between python2 and python3 versions
* Mon Aug 22 2011 Unbreak -debuginfo package creation
* Tue Aug 16 2011 update to 4.8.5 - This is a minor bug fix release.- add python3-qt4.spec