Changelog for glib2-tools-32bit-2.31.20-186.1.x86_64.rpm :
Mon Mar 5 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 2.31.20:
+ Update to Unicode 6.1
+ Update PCRE to 8.30
+ Deprecations are now versioned, and new API is marked with the
version it was introduced. Use these with
+ The performance of signal emissions has been improved for
simple cases
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#529806, bgo#580873, bgo#592666, bgo#597785,
bgo#621368, bgo#622149, bgo#639873, bgo#640202, bgo#668295,
bgo#669670, bgo#670542, bgo#670557, bgo#670721, bgo#670751,
bgo#670909, bgo#670922, bgo#670969, bgo#671025, bgo#671270,
+ Updated translations.

Tue Feb 21 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 2.31.18:
+ GDBusProxy has now a flag,
to make GDBus automatically reload changed properties even if
the propertychanged signal does not contain the new values.
+ GApplication puts non-unique applications on the bus
+ GApplication now has g_application_quit()
+ g_async_queue_timed_pop has been deprecated in favor of the new
g_async_queue_timeout_pop, which uses relative delays in
microseconds instead of a GTimeVal.
+ Huge number of API documentation fixes
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#647986, bgo#658484, bgo#664237, bgo#669329,
bgo#669330, bgo#669372, bgo#669412, bgo#669538, bgo#669544,
bgo#669595, bgo#669670, bgo#669671, bgo#669689, bgo#669810,
bgo#669865, bgo#670085, bgo#670138, bgo#670485.
+ Updated translations.
- Remove xz BuildRequires now that it comes for free in the build

Mon Feb 6 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 2.31.16:
+ GResource:
- The resource compiler can now convert pngs into pixel data
that can be used without parsing at runtime (requires
gdk-pixbuf-pixdata to be present)
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#669123, bgo#669173, bgo#669224, bgo#669253,
+ Updated translations.

Tue Jan 31 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 2.31.14:
+ GResource:
- GLib now includes a commandline utility, gresource, to
explore resources in ELF files
- The resource compiler can now optionally strip ignorable
whitespace from XML resources
- The resource compiler can now generate build dependencies
- The resource compiler will now autoselect output formats
+ GApplication:
- The menu markup parser API has been dropped, the menu XML
support lives in GTK+ now
+ GValueArray has been deprecated
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#626258, bgo#634232, bgo#639099, bgo#667228,
bgo#667243, bgo#667929, bgo#668250, bgo#668468, bgo#668532,
bgo#668539, bgo#668561, bgo#668572, bgo#668650, bgo#668756,
bgo#668857, bgo#669024.
+ Updated translations.
- Add libelf-devel BuildRequires: new dependency for gresource

Tue Jan 24 13:00:00 2012
- Move ChangeLog to devel subpackage, as it\'s really big and not
needed on a default install.

Fri Jan 20 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 2.31.12:
+ GApplication:
- Drop support for exporting menus: this functionality will be
provided in GtkApplication
- Add a way to create actions that change settings
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#629503, bgo#656301, bgo#668071, bgo#668118,
bgo#668158, bgo#668163, bgo#668269, bgo#668279.
+ Updated translations.

Mon Jan 16 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 2.31.10:
+ GResource:
- A new facility to allow linking data files into binaries and
make them available as resources
- Resources are compiled using glib-compile-resources
- GIO supports resource:/// uris to access resources
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#619126, bgo#658315, bgo#660371, bgo#666700,
bgo#667375, bgo#667447, bgo#667790, bgo#667938.
+ Updated translations.

Tue Jan 10 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 2.31.8:
+ GObject:
- The type checks for overriding properties have been loosened.
In particular, it is now possible to add the CONSTRUCT flag
to an overridden property.
- GWeakRef is a new API for weak references; unlike
g_object_weak_ref and g_object_add_weak_pointer, it is
+ GHashTable has grown new convenience api for use as a set:
g_hash_table_add, g_hash_table_contains
+ GSocketConnection has gained API for managing connection status
+ GSettings: a native OS X backend has been added, under the name
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#455640, bgo#548954, bgo#625751, bgo#658871,
bgo#664069, bgo#664830, bgo#665211, bgo#665805, bgo#666116,
bgo#666422, bgo#666551, bgo#666595, bgo#666615, bgo#666616,
bgo#666803, bgo#666804, bgo#666951, bgo#666978, bgo#667098,
bgo#667225, bgo#667226, bgo#667279, bgo#667285, bgo#667331,
+ Updated translations.

Thu Dec 22 13:00:00 2011
- Own %{_datadir}/aclocal to fix build without automake/autoconf.

Tue Dec 20 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.31.6:
+ GApplication no longer has APIs for setting menus. Those have
been moved to GtkApplication.
+ The GActionGroup import/export functionality has been decoupled
from GApplication by the introduction of a new interface for
the purpose of handling platform data: GRemoteActionGroup. This
allows Gtk to properly deal with platform data (and gdk
threads) on window actions.
+ Lots of documentation improvements.
+ Bug fixes and a huge number of memory leak fixes.
+ The test suite now passes on ARM and some of the GDBus testcase
hangs we\'ve been seeing have been resolved (although others
could remain).
+ g_bytes_get_data() API changed: now includes \'size\' out
+ New g_queue_free_full() API similar to g_[s]list_free_full().
+ Desktop files: use standard \"Keywords\" now, not
+ gsettings commandline tool now has --schemadir option for
schemas not installed in the usual place (ie: as part of
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#643736, bgo#657433, bgo#664699, bgo#665737,
bgo#665879, bgo#666113, bgo#666115, bgo#666145, bgo#666173,
bgo#666296, bgo#666415.
+ Updated translations.

Tue Dec 13 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.31.4:
+ Experimental: Menu support has been added to GApplication.
+ GDBusConnection previously directly dispatched destroy notifies
when unregistering objects if the current main context was the
same context the object was exported on. It now unconditionally
dispatches these through an idle on the context.
+ Clean up requires in .pc files.
+ Introduce GBytes, a data type for immutable, fixed-size byte
sequences. This makes the pre-existing GBuffer API available
outside GLib
+ GDBusInterfaceSkeleton can now be exported on multiple
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#600161, bgo#640077, bgo#641720, bgo#648516,
bgo#651997, bgo#652560, bgo#662208, bgo#662718, bgo#663291,
bgo#664406, bgo#664455, bgo#664558, bgo#664559, bgo#664617,
bgo#664635, bgo#664809, bgo#665067, bgo#665184, bgo#665298,
bgo#665391, bgo#665607, bgo#665634, bgo#665685, bgo#665733.
- Add xz BuildRequires because we can\'t build a package for a
xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See
bnc#697467 for more details.
- Update gtk-doc.m4 source from gtk-doc.

Wed Nov 30 13:00:00 2011
- Add automake BuildRequires to avoid implicit dependency.

Tue Nov 22 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.31.2:
+ Monotonic time is now properly supported on Windows
+ glib-mkenums: fix AATTENUMPREFIXAATT with /
*< underscore_name=... >
+ EXPERIMENTAL: introduce new GSettingsSchema and
GSettingsSchemaSource APIs for the convenience of plugin system
authors and those who wish to introspect the contents of
+ Improve the performance of GObject property notifies.
+ GDBus:
- fix a race when unowning a name immediately after owning it
- thread safety improvements on GDBusConnection
- fixes for exit-on-close functionality
+ GIO:
- GInetAddressMask: new type for internet address range
- various GIO file and stream fixes
- improvements to attribute and fileinfo handling
+ Deprecations:
- don\'t use G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED masking for functions anymore
+ docs
- tmpl/ is finally dead for glib

Thu Oct 27 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.31.0:
+ Major changes to threading and synchronisation (see NEWS for
+ New support for attribute-based deprecations to issue compiler
warnings instead of breaking the build and/or giving warnings
about implicit declarations
+ GApplication:
- add ::shutdown signal as logical dual to ::startup
- don\'t use a GMainLoop: iterate the GMainContext directly
+ GDBus:
- many code generation updates and improvements
- some race condition fixes, including testcase hangs
+ GVariant:
- new g_variant_new_from_fixed_array() API
- substantial docs improvements/clarifications
+ Add new GValue API to specifically deal in signed chars.
+ Some new API to mitigate the problems associated with calling
setenv() in a multi-threaded program.
+ New macro G_ATOMIC_LOCK_FREE is defined if the atomic
operations are implemented without use of a mutex.
+ New macros G_SOURCE_CONTINUE and G_SOURCE_REMOVE for returning
from GSourceFunc.
+ GMappedFile can now be created from an fd.
+ GKeyFile is now refcounted and boxed.
+ SOCKS proxy and resolver improvements.
+ Mount monitoring is now based on /proc/mounts instead of mtab.
+ Use CLOCK_MONOTONIC unconditionally if the libc has support at
compile time (ie: stop checking for kernel support at runtime).
+ Use xlocale functions where available.
+ Fix the spelling of G_IO_FLAG_IS_WRITABLE (was WRITEABLE).
+ GCache has been deprecated.
+ Move headers for some deprecated functionality to a separate
deprecated/ directory
+ It is no longer possible to include individual headers.
+ The misguided experiment of allowing the program to stumble
along with missing GSettings schemas is now over.
+ Clarify that fork() is not valid while using GMainContext
+ Error message strings grammar/i18n fixes.
+ Several portability fixes for Windows, OpenBSD, Solaris.
+ pkg-config files:
- drop -uninstalled variants
- remove gobject dependency on gthread
+ Many docs updates.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#70598, bgo#320888, bgo#398418, bgo#527214,
bgo#580505, bgo#583511, bgo#590808, bgo#592715, bgo#631413,
bgo#632049, bgo#640212, bgo#640293, bgo#640975, bgo#643934,
bgo#651268, bgo#653987, bgo#654412, bgo#654563, bgo#655366,
bgo#656621, bgo#656679, bgo#657992, bgo#658188, bgo#658206,
bgo#658207, bgo#658558, bgo#658683, bgo#658692, bgo#658715,
bgo#658769, bgo#658806, bgo#658976, bgo#659070, bgo#659082,
bgo#659212, bgo#659324, bgo#659423, bgo#659427, bgo#659646,
bgo#659690, bgo#659699, bgo#659754, bgo#659838, bgo#659866,
bgo#659870, bgo#659889, bgo#659916, bgo#659920, bgo#659923,
bgo#660013, bgo#660096, bgo#660130.
- Rebase glib2-bgo569829-gettext-gkeyfile.patch.
- Rebase glib2-fate300461-gettext-gkeyfile-suse.patch.

Sat Oct 15 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.30.1:
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#632049, bgo#660147, bgo#660413, bgo#660498,
bgo#660637, bgo#660791, bgo#660886, bgo#661421.
+ Updated translations.

Mon Sep 26 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.30.0:
+ GDBus changes:
- Change property API to avoid namespace problems
- Use correct object path in export_uniquely() method of
- Docs and tests improvements
- Better handling of Ugly_Case method names
- Build fixes for generated code
+ Unix mounts:
- BSD compile fixes
- Ignore mounts with mountpoint \"none\" (as swap is on Debian)
+ GMappedFile:
- Return an error when trying to mmap device files (like
+ drop stray reference to libasyncns
+ Introspection annotation improvements, docs fixes
+ Avoid double close() on the fd of a stream after splicing
+ Desktop file handling: avoid mimeapps.list corruption issue
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#654563, bgo#658188, bgo#658692, bgo#659324,
bgo#659528, bgo#659646, bgo#659690, bgo#659699, bgo#659794,
bgo#659838, bgo#659889,
+ Updated translations.

Sun Sep 18 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.92:
+ GDBus bug fixes:
- fix segfault when remote property is invalidated (bgo#659070)
- take more care in connection teardown to avoid use-after-free
+ GMappedFile: return an error when trying to map a device
+ GSettings: always deliver signals to the correct thread
+ Some small documentation changes
+ Updated translations.

Tue Sep 6 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.90:
+ API/ABI changes:
- Unix signal watches now match the API of all of the other
- Revert the addition of g_date_time_source_new () from last
+ Networking and other fixes for Solaris:
- We no longer support symbolic port names (ie: from
- Check if -lsocket is needed
- Fix g_socket_details_from_fd()
- Avoid getmntinfo
- Fix some harmless warnings
+ GDateTime improvements:
- Generally improved standards compliance (with C99)
- Support C99-specified format strings: %g, %G, %V, %c, %C, %w
- Consult the locale for the preferred 12-hour time format (%r)
- Drop support for non-standard %N and broken %W
- Better support for formatting non-POSIX (eg: Arabic) numerals
- Locale-related test case fixups, and fix some leaks
+ GTlsInteraction: Add interaction method invocation guarantees
+ gdbus-codegen: Post-process all interfaces when parsing >1 file
+ Make GMainLoop, GMainContext and GSource boxed types
+ Fix a race condition in the first use of g_get_monotonic_time()
+ Lots of gtk-doc cleanups
+ Better intltool compatibility when generating pot file
+ Avoid GCC-specific compiler options when not using GCC
+ Updated translations.

Wed Aug 31 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.18:
+ GDateTime is now respecting LC_TIME when formatting
+ GTimeZoneMonitor has been removed again
+ A new API for wallclock functionality has been added:
g_date_time_source_new(). This API is still experimental
and may be changed or removed before 2.30.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#628904, bgo#650763, bgo#655129, bgo#656341,
bgo#656387, bgo#656443, bgo#656675, bgo#656772, bgo#656914,
bgo#657083, bgo#657084, bgo#657138, bgo#657206, bgo#657243,
bgo#657274, bgo#657336, bgo#657452, bgo#657454, bgo#657540,
bgo#657593, bgo#646082, bgo#657517.
+ Updated translations.

Tue Aug 16 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.16:
+ GTlsDatabase: an abstract class that provides support or
certificate and key lookup. An implementation will be provided
in glib-networking
+ GHmac: Support or HMAC digests
+ Misc new API:
- g_ptr_array_add_full: creates a GPtrArray with a preallocated
size and a destroy function
- g_desktop_app_info_get_show_in: checks if a GDesktopAppInfo
should be shown in a given desktop environment
- g_mkdtemp, g_mkdtemp_full, g_dir_make_tmp: create temporary
+ Unify thread wakeup implementations of GMainContext and
GCancellable, and use eventfd for it when available
+ Show mounts in $XDG_USER_DIR in addition to /media and $HOME
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#636572, bgo#644601, bgo#652284, bgo#652827,
bgo#653063, bgo#654078, bgo#654450, bgo#654793, bgo#655044,
bgo#655148, bgo#655241, bgo#655598, bgo#655664, bgo#655769,
bgo#656031, bgo#656048, bgo#656151, bgo#656152, bgo#656162,
bgo#656282, bgo#656283, bgo#118563, bgo#636405, bgo#656039,
+ Updated translations.

Tue Jul 26 14:00:00 2011
- Drop glib2-bnc379332-desktop-su.patch: now that bnc#540627 is
fixed, we do not care about X-KDE-SubstituteUID anymore, so we
don\'t need the patch anymore.

Fri Jul 22 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.14:
+ Unicode improvements:
- add g_unicode_script_{to,from}_iso15924
- more normalisation improvements
- stop using deprecated g_unicode_canonical_decomposition()
+ GParamSpec:
- mark the \'name\' field as \'const\' and add a comment to the
header to help avoid future problems caused by bad hacks
+ Merge some (modified) patches from Debian:
- add some blacklisted mount directories
- sleep longer in a test case, if needed to avoid failing
+ Units policy change:
- prefer use of SI units
- deprecate g_format_size_for_display, add g_format_size(_full)
+ GSettings: don\'t call g_error() when the schema is missing
+ GVariant support for arrays of object paths:
- new g_variant_{new,get,dup}_objv API
- support for g_variant_{new,get} \'^ao\' and \'^a&o\' similar to
+ GDBus:
- use new improved array-of-objects support and pass \'ao\' as
* instead of GVariant
- improve handling of \'h\' type (Unix file descriptor index)
+ GIO:
- fix compilation without USE_STATFS and USE_STATVFS
+ Documentation fixes.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#622921, bgo#648271, bgo#654948, bgo#654988,
bgo#655025, bgo#655076.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop glib2-no-deprecated-call.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop glib2-use-old-pcre.patch: we don\'t support building this
version of glib2 on 11.4 and earlier as it requires changes in
gtk+ and possibly other packages. So there\'s no need to keep this
patch for old versions of openSUSE. This means we can also drop
the call to autoreconf.

Wed Jul 20 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.12:
+ Add new API to do Unicode (de-)composition in atomic steps, for
use in Harfbuzz.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#615895, bgo#617949, bgo#620423, bgo#627974,
bgo#644687, bgo#649246, bgo#653841, bgo#653935, bgo#654017,
bgo#654085, bgo#654195, bgo#654232, bgo#654394, bgo#654536,
bgo#654627, bgo#654651, bgo#654917.
+ Updated translations.
- Add glib2-no-deprecated-call.patch to fix build by not using
newly deprecated API.

Mon Jul 11 14:00:00 2011
- Change python BuildRequires to python-base, as we really just
need the minimal python for the build.

Wed Jul 6 14:00:00 2011
- Rename glib2-branding-upstream subpackage to
+ we do this since the data we add here is related only to gio,
not to the whole glib.
+ add appropriate Provides/Obsoletes for glib2-branding-upstream
to gio-branding-upstream for smooth upgrades.
+ change the branding-related Provides/Conflicts/Supplements to
be about gio.
+ add libgio-2_0-0 Requires to branding subpackage, since the
branding package is useless without the library.
+ remove glib2-branding Requires from libglib-2_0-0.
+ add gio-branding Requires to libgio-2_0-0.
+ make branding subpackage noarch.
+ update summary and description of the branding subpackage.
- Add a README.Gsettings-overrides file, packaged in
gio-branding-upstream to explain how to use overrides for
GSettings. This might help people creating other branding
- Add gio Provides to libgio-2_0-0, to make branding packaging

Tue Jul 5 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.10:
+ New features:
- g_desktop_app_info_get_nodisplay: a function that is required
to port gnome-menus to GDesktopAppInfo
- g_hash_table_iter_replace: new function to replace a value
while iterating over a hash table
- g_utf8_substring: convenience API to extract substrings from
UTF-8 strings
- g_action_group_add_entries: convenience API for creating lots
of actions quickly
- Use eventfd instead of pipes for waking up main contexts and
for cancellation when available
- GMatchInfo is now a refcounted boxed type
+ API changes in GAction:
- the \'set_state\' entry in the GActionInterface vtable has been
renamed to \'change_state
- g_action_set_state has been renamed to g_action_change_state
- the \'state\' property has been changed to read-only
- GSimpleAction can no longer be subclassed
+ Bug fixes: bgo#647796, bgo#652072, bgo#652168, bgo#652750,
bgo#652758, bgo#652822, bgo#652897, bgo#653140, bgo#653429,
+ Updated translations.

Thu Jun 16 14:00:00 2011
- No longer pass --with-runtime-libdir= to configure. This moves
the library back to /usr/lib(64)?, from /lib(64)?. There is
agreement that we do not want to keep moving all libraries in
/lib(64)?, and since libffi was not moved, there\'s no point in
pretending the glib libraries should move too. See bnc#696004 for
more details.

Tue Jun 14 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.8:
+ Fix a deadlock in gobject finalization
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#646608, bgo#646635, bgo#647930, bgo#651745,
bgo#651920, bgo#651959, bgo#651998, bgo#652000, bgo#652002,
bgo#652025, bgo#652081, bgo#652197.
+ Updated translations.

Wed Jun 8 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.6:
+ Atomic operations have been rewritten from scratch to make use
of gcc builtins where possible.
+ A full set of atomic operations on pointers has been added,
including bit locks in pointer-size locations.
+ Access to quarks is now lockless
+ GObject data scalability has been greatly improved
+ g_data_time_format now supports alternative digits and padding
+ Introspection improvements:
- Add a boxed type for GVariantBuilder
- Annotation fixes in GDBus, GVariant, g_base64_
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#502560, bgo#612729, bgo#617491, bgo#619418,
bgo#619435, bgo#626549, bgo#631231, bgo#632294, bgo#640518,
bgo#642026, bgo#646635, bgo#648678, bgo#649480, bgo#649506,
bgo#649657, bgo#649775, bgo#649915, bgo#649973, bgo#649988,
bgo#650078, bgo#650211, bgo#650236, bgo#650345, bgo#650458,
bgo#650459, bgo#650688, bgo#650823, bgo#650874, bgo#650882,
bgo#650884, bgo#650885, bgo#650935, bgo#651009, bgo#651034,
bgo#651133, bgo#651141, bgo#651219, bgo#651223, bgo#651327,
bgo#651467, bgo#651650, bgo#651725, bgo#651745.
+ Updated translations.
- Add python-xml Requires in devel subpackage as it is needed by
gdbus-codegen, and also add python-xml BuildRequires since
gdbus-codegen is run during the build.

Wed Jun 8 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.29.4:
+ GDBus:
- Includes several new types to support modeling D-Bus
objects and interfaces more fully, and also introduces
an \'object manager\' pattern
- The new gdbus-codegen utility uses these new classes
to generate C code and documentation from D-Bus interface
descriptions in XML
+ GTest:
- There is now a g_test_fail() function to mark tests as failed
+ GDesktopAppInfo
- Now has a binding-friendly filename property
- Other new API to more fully expose desktop file contents:
. g_desktop_app_info_get_categories(),
. g_desktop_app_info_get_generic_name()
+ GHashTable:
- Several optimizations to reduce space consumption of
large hash tables, in particular tables that are used
to store sets.
+ Unix-specific APIs:
- GLib now installs a separate header, glib-unix.h, that is
meant to collect Unix-specific APIs
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#631379, bgo#632631, bgo#635694, bgo#637561,
bgo#642935, bgo#643134, bgo#644941, bgo#646013, bgo#646309,
bgo#646435, bgo#646957, bgo#647594, bgo#647602, bgo#647746,
bgo#647826, bgo#647903, bgo#648416, bgo#648423, bgo#648425,
- Changes from version 2.29.2:
+ GApplication
- The documentation has been enhanced and clarified
- An opt-out for uniqueness has been added:
- GApplication now syncs settings before g_application_run()
+ GDBus
- Interface lookups are now happening in constant time
- Signature checking and handling of various unexpected
situations has been improved
+ GVariant
- The format accepted by the GVariant parser has beend
- GVariant accepts G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARDICT for a{sv}
+ GDateTime:
- The return value of g_datetime_compare() has been fixed to
match strcmp() semantics
- In order to handle problems with changing timezones, a
GTimeZoneMonitor has been added to GIO, and
g_time_zone_refresh_local() can be called to update the
cached information about the local timezone
+ GOption now uses /proc/self/cmdline to set the program name
instead and only falls back to \"\" if that is
+ GSettings:
- The schema compiler now warns about references to
non-existing schemas
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#613269, bgo#624943, bgo#637738, bgo#638185,
bgo#639478, bgo#641755, bgo#641768, bgo#642797, bgo#642825,
bgo#642944, bgo#643074, bgo#643197, bgo#643468, bgo#643478,
bgo#643624, bgo#643649, bgo#643780, bgo#643795, bgo#644309,
bgo#644428, bgo#644465, bgo#644552, bgo#644607, bgo#645789,
bgo#646039, bgo#646310, bgo#646420, bgo#646843, bgo#646985,
bgo#647579, bgo#647600
+ Updated translations.
- Add python and pkgconfig(libffi) BuildRequires.

Tue Jun 7 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.28.8:
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#502560, bgo#612729, bgo#619418, bgo#619435,
bgo#631231, bgo#638449, bgo#640518, bgo#642026, bgo#644905,
bgo#646635, bgo#650882, bgo#651009, bgo#651034, bgo#651219,
+ Updated translations.

Tue May 31 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.28.7:
+ Bug fixes: bgo#635694, bgo#637561, bgo#642935, bgo#643134,
bgo#646326, bgo#646435, bgo#647594, bgo#647602, bgo#648416,
bgo#648966, bgo#649915, bgo#650078, bgo#650211, bgo#650236.
+ Updated translations.

Tue Apr 19 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.28.6:
+ Fix a possible crash when using g_settings_delay().
+ Various documentation clarifications.
+ Updated translation.

Mon Apr 4 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.28.5:
+ Fix some introspection annotations
+ Updated translations.

Mon Mar 21 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.28.4:
+ Improve documentation of GSettings vendor override files
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 2.28.3:
+ Fix build with linux < 2.6.19
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#644465: undefined reference to `_usleep\'
- bgo#644552: g_timeout_add_seconds(1, ...) may have a latency.
- bgo#644607: Correct internal definition of C_()
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 2.28.2:
+ Improved documentation:
- GApplication details are explained a lot more thoroughly
+ GVariant now supports NULL for empty arrays in varargs
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#613269, bgo#624943, bgo#637738, bgo#638185,
bgo#642797, bgo#642825, bgo#642944, bgo#643197, bgo#643468,
bgo#643478, bgo#643649, bgo#643780, bgo#643795.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop glib2-fix-default-mime-handler.patch: fixed upstream.

Mon Feb 21 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.28.1:
+ Format accepted by the GVariant parser has beend documented
+ The return value of g_datetime_compare() has been fixed to
match strcmp() semantics
+ Commandline utilities are now fully translated
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#635099, bgo#640489, bgo#642042, bgo#642052,
+ Updated translations.

Sun Feb 20 13:00:00 2011
- Add glib2-fix-default-mime-handler.patch: this fixes an issue
where a user has configured a handler for a relatively generic
mime type, that breaks the default mime handler for subtypes. For
example, if gvim is explicitly configured to open text/plain,
then LibreOffice documents will also open in gvim.

Sun Feb 13 13:00:00 2011
- Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.

Tue Feb 8 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.28.0:
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#641363, bgo#641395, bgo#641411, bgo#641477,
bgo#641572, bgo#641688
+ Updated translations.
- Update glib2-use-old-pcre.patch to change configure script too.
Add call to autoreconf for the patch.

Thu Jan 27 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.27.92:
+ Update to Unicode 6.0
+ Update PCRE to 8.12
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#637696, bgo#638872, bgo#640042.
+ Updated translations.
- Add glib2-use-old-pcre.patch: we don\'t have a recent-enough
version of pcre, so revert the patch doing the update. We apply
the patch on 11.4 and earlier: when the next development cycle
opens, we won\'t need it anymore.

Mon Jan 24 13:00:00 2011
- Add glib2-force-fam-for-remote-fs.patch: try monitoring files on
NFS mounts via FAM before falling back to inotify (bgo#592211).
The patch has been submitted upstream and is not yet in git, but
we do want it since it fixes a really annoying issue for NFS

Fri Jan 14 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.27.91:
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#638838, bgo#638894, bgo#639064, bgo#639084,
+ Updated translations.
- Drop glib2-fix-panel-crash.patch: fixed upstream.

Sat Jan 8 13:00:00 2011
- Add glib2-fix-panel-crash.patch, taken from git: this fixes a
crash in gnome-panel.

Fri Jan 7 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.27.90:
+ Test reports created by gtester-report can now include revision
+ The g_desktop_app_info_launch_
* family of functions now emit a
DBus signal when an application is launched. Additionally,
there is a new variant
g_desktop_app_info_launch_uris_as_manager(), which gives more
control over the launched process.
+ The memory and null GSettings backends are now available as
public API.
+ g_get_locale_variants() is a new function that returns a list
of variants of a locale identifier.
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#587898, bgo#606960, bgo#631980, bgo#634569,
bgo#635998, bgo#636806, bgo#637262, bgo#637544, bgo#637720,
bgo#637738, bgo#637759, bgo#637852, bgo#637858, bgo#638349.
+ Updated translations.

Tue Dec 21 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.27.5:
+ Network support:
- Add g_tls_certificate_verify() to verify a certificate
- Add GTlsConnection:use-system-certdb
- Other TLS api additions
+ GIO:
- Add g_io_stream_splice_async()/_finish() to splice two
- Add g_emblemed_icon_clear_emblems() and make GEmblemedIcon
- Remove GPeriodic; it did not receive the necessary review and
integration work to declare it stable
+ GSequence:
- New methods g_sequence_lookup() and g_sequence_lookup_iter()
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#617254, bgo#632544, bgo#633350, bgo#634583,
bgo#635007, bgo#635626, bgo#636100, bgo#636305, bgo#636311,
bgo#636351, bgo#636387, bgo#636673, bgo#637147, bgo#637171,
+ Updated translations.

Fri Dec 10 13:00:00 2010
- Add support for source service checkout, with %BUILD_FROM_VCS:
+ Add git-core and gtk-doc BuildRequires.
+ Add call to ./
+ Enforce gtk-doc html generation by passing --enable-gtk-doc to
+ Build ChangeLog since we ship it.

Mon Dec 6 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.27.4:
- Mounts are treated as hidden if they have a path element
that starts with a dot
- GAppInfo gained API to differentiate between recommended
and fallback mime handlers
- g_cancellable_create_source: creates a GSource that triggers
when the GCancellable is canceled
- GPollableInput/OutputStream: Interfaces for pollable streams
- TLS support has landed, with an extension point that is
implemented in glib-networking
+ GLib
- Mainloop sources can now have \'child sources\'
- g_get_runtime_dir: New function to return the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#530786, bgo#588189, bgo#630357, bgo#630559,
bgo#632445, bgo#634239, bgo#634241, bgo#634504, bgo#634613,
bgo#635640, bgo#635768, bgo#635882, bgo#635187
+ Updated translations.
- Drop glib2-add-back-extension-point.patch: fixed upstream.

Wed Nov 24 13:00:00 2010
- Add glib2-add-back-extension-point.patch: this adds back the
gio-desktop-app-info-lookup extension point. This fixes big
issues when a GIO module using it is installed. Fix bnc#655561.

Wed Nov 17 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.27.3:
- The GTimeSpec type that was introduced in the 2.27.2 has been
dropped again in favour of APIs that return microseconds as
64-bit integer.
+ GTimer is now using monotonic time unconditionally
+ There are some new functions to facilitate error reporting
in async GIO APIs: g_simple_async_result_take_error,
+ There is new convenience API to us GVariant dictionaries:
+ It is now possible to delay sending match rules to the D-Bus
+ Support has been added for XDG_RUNTIME_DIR:
+ Various fixes for Win64/MSVC builds have been committed
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#620263, bgo#633075, bgo#633381, bgo#633685,
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 2.27.2:
+ GApplication:
- Export actions over DBus and support activating them from
remote instances
- Support environment passing
+ GSettings:
- The gsettings utility has a list-recursively command
- The gsettings utility has commandline completion for enum
+ GLib is now linked against librt and uses monotonic time for
timeouts and GPeriod sources. GSource has a new
g_source_get_time() which returns monotonic time, and
g_source_get_current_time() has been deprecated
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#158725, bgo#626320, bgo#629247, bgo#629274,
bgo#631264, bgo#631482, bgo#632169, bgo#632571, bgo#633115,
bgo#633206, bgo#633339, bgo#633356.
+ Updated translations.

Mon Nov 1 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.27.1:
+ GDateTime now has full week number support.
New API: g_date_time_get_week_numbering_year
+ The GSettings schema compiler will now skip over broken .xml
schema files instead of aborting altogether.
+ GSettings now works properly on bigendian systems.
+ GSettings has more complete support for ranges.
New API: g_settings_get_range and g_settings_range_check
The gsettings commandline tool supports ranges too.
+ GApplication has been rewritten; see the API docs for details
and examples. The action support is not complete yet.
+ The GLib mainloop has gained \'dispatch to context\'
functionality, which can replace manually created idles in many
New API: g_main_context_invoke and g_main_context_invoke_full
+ The gio-desktop-app-info-lookup extension point has been
removed from GIO. GIO now uses x-scheme-handler mimetypes when
looking for default applications.
+ On win32, make g_get_user_data_dir() return the
CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA folder on Windows, and not CSIDL_PERSONAL.
This matches what Qt does, and has been widely requested. Also
make g_get_user_config_dir() return this and not the (roaming)
+ A periodic event clock has been added in GIO: GPeriodic. Note
that this API is still experimental and expected to undergo
changes before it will be incorporated into a stable GLib
release. Use at your own risk.
+ Bug fixes: bgo#613822, bgo#618737, bgo#620710, bgo#623400,
bgo#627126, bgo#627171, bgo#628876, bgo#628937, bgo#629274,
bgo#629289, bgo#629687, bgo#629849, bgo#629945, bgo#630000,
bgo#630077, bgo#630185, bgo#630797, bgo#630968, bgo#631263,
bgo#631264, bgo#631379, bgo#631410, bgo#632884.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop glib2-fix-regex-build.patch: fixed upstream.

Mon Nov 1 13:00:00 2010
- Add a with_systemtap define to easily switch between building
with and without systemtap support, and set it to 0 for now: it
creates a build loop.

Wed Oct 13 14:00:00 2010
- Pass --with-runtime-libdir=../../%{_lib} to configure to install
libraries (just the .so.
*, not the .so) in /lib(64)? instead of
+ This makes sense since most and most tools used during early
boot stage need glib libraries, and the libraries only link
against other libraries in /lib(64)? already.
+ It\'s worth mentioning that gio modules and all the GSettings
API do require /usr, though: gio modules are installed in
/usr/lib(64)?/gio and GSettings need
/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas. This shouldn\'t be an issue during
early boot, since those API don\'t really make sense there.
- Create a devel-static subpackage, to put the static libraries. It
depends on the devel subpackage.
- Remove glib2-64bit Obsoletes from libgmodule-2_0-0, libgio-2_0-0,
libgthread-2_0-0, libgobject-2_0-0: it\'s already done by
libglib-2_0-0, and all those libraries depend on libglib-2_0-0.
- Update summaries and descriptions.
- Change the license tag of all packages to LGPLv2+, instead of a
mix of LGPLv2.1+ and GPLv2+ which are both wrong.
- Change groups of most subpackages to System/Libraries, instead of
Development/Libraries/C and C++.
- Use find to remove .la files instead of manual rm.
- Put comments that are in the scriptlets area of the spec file in
\"%if 0\" statement: if we don\'t do that, they actually end up in
the scriplets and can even make them fail if the scriptlets were
just \"-p /sbin/ldconfig\".

Mon Oct 11 14:00:00 2010
- Add missing Requires for glib2-tools to libgio-fam in
- Update baselibs.conf to remove assumption in the scriptlets of
the generated packages that they are 32bit packages.
- Use in baselibs.conf since we use full paths there, and
this is needed for x86 packages that put files in

Tue Oct 5 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.27.0 (compared to 2.25.15):
+ Build:
- massive restructuring to reduce #include abuse
- tweaks to silence some harmless compiler warnings
- rename gschema-compile.c to glib-compile-schemas.c
- Windows fixes
- fix building with zlib < 1.2.4 on win32
+ GDateTime:
- better msgctxt for translating month and weekday names
- API is changed quite a lot, implementation is improved
- GTimeZone is now exposed
+ GObject:
- make ordering for overridden interface properties consistent
- ->priv structures are limited to 64k but this was not
documented, and exceeding this limit produced bad results.
Add docs and enforce the limit properly.
- add g_object_class_install_properties() to install multiple
properties in one go
- improve debugging output for GValue containing G_TYPE_STRV
+ GIO:
- fix priority sorting of GIO extensions
- add GCredentials support on FreeBSD
- fix support for IPv6 addresses in URI parsing functions
- GSocketClient fixes for when g_socket_connect succeeds
- clarify string encoding for GFile constructors in docs
- new functions g_data_input_stream_read_upto{,async,finish}
- tweak confusing documentation for g_output_stream_write()
+ GDBus:
- GDBusMessage can now be locked and copied (like in libdbus)
- GDBusConnection filter function API has changed again
- GDBusServer: ::new-connection now declares if the connection
was claimed
- add a partial workaround for bgo#627724.
- very many memory leaks fixed
+ GVariant:
- check for size == 0 in g_variant_get_bytestring to avoid a
crash when attempting to get_bytestring() from an empty array
- improve gobject-introspection annotations
+ GSettings:
- add GSettings Windows registry backend
- some internal tweaks to the backend API
- remove g_settings_list_items
- add g_settings_list_children and _list_keys to replace it
- add schema compiler restrictions for dealing with lists
- don\'t automatically emit value changed signals on writability
+ Other:
- constify the \'parser\' vtable param to
- plug many memory leaks in test cases
+ Bugs closed: bgo#50076, bgo#584284, bgo#624546, bgo#626919,
bgo#628029, bgo#628253, bgo#628331, bgo#628345, bgo#628436,
bgo#628505, bgo#628839, bgo#628904, bgo#628952, bgo#629192,
bgo#629251, bgo#629259, bgo#629328, bgo#629429, bgo#629689,
+ Updated translations.
- Add glib2-fix-regex-build.patch to fix build.

Thu Sep 30 14:00:00 2010
- Add python BuildRequires to work around an error in
systemtap-sdt-devel packages on openSUSE < Factory/11.4.

Mon Sep 27 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.26.0:
+ GSettings:
- allow override files to have entries for non-existent schemas
- schema compiler no longer aborts due to an error in a single
.xml file
+ GDBus:
- fix some race conditions in the connection test cases
+ GDateTime:
- hide some implementation details (time zones)
- fix parameter naming in header file to match .c file
- add G_GNUC_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT for modifier functions
- add full ISO 8601 week date support and improve docs
+ Other:
- g_quark_try_string(NULL) now returns 0 without error
- clean up confusing code in GSocketControlMessage
- fix SOCKS5 memory leak
- improve some docs
+ Bugs closed: bgo#628937, bgo#629687, bgo#630000, bgo#630077,
+ Updated translations.
- Remove python BuildRequires, that was there only because of a bug
in systemtap-sdt-devel dependencies.

Sun Sep 19 14:00:00 2010
- Add shared-mime-info Requires to libgio-2_0-0. Fix bnc#555605.

Sun Sep 19 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.25.17:
+ Fix build when compiling against the system-installed pcre
library (bgo#629971).
- Drop glib2-fix-build-system-pcre.patch: fixed upstream.

Sat Sep 18 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.25.16:
+ GApplication:
- GApplication, GAction and related classes have been removed
from this release of glib. There will -not- be a replacement
for 2.26.0.
+ Build:
- massive restructuring to reduce #include abuse
- tweaks to silence some harmless compiler warnings
- rename gschema-compile.c to glib-compile-schemas.c
- Windows fixes
- fix building with zlib < 1.2.4 on win32
+ GDateTime:
- better msgctxt for translating month and weekday names
- API is changed quite a lot, implementation is improved
- GTimeZone is now exposed
+ GObject:
- make ordering for overridden interface properties consistent
- ->priv structures are limited to 64k but this was not
documented, and exceeding this limit produced bad results.
Add docs and enforce the limit properly.
- add g_object_class_install_properties() to install multiple
properties in one go
- improve debugging output for GValue containing G_TYPE_STRV
+ GIO:
- fix priority sorting of GIO extensions
- add GCredentials support on FreeBSD
- fix support for IPv6 addresses in URI parsing functions
- GSocketClient fixes for when g_socket_connect succeeds
- clarify string encoding for GFile constructors in docs
- new functions g_data_input_stream_read_upto{,async,finish}
- tweak confusing documentation for g_output_stream_write()
+ GDBus:
- GDBusMessage can now be locked and copied (like in libdbus)
- GDBusConnection filter function API has changed again
- GDBusServer: ::new-connection now declares if the connection
was claimed
- add a partial workaround for GObject bgo#627724.
- very many memory leaks fixed
+ GVariant:
- check for size == 0 in g_variant_get_bytestring to avoid a
crash when attempting to get_bytestring() from an empty array
- improve gobject-introspection annotations
+ GSettings:
- add GSettings Windows registry backend
- some internal tweaks to the backend API
- remove g_settings_list_items
- add g_settings_list_children and _list_keys to replace it
- add schema compiler restrictions for dealing with lists
- don\'t automatically emit value changed signals on writability
+ Other:
- constify the \'parser\' vtable param to
- plug many memory leaks in test cases
+ Bugs closed: bgo#50076, bgo#584284, bgo#624546, bgo#626919,
bgo#628029, bgo#628253, bgo#628331, bgo#628345, bgo#628436,
bgo#628505, bgo#628839, bgo#628904, bgo#628952, bgo#629192,
bgo#629251, bgo#629259, bgo#629328, bgo#629429, bgo#629689,
+ Updated translations.
- Add glib2-fix-build-system-pcre.patch to fix build with the
system pcre.

Fri Sep 3 14:00:00 2010
- Fix typo in %glib2_gio_module_post from macros.glib2, that was
causing an error in %post of packages using it.

Tue Aug 31 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.25.15:
+ GIO:
- Memory leak fixes
- The GZip(De}Compressor can now process header information
- Support for network proxies has been added, with the GProxy
interface and the gio-proxy-resolver extension point. GIO
includes SOCKSv4 and SOCKSv5 implementations, and libproxy
is also going to provide an implementation of this extension
- There are GAction and GActionGroup interfaces now, which will
be used in GApplication in the near future.
+ GObject:
- There are now convenience macros for defining boxed and
pointer types
+ GDBus:
- Memory leak fixes
- GDBusProxy for well-known names can now auto-restart
the service if the name owner disappears
- Filter functions are now allowed to modify messages
+ GLib:
- GDateTime is a replacement for GDate that supports time
and timezone information.
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#50076: Time API to go with date API
- bgo#449565: Add G_DEFINE_BOXED_TYPE()
- bgo#617691: Add GZIP header processing to
- bgo#622184: add g_memory_output_stream_steal_data
- bgo#624546: Modification of GDBusMessage in filter function
- bgo#627088: Build failure in gdbus-peer.c on FreeBSD
- bgo#627181: save a memdup
- bgo#627182: Plug a mem leak in the gdbus-connection test
- bgo#627187: Plug some gdbus mem leaks
- bgo#627188: gdbus-non-socket test occasionally fails
- bgo#627252: G_OPTION_FLAG_NO_ARG is only for callback options
- bgo#627392: gdbus commit 8a3a4596 breaks win32 compile
- bgo#627407: FTBFS on !linux UNIX platforms
- bgo#627604: String error: \'that\' twice in a row
- bgo#627969: ABR in g_file_open_tmp
- bgo#628084: gdbus-peer fails with assertion
- bgo#628193: Miscellaneous string fixes
- bgo#628296: abort() in gsocketconnection.c
- bgo#628309: Plug a mem leak in GConverterOutputStream
- bgo#628317: GEmblemedIcon:equal implementation is buggy
- bgo#628323: Fix invalid reads
- bgo#628327: Plug a mem leak
- bgo#628328: Plug a mem leak
- bgo#628329: Don\'t leak the FD list
- bgo#628324: Invalid reads in gdbus-export test
+ Updated translations.

Tue Aug 17 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.25.14:
+ GDBus:
- Make the closure variants of GDBus apis work
- Make error unregistration work
- bgo#626748: Use async IO in the IO thread
+ GIO:
- bgo#626208: Make g_simple_async_result_is_valid work without
- GSocketClient: add a timeout property
- Fix memory leaks in GSocketClient
- bgo#616458: Handle async vs. sync correctly in
GSocketConnection stream
- Declare stream base classes as abstract
- bgo#627071: Clarify semantics of g_output_stream_write()
+ Other:
- Improve test coverage for GDBus, GRegex, GAsyncResult
- Drop dead code in pcre, xdgmime
- bgo#578295: Fix a race condition in gtester
- bgo#626704: Avoid an extra allocation in GAsyncQueue
- bgo#626841: Add test case for non-socket GIOStream
- bgo#622770: More explicit GVariant docs
- bgo#602417: Imroved docs for GAsyncInitable and

Sun Aug 8 14:00:00 2010
- Make %glib2_gio_module_post and %glib2_gio_module_postun
functions that can take an optional argument, to specify for
which directory we want to create a module cache. By default,
with no argument, we just use the directory of modules for gio

Sat Aug 7 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.25.13:
+ The primary purpose of this release is to fix a serious problem
with glib 2.25.12: glibconfig.h (as generated on a Fedora amd64
system) was being distributed in the tarball. It was being
used to build some parts of glib on other systems (eg: 32bit
ones). This was causing some very serious problems.
+ Build and testing:
- vastly improved test coverage
- old tests moved to the gtester framework
- gtester Makefile modified so that the tests only run once
- cleanup of how we handle includes while building glib
+ GVariant:
- add a g_return_if_fail (utf8) to g_variant_new_string()
+ GDBus:
- perform extra sanity checks when serialising messages
- add API to query and set the byteorder of a GDBusMessage
- improve debug output, add some extra options
- if exiting due to the bus disconnecting us, print an error
message explaining why
- sort property names correctly
- don\'t bother sending RemoveMatch when we will close the
connection anyway
- use effective uid/gid for credential passing
+ GSettings:
- add G_SETTINGS_BIND_INVERT_BOOLEAN for inverting boolean
bindings without mapping functions
- mark all strings in the schema compiler for translation
+ Binding:
- improve closure support for bindings
- copy GSettings INVERT_BOOLEAN flag
+ Other:
- fix another complicated GCancellable deadlock possibility
+ Bugs closed: bgo#599590, bgo#619026, bgo#624739, bgo#625472,
bgo#625500, bgo#625628, bgo#625753, bgo#625827, bgo#625988,
+ Updated translations.
- Remove workaround for misinstallation of systemtap files: this is
fixed now.

Fri Jul 30 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.25.12:
+ Build:
- cleanup automake setup
- rename to
- various docs fixups
- move glibconfig.h to glib/
- disable dtrace support on Mac OS (which has incompatible
+ GSettings:
- add support for vendor override files (to change the default
values in a schema)
- change GSettingsBackend vtable
- add g_settings_reset()
- support binding to G_TYPE_STRV properties
+ GDBus:
- many bug fixes, including a serialisation fix
- stop handling incoming connections as soon as stop() is
- proper support for file descriptor passing
- new flags parameter for sending messages
- new flags parameter for subscribing to signals
- always reset the message serial when sending a message unless
- constness fixes for introspection structures
- clean ups to subtree registration API
+ Other:
- fix divide by zero bug in g_malloc_n functions
- GIO: don\'t blindly assume that SOCK_CLOEXEC is supported
- make GObject property notify freezes threadsafe
- GIO: clean up credentials passing
- GApplication: make default-quit not apply if register=FALSE
- GIO: add annotations for gobject-introspection
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#166020 use GAtomic for refcounting
- bgo#617483 Credentials passing
- bgo#622005 [GApplication] no way to modify the \"default-quit\"
- bgo#623293 vendor override files
- bgo#623810 Message serialization bug
- bgo#623815 Don\'t check sender for GDBusProxy objects where
name is not set
- bgo#624473 GDBusSubtreeIntrospectFunc return type
- bgo#624483 GDBusSubtreeEnumerateFunc clarification
- bgo#624484 GDBusSubtreeDispatchFunc clarification
- bgo#624754 gdbusaddress.c missing sys/wait.h
- bgo#624968 div by zero in g_malloc_n family
- bgo#624991 GSettings mapping for G_TYPE_STRV
- bgo#625383 Add missing GI annotations
+ Updated translations.

Thu Jul 22 14:00:00 2010
- Add rpm macros to ease installation of external gio modules and
of gsettings schemas.
- Rename the main package to glib2-tools since it\'s really what it
contains. Instead, make libglib-2_0-0 provides/obsoletes glib2.
- Make the devel package Requires glib2-tools, since users of the
new rpm macros will need the tools during the build.
- Also do not move the post/postun scriptlets of previous glib2 to
glib2-tools: gio-querymodules needs to be called by packages
installing a module, not by the package containing
- Move glib-compile-schemas from devel package to glib2-tools.
- Add %{_datadir}/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled ghost file to
libgio-2_0-0: this is where gsettings schemas will be compiled.
- Add glib2-tools Recommends to libgio-2_0-0, since those tools are
useful when libgio is installed.

Wed Jul 21 14:00:00 2010
- Change pcre-devel BuildRequires to pkgconfig(libpcre).
- Remove checks for old versions of openSUSE (11.0).
- Remove conflicts with gnome-vfs2 < 2.22.0 which is not needed
since openSUSE 11.0.
- Remove workaround that was settings the +x permission on
- Add systemtap support: add systemtap-sdt-devel BuildRequires,
pass --enable-systemtap to configure and add workaround for
misinstalled tapsets. We also temporary need a python
BuildRequires because of a missing dependency for
- Use %{?_smp_mflags} instead of %{?jobs:-j%jobs}.

Wed Jul 14 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.25.11:
+ Many changes since 2.24.1. See NEWS for the full list of
changes, the list below is only highlights.
+ Add GSettings API.
+ Add a predefined boxed type for GError.
+ Add support for timeouts in GSocket.
+ Add GDBus API.
+ GVariant now requires strings to be UTF-8.
+ Initial support for dtrace and systemtap profiling.
+ Add GPermission interface.
+ Add GApplication API.
+ Add GBinding API.
+ Deprecate GRelation and GCompletion.
+ Updated translations.

Thu Jun 3 14:00:00 2010
- Break a requirement cycle between glib2 and libgio-2_0-0, to fix
+ remove libgio-2_0-0 Requires(post)/Requires(postun) from main
+ remove glib2 Requires from libglib-2_0-0, libgmodule-2_0-0,
libgio-2_0-0, libgthread-2_0-0, libgobject-2_0-0.
+ add a Recommends for glib2-lang in libglib-2_0-0 to make the
translations installed by default.
- Move some gio files from glib2 to libgio-2_0-0. Unfortunately, it
means we get unversioned files in a subpackage for a versioned
library, but that\'s what we really need: /usr/lib/gio belongs
there and we have a symlink pointing to
/usr/share/applications/defaults.list (so we don\'t want a
dangling symlink).

Mon May 3 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.24.1:
+ bgo#615379: g_new macros crash if sizeof(struct_type) == 0
+ bgo#614185: g_type_class_add_private() documentation is not
+ bgo#614372: g_stat() is funny
+ bgo#615111: GAsyncInitable\'s default implementation is broken
+ Fix race in g_cancellable_cancel()
+ Fix for g_variant_iter_loop()
+ Make g_string_append_len() accept NULL lf len == 0
+ Fix typo in GMutex error message
+ Translation updates

Fri Mar 26 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.24.0:
+ Bug fixes:
- bgo#613601: buglet in dup_close_on_exec_fd
- bgo#584284: g_data_input_stream_read_until_async behaves
- bgo#613748: Write errors in middle of copy cause hang
- bgo#613923: splice_stream_with_progress: wrong error handling
- bgo#613667: Typo in GObject documentation
- bgo#613618: gvariant format string docs unclear
+ Updated translations.

Mon Mar 22 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.23.6:
+ Class private data:
- support for private data associated with a GTypeClass
+ GVariant merge is now complete:
- loading functions and parser merged
+ Windows improvements:
- socket fixes
- various build improvements
- removal of GCC/C99isms in favour of portable code
- drop unmaintained Visual Studio 8 support
+ Minor API addition:
- g_desktop_app_info_get_filename()
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#521707 Class private data
- bgo#612502 build fails on glib/tests/gvariant.c
- bgo#612832 [GDesktopAppInfo] New function
- bgo#612702 [PATCH] Fix GSocket-related crash on Windows
- bgo#612736 Improve the documentation about single include
- bgo#610858 gvariant test fails sometimes
- bgo#612327 uninitialized variable
+ Updated translations.

Mon Mar 8 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.23.5:
+ New API addition: g_malloc_n() and friends used to implement an
overflow-safe family of g_new() macros.
+ GVariant:
- GVariantBuilder and GVariantIter are now merged.
- The variable arguments API is now merged.
- The parser will be in a future release.
+ GIO:
- Remove GUtf8InputStream (which never appeared in a stable
release) for now since it doesn\'t satisfy the needs of its
main intended use case. We hope to reimplement this feature
in a better form in a future release.
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#609531: missing licence headers
- bgo#611897: g_io_modules_scan_all_in_directory leaks
- bgo#608196: Overflow-safe g_new family
- bgo#611696: gio uses GetAddrInfo which requires special
handing on windows 2k
- bgo#605667: Don\'t use G_PARAM_SPEC_VALUE_TYPE when we know
the pspec is valid
- bgo#610860: test_g_file_open_readwrite fails if $HOME is
- bgo#552912: glib-2.18 /live-g-file/test_copy_move failed when
run as root
- bgo#609813: Renaming a file discards file notes
+ Updated translations.

Mon Feb 22 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.23.4:
+ GVariant:
- The core of GVariant has been merged now, with some API still
to follow.
+ GIO:
- There is a new interface GFileDescriptorBased for file
descriptor based IO. GLocalFile{Input,Output}Stream implement
- Use splice(2) to transfer data between file descriptors
without extraneous copies
- Add a way to request move events from file monitors
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#609143 -
*result_uncertain is never assigned in
- bgo#604086 - Use splice(2) when doing local file copies
- bgo#547890 - No move events for GFileMonitorEvent?
- bgo#568760 - nautilus freezes due to a bug in garray.c:322
- bgo#609962 - Add info about the use of G_DEFINE_INTERFACE
- bgo#609564 - g_base64_encode_close docs should mention outbuf
- bgo#610484 - g_variant_equal bug
- bgo#610131 - libasyncns does not compile on Solaris 8
- bgo#609530 - missing single header include guards
+ Updated translations

Fri Feb 12 13:00:00 2010
- Do not call gio-querymodules in %postun of the main package since
we don\'t have gio-querymodules anymore at that point.

Wed Feb 10 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.23.3:
+ GLib now has a facility for locks that consume only one bit of
storage inside an integer: g_bit_lock()
+ GVariant:
- The serializer has been merged, with more API to follow
+ Bugs fixed
- bgo#548967: 1 bit mutex lock
- bgo#604967: 2.22.3 libasyncns build fails on HP-UX 11.11
- bgo#608602: G_VALUE_COLLECT_INIT variables shadow those in
- bgo#608743: Crash in g_hostname_to_ascii visiting certain
website in epiphany
- bgo#599197: array ref and unref functions crash on NULL
- bgo#608159: mem leak in g_io_modules_scan_all_in_directory
+ Updated translations.

Wed Jan 27 13:00:00 2010
- Correctly use gio-querymodules:
+ package it in main package, with a giomodule.cache ghost file
+ rename it gio-querymodules-64 on 64 bits platforms
+ add Requires(post)/Requires(postun) to main package and
libgio-fam to make sure that gio-querymodules would work
+ add post/postun scriptlets for main package and libgio-fam

Mon Jan 25 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.23.2:
+ We are now using gcc builtins for atomic operations when
+ g_assert() grew the ability to store assertions in core dumps
+ GIO supports lazy loading of GIO modules, and there is a new
gio-querymodule utility that goes along with this.
+ Threading changes:
- The requirements for g_thread_init() have been relaxed
slightly, it can be called multiple times, and does not have
to be the first call
- GObject now links to GThread and threads are enabled
automatically when g_type_init() is called
- Thread-safety issues with boxed types in GObject have been
+ GObject:
- Another bunch of performance work has landed
+ GVariant:
- GVariantType has been merged, with the rest of the GVariant
API to follow
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#568760 - nautilus freezes due to a bug in garray.c:322
- bgo#602417 - Document lifecycles of GSimpleAsyncResult and
- bgo#604824 - crash in Epiphany: Selecting my Slashdot bo...
- bgo#448888 - don\'t init g_slice for always-malloc
- bgo#531902 - Use GCC atomic buildins for g_atomic
- bgo#554887 - boxed type registration is not thread safe
- bgo#586150 - unresolved symbols when building glib 2.21.2 on
OS X Tiger
- bgo#589176 - row gvalue transform array exponentially
- bgo#594872 - Support storing assertion messages into core
- bgo#602240 - Upgrade libasyncns to 0.8
- bgo#603590 - Speed up G_VALUE_COLLECT
- bgo#604457 - gutf8inputstream.c: increasing unknown size
- bgo#605686 - GCharsetConverter doesn\'t flush
- bgo#605733 - g_memory_output_stream_new violates GObject
- bgo#605883 - g_object_new() processes varargs even when there
are none
- bgo#605977 - invalid utf-8 conversion in
- bgo#606775 - Enable threads by default in gobject
+ Translation updates

Tue Dec 22 13:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.23.1:
+ GObject performance work has landed:
- Construction of simple objects is much faster
- Interface lookup is lock-free and constant-time now
- Reduced locking overhead when dealing with types
+ GType now has a G_DEFINE_INTERFACE convenience macro
+ GIO gained GUtf8InputStream, an input stream that performs
utf-8 validation
+ GLib now has byte-swap macros for gsize and gssize
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#603982: Stack overflow when reading file async with
- bgo#557151, bgo#557100, bgo#501166, bgo#585375, bgo#587892,
bgo#603270, bgo#603476, bgo#603540, bgo#604645, bgo#604875,
+ Updated translations.

Mon Dec 21 13:00:00 2009
- Update gtk-doc.m4 from gtk-doc package.

Mon Dec 14 13:00:00 2009
- Add baselibs.conf as a source
- Package baselibs for SPARC

Wed Dec 2 13:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.23.0:
+ GIO:
- GConverter: a generic interface for stateful conversions of
data, suitable for charset conversion, compression,
decompression, regexp replacement. Concrete implementations
are GCharsetConverter, GZlibCompressor and GZlibDecompressor.
GConverterInputStream, GConverterOutputStream are stream
implementations that convert data while loading or saving it.
- GMounts can now have a \'default location\': a path that
reflects the main entry point for the user (e.g. the home
- As a consequence of the compression support, GIO depends on
zlib now.
+ GObject:
- G_IMPLEMENT_INTERFACE_DYNAMIC: a convenience macro for adding
interfaces to dynamic types.
+ GModule:
- The -pthread flag has been added to all gmodule .pc files,
because it is not generally permissible to load modules that
are linked against libpthread if the program has not been
compiled with threading support.
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#601637: GUnixFDMessage should contain a GUnixFDList
- bgo#585566: GSocketListener API issues
- bgo#572252: Bug in g_file_test() function.
- bgo#600550: g_app_info_create_from_commandline doesn\'t treat
arguments properly
- bgo#541236: not detecting exact content type
- bgo#350200: [PATCH] GTypeModule derived class unref does not
unload plugin
- bgo#589631: Please enclose literal values with double quotes
- bgo#577711: cross compile check for g++ broken
- bgo#600620: Support X-GNOME-FullName in GAppInfo
- bgo#598899: GWin32DirectoryMonitor is broken
- bgo#593809: Nautilus does not restore the position of the
icons on the desktop...
- bgo#563627: g_get_prgname() threadsafety
- bgo#600141: Add -pthread to gmodule pkg-config
- bgo#593856: file and directory monitors don\'t work when glib
is compiled...
- bgo#324930: Nautilus should disallow copying of symlink to
FAT drive early
- bgo#587300: Deadlock when calling g_cancellable_disconnect in
- bgo#595138: GFile not robust with invalid input
- bgo#591216: Warning building resolver.o
- bgo#590016: Does not compile under MinGW32 + Wine
- bgo#591214: Warnings building gcancellable.o
- bgo#561998: Have specific entry points (paths) for mounts...
- bgo#535159: g_file_has_parent
+ Updated translations.
- Add zlib-devel BuildRequires.
- Remove AutoReqProv: it\'s default now.
- Fix self-obsoletion with glib2-doc.
- Drop glib2-mkinstalldirs.patch: I have no idea why this patch has
been there forever, but I don\'t think it\'s needed. This also
enables us to remove the autoreconf call.
- Drop glib2-aclocal.patch: this is actually unneeded, since
acinclude.m4 contains what\'s needed.

Fri Nov 13 13:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.22.2:
+ GIO:
- Support case-sensitive globs in the shared mime database,
including support for the newer cache format that allows
+ GObject:
- Speed up creation of simple objects
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#597194: Typo in _G_TYPE_CVH macro
+ Updated translations.

Tue Oct 27 13:00:00 2009
- Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).

Wed Sep 30 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.22.1:
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#596064 Test file marked for translation
- bgo#595972 possibly invalid search in
- bgo#596561 C99 style of declaration of variable in
- bgo#596314 g_utf16_to_utf8 returns an invalid UTF8 string
- bgo#596748 g_async_result_get_source_object returns a new ref
- bgo#593809 Nautilus does not restore the position of the
- bgo#593775 uses inotify_init1 unconditionally
+ Updated translations.

Tue Sep 29 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.22.0:
+ Add gdb python macros to make gobject debugging more pleasant
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#579050: Allow making selected critical and warning
messages non-fatal
- bgo#594759: g_socket_send_message fails due to invalid
sendmsg params
- bgo#593941: GNetworkAddress skipping addresses when
- bgo#594597: Fix build with srcdir != builddir
- bgo#595619: Include gdb pretty printers
+ Changes that might affect bindings:
- The error parameter of g_simple_async_result_set_from_error
has been made const.
+ Updated translations.

Mon Sep 7 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.21.6:
+ Minor API additions:
- g_mkstemp_full is a variant of g_mkstemp that allows to
specify flags and permissions
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#593232 g_rand_new: read no more than requested from
- bgo#591995 use saved errno
- bgo#589491 g_time_val_from_iso8601 doesn\'t handle some cases
- bgo#593406 Permissions set to 777 after copying via Nautilus
- bgo#594034 Add g_mkstemp_full()
+ Translation updates.

Tue Aug 25 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.21.5:
+ A performance problem with trashing of many files has been
+ GResolver now invalidates the libc resolv.conf cache as needed
+ Minor api additions:
- g_cancellable_make_pollfd returns a boolean now. And there is
a new function g_cancellable_release_fd that can be used to
released the resources used by a GCancellable.
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#589988: Compilation error on Solaris 9 (missing stdint.h)
- bgo#588901: gtcpconnection.c won\'t compile
- bgo#584246: GResolver needs to call res_init() when network
state changes
- bgo#591714: Figure out failure handling for
- bgo#591532: redundent \'/\' returned from
- bgo#591378: Use MSG_NOSIGNAL in GSocket if it\'s available
- bgo#589649: API documentation migration for Base64 Encoding
- bgo#591840: configure fails with autoconf 2.64
+ Updated translations.

Sat Jul 18 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.21.4:
+ GTree is now refcounted
+ bgo#587938 Undocumented limitation for g_str_equal
+ bgo#587773 refcounts for GTree
+ Translation updates

Mon Jun 15 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.21.2:
+ GIO:
- g_socket_speaks_ipv4 is a new function to check if a socket
can speak IPv4.
- g_socket_listener_add_address gained a new effective_address
out parameter.
- GIO now returns special icons for XDG user directories, by
the name folder-music, folder-documents, etc.
- GIO gained support for starting/stopping of drives, which can
be used in connection with external hard disk enclosures,
disk arrays, iSCSI devices, etc. See
+ GLib:
- g_reload_user_special_dirs_cache is a new function to force
GLib to reload the XDG user directory mapping from disk.
+ Bug fixes:
- bgo#584574: glib compile failure on Mac OS X with
gunixresolver.c and...
- bgo#585566: GSocketListener API issues
- bgo#584255: Incorrect freeing of thread pool in
- bgo#585088: g_string_chunk_insert_len stops at nul bytes
- bgo#585360: Monitor fontconfig configuration files using gio
causes m...
- bgo#580103: Terminal starts on Display :0.0 when started on
:0.1 in D...
- bgo#580301: network: a few issues on old darwin
- bgo#583398: SRV weight sorting is incorrect
- bgo#584176: build fixes on FreeBSD
- bgo#585189: g_cancellable_reset() must be called in same
thread as g_...
- bgo#585280: compilation dies on gio/gsocket.c, needs
sys/uio.h to con...
- bgo#585281: gio/gunixfdmessage.c needs sys/types.h for
platforms that...
- bgo#585478: don\'t leak the inotify fd
- bgo#585575: g_socket_listener_add_inet_port() doesn\'t do the
right thing
- bgo#585599: g_socket_listener_add_socket() consumes the
- bgo#585676: GEmblem doesn\'t reference its \'icon\' if that is
set as a ...
- bgo#585717: \"bytes\" nautilus translation to french is not
shown in th...
- bgo#541276: XDG directories should have their own icons
- bgo#585726: Grammatical error in GList documentation
- bgo#585520: Wrong warning option in documentation
- bgo#585673: GNOME Goal: Remove deprecated glib symbols
- bgo#585591: Starting/stopping drives
+ Updated translations.

Fri May 29 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.21.1:
+ GIO:
- Support for network IO has been added, including a low-level
socket API and a high-level API for network connections and
- Support for read-write access with GIOStream and its
- GMount gained a pre-unmount signal.
+ Bug fixes:
- bgo#576104: Implement GMount::pre-unmount
- bgo#578769: implement GWinHttpFileInputStream::close_fn
- bgo#582856: gsocket.c doesn\'t compile on Solaris
- bgo#569375: g[u]intptr undocumented
- bgo#573246: [FIX] g_desktop_app_info_dup() can access NULL
- bgo#575013: g_cancellable_push_current() does not allow NULL
- bgo#577884: live-g-file.c:461: error: format ā€˜%dā€™ expects
type ...
- bgo#578499: g_output_stream_splice and stream closing with
gnio strea...
- bgo#579558: Application employing gvfs crashes with only
- bgo#583001: SIGPIPE (grr!)
- bgo#583061: Please add convenience function to connect to
machines by...
- bgo#583198: typo in error message
- bgo#583206: use g_set_error_literal where appropriate
- bgo#583229: void function g_async_initable_init_async returns
- bgo#583324: locking problem in g_main_context_iterate()
- bgo#583408: void function g_socket_control_message_serialize
returns ...
- bgo#578786: wrong and confusing error message
- bgo#583205: g_inet_address_to_bytes has no length outparam
- bgo#583196: mem leak in keyfile test
- bgo#583663: GSocketType enum ends with a comma
- bgo#569024: Make g_error_new_valist public
- bgo#569376: missing G_G[U]INTPTR_FORMAT
- bgo#580347: off-by-1 bug in GWinHttpFile
+ Updated translations.

Tue May 5 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.21.0:
+ GIO:
- New helper functions g_cancellable_connect/disconnect to avoid
race conditions when connecting to the \"cancelled\" signal on
- New types and methods for dealing with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
(and UNIX domain socket addresses under UNIX). This does not
include code for actual socket I/O.
- GResolver provides asynchronous and cancellable APIs for
resolving hostnames, reverse lookup of IP addresses and
resolving SRV records.
+ Glib now provides hash and comparison functions for int64 and
double types, suitable for use with GHashTable.
+ GArray, GPtrArray and GByteArray can be ref counted now, and
have boxed types.
+ Bugs fixed:
- bgo#572844: Helper for GCancellable::cancelled
- bgo#578363: goption docs should be improved
- bgo#548466: async/cancellable DNS resolver
- bgo#579830: param spec strings should use P_()
- bgo#579862: requesting xattr::foo ends up calling
getxattr(..., user...
- bgo#580453: Hash and equal functions for gint64 and gdouble
- bgo#580450: Reference counting and boxed types for arrays
- bgo#580194: gresolver doesn\'t build on Solaris
- bgo#580301: network: a few issues on old darwin
- bgo#580299: network: include sys/types.h before sys/socket.h
to insur...
- bgo#572508: gmarkup speedup
- bgo#580546: g_strtoull() referenced in documentation...
- bgo#580656: g_key_file_set_string_list erroneously asserts
list != NULL
- bgo#579272: leaks in
+ Updated translations.

Sat Apr 11 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.20.1:
+ bgo#575555 Use fsync() when replacing files to avoid data loss
+ bgo#575708 runaway inotify madness
+ bgo#575270 GVolumeMonitor::mount-pre-unmount not being emitted
+ bgo#577128 glib make check Failed to execute child process...
+ bgo#573673 Always show \"backup\" directories
+ bgo#578369 g_time_val_from_iso8601() parses timezones
+ bgo#578002 Fix a small typo in GFile docs
+ bgo#578017 G_DEFINE_TYPE_EXTENDED docs
+ Translation updates

Fri Mar 13 13:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.20.0:
+ Base64 support: Avoid integer overflows. CVE-2008-4316
+ Bugs fixed:

* bgo#574019 GChecksum: document and guarantee hex characters in
lower case

* bgo#573454 Unable copy/move files to directories symlinked to
gvfs share

* bgo#561172 gnome-open fails on local URIs with anchors

* bgo#573970 crash in gunixvolumemonitor:update_mounts when

* bgo#573843 g_get_current_dir returns non-absolute path
+ Translation updates
- Remove glib2-base64.patch. Fixed differently upstream

Fri Mar 6 13:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.19.10:
+ GMarkup:
- Considerable speedup
+ GIO:
- Add G_FILE_CREATE_REPLACE_DESTINATION flag to allow replacing
the destination of a copying operation as if it did not exit
- Be more careful when classifying files as desktop files
- Support desktop file key X-GIO-NoFuse which disables the use
of fuse pathnames for %u and %U arguments
+ Bugs fixed: bgo#572672, bgo#572464, bgo#572151, bgo#570501,
bgo#167569, bgo#572508, bgo#560564, bgo#549298, bgo#543183,
bgo#540461, bgo#573462, bgo#573421, bgo#573658, bgo#556706,
bgo#573527, bgo#573128,
+ Updated translations:
- Remove -fno-strict-aliasing from CFLAGS.
- Use makeinstall.