Changelog for libaugeas0-0.10.0-3.7.1.x86_64.rpm :
Sat Mar 17 13:00:00 2012
- Ensure libxml2 is present in .pc file

Wed Feb 29 13:00:00 2012
- update to 0.10.0
- support relative paths by taking them relative to the value of
/augeas/context in all API functions where paths are used
- add aug_to_xml to API: transform tree(s) into XML, exposed as dump-xml in
aug_srun and augtool. Introduces dependency on libxml2
- fix regular expression escaping. Previously, /[/]/ match either a backslash
or a slash. Now it only matches a slash
- path expressions: add function \'int\' to convert a node value (string) to an
- path expressions: make sure the regexp produced by empty nodesets from
regexp() and glob() matches nothing, rather than the empty word
- fix --autosave when running single command from command line, BZ 743023
- aug_srun: support \'insert\' and \'move\' as aliases for \'ins\' and \'mv\'
- aug_srun: allow escaping of spaces, quotes and brackets with \\
- aug_init: accept AUG_NO_ERR_CLOSE flag; return augeas handle even when
initialization fails so that caller gets some details about why
initialization failed
- aug_srun: tolerate trailing white space in commands
- much improved, expanded documentation of many lenses
- always interpret lens filter paths as absolute, bug #238
- fix bug in libfa that would incorrectly calculate the difference of a case
sensistive and case insensitive regexp (/[a-zA-Z]+/ - /word/i would match
- new builtin \'regexp_match\' for .aug files to make testing regexp matching
easier during development
- fix \'span\' command, bug #220
- Lens changes/additions

* Access: parse userAATThost and (group) in users field; field separator need
not be surrounded by spaces

* Aliases: allow spaces before colons

* Aptconf: new lens for /etc/apt/apt.conf

* Aptpreferences: support origin entries

* Backuppchosts: new lens for /etc/backuppc/hosts, bug 233 (Adam Helms)

* Bbhosts: various fixes

* Cgconfig: id allowed too many characters

* Cron: variables aren\'t set like shellvars, semicolons are allowed in
email addresses; fix parsing of numeric fields, previously upper case
chars were allowed; support ranges in time specs

* Desktop: new lens for .desktop files

* Dhcpd: slashes must be double-quoted; add Red Hat\'s dhcpd.conf locations

* Exports: allow empty options

* Fai_diskconfig: new lens for FAI disk_config files

* Fstab: allow \',\' in file names, BZ 751342

* Host_access: new lens for /etc/hosts.{allow,deny}

* Host_conf: new lens for /etc/host.conf

* Hostname: new lens for /etc/hostname

* Hosts: also load /etc/mailname by default

* Iptables: allow digits in ipt_match keys, bug #224

* Json: fix whitespace handling, removing some cf ambiguities

* Kdump: new lens for /etc/kdump.conf (Roman Rakus)

* Keepalived: support many more flags, fields and blocks

* Krb5: support [pam] section, bug #225

* Logrotate: be more tolerant of whitespace in odd places

* Mdadm_conf: new lens for /etc/mdadm.conf

* Modprobe: Parse commands in install/remove stanzas (this introduces a
backwards incompatibility); Drop support for include as it is not documented
in manpages and no unit tests are shipped.

* Modules: new lens for /etc/modules

* Multipath: add support for seveal options in defaults section, bug #207

* Mysql: includedir statements are not part of sections; support !include;
allow indentation of entries and flags

* Networks: new lens for /etc/networks

* Nrpe: allow \'=\' in commands, bug #218 (Marc Fournier)

* Php: allow indented entries

* Phpvars: allow double quotes in variable names; accept case insensitive
PHP tags; accept \'include_once\'; allow empty lines at EOF; support define()
and bash-style and end-of-line comments

* ostfix_master: allow a lot more chars in words/commands, including commas

* PuppetFileserver: support same-line comments and trailing whitespace,
bug #214

* Reprepo_uploaders: new lens for reprepro\'s uploaders files

* Resolv: permit end-of-line comments

* Schroot: new lens for /etc/schroot/schroot.conf

* Shellvars: greatly expand shell syntax understood; support
various syntactic constructs like if/then/elif/else, for, while,
until, case, and select; load /etc/blkid.conf by default

* Spacevars: add toplevel lens \'lns\' for consistency

* Ssh: new lens for ssh_config (Jiri Suchomel)

* Stunnel: new lens for /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf (Oliver Beattie)

* Sudoers: support more parameter flags/options, bug #143

* Xendconfsxp: lens for Xen configuration (Tom Limoncelli)

* Xinetd: allow spaces after \'{\'
- update modprobe lens patch to apply on 0.10.0
- update shellvars lens patch to add some missing files on SUSE
distros mentioned in bnc#729491

Sat Feb 11 13:00:00 2012
- Remove rednudant tags/sections from specfile

Thu Jan 26 13:00:00 2012
- Patch shellvars.aug to recognize SUSE specific files in
sysconfig (bnc#729491)

Thu Sep 22 14:00:00 2011
- move lenses from /usr/share/libaugeas0/augeas
to /usr/share/augeas (bnc#719199)
- move vim lenses syntax files from -lenses to -devel package

Sat Sep 17 14:00:00 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Add augeas-devel to baselibs

Tue Aug 23 14:00:00 2011
- update to 0.9.0:
- augtool: keep history in ~/.augeas/history
- add aug_srun API function; this makes it possible to run a sequence of
commands through the API
- aug_mv: report error AUG_EMVDESC on attempts to move a node into one of
its descendants
- path expressions: allow whitespace inside names, making \'/files/etc/foo
bar/baz\' a legal path, but parse [expr1 or expr2] and [expr1 and expr2]
as the logical and/or of expr1 and expr2
- path expressions: interpret escape sequences in regexps; since \'.\' does
not match newlines, it has to be possible to write \'.|\
\' to match any
- path expressions: allow concatenating strings and regexps; add
comparison operator \'!~\'; add function \'glob\'; allow passing a nodeset
to function \'regexp\'
- store the names of the functions available in path expressions under
- fix several smaller memory leaks
- Lens changes/additions

* Aliases: allow spaces and commas in aliases (Mathieu Arnold)

* Grub: allow \"bootfs\" Solaris/ZFS extension for dataset name, bug #201
(Dominic Cleal); allow kernel path starting with a BIOS device,
bug #199

* Inifile: allow multiline values

* Php: include files from Zend community edition, bug #210

* Properties: new lens for Java properties files, bug #194 (Craig Dunn)

* Spacevars: autoload two ldap files, bug #202 (John Morrissey)

* Sudoers: support users:groups format in a Runas_Spec line, bug #211;
add CSW paths (Dominic Cleal)

* Util: allow comment_or_eol to match whitespace-only comments,
bug #205 (Dominic Cleal)

* Xorg: accept InputClass section; autoload from /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d,
bug #197

Fri May 6 14:00:00 2011
- fate#311042: Update augeas packages for latest puppet support
in SLE-11
- update to 0.8.1

* augtool: respect autosave flag in oneshot mode, bug #193;
fix segfault caused by unmatched bracket in path expression,
bug #186

* eliminate a global variable in the lexer, fixes BZ 690286

* replace an erroneous assert(0) with a proper error message when
none of the alternatives in a union match during saving,
bug #183

* improve AIX support

* Lens changes/additions

* Access: support the format AATTnetgroupAATTAATTnisdomain, bug #190

* Fstab: fix parsing of SELinux labels in the fscontext option

* Grub: support \'device\' directive for UEFI boot, bug #189; support
\'configfile\' and \'background\'

* Httpd: handle continuation lines; autoload httpd.conf on
Fedora/RHEL, BZ 688149; fix support for single-quoted

* Iptables: support --tcp-flags, bug #157; allow blank and comment
lines anywhere

* Mysql: include /etc/my.cnf used on Fedora/RHEL, BZ 688053

* NagiosCfg: parse setting multiple values on one line

* NagiosObjects: process /etc/nagios3/objects/

* Nsswitch: support \'sudoers\' as a database, bug #187

* Shellvars: autoload /etc/rc.conf used in FreeBSD

* Sudoers: support \'#include\' and \'#includedir\', bug #188

* Yum: exclude /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/versionlock.list
- changes for 0.8.0

* add new \'square\' lens combinator

* add new aug_span API function

* augtool: short options for --nostdinc, --noload, and --noautoload

* augtool: read commands from tty after executing file with --interactive

* augtool: add --autosave option

* augtool: add --span option to load nodes\' span

* augtool: add span command to get the node\'s span according to the input

* augtool: really be quiet when we shouldn\'t be echoing

* fix segfault in get.c with L_MAYBE lens; bug #180

* fix segfault when a path expression called regexp() with an invalid
regexp; bug #168

* improved vim syntax file

* replace augtest by to obviate the need for Ruby to run

* use sys_wait module from gnulib; bug #164

* Lens changes/additions

* Access: new lens for /etc/security/access.conf

* Crypttab: new lens for /etc/crypttab

* Dhcpd: new lens

* Exports: accept hostnames with dashes; bug #169

* Grub: add various Solaris extensions; support \"map\" entries,
bug #148

* Httpd: new lens for Apache config

* Inifile: new lens indented_title_label

* Interfaces: allow indentation for \"iface\" entries; bug #182

* Mysql: change default comment delimiter from \';\' to \'#\'; bug #181

* Nsswitch: accept various add\'l databases; bug #171

* PuppetFileserver: new lens for Puppet\'s fileserver.conf

* REsolv: allow comments starting with \';\'; bug #173

* Shellvars: autoload various snmpd config files; bug #170

* Solaris_system: new lens for /etc/system on Solaris

* Util (comment_c_style, empty_generic, empty_c_style): new lenses

* Xml: generic lens to process XML files

* Xorg: make \"position\" in \"screen\" optional; allow \"Extensions\"
section; bug #175

Mon Apr 4 14:00:00 2011
- add baselibs.conf

Tue Jan 11 13:00:00 2011
- update to 0.7.4

* augtool: new clearm command to parallel setm

* augtool: add --file option

* Fix SEGV under gcc 4.5, caused by difficulties of the gcc
optimizer handling bitfields (bug #149; rhbz #651992)

* Preserve parse errors under /augeas//error: commit 5ee81630,
released in 0.7.3, introduced a regression that would cause
the loss of parse errors; bug #138

* Avoid losing already parsed nodes under certain circumstances;
bug #144

* Properly record the new mtime of a saved file; previously the
mtime in the tree was reset to 0 when a file was saved, causing
unnecessary file reloads

* fix a SEGV when using L_MAYBE in recursive lens; bug #136

* Incompatible lens changes

* Fstab: parse option values

* Squid: various improvements, see bug #46;

* Xinetd: map service names differently

* Lens changes/additions

* Aptsources: map comments properly, allow indented lines;
bug #151

* Grub: add indomU setting for Debian.
Allow \'=\' as separator in title; bug #150

* Fstab: also process /etc/mtab

* Inetd: support rpc services

* Iptables: allow underscore in chain names

* Keepalived: new lens for /etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf

* Krb5: allow digits in realm names; bug #139

* Login_defs: new lens for /etc/login.defs
(Erinn Looney-Triggs)

* Mke2fs: new lens for /etc/mke2fs.conf

* Nrpe: new lens for Nagios nrpe (Marc Fournier)

* Nsswitch: new lens for /etc/nsswitch.conf

* Odbc: new lens for /etc/odbc.ini (Marc Fournier)

* Pg_hba: New lens; bug #140 (Aurelien Bompard).
Add system path on Debian; bug #154 (Marc Fournier)

* Postfix_master: parse arguments in double quotes; bug #69

* Resolv: new lens for /etc/resolv.conf

* Shells: new lens for /etc/shells

* Shellvars: parse ulimit builtin

* Sudoers: load file from /usr/local/etc (Mathieu Arnold)
Allow \'visiblepw\' parameter flag; bug #143. Read files from

* Syslog: new lens for /etc/syslog.conf (Mathieu Arnold)

* Util: exclude dpkg backup files; bug #153 (Marc Fournier)

* Yum: accept continuation lines for gpgkey; bug #132

Thu Oct 7 14:00:00 2010
- added patch for allow_unsupported_modules command in modprobe.d conf files

Fri Oct 1 14:00:00 2010
- added vim files symlinks for lens syntax files
- fixed a few rpmlint warnings (fixed rpm group, no ldconfig run)

Thu Sep 9 14:00:00 2010

* Update to 0.7.3

* ug_load: only reparse files that have actually changed; greatly
speeds up reloading

* record all variables in /augeas/variables, regardless of whether
they were defined with aug_defvar or aug_defnode; make sure
/augeas/variables always exists

* redefine all variables (by reevaluating their corresponding
expressions) after a aug_load. This makes variables \'sticky\'
across loads

* fix behavior of aug_defnode to not fail when the expression
evaluates to a nonempty node set

* make gnulib a git submodule so that we record the gnulib commit
off which we are based

* allow \'let rec\' with non-recursive RHS

* fix memory corruption when reloading a tree into which a
variable defined by defnode points (BZ 613967)

* plug a few small memory leaks, and some segfaults

* Lens changes/additions

* Device_map: new lens for grub\'s (Matt Booth)

* Limits: also look for files in /etc/security/limits.d

* Mysql: new lens (Tim Stoop)

* Shellvars: read /etc/sysconfig/suseconfig (Frederik Wagner)

* Sudoers: allow escaped spaces in user/group names (Raphael Pinson)

* Sysconfig: lens for the shell subdialect used in /etc/sysconfig;
lens strips quotes automatically

Thu Sep 9 14:00:00 2010

* 0.7.2 - 2010-06-22

* new API call aug_setm to set/create multiple nodes simultaneously

* record expression used in a defvar underneath /augeas/variables

* Lens changes/additions

* Group: add test for disabled account (Raphael Pinson)

* Grub: handle comments within a boot stanza

* Iptables: also look for /etc/iptables-save (Nicolas Valcarcel)

* Modules_conf: new lens for /etc/modules.conf (Matt Booth)

* Securetty: added handling of emtpy lines/comments (Frederik Wagner)

* Shellvars: added SuSE sysconfig puppet files (Frederik Wagner),
process /etc/environment (seph)

* Shellvars_list: Shellvars-like lens that treats strings of
space-separated words as lists (Frederik Wagner)

Thu Sep 9 14:00:00 2010

* 0.7.1 - 2010-04-21

* fix crash when recursive lens was used in a nonrecursive lens (bug #100)

* context free parser/recursive lenses: handle \'l?\' properly (bug #119);
distinguish between successful parse and parse with an error at end of
input; do caller filtering to avoid spurious ambiguous parses with
grammars containing epsilon productions

* aug_get: return -1 when multiple nodes match (bug #121)

* much better error message when iteration stops prematurely during
put/create than the dreaded \'Short iteration\'

* src/lens.c (lns_check_rec): fix refcounting mistake on error path (bug #120)

* Lens changes/additions

* Approx: lens and test for the approx proxy server (Tim Stoop)

* Cgconfig: lens and tests for libcgroup config (Ivana Hutarova Varekova)

* Cgrules: new lens and test (Ivana Hutarova Varekova)

* Cobblermodules: lens + tests for cobbler\'s modules.conf (Shannon Hughes)

* Debctrl: new lens and test (Dominique Dumont)

* Dput: add \'allow_dcut\' parameter (bug #105) (Raphael Pinson)

* Dhclient: add rfc code parsing (bug #107) (Raphael Pinson)

* Group: handle disabled passwords

* Grub: support empty kernel parameters, Suse incl.s (Frederik Wagner)

* Inittab: allow \':\' in the process field (bug #109)

* Logrotate: tolerate whitespace at the end of a line (bug #101); files
can be separated by newlines (bug #104) (Raphael Pinson)

* Modprobe: Suse includes (Frederik Wagner)

* Nagisocfg: lens and test for /etc/nagios3/nagios.cfg (Tim Stoop)

* Ntp: add \'tinker\' directive (bug #103)

* Passwd: parse NIS entries on Solaris

* Securetty: new lens and test for /etc/securetty (Simon Josi)

* Shellvars: handle a bare \'export VAR\'; Suse includes (Frederik
Wagner); allow spaces after/before opening/closing parens for array

* Sudoers: allow del_negate even if no negate_node is found (bug #106)
(Raphael Pinson); accept \'secure_path\' (BZ 566134) (Stuart

Thu Sep 9 14:00:00 2010

* 0.7.0 - 2010-01-14

* Support for context-free lenses via the \'let rec\' keyword. The syntax
is experimental, though the feature is here to stay. See
lenses/json.aug for an example of what\'s possible with that.

* Support for case-insensitive regular expressions. Simply append \'i\' to
a regexp literal to make it case-insensitive, e.g. /hello/i will match
all variations of hello, regardless of case.

* Major revamp of augtool. In particular, path expressions don\'t need to
be quoted anymore. The online help has been greatly improved.

* Check during load/save that each file is only matched by one transform
under /augeas/load. If there are multiple transforms for a file, the
file is skipped.

* New error codes AUG_ENOLENS and AUG_EMXFM

* Do not choke on non-existing lens during save

* Change the metadata for files under /augeas/files slightly: the node
/augeas/files/$PATH/lens now has the name of the lens used to load the
file; the source location of that lens has moved to

* New public functions fa_nocase, fa_is_nocase, and fa_expand_nocase in

* Various smaller bug fixes, performance improvements and improved error

* Lens changes/additions

* Cobblersettings: new lens and test (Bryan Kearney)

* Iptables: allow quoted strings as arguments; handle both negation

* Json: lens and tests for generic Json files

* Lokkit: allow \'-\' in arguments

* Samba: accept entry keys with \':\' (Partha Aji)

* Shellvars: allow arrays that span multiple lines

* Xinetd (name): fix bad \'-\' in character class

Thu Sep 9 14:00:00 2010

* 0.6.0 - 2009-11-30

* Add error reporting API (aug_error and related calls); use to report
error details in a variety of places

* Path expressions: add regexp matching; add operator \'|\' to form union
of nodesets (ticket #89)

* Tolerate non-C locales from the environment (ticket #35); it is no
longer necessary to set the locale to C from the outside

* use stpcpy/stpncpy from gnulib (needed for building on Solaris)

* Properly check regexp literals for syntax errors (ticket #93)

* Distribute and install vim syntax files (ticket #97)

* many more bugfixes

* Lens changes/additions

* Apt_preferences: support version pin; filter out empty lines (Matt

* Cron: variables can contain \'_\' etc. (ticket #94)

* Ethers: new lens for /etc/ethers (Satoru SATOH)

* Fstab: allow \'#\' in spec (ticket #95)

* Group: allow empty password field (ticket #95)

* Inittab: parse end-of-line comments into a #comment

* Krb5: support kdc section; add v4_name_convert subsection to
libdefaults (ticket #95)

* Lokkit: add mising eol to forward_port; make argument for --trust
more permissive

* Pam: allow \'-\' before type

* Postfix_access: new lens for /etc/postfix/access (Partha Aji)

* Rx: allow \'!\' in device_name

* Sudoers: allow certain backslash-quoted characters in a command (Matt

* Wine: new lens to read Windows registry files

Thu Sep 9 14:00:00 2010

* 0.5.3 - 2009-09-14

* Match trees on label + value, not just label; see
tests/modules/pass_strip_quotes.aug for how that enables stripping

* Do not trip over symlinks to files on a different device during save;
fixes problems with writing to /etc/grub.conf on Fedora/RHEL

* API (defnode): always add the newly created node into the resulting

* Add preceding-sibling and following-sibling axes to path expressions

* augtool, augparse: add --version option (bug #88)

* Change file info recorded under /augeas/files/FILE/
*: remove lens/id
and move lens/info to lens

* Properly record new files under /augeas/files (bug #78)

* aug_load: clean up variables to avoid dangling references (bug #79)

* Make Augeas work on AIX

* Ignore anything but regular files when globbing

* Add \'clear\' function to language for use in unit tests

* typechecker: print example trees in tree format

* libfa: properly support regexps with embedded NUL\'s

* Lens changes/additions

* Xorg: revamped, fixes various parse failures (Matt Booth)

* Inetd: new lens and test (Matt Palmer)

* Multipath: new lens and test

* Slapd: also read /etc/openldap.slapd.conf (bug #85)

Thu Sep 9 14:00:00 2010

* 0.5.2 - 2009-07-13

* Make Augeas work on Mac OS/X (bug #66) (Anders Bjoerklund)

* reduce symbols exported from libfa with linker script

* add --echo option to augtool

* require Automake 1.11 (Jim Meyering)

* avoid spurious save attempts for freshly read files

* Lens changes/additions

* Inittab: schema change: use \'id\' field as name of subtree for a line,
instead of a generated number. Map comments as \'#comment\' (Matt Palmer)

* Logrotate: make owner/group in create statement optional, allow
filenames to be indented

* Ntp: allow additional options for server etc. (bug #72)

* Shellvars: allow backticks as quote characters (bug #74)

* Yum: also read files in /etc/yum/pluginconf.d (Marc Fournier)

Thu Sep 9 14:00:00 2010

* 0.5.1 - 2009-06-09

* augeas.h: flag AUG_NO_MODL_AUTOLOAD suppresses initial loading
of modules; exposed as --noautoload in augtool

* augtool: don\'t prompt when input is not from tty (Raphael Pinson)

* augparse: add --notypecheck option

* path expressions: allow things like \'/foo and /bar[3]\' in predicates

* Lens changes/additions

* Aliases: map comments as #comment (Raphael Pinson)

* Build, Rx, Sep: new utility modules (Raphael Pinson)

* Cron: new lens (Raphael Pinson)

* Dnsmasq: process files in /etc/dnsmasq.d/
* (ticket #65)

* Grub: parse kernel and module args into separate nodes; parse
arguments for \'serial\', \'terminal\', and \'chainloader\'; allow
optional argument for \'savedefault\'

* Interfaces: make compliant with actual Debian spec (Matt Palmer)

* Iptables: relax regexp for chain names; allow comment lines mixed
in with chains and rules (ticket #51)

* Logrotate: allow \'=\' as separator (ticket #61); make newline at end
of scriptlet optional

* Modprobe: handle comments at end of line

* Ntp: parse fudge record (Raphael Pinson); parse all directives in
default Fedora ntp.conf; process \'broadcastdelay\', \'leapfile\',
and enable/disable flags (ticket #62)

* Pbuilder: new lens for Debian\'s personal builder (Raphael Pinson)

* Php: add default path on Fedora/RHEL (Marc Fournier)

* Squid: handle indented entries (Raphael Pinson)

* Shellvars: map \'export\' and \'unset\'; map comments as #comment
(Raphael Pinson)

* Sudoers: allow backslashes inside values (ticket #60) (Raphael Pinson)

* Vsftpd: map comments as #comment; handle empty lines; find
vsftpd.conf on Fedora/RHEL

* Xinetd: map comments as #comment (Raphael Pinson)

Tue Dec 15 13:00:00 2009
- enable parallel building

Tue Mar 31 14:00:00 2009

* Update to 0.5.0

* Upstream notes:
Clean up interface for libfa; the interface is now considered stable

* New aug_load API call; allows controlling which files to load by
modifying /augeas/load and then calling aug_load; on startup, the
transforms marked with autoload are reported under /augeas/load

* New flag AUG_NO_LOAD for aug_init to keep it from loading files on
startup; add --noload option to augtool

* New API calls aug_defvar and aug_defnode to define variables for
path expressions; exposed as \'defvar\' and \'defnode\' in augtool

* New program examples/fadot to draw various finite automata (Francis

* Report line number and character offset in the tree when parsing a
file with a lens fails

* Fix error in propagation of dirty flag, which could lead to only
parts of a tree being saved when multiple files were modified

* Flush files to disk before moving them

* Fix a number of memory corruptions in the XPath evaluator

* Several performance improvements in libfa

* Lens changes/additions

* Grub: process embedded comments for update-grub (Raphael Pinson)

* Iptables: new lens for /etc/sysconfig/iptables

* Krb5: new lens for /etc/krb5.conf

* Limits: map dpmain as value of \'domain\' node, not as label
(Raphael Pinson)

* Lokkit: new lens for /etc/sysconfig/system-config-firewall

* Modprobe: new lens for /etc/modprobe.d/

* Sudoers: more finegrained parsing (ticket #48) (Raphael Pinson)

Tue Mar 17 13:00:00 2009

* Update to 0.4.2

* Moved lense tests into separate package \'augeas-lense-tests\'

* Added augeas-lenses-license-fix patch

* Upstream notes:

* Do not delete files that had an error upon parsing

* For Fedora/EPEL RPM\'s, BuildRequire libselinux-devel (bug #26)

* In path expressions, the meaning of \'<\' and \'<=\' was reversed

* Always create an entry /files in aug_init

* New builtin \'Sys\' module with functions \'getenv\' and \'read_file\',
the latter reads a the contents of a file into a string

* Lens changes/additions

* Postfix_main: handle continuation lines

* Bbhosts, Hosts, Logrotate, Sudoers: label comment nodes as \'#comment\'

* Sshd: map comments as \'#comment\' nodes

* Squid: add all keywords from squid 2.7 and 3 (Francois Deppierraz)

* Logrotate: process unit suffixes for \'size\' and \'minsize\'

Tue Mar 3 13:00:00 2009

* Update to 0.4.1

* Moved lenses to separate package \'augeas-lenses\'.

* Upstream notes:

* Remove files when their entire subtree under /files is deleted

* Various bug fixes and syntax enhancements for path expressions
(see tests/xpath.tests for details)

* Evaluate path expressions with multiple predicates correctly

* Fix incorrect setting of /augeas/events/saved

* Major cleanup of matching during get; drastically improves
performance for very large (on the order of 10k lines) config files

* Small performance improvement in the typechecker

* Reject invalid character sets like [x-u] during typecheck

* Build with compile warnings set to \'maximum\' instead of \'error\', so
that builds on platforms with broken headers will work out of the box

* Lens changes/additions

* Util.stdexcl now excludes .augsave and .augnew files

* Logrotate: allow \'yearly\' schedule, spaces around braces

* Ntp: fix so that it processes ntp.conf on Fedora 10

* Services: lens for /etc/services (Raphael Pinson)

* Xorg: new lens and tests (Raphael Pinson)

Mon Feb 23 13:00:00 2009

* Update to 0.4.0

* Much improved and expanded support for path expressions in the public API. See doc/xpath.txt and tests/xpath.tests for details.

* Solaris support: builds at least on OpenSolaris 2008.11

* Lens changes/additions
o Grub: support color and savedefault
o DarkIce: new lens for (Free Ekanayaka)

Mon Feb 2 13:00:00 2009

* Update to 0.3.6

* report version in /augeas/version, report legal save modes in /augeas/version/save/mode for feature tests/version checking

* dynamically change behavior of aug_save; add noop save mode (Bryan Kearney)

* plug memory leak, more portable SELinux test (Jim Meyering)

* fix bz rhbz#478619 - do not use abspath (Arnaud Gomes-do-Vale)

* fix segfault when branch in a union does not have a ktype

* Lens changes/additions
o Dpkg: new lens for Debian\'s dpkg.cfg (Robin Lee Powell)
o Limits: new lens for /etc/security/limits.conf (Free Ekanayaka)
o Soma: new lens for config (Free Ekanayaka)
o Php, Gdm: fix minor regexp error (Marc Fournier) expand filter for Php config files (Robin Lee Powell)
o Phpvars: whitspace fixes (Free Ekanayaka)
o Puppet: accept indented puppet.conf (ticket #25)