Changelog for libdb-4_5-32bit-4.5.20-98.4.x86_64.rpm :
Wed Aug 26 14:00:00 2009
- make patch0 usage consistent

Tue Jan 13 13:00:00 2009
- obsolete old -XXbit packages (bnc#437293)

Fri Nov 21 13:00:00 2008
- update

Fri Jun 27 14:00:00 2008
- Fix configure script.

Thu Apr 10 14:00:00 2008
- added baselibs.conf file to build xxbit packages
for multilib support

Tue May 15 14:00:00 2007
- copied spec file from db44
- changed package structure to:
- update to version 4.5:
Database or Log File On-Disk Format Changes:
New Features:
1. A new event style notification.
2. Multi-Version Concurrency Control for the Btree/Recno
access methods.
3. A new replication framework with a default TCP/IP setup.
4. A new port to the BREW platform (a cell phone OS), not
fully supported but ready for testing.
5. Several enhancements to the Java Collections API including
the implementation of the size() method.
6. Online replication upgrades for high availability replicated
24/7 systems.
Database Environment Changes:
1. Update the DB_ENV->failchk method to garbage collect
per-process mutexes stranded after unexpected process
failure. [#13964]
2. Fix a bug that could cause memory used to track threads
for DB_ENV->failchk to not be reused when a thread no longer
exists. [#14425]
3. Add set_event_notify behavior as part of new event
notification in Berkeley DB. [#14534]
4. Fix a bug so that we no longer panic on DB_ENV->close()
if a previous environment close failed to log. This condition
will now return an error. [#14693]
Concurrent Data Store Changes:
1. Fix a bug where renaming a subdatabase in a Concurrent
Data Store environment could fail. [#14185]
General Access Method Changes:
1. Fix a bug that could leave extra unallocated pages at the
end of a database file. [#14031]
2. Optimize secondary updates when overwriting primary
records. [#14075]
3. Fix a bug to prevent a trap when creating a named in-memory
database and there are already temporary files open. [#14133]
4. Fix a bug which caused a trap if the key parameter to
DBC->c_get was omitted with DB_CURRENT. [#14143]
5. Fix a bug with secondary cursors when the secondary has
off-page duplicates. This bug resulted in incorrect primary
data being returned. [#14240]
6. Fix a bug that would not properly upgrade database files
from releases 3.2.9 (and earlier) to releases 4.0 (and
greater). [#14461]
7. Fix a bug that could cause a DB_READ_UNCOMMITTED get through
a secondary index to return DB_SECONDARY_CORRUPT. [#14487]
8. Fix a bug so that non-transactional cursor updates of a
transactional database will generate an error. [#14519]
9. Add a message when the system panics due to a page in the
wrong state at its time of allocation. [#14527]
Btree Access Method Changes:
1. Fix a bug that could cause a diagnostic assertion by setting
the deleted bit on a record in an internal node. [#13944]
2. Fix 3 problems in BTREE compaction: [#14238]
1. When deleting a page don\'t check the next key in
the parent if we are going to delete the parent too.
2. Need to check that the tree has not collapsed between
dropping a read lock and getting the write lock. If it
has collapsed we will fetch the root of the tree.
3. Fix a case where we fail to lock the next page before
reading it.
3. Fix a bug that could cause the compaction of a Btree with
sorted duplicates to fail when attempting to compact an off
page duplicate tree if a key could not fit in an internal
node. [#14771]
4. Fix a bug that causes a loop if an empty Btree was
compacted. [#14493]
Hash Access Method Changes:
1. Fix a bug that could cause corruption in queue extent
files if multiple processes tried to open the same extent at
the same time. [#14438]
Queue Access Method Changes:
1. Fix a bug that caused locks not maintained where queue
records were read but not present in the queue at the end of
a transaction, therefore violating serializability. [#13719]
Recno Access Method Changes:
C++-specific API Changes:
1. C++ applications that check could the error code in
exceptions should note that DbMemoryException has been changed
to have the error code DB_BUFFER_SMALL rather than ENOMEM, to
match the error returned by the C API. DbMemoryException will
be thrown when a Dbt is too small to contain data returned
by Berkeley DB. When a call to malloc fails, or some other
resource is exhausted, a plain DbException will be thrown
with error code set to ENOMEM. [#13939]
Java-specific API Changes:
1. Database.verify may now be called. This method is now
static and takes a DatabaseConfig parameter. [#13971]
2. Add DB_ENV->{fileid_reset, lsn_reset} to the public
API. [#14076]
Java collections and bind API Changes:
1. The com.sleepycat.collections package is now fully
compatible with the Java Collections framework. [#14732]
Tcl-specific API Changes:
RPC-specific Client/Server Changes:
Replication Changes:
1. Fix a bug so that internal init will remove client databases
at the start of internal init. [#14147]
2. Fix a bug in replication internal init so that using
data_dir will be handled correctly. Make internal
init resilient to multiple data_dir calls with the same
directory. [#14489]
3. Fix a bug in the 4.2 sync-up algorithm that could result
in no open files. [#14552]
4. Fix a bug where a PERM bulk buffer could have a zero LSN
passed to the application callback. [#14675]
5. Change names of some existing replication API methods
as described in \"Replication Method Naming\" page of the
\"Upgrading Berkeley DB Applications to Release 4.5\" section
of Berkeley DB Reference Guide. [#14723]
6. Fix a bug which could cause an election to succeed only
after waiting for the timeout to expire, even when all sites
responded in a timely manner. The bug was most easily visible
in an election between 2 sites. [#14752]
XA Resource Manager Changes:
Locking Subsystem Changes:
1. Fix a bug that could cause a writer to hang if
readuncommitted is enabled and it tries to reacquire a write
lock. [#14919]
Logging Subsystem Changes:
1. Fix a bug so that log headers are now included in
the check sum. This avoids a possible race in doing hot
backups. [#11636].
2. Fix a bug where recovery fails if there is no disk space
for the forced checkpoint that occurs at the end of processing
the log. [#13986]
3. Fix a bug which could cause a page to be missing from
the end of a database file if the page at the end of the
file was freed while it contained data and the system was
restarted prior to the log record for that free was flushed
to disk. [#14090]
4. Fix a bug that could cause log files to be incorrectly
removed by log_archive if it was run immediately after
recovery. [#14874]
Memory Pool Subsystem Changes:
1. Fix a bug that could cause corruption to the buffer
pool cache if a race condition was hit while using
DB->Compact. [#14360]
2. Fix a bug where cache pages could be leaked in applications
creating temporary files for which the DB_MPOOL_NOFILE flag
was set. [#14544]
Transaction Subsystem Changes:
1. Fix a bug that could cause extra empty pages to appear in
a database file after recovery. [#11118]
2. Fix a bug triggered when running recovery with a feedback
function that could cause a NULL pointer dereference. [#13834]
3. Fix a bug where running recovery could create duplicate
entries in the data directory list. [#13884]
4. Fix a bug to not trade locks if a write lock is already
owned. [#13917]
5. Fix a bug that could cause traps or hangs if the
DB_TXN->set_name function is used in a multithreaded
application. [#14033]
6. Fix a bug so that a transaction can no longer be committed
after it had deadlocked. [#14037]
7. Fix a bug that could cause a trap during recovery if
multiple operations that could remove the same extent are
recovered. [#14061]
8. Fix a bug that could cause an extent file to be deleted
after the last record in the extent was consumed but the
consuming transaction was aborted. [#14179]
9. Fix a bug where the parent database would not use
DB_READ_UNCOMMITTED in certain cases when calling
DBC->c_pget. [#14361]
10. Fix a bug so that it is no longer possible to do a
non-transactional cursor update on a database that is opened
transactionally. [#14519]
11. Fix a bug that causes a sequence to ignore the
DB_AUTO_COMMIT settings. [#14582]
12. Fix a bug, change txn_recover so that multiple processes
will recover prepared transactions without requiring that the
first process stay active. [#14707]
Utility Changes:
1. Fix a bug that caused db_verify to not check the order on
leaf pages which were the leftmost children of an internal
node. [#13004]
2. Fix a bug that caused db_hotbackup to not backup queue
extent files. [#13848]
3. Fix a bug so that db_verify no longer reports that an
unused hash page is not fully zeroed. [#14030]
4. Fix a bug where db_stat ignored the -f option to return
\"fast statistics\". [#14283]
5. Fix a bug that prevented the db_stat utility from opening
database files with write permission so that meta data
statistics would be updated. [#14755]
Configuration, Documentation, Portability and Build Changes:
1. The Berkeley DB 4.3 and 4.4 releases disallowed using
the --with-uniquename configuration option with the C++,
Java, or RPC --enable-XXX options. The 4.5 release returns
to the 4.2 release behavior, allowing those combinations of
configuration options. [#14067]
2. Fix build issues when CONFIG_TEST is not enabled for
Tcl. [#14507]
3. There are updated build instructions for Berkeley DB PHP
module on Linux. [#14249]
4. Use libtool\'s \"standard\" environment variable names so that
you can set \"AR\" to \"ar -X64\" for example, and modify both
libtool and the Makefile commands. Remove the install-strip
target from the Makefile, it is no longer used. [#14726]

Fri May 4 14:00:00 2007
- moved to devel package
- renamed package to db44
- cleaned up spec file

Thu Apr 19 14:00:00 2007
- remove unused db_cxx libraries

Tue Mar 20 13:00:00 2007
- Remove unused ed BuildRequires.

Tue Sep 12 14:00:00 2006
- updated to db-4.4.20 (plus released Sleepycat patches). Most
important changes:

* Add support to compact an existing Btree database.

* Add support for named in-memory databases.

* Add support for database environment recovery serialization.

* Add utility for performing hot backups of a database

* Add replication configuration API.
- removed Assembler mutex code patch which wasn\'t used anymore