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Name : libqt3
Version : 3.0.4 Vendor : MandrakeSoft
Release : 5mdk Date : 2002-07-15 15:09:51
Group : System/Libraries Source RPM : qt3-3.0.4-5mdk.src.rpm
Size : 6.90 MB
Packager : Mandrake Linux KDE Team < kde_mandrakesoft_com>
Summary : Qt3 - Shared libraries
Description :
Qt is a complete and well-designed multi-platform object-oriented framework for
developing graphical user interface (GUI) applications using C++. Qt has
seamless integration with OpenGL/Mesa 3D libraries.

Qt is free for development of free software on the X Window System. It includes
the complete source code for the X version and makefiles for Linux, Solaris,
SunOS, FreeBSD, OSF/1, Irix, BSD/OS, NetBSD, SCO, HP-UX and AIX. This edition
of Qt may be modified and distributed under the terms found in the LICENSE.QPL

Qt also supports Windows 95 and NT, with native look and feel. Code developed
for the X version of Qt can be recompiled and run using the Windows 95/NT
version of Qt, and vice versa.

Qt is currently used in hundreds of software development projects world wide,
including the K Desktop Environment (see For more
examples, see

Qt has excellent documentation: around 750 pages of postscript and fully
cross-referenced online html documentation. It is available on the web:

Qt is easy to learn, with consistent naming across all the classes and a
14-chapter on-line tutorial with links into the rest of the documentation.
A number of 3rd-party books are also available.

Qt dramatically cuts down on development time and complexity in writing
user interface software for the X Window System. It allows the programmer
to focus directly on the programming task, and not mess around with
low-level Motif/X11 code.

Qt is fully object-oriented. All widgets and dialogs are C++ objects,
and, using inheritance, creation of new widgets is easy and natural.

Qt\'s revolutionary signal/slot mechanism provides true component
programming. Reusable components can work together without any knowledge
of each other, and in a type-safe way.

Qt has a very fast paint engine, in some cases ten times faster than other
toolkits. The X version is based directly on Xlib and uses neither
Motif nor X Intrinsics.

Qt is available under two different licenses:
- The Qt Professional Edition License, for developing fully commercial
software: see
- The Q Public License (QPL), for developing free software (X Window System

This package contains shared libraries.

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rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1

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