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Name : blt
Version : 2.5 Vendor : openSUSE Build Service
Release : 71.1 Date : 2011-09-30 15:53:55
Group : Development/Libraries/Tcl Source RPM : blt-2.5-71.1.src.rpm
Size : 4.84 MB
Packager : (none)
Summary : Tcl/Tk Extension
Description :
BLT is an extension to the Tk toolkit, adding new widgets, geometry
managers, and miscellaneous commands.

This is a version from the WIZE project (
that contains many changes to allow the toolkit to work with newer versions of Tcl.

Wize started with BLT2.4z ( and applied all known fixes.
Then the following was changed:

* NEW: Extend tree to be more generally useful.
* Internalize old configure to work under Tcl 8.5
* Complete missing/broken parts of treeview and tabset widgets.
* Fix many TreeView display inconsistencies.
* NEW: TreeView style create ie. $t style create textbox ...
* NEW: add 2 styles: windowbox and barbox.
* NEW: Numerous TreeView options including: -altstyle -underline.
* NEW: Added numerous TreeView subcommands.
* NEW: Support for displaying subtrees (if using -tree).
* Integrate font/image changes to propagate to/from BLT widgets.
* Improve TreeView display performance with large trees.
* Change/extend TreeView editing to use Tk widgets or windowbox.
* Fixes and enhancements for Vector (see below)
* Add op object subcommand to tree and vector.
* Rename BLTs table to blttable to avoid tktable collision.
* Extend Tk widgets to use BLT\'s tile facility.
* Add stubs for vector and tree functions.
* Add Winop subcommands: transparent and merge.

George Howlett <>

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rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) <= 4.4.2-1
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rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1

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