Changelog for tito-0.6.15-1.el6.noarch.rpm :

* Fri Jul 10 2020 Jakub Kadlcik 0.6.15-1- FedoraGitReleaser: upload extra sources to lookaside cache ( When extra source file exist, then do not copy it (
* Mon May 04 2020 Jakub Kadlcik 0.6.14-1- Fix #367 - copy_extra_sources for alternative builders ( Fix #243 - Add a list of projects using tito ( Fix #364 - Make yes or no input less aggressive ( Fix #358 - Move bugzilla code to a separate file ( Fix #158 - Separate .tito directory creation from tito.props file creation ( Fix #338 - Use os.makedirs instead of running mkdir -p command ( Fix #331 - Do not specify file digest algorithms ( #305 - Add a possibility to have full datetime entries in changelog ( #252 - Use template to generate file with __version__ ( #187 - Implement --version parameter ( mention the #tito irc channel in the readme ( Describe how to release tito ( Move tito under rpm-software-management namespace (
* Sun Mar 29 2020 Jakub Kadlcik 0.6.13-1- Add _copy_extra_sources() method to BuilderBase class. ( Rename HACKING to so it renders on GitHub ( Modernize developer installation ( make get_project_name more resilient ( Use pycodestyle pacakge when pep8 is not available ( Move to python-blessed ( Fix the Source0 URL and prep phase ( run_command_print should behave similar to run_command (
* Fri Dec 20 2019 Jakub Kadlčík - 0.6.12-3- The previous Source0 URL fix was not correct
* Fri Dec 20 2019 Jakub Kadlčík - 0.6.12-2- Fix the Source0 URL and prep phase
* Fri Dec 20 2019 Jakub Kadlcik 0.6.12-1- Remove obsolete Group tag ( Update URL and Source locations ( Fix cheetah binary dependency ( Correct and make less confusing the conditional Python macros ( python-devel → python2-devel ( %{python_sitelib} → %{python2_sitelib} ( Remove %clean section ( Use python3 on EPEL8 ( Do not require obsoleted fedora-cert ( Fix tito build --test --rpm -i Traceback on Fedora 31 ( Enable GnuPG signed tags ( Fix #335 handle source tarballs with UTF8 characters in the name ( Remove deprecated BuildRoot macros from spec ( Releaser: Ensure rpmlintrc files are copied when releasing ( Releaser: Ensure SUSE-style changes file is copied when releasing ( Tagger: Add SUSETagger to support SUSE-style detached changelogs ( Add support for building with Git LFS. ( use built-in shutil.copy2 instead of cp command ( Avoid double builds with mock ( Fix rsync failures in dockerized tests, update for F27. (
* Thu Dec 07 2017 Devan Goodwin 0.6.11-1- Fixing remote_git_name ( Fix links in file ( Encourage usage of git push --follow-tags ( Print mock output when building with MockBuilder ( Fix a race condition when /tmp/tito doesn\'t exist ( Don\'t append \'None\' to Release line with no \'%{?dist}\' part ( python3\'s map() returns a map object, but we expect sources to be a list ( Submitting was missing a t. ( update links ( use LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 rather than plain C ( make ReleaseTagger honour --use-version ( also verify that ReleaseTagger supports --use-release ( add test for ReleaseTagger together with --use-version ( Format package list more cleanly ( Custom tag support in tito release ( VersionTagger should support custom tag format ( Remove createrepo_c BR from spec ( Use createrepo_c for creating rpm-md repos ( Fixup Fedora Dockerfiles to work correctly ( Remove useless EL5 stuff (
* Wed Feb 01 2017 Devan Goodwin 0.6.10-1- Do not undo tags when git state is dirty ( Parse options in `tito init` ( Only use `rpmbuild --noclean` if it is supported ( Explicitly define indicies in formatting statements ( Achieve quiet output from `rpmbuild` without passing `--quiet` ( Update the ( Correctly pass verbosity options through the builder CLI ( Use correct print-formatting directive in debugging ( Use `.format()` string formatting correctly in Builder ( Refactor `rpmbuild` invocation for readability ( Added `--quiet` and `--verbose` to `tito build` ( Add a Travis CI manifest ( Only flush output stream if flushing is supported ( Added support for choosing platforms for tests ( Refactored version->tag mapping logic in Tagger ( Improved debugging for RPM build step ( Print command debugging information only once ( Flush output buffers ( Document `tito tag --use-release` in the manpage ( Added an option to not escalate privileges on `tito build --install` ( Factor out the version->tag mapping in the Builder ( Collapse tagger class selection logic ( Rename `globalconfig` section to `buildconfig` in README ( fixes #29 - remove --list-tags and --only-tags ( 253 - print cmd info when --debug is supplied ( Work around `dnf` issues and install builddep for Rawhide (
* Mon Jan 09 2017 Devan Goodwin 0.6.9-1- Simplified version and release update logic ( Added `--use-release` flag for `tito tag` ( Use `def` instead of a lambda for function assignment ( Fix typos in man pages ( explain how automatic tagging was done ( Rename CargoTagger as CargoBump ( Fix errors in documentation ( fix few pep8 errors ( Read tito.props and look for pkg managers section. ( Implement cargo tagger using regular expressions (without toml library) ( Add entry point for Cargo tagger and tagger class. (
* Tue Nov 01 2016 Devan Goodwin 0.6.8-1- Don\'t use a special tagger for the `--use-version` case (
* Wed Oct 05 2016 Devan Goodwin 0.6.7-1- Hookup tito\'s --no-cleanup with rpmbuild\'s --noclean. ( Print package manager output in _auto_install ( Use \'dnf reinstall\' when package is already installed ( Install packages via DNF if available ( CentOS uses yum ( Allow customizing git commit message ( Also link to Fedora wiki page collection of these tools ( mv rel-eng/ .tito/ ( buildroot tag is not needed for ages ( better release number for untagged packages ( Only pass one project_name to copr build command ( Just a small typo ( remove dependency on yum-utils (
* Tue Apr 19 2016 Devan Goodwin 0.6.6-1- add support for %autosetup (
* Fri Apr 08 2016 Devan Goodwin 0.6.5-1- Add ability to specify a custom changelog during tag ( Removes broken link to tito annoucements (
* Tue Jan 26 2016 Devan Goodwin 0.6.4-1- Tagging with --use-version did not work with Mead projects. ( Check if self.old_cwd is defined before calling it in GitAnnex ( Ensure GitAnnexBuilder cleanup returns to proper directory ( Return only .spec basename; Fix dgoodwin/tito#196 (
* Fri Jan 08 2016 Devan Goodwin 0.6.3-1- Added ability to pass extra copr-cli build options to the copr releaser. ( Fix changelog format function name ( fix mock link ( Set non-zero exit code when copr-cli fails ( Document possibility to upload SRPM directly to Copr ( Change asserted behavior after fe4c0bf ( Add possibility to upload SRPM directly to Copr ( Determine correct package manager DNF is now prefered on Fedora, but it is not installed on EL6 or EL7 ( Ask user to run DNF instead of YUM ( Add tito tag --use-version argument to man page ( Fix upstream/distribution builder failure to copy spec. ( Allow a user specific Copr remote SRPM URL. (
* Fri Jul 24 2015 Devan Goodwin 0.6.2-1- fixes(188) Run git-annex lock after building annexed file set. (
* Mon Jul 20 2015 Devan Goodwin 0.6.1-1- Fix rpmbuild_options array handling from builder args ( Filter lines beginning with \"Merge\" from the changelog. ( Provide ability to turn off colored output. Fixes #182. (
* Fri Jun 12 2015 Devan Goodwin 0.6.0-1- Add support for Red Hat Java MEAD builds. ( Enable mkdocs and add documentation on Mead. ( Add RHPKG/FEDPKG_USER to be passed to rh/fedpkg ( Replace old Perl script for munging RPM release number. ( Give Tito some color! ( Remove support for very old spacewalk user config file. ( Allow builder arguments to be given multiple times. ( Fix tarball timestamps from git archive with Python. ( New - bash-completion facilities ( clarify --offline option #141 ( substitute /releng for /.tito #161 ( Allow override of rpmbuild_options from builder arguments ( Fixes macro initialisation on EL6, F22+ ( Help new packagers find tools related to tito ( no need to gzip man pages, rpmbuild do that automatically ( use python3 on Fedora 22 (
* Tue Dec 23 2014 Devan Goodwin 0.5.6-1- Require new srpm_disttag for rsync/yum releasers. ( Drop more test only requirements from spec. ( NameError: global name \'RawConfigParser\' is not defined ( NameError: global name \'getoutput\' is not defined ( E:166,16: Undefined variable \'config\' (undefined-variable) ( defattr is not needed ( get rid of wildcards imports ( E:112,24: Instance of BuilderBase has no REQUIRED_ARGS member (no-member) ( change inheritance for ObsReleaser ( raw_input was renamed under python3 ( TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) ( MockBuilder: cleanup underlying builder on completion ( Fix bugs building old tag with custom tito.props. (at that time) ( add links to upstream announcements and how-to articles ( add rpmdevtools as build dep for el5 ( Fix failing tests with no ~/.bugzillarc. ( Add documentation for bugzilla flag checking. ( Hookup bugzilla flag checking with dist git releasers. ( Fixes for Python 3. ( Add support for checking bz flags. ( Refactor dist-git releasers to separate module. ( fix the configuration examples to match the code ( add mailmap for cleaner shortlog output ( Allow overriding of builder on all releasers ( Cleanup builders on interruption when called directly (
* Fri May 16 2014 Devan Goodwin 0.5.5-1- Merge pull request #130 from domcleal/git-annex-cleanup ( Fix a test issue. ( Fix bugs in git-annex cleanup method ( Remove excess whitespace on EL6 and duplicate SRPM output (
* Mon May 12 2014 Devan Goodwin 0.5.4-1- make version comparison compat with python2 and python3 (
* Mon May 12 2014 Devan Goodwin 0.5.3-1- avoid syntax error on el5 ( Support pre-5.20131213 versions of git-annex for EL6 ( Add version comparison utility (
* Fri May 09 2014 Devan Goodwin 0.5.2-1- Fix releaser getcwd error. (
* Fri May 09 2014 Devan Goodwin 0.5.1-1- Raise error on failed run_command. ( Allow builder to run in test mode on untagged project ( Add \'scl\' builder option for software collection name ( added rpmbuild output to an error raised by tito to easier the error\'s cause analysis ( propagate docs to docker public registry ( spec: remove dependency on GitPython ( Update tito.8.asciidoc ( Cleanup releasers + builders when interrupted ( make run_command_print() compatible with python3 ( remove unused import \"commands\" ( Change package-specific config message to debug (
* Mon Mar 24 2014 Devan Goodwin 0.5.0-1- Prep for python3. ( Print output live for longer running rpmbuild commands. ( Add GitAnnexBuilder, using git-annex to store blobs ( Remove legacy CvsBuilder and CvsReleaser. ( Stop writing temp file to load tito.props from past tag. ( Remove deprecated support for config filename. ( Remove a very old hack for assuming config from Makefiles. ( Refactor config overriding. ( Move taggers to sub-directory. ( Move releasers to sub-directory. ( Improved docs for [version_template] section of tito.props ( allow empty dist tag in functional tests ( docs: createrepo is needed for functional tests ( provide config for editorconfig plugins ( Add more missing documentation to ( Assume a default fetch strategy. ( Add markdown docs for FetchBuilder instead of manpage. ( Fix releasers and respect offline flag. ( Support release with fetch builder. ( Add support for passing builder args through a releaser. ( include README.mkd and asciidoc files ( Rename --builder-arg to just --arg in build command. ( Fix issue with releaser temp dir. ( Refactor to just one config object. ( Make external source builder fetch strategy configurable. ( Fix buildroot using ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT. ( Refactor builders to allow separate modules. ( Restore building of specific tags. ( Start building with external sources and no tag. ( Allow possibility of building without a pre-existing tag. ( Print koji/brew task ID and URL during release. (
* Thu Nov 14 2013 Devan Goodwin 0.4.18-1- Merge the FiledVersionTagger into the base VersionTagger. ( add Copr releaser ( Fix broken asciidoc. ( Fix old versions in yum repodata. ( adding the FiledVersionTagger class that we are using internally ( tito report man page missing options ( Implement OBS releaser (
* Fri Aug 02 2013 Devan Goodwin 0.4.17-1- Fix permissions after a Fedora/Brew build. ( Comment out old nightly releaser. ( add newline to sys.stderr.write (
* Tue Jul 09 2013 Devan Goodwin 0.4.16-1- Fix KojiGitReleaser method arguments. (
* Mon Jul 08 2013 Devan Goodwin 0.4.15-1- docs clean up and additions for build_targets (
* Mon Jul 08 2013 Devan Goodwin 0.4.14-1- resolve tito build failure on git or older ( Add more debugging facilities (
* Thu Jun 13 2013 Devan Goodwin 0.4.13-1- allow multiline blacklist/whitelist ( warn when no %changelog section is present ( Fix DistributionReleaser with GemBuilder ( Fix gem builder ( import error_out from tito.common ( use correct path in rel-eng/packages if package reside in git-root for DistributionBuilder ( add missing import of commands ( check if option in config exist ( add example for remote_git_name ( allow to override name of remote dist-git repo ( add to releaser self.config which will contains values from global and pkg config ( use correct path in rel-eng/packages if package reside in git-root (
* Fri Apr 26 2013 Devan Goodwin 0.4.12-1- mark as obsolete ( mark spacewalk.releng namespace as obsolete ( various enhancement to man pages ( document KojiReleaser and do not mark it as experimental any more ( document DEBUG environment variable ( document environment variable EDITOR for tagger ( Fix bad copy paste in releaser. ( document scl option for rsync releaser ( document RSYNC_USERNAME ( add SCL support to RsyncReleaser ( remove empty lines from rpm output ( use SCL for KojiReleaser ( move scl rpmbuild options to function and allow to build rpm using SC ( new option --scl which will allows you to build srpm for software collection ( fix the whitespace - tabs->spaces ( add --yes on tito release to keep from requiring input ( Enable tito release --test for git releasers
* Store the --test flag on the releaser and pass it to the builder
* With --test in effect, have the builder update the spec file
* When the builder does so it also updates the build_version to include git hash ( Add ability to customize rsync arguments ( Fix broken extraction of bugzilla numbers from commits. ( Re-add write permission fedpkg takes away. ( Ensure rsync preserves timestamps and permissions ( document SCRATCH environment variable ( look for spec file in project directory ( document NO_AUTO_INSTALL option ( 31 - if build fails due missing dependecies, suggest to run yum-builddep ( document ONLY_TAGS variable ( Do not create patch if there are binary files ( Raise error if there are two spec files ( Make increase_version _ aware and return original string upon failures ( merge common code from tagger and builder ( allow tagger to get values from package config and override values in global_config ( Allow user to define which package need to be installed before tagging. ( Fixed check for existing tag ( do not fail if spec does not have any source ( Add install instructions ( NoTgzBuilder - do not guess source, get it correctly from spec file (
* Thu Jan 17 2013 Devan Goodwin 0.4.11-1- add a --scratch option for KojiReleaser ( Fix no_build error in KojiReleaser.
* Wed Nov 28 2012 Devan Goodwin 0.4.10-1- Add --no-build; this will allow scripted DistGit commits and koji/brew chain-builds ( Added gembuilder, cleaned up pep8 ( Add a Travis configuration ( Update README.mkd ( fix: RsyncReleaser doesn\'t handle multiple rsync locations ( remove tabs and trailing whitespace. add whitespace between methods ( Handle stderr noise getting from remote server ( Can now specify a build target for fedora and distgit releasers (
* Tue Sep 04 2012 Devan Goodwin 0.4.9-1- Stop passing --installdeps for mock builds. ( YumRepoReleaser feature: createrepo command can now be specified from releasers.conf with the \'createrepo_command\' config option ( Created new releaser called RsyncReleaser. Based heavily on YumRepoReleaser. Refactored YumRepoReleaser to inherit most code from RsyncReleaser. ( Optionally print stacktrace whenever error_out is hit ( encourage users to push only their new tag ( Attempt to copy local Sources during releases. (
* Mon Apr 02 2012 Devan Goodwin 0.4.8-1- Fix MockBuilder for packages that use non-standard builders normally. ( interpret \'0\' as False for changelog_with_email setting. (
* Thu Mar 15 2012 Devan Goodwin 0.4.7-1- Fix issues with DistributionBuilder constructor (
* Wed Mar 14 2012 Devan Goodwin 0.4.6-1- Issue 39: Create /tmp/tito if it doesn\'t already exist. ( Add support for test build releases. ( Stop passing all CLI args to builders. ( Add mock builder speedup argument. ( Add support for no-value args in builder. ( Fix rsync options for yum repo releases. ( Add support for customizable changelog formats (
* Tue Jan 24 2012 Devan Goodwin 0.4.5-1- Extract bz\'s and prompt to modify commit message in git releasers. (
* Mon Jan 23 2012 Devan Goodwin 0.4.4-1- Issue #35: EDITOR with arguments produces backtrace ( remove unused fedora_cert reading ( Drop to shell when dist-git merge errors encountered. ( Use proper temp dirs for releasing. ( Fix git release diff command. (
* Thu Dec 15 2011 Devan Goodwin 0.4.3-1- Escape percent character in changelog. ( Fix distribution builder missing args in constructor. ( Add release to usage, alphabetize list. ( PEP8 cleanup. ( No need to maintain timestamps: remove -t and -O from rsync command. ( Chdir to yum_temp_dir after creating, avoids rsync\'s getcwd error ( Use -O during rsync commands to fix time setting errors. (
* Mon Nov 28 2011 Devan Goodwin 0.4.2-1- Clean out old versions of RPMs when generating yum repos. ( Update manpage to show multiple rsync paths. (
* Fri Nov 25 2011 Devan Goodwin 0.4.1-1- Allow one build to go to multiple yum repo URLs. ( Fix --no-cleanup for release module. ( Add a BrewDownloadBuilder. ( Use proper temp directories to build. ( Fix permissions when rsync\'ing yum repositories. ( Switch to CLI fedpkg command instead of module. (
* Wed Nov 09 2011 Devan Goodwin 0.4.0-1- Fix import error with new fedpkg version. ( Add a KojiGitReleaser. ( Adding --use-version to allow Tito to force a version to use. ( Support SCRATCH=1 env variable for koji releaser. ( Support ONLY_TAGS env variable for koji releaser. ( List releasers option. ( Documentation update. ( Allow releaseing to multiple targets at once, and add --all-starting-with. ( Make auto-install available to all builders. ( Allow setting specific builder and passing builder args on CLI. (dgoodwinAATTrm- Add new mechanism for passing custom arguments to builders. (dgoodwinAATTrm- HACKING tips updated. ( Add a rsync username env variable for yum repo releaser. ( Restructure release CLI. ( Parsing spec files and bumping their versions or releases is now in Python. (
* Wed Oct 05 2011 Devan Goodwin 0.3.3-1- Clarify some initial project layout documentation. ( match based on the tag for the package we are building ( Teach tito how to checkout EUS branches ( Remove release parameter from _update_package_metadata() ( Avoid traceback if rpmbuild fails ( Make Fedora git builds a little more tolerant if you need to re-run. ( Fix the binary spew in SOURCES on some weird tags. ( Do not print traceback when user lacks write permission ( Fix Fedora git releaser to use more reliable commands. ( Remove the old tito build --release code. ( Allow custom releasers to be loaded and used. ( Introduce new CLI module for releases. ( Use fedpkg switch branch for git releases. ( Do not print traceback when user hit Ctrl+C ( \'0\' is True, we want it as false (
* Tue Apr 26 2011 Devan Goodwin 0.3.2-1- add debug logging (
* Tue Apr 26 2011 Devan Goodwin 0.3.1-1- flip condition so new files are added and existing files are copied ( fix traceback if git_email is not specified ( Refactor release code out of the builder class. ( Configure tito for Fedora git builds. ( Complete Fedora git build process. ( if remote.origin is not set, assume --offline and print warning, but proceed ( Source can be tar.bz2 ( Source can be without number ( add man page for tito.props(5) ( document KOJI_OPTIONS options of titorc ( add option HIDE_EMAIL to .titorc, which will hide your email in first line of changelog entry ( pass user_config to tagger class ( issue 18 - do not print TB if, is not set ( Upload sources and confirm commit during git release. ( First draft of Fedora Git releasing. ( Add a --dry-run option for build --release. ( Allow user config setting for sub-packages to skip during auto-install. ( Hookup bugzilla extraction during cvs release. ( Plus and dot chars in git email handled correctly now ( put emails in changelog only if changelog_with_email is set to 1 in [globalconfig] section of config ( use _changelog_remove_cherrypick() for rheltagger ( Add code for extracting bugzilla IDs from CVS diff or git log. ( Prompt user to edit CVS commit messages. ( Fix no auto changelog option. ( add tagger for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( Fix test builds in koji. ( Documentation update. ( Add missing dep on libxslt. (
* Wed Jan 05 2011 Devan Goodwin 0.3.0-1- implement --only-tags option for builder class ( implement --list-tags option for builder ( add option --scratch to builder class ( do not throw traceback if you hit Ctrl+C during Auto-instaling ( allow child taggers to control commit message ( add new tagger: zStreamTagger - bump up release part after dist tag ( Better error-reporting when spec file has errors ( if we grep rpmbuild output for some string, we have to switch to C locale ( Adding more helpfull error message to show user what is busted ( Fix rpm command suggestion for broken specs. ( add manpage source: tito(8) ( add manpage source: titorc(5) ( adding rpm-build as a Requires. Seems pretty critical ( Add missing dep on python-setuptools. (
* Wed Jun 02 2010 Devan Goodwin 0.2.0-1- Restrict building to a minimum version of tito. ( Added option to pass custom options to rpmbuild. ( Add tito-dev script to run directly from source. ( Better output after tagging. ( Display rpms build on successful completion. ( Added tito tag --undo. ( Bump versions in during tagging if possible. ( Added lib_dir setting for custom taggers/builders. ( Add option to auto-install rpms after build. ( Remove check for changelog with today\'s date. ( Allow user to specify an changelog string for new packages. ( Use latest commit instead of HEAD for --test. ( Allow tito to understand pkg names with macros. ( Use short sha1 when generating filenames. ( Commit packages dir during tito init. ( More detailed error message if spec has errors. (
* Wed Jun 02 2010 Devan Goodwin - Restrict building to a minimal version of tito. ( Added option to pass custom options to rpmbuild. ( Add tito-dev script to run directly from source. ( Better output after tagging. ( Display rpms build on successful completion. ( Added tito tag --undo. ( Bump versions in during tagging if possible. ( Added lib_dir setting for custom builders/taggers. ( Add option to auto-install rpms after build. ( Remove check for changelog with today\'s date. ( Allow user to specify an changelog string for new packages. ( Use latest commit instead of HEAD for --test. ( Allow tito to understand pkg names with macros. ( Use short sha1 when generating filenames. ( Commit packages dir during tito init. ( More detailed error message if spec is bad. (
* Thu Oct 01 2009 Devan Goodwin 0.1.1-2- Add AUTHORS and COPYING to doc.- Add BuildRequires on python-setuptools.
* Tue Aug 25 2009 Devan Goodwin 0.1.1-1- Bumping to 0.1.0 for first release.
* Mon Aug 24 2009 Devan Goodwin 0.0.4-1- Hack to fix import of tagger/builder on Python 2.4. (
* Thu Aug 06 2009 Devan Goodwin 0.0.3-1- Introduce --output option for destination/tmp directory. ( Use tito.props for project specific config filename. ( Add multi-project repo tagging tests. ( Add support for offline (standalone) git repos. ( Fix reports for single project git repos. ( Add README documentation. (
* Wed Jul 22 2009 Devan Goodwin 0.0.1-1- Initial packaging.