Changelog for fwupd-devel-1.3.10-1.fc31.i686.rpm :

* Tue Jun 09 2020 Richard Hughes 1.3.10-1- New upstream release- Actually reload the DFU device after upgrade has completed- Capture the dock SKU in report metadata- Correctly set the Logitech device protocol- Do not use shim for non-secure boot configurations- Ensure that the DeviceID is set for child devices- Fix an error when detaching MSP430- Fix the DeviceID set by GetDetails- Force the prometheus minor version from 0x02 to 0x01- Parse the CSR firmware as a DFU file- Prevent dell-dock updates to occur via synaptics-mst plugin- Rather than hardcoding thunderbolt to PCI slot numbers, use domain in GUID- Remove a dock device from the whitelist that is never going to be updated- Validate that gpgme_op_verify_result() returned at least one signature- Wait for the cxaudio device to reboot after writing firmware- Fixes CVE-2020-10759
* Thu Mar 05 2020 Richard Hughes 1.3.9-2- Rebuild against the new Gusb.
* Wed Mar 04 2020 Richard Hughes 1.3.9-1- New upstream release- Added completion script for fish shell- Always check for PLAIN when doing vercmp() operations- Always return AppStream markup for remote agreements- Apply UEFI capsule update even with single valid capsule- Check the device protocol before de-duping devices- Copy the version and format from donor device in get-details- Correctly append the release to devices in `fwupdtool get-details`- Decrease minimum battery requirement to 10%- Discard the reason upgrades aren\'t available- Do not fail loading in /etc/machine-id is not available- Fix a critical warning when installing some firmware- For the `get-details` command make sure to always show devices- Inhibit all power management actions using logind when updating- Set the MSP430 version format to pair- Switch off the ATA verbose logging by default- Use unknown for version format by default on get-details
* Thu Feb 13 2020 Richard Hughes 1.3.8-1- New upstream release- Add an extra instance ID to disambiguate USB hubs- Add a plugin to update PD controllers by Fresco Logic- Correctly reset VL100 PD devices- Do not rewrite BootOrder in the EFI helper- Do not use vercmp when the device version format is plain- Fix firmware regression in the EFI capsule helper- Fix updating Synaptics MST devics with no PCI parent- Ignore Unifying detach failures- Make the cxaudio version match that of the existing Windows tools- Replay the TPM event log to get the PCRx values- Set up more parent devices for various Lenovo USB hubs- Support the new gnuefi file locations- Use the correct command to get the VLI device firmware version
* Wed Feb 05 2020 Richard Hughes 1.3.7-2- Workaround a SELinux policy issue
* Fri Jan 31 2020 Richard Hughes 1.3.7-1- New upstream release- Add \'get-remotes\' and \'refresh\' to fwupdtool- Add support for standalone VIA PD devices- Allow applying all releases to get to a target version- Correctly delete UEFI variables- Correctly import PKCS-7 remote metadata- Discourage command line metadata refreshes more than once per day- Do not always get the vendor ID for udev devices using the parent- Get the list of updates in JSON format from fwupdagent- Show the device parent if there is an interesting child- Shut down automatically when there is system memory pressure- Use a different protocol ID for VIA i2c devices- Use the correct timeout for Logitech IO channel writes
* Tue Jan 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.3.6-2- Rebuilt for
* Mon Dec 30 2019 Richard Hughes 1.3.6-1- New upstream release- Add a dell-bios version format to match what is shown on the vendor website- Add a new plugin that exposes the TPM device- Allow incremental version major and minor number for Synaptics Prometheus devices- Clarify error messages when no upgrades are available- Correct the default prompt for reboot/shutdown- Do not expose bootloader version errors to users- Enforce that device protocol matches the metadata value- Export the device protocol and raw device version to the client --verbose output- Fix the quirk for the legacy VIA 813 usbhub chip- Only check the vendor ID if the device has one set- Return exit status success if there is no firmware to be updated- Set the correct vendor eMMC ID prefix- Use the baseboard vendor as the superio vendor ID- Use the BIOS vendor as the coreboot and flashrom vendor ID
* Fri Nov 29 2019 Richard Hughes 1.3.5-1- New upstream release- Convert libfwupdprivate to a shared library libfwupdplugin- Create a REV_00 instance ID as this may be what the vendor needs to target- Improve coreboot version detection- Invert default behavior to be safer for reboot and shutdown prompts- Reload the Synaptics prometheus device version after update- Use the correct unlocker when using GRWLock- Whitelist VIA USB hub PD and I²C devices
* Fri Nov 22 2019 Richard Hughes 1.3.4-1- New upstream release- Add support for Foxconn T77W968 and DW5821e eSIM- Add support for matching firmware requirements on device parents- Add support for writing VIA PD and I2C devices- Add versions formats for the Microsoft Surface devices- Correct Wacom panel HWID support- Fix a fastboot regression when updating modem firmware- Fix regression when coldplugging superio devices- Fix the linking of the UEFI update binary- Fix the vendor id of hidraw devices- Make loading USB device strings non-fatal- Reject invalid Synaptics MST chip IDs- Skip cleanup after device is done updating if required
* Fri Nov 01 2019 Richard Hughes 1.3.3-1- New upstream release- Add a plugin for systems running coreboot- Add a plugin to update eMMC devices- Add a plugin to update Synaptics RMI4 devices- Add a plugin to update VIA USB hub hardware- Add several quirks for Realtek webcams- Add some success messages when CLI tasks have completed- Add support for automatically uploading reports- Add support for `fwupdmgr reinstall`- Add support for the 8bitdo SN30Pro+- Add support for the ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen2 audio device- Allow fwupdtool to dump details of common firmware formats- Always report the update-error correctly for multiple updates- Create a unique GUID for the Thunderbolt controller path- Fix a regression for Wacom EMR devices- Recognize new \'generation\' Thunderbolt sysfs attribute for USB4- Rework ESP path detection and lifecycle to auto-unmount when required- Show a useful error for Logitech devices that cannot self-reset- Use correct method for stopping systemd units- Use device safety flags to show prompts before installing updates- Use will-disappear flag for 8bitdo SF30/SN30 controllers- Use XMLb to query quirks to reduce the RSS when running
* Tue Oct 08 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.11-2- Manually create /var/cache/fwupd to work around #1757948
* Sat Sep 28 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.11-1- New upstream release- Actually write the new device path if different than before- Add a SynapticsMSTBoardID for a few Lenovo docks- Add support for tpm2-tools 4.X- Add the counterpart GUID for the DW5821e- Allow specifying a firmware GUID to check any version exists- Be more accepting when trying to recover a failed database migration- Do not ask the user to upload a report if ReportURI is not set- Do not segfault when trying to quit the downgrade selection- Fix a crash when stopping the fwupd service- Never show AppStream markup on the console- Relax the certificate time checks in the self tests for the legacy cert- Remove replug flag after the device comes back from reboot- Update device_modified in sql database during updates- Work properly with ICL thunderbolt controller
* Thu Sep 26 2019 Peter Jones - 1.2.10-3- Rebuild in the right koji channel so signatures aren\'t broken.- I really wish releng would either stop doing these senseless mass rebuilds or learn to do a good job when doing them.
* Thu Jul 25 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.2.10-2- Rebuilt for
* Mon Jul 15 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.10-1- New upstream release- Add a specific error code for the low battery case- Add support for 8bitdo USB Retro Receiver- Export new API to build objects from GVariant blobs- Fix installing synaptics-prometheus config updates- Prompt for reboot when unlocking on the command line if applicable- Show a warning when running in UEFI legacy mode- Show devices with an UpdateError in get-devices output- Support a UEFI quirk to disable the use of the UX capsule- Support empty proxy server strings- Try harder to find duplicate UEFI boot entries
* Mon May 20 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.9-1- New upstream release- Add support for Synaptics Prometheus fingerprint readers- Check the daemon version is at least the client version- Correctly identify DFU firmware that starts at offset zero- Display the remote warning on the console in an easy-to-read way- Export the version-format used by devices to clients- Fix a libasan failure when reading a UEFI variable- Never guess the version format from the version string- Only use class-based instance IDs for quirk matching- Prompt the user to shutdown if required when installing by ID- Reset the forced version during DFU attach and detach- Set the version format for more device types
* Tue Apr 23 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.8-1- New upstream release- Allow the fwupdmgr tool to modify the daemon config- Correctly parse DFU interfaces with extra vendor-specific data- Do not report transient or invalid system failures- Fix problems with the version format checking for some updates
* Wed Apr 17 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.7-3- Revert a patch from upstream that was causing problems with Dell hardware
* Tue Apr 16 2019 Adam Williamson - 1.2.7-2- Rebuild with Meson fix for #1699099
* Thu Apr 11 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.7-1- New upstream release- Add a component categories to express the firmware type- Add support for 8BitDo M30- Add support for the not-child extension from Logitech- Blacklist the synapticsmst plugin when using amdgpu- Correct ATA activation functionality to work for all vendors- Implement QMI PDC active config selection for modems- Make an error message clearer when there are no updates available- Match the old or new version number when setting NEEDS_REBOOT- More carefully check the output from tpm2_pcrlist- Recreate the history database if migration failed- Require AC power when updating Thunderbolt devices- Require --force to install a release with a different version format- Shut down the daemon if the on-disk binary is replaced
* Wed Mar 27 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.6-2- Enable the ModemManager plugin
* Tue Mar 26 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.6-1- New upstream release- Add support for delayed activation of docks and ATA devices- Add support for reading the SuperIO device checksum and writing to e-flash- Add the fwupdagent binary for use in shell scripts- Allow restricting firmware updates for enterprise use- Allow running offline updates when in Allow signing the fwupd report with a client certificate- Ask to reboot after scheduling an offline firmware update- Correctly check the new version for devices that replug- Do not fail to start the daemon if tpm2_pcrlist hangs- Do not fail when scheduling more than one update to be run offline- Do not schedule an update on battery power if it requires AC power- Include all device checksums in the LVFS report- Rename the shimx64.efi binary for known broken firmware- Upload the UPDATE_INFO entry for the UEFI UX capsule- Use Plymouth when updating offline firmware
* Mon Feb 25 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.5-1- New upstream release- Allow a device to be updated using more than one plugin- Call composite prepare and cleanup using fwupdtool- Detect and special case Dell ATA hardware- Fix flashing failure with latest Intuos Pro tablet- Fix potential segfault when applying UEFI updates- Fix unifying regression when recovering from failed flash- Report the DeviceInstanceIDs from fwupdmgr when run as root
* Tue Feb 12 2019 Igor Gnatenko - 1.2.4-2- Remove obsolete scriptlets
* Fri Feb 01 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.4-1- New upstream release- Add a directory remote that generates metadata- Add a plugin to update Wacom embedded EMR and AES panels- Add a plugin to upgrade firmware on ATA-ATAPI hardware- Add a quirk to use the legacy bootmgr description- Add SuperIO IT89xx device support- Add support for Dell dock passive flow- Add the needs-shutdown quirk to Phison NVMe drives- Add \'update\' and \'get-updates\' commands to fwupdtool- Allow Dell dock flashing Thunderbolt over I2C- Check the battery percentage before flashing- Correct Nitrokey Storage invalid firmware version read- Do not check the BGRT status before uploading a UX capsule- Do the UEFI UX checksum calculation in fwupd- Fix flashing various Jabra devices- Fix the parser to support extended segment addresses- Flash the fastboot partition after downloading the file- Show a console warning if loading an out-of-tree plugin- Show a per-release source and details URL- Show a `UpdateMessage` and display it in tools- Support FGUID to get the SKU GUID for NVMe hardware
* Thu Jan 31 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.2.3-2- Rebuilt for
* Fri Jan 04 2019 Richard Hughes 1.2.3-1- New upstream release- Correctly migrate the history database
* Sun Dec 30 2018 Richard Hughes 1.2.2-1- New upstream release- Add support for devices that support fastboot- Add more standard USB identifier GUIDs- Add the PCR0 value as the device checksum for system firmware- Add Dell TB18DC to the supported devices list- Allow replacing the last byte in the image when using \'dfu-tool replace-data\'- Append the UEFI capsule header in userspace rather than in the loader- Check the device checksum as well as the content checksum during verify- Correctly parse format the version numbers correctly using old metadata- Fix a crash if AMT returns an empty response- Fix a regression when doing GetReleases on unsupported hardware- Remove the Wacom DTH generation hardware from the whitelist- Sanitize the version if the version format has been specified
* Tue Nov 27 2018 Richard Hughes 1.2.1-1- New upstream release- Add per-release install duration values- Fix a use-after-free when using --immediate-exit- Fix flashing the 8bitdo SF30- Fix showing the custom remote agreements- Include the os-release information in the release metadata- Shut down the daemon after 2h of inactivity when possible- Speed up startup by loading less thunderbolt firmware- Speed up startup by using a silo index for GUID queries- Use less memory and fragment the heap less when starting
* Wed Nov 07 2018 Richard Hughes 1.2.0-1- New upstream release- Add a standalone installer creation script- Add version format quirks for several Lenovo machines- Adjust synapticsmst EVB board handling- Allow setting the version format from a quirk entry- Port from libappstream-glib to libxmlb for a large reduction in RSS- Set the full AMT device version including the BuildNum- Sort the firmware sack by component priority- Stop any running daemon over dbus when using fu-tool- Support the Intel ME version format- Use HTTPS_PROXY if set
* Fri Oct 12 2018 Richard Hughes 1.1.3-1- New upstream release- Add a plugin for an upcoming Dell USB-C dock- Add support for devices to show an estimated flash time- Add support for Realtek USB devices using vendor HID and HUB commands- Adjust panamera ESM update routine for some reported issues- Allow firmware files to depend on versions from other devices- Check the amount of free space on the ESP before upgrading- Don\'t show devices pending a reboot in GetUpgrades- Fix possible crash in the thunderbolt-power plugin- Make various parts of the daemon thread-safe- Redirect all debugging output to stderr instead of stdout- Run the Dell plugin initialization after the UEFI plugin- Update all sub-devices for a composite update
* Mon Sep 10 2018 Richard Hughes 1.1.2-1- New upstream release- Add a new plugin to enumerate EC firmware- Add a new plugin to update NVMe hardware- Allow updating just one specific device from the command line- Always use the same HardwareIDs as Windows- Download firmware if the user specifies a URI- Implement the systemd recommendations for offline updates- Improve performance when reading keys from the quirk database- Rewrite the unifying plugin to use the new daemon-provided functionality- Show a time estimate on the progressbar after an update has started
* Mon Aug 13 2018 Richard Hughes 1.1.1-1- New upstream release- Add support for the Synaptics Panamera hardware- Add validation for Alpine and Titan Ridge- Allow flashing unifying devices in recovery mode- Allow running synapticsmst on non-Dell hardware- Check the ESP for sanity at at startup- Do not hold hidraw devices open forever- Fix a potential segfault in smbios data parsing- Fix encoding the GUID into the capsule EFI variable- Fix various bugs when reading the thunderbolt version number- Improve the Redfish plugin to actually work with real hardware- Reboot synapticsmst devices at the end of flash cycle- Show the correct title when updating devices
* Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.1.0-3- Rebuilt for
* Thu Jul 12 2018 Richard Hughes 1.1.0-2- Rebuild to get the EFI executable signed with the Red Hat key
* Wed Jul 11 2018 Richard Hughes 1.1.0-1- New upstream release- Add a initial Redfish support- Allow devices to assign a plugin from the quirk subsystem- Detect the EFI system partition location at runtime- Do not use 8bitdo bootloader commands after a successful flash- Fix a potential buffer overflow when applying a DFU patch- Fix downgrading older releases to devices- Fix flashing devices that require a manual replug- Fix unifying failure to detach when using a slow host controller- Merge fwupdate functionality into fwupd- Support more Wacom tablets