Changelog for perl-App-Ack-3.1.1-1.1.noarch.rpm :

* Thu Sep 26 2019 Andreas Stieger - ack 3.1.1:
* Improve the speed up the -l, -L and -c options- includes changes from 3.1.0:
* Added the --range-start and --range-end options to allow searching only ranges of
* Wed Aug 21 2019 Dan Čermák - Rebase patches:
* ack-add_spec.patch
* ack-ignore-osc.patch
* Wed Aug 21 2019 Christopher Childress - ack 3.0.3:
* Made smartcase\'s check for lowercase patterns smarter.
* Updated many URLs, especially in the config. (GH #223)
* Sat Aug 03 2019 Andreas Stieger - ack 3.0.2:
* Improved -w option
* -w option will warn if your pattern does not lend itself to word matching
* -i, -I and --smart-case
* --proximate=N option
* Add --pod and --markdown
* Add GNUmakefile to the list of makefile specs
* Add -S as a synonym for --smart-case
* no longer highlights capture groups
* --output allows fewer special variables
* Fri Mar 22 2019 Matthias Eliasson - ack 2.28:
* The --help-rgb-colors option now displays the RGB codes organized by HSL values for easier picking.- includes 2.26:
* Added --help-colors and --help-rgb-colors options to display colors available for color options.
* Clarified the docs for --lines option.
* Use File::Temp for temp files during tests on Win32.- cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Sat Aug 11 2018 ack 2.24:
* Added option \"--ts\" for Typescript.
* Fixed a bug where ack would stop searching if there was a file called \"0\" in the current directory where ack was invoked.
* Optimized ack\'s search by 0-30% in timings of common cases. Done by only do a line-by-line search of a file if there\'s a match somewhere in the file.
* Fri Dec 29 2017 ack 2.22:
* Avoid a fatal error that sometimes occured if a file was unreadable.
* support for Kotlin
* Sped up file type detection for certain files.- includes 2.20:
* When using submodules, .git directory will be a file. This is now ignored by default.
* Changed construction in the docs that Ubuntu flagged as a misspelling.- cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Sat Mar 25 2017 ack 2.18:
* no longer throw an undefined variable when called from a directory that doesn\'t exist
* --context=0 (-C 0) can now override arkrc settings
* --after-context (-A) and --before-context (-B) no longer require a value to be passed, defaulting to 2
* Add .xhtml to the --html filetype
* Add .wsdl to the --xml filetype.
* Sat Mar 11 2017 ack 2.16:
* Include .cljs, .cljc and .edn files with the --clojure filetype
* Add .xsd to the --xml filetype
* Add support for Swift language
* The MSYS2 project is now seen as Windows
* Expand the definition of OCaml files
* Add support for Groovy Server Pages
* Thu Feb 04 2016 ack 2.15_02- Bug fixes:
* Reverted an optimization to make \\s work properly again- Enhancements:
* The JSP filetype (--jsp) now recognizes .jspf files.
* Wed Feb 25 2015 ack 2.15_01- Bug fixes:
* The -l and -c flags would sometimes return inaccurate results due to bug introduced in 2.14.
* Behavior when using newlines in a search was inconsistent.
* Add minimal requirement of Getopt::Long 2.38, not 2.35, for GetOptionsFromString.- Enhancements:
* Many optimizations and code cleanups.
* Added --hpp option for C++ header files.
* ack now supports --ignore-dir=match:....
* ack also supports --ignore-dir=ext:..., and --noignore-dir supports match/ext as well