Changelog for libreport-2.9.5-6.el8.x86_64.rpm :

* Sat Aug 10 2019 Fabian Arrotin 2.9.5-6.0.1- Keep sending uReports to (mkutlak)
* Tue May 14 2019 Johnny Hughes 2.9.5-6.0.1- Fix issue in TaskID 3009 on
* Tue May 07 2019 CentOS Sources - 2.9.5-6.el8.centos- Apply debranding changes
* Wed Aug 29 2018 Matej Habrnal 2.9.5-6- replace all Fedora URLs by corresponding values for RHEL- fix coverity issues- Resolves: #1602590, #1623406
* Thu Aug 09 2018 Matej Habrnal 2.9.5-5- Offer reporting to Bugzilla only for pre-GA Anaconda exceptions- Resolves: #1593734
* Mon Jul 16 2018 Matej Habrnal 2.9.5-4- Remove option to screencast problems and requires on fros
* Tue Jul 10 2018 Matej Habrnal 2.9.5-3- set PYTHON variable because of ./py-compile in- Make this build without /usr/bin/python
* Mon Apr 30 2018 Matej Habrnal 2.9.5-2- drop dependency on python-rhsm- Resolves: #1569595
* Tue Apr 24 2018 Matej Habrnal 2.9.5-1- spec: actualize according to downstream- spec: Conditionalize the Python2 and Python3- report-python: fix tests if configure --without-python2- autogen: correctly parse buildrequires from spec file
* Tue Mar 27 2018 Martin Kutlak 2.9.4-1- Translation updates- Revert \"use /usr/sbin/\"- ureport: remove json-c is_error() usage- ldconfig and gtk-update-icon-cache is not needed in rawhide- reporter-rhtsupport: Remove dependency on redhat-access-insights- do not expand macro in changelog- move defattr which match the defaults- use /usr/sbin/- macro python_sitearch is always defined on rhel7+- remove rhel6 specific items and accomodate to rhel7+- This package uses names with ambiguous `python-` prefix in requirements.- reporter-{bugzilla,mantisbt,rhtsupport}: fix free- reporter-mailx: rely on configured email- spec: fix unowned directories- augeas: include local config path- doc: update to contain newly added user\'s local config- reporter-mantisbt: read configuration from user\'s home- reporter-rhtsupport: read configuration from user\'s home- reporter-bugzilla: read configuration from user\'s home- reporter-bugzilla: ask concrete bz when requiring login- makefile: fix make release
* Thu Nov 02 2017 Julius Milan 2.9.3-1- Translation updates- commit to delete- workflows: fix description in workflows: add workflow for adding data to existing case- client-python,report-python: Allow python to be optional at build time- ignored words: add SYSTEMD_NSS_BYPASS_BUS- reporter-ureport: add \'ProcessUnpackaged\' option- spec: add workflow for adding data to existing case- rep-sys-journal: fix in finding executable basename- remove old obsolete- Group is not used any more- remove old changelogs- requires pythonX-dnf instead of dnf- doc: fix obsolete doxygen tags & complains- lib: Introduce pid_for_children element from ns- client-python: Do not try to unlink None- spec: rename Python binary packages
* Thu Mar 16 2017 Matej Habrnal 2.9.1-1- build: create tarball in release-
* target- problem_data: fix double const- wizard: fix error found by -Werror=format-security- run_event: fix cmp between pointer and zero character- build: do not upload tarball to spec: do not use as source- build: fix generating list of dependences in build: generate new release entries with date- report-newt: free allocated variables, don\'t close dd twice- build: fix scratch-build target- changelog: reflect the PR- lib: several bug fixes in parsing of mountinfo- lib: correctly recognize chroot in container- lib: declare CONTAINER_ROOTS element name- lib: add more log wrappers for perror- reporter-bugzilla: use /etc/os-release for default url- Remove nss dependency- spec: include testsuite headers in the devel package- tests: include testsuite.h in the dist archive- maint: check pulled .po files for errors- build: fix bug in changelog generating in release target- changelog: fix typos
* Fri Dec 02 2016 Jakub Filak 2.9.0-1- Translation updates- build: make the release-
* targets smarter- add reporter-s-journal: enable SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER from env- report-python: add method run_event_on_problem_dir- lib: use lz4 instead of lz4cat- reportclient: honor ABRT_VERBOSE- tree-wide: introduce \'stop_on_not_reportable\' option- client: add support for $releasever to debuginfo- lib: correct test for own root- workflows: run analyze_BodhiUpdates event on Fedora- man: fix formating- reporter-systemd-journal: introduce reporter-systemd-journal- problem_data: add function which returns all problem data keys- include: add exception_type element constant- spec: changes related to reporter-systemd-journal- problem_report: add normalization of crashed thread- problem_report: make generate report configurable- problem_report: use core_backtrace if there is no backtrace- lib: refuse to parse negative number as unsigned int- spec: simplify and remove old conditional- build: add gettext-devel to sysdeps- dd: add check for validity of new file FD- build: configure tree for debugging by default- spec: use %buildroot macro- spec: remove defattr which match the defaults- spec: do not clean buildroot- spec: remove Groups- spec: code cleanup- lib: fix a bug in dealing with errno- lib: add convenient wrappers for uint in map_string_t- problem_report: ensure C-string null terminator- lib: fix invalid cgroup namespace ID- lib: make die function configurable- lib: allow using FD of /proc/[pid] instead of pid_t- dd: add functions for opening dd item- lib: add xfdopen- problem data: search for sensitive words in more files- dd: add dd_copy_file_at- ignored words: add \"systemd-logind\" and \"hawkey\"- build: reset the default version with each release- doc: make README more verbose- tree-wide: produce less messages in NOTICE log lvl- ureport: less confusing logging- spec: install JavaScript workflows- workflow: add JavaScript workflows- bugzilla: stop including package details
* Fri Sep 09 2016 Jakub Filak 2.8.0-1- lib: fix a memory leak in create_dump_dir fn- rhtsupport: fix a double free of config at exit- autogen: fix typo in usage help string- debuginfo: dnf API logging workarounds list- lib: don\'t warn when user word file doesn\'t exist- testuite: add test for forbidden_words- lib: be able to define base conf dir at runtime- wizard: use dnf instead of yum in add a screencast note- problem_report: document resevered elements
* Mon Jul 18 2016 Matej Habrnal 2.7.2-1- Translation updates- wizard: do not create reproducible if complex_detail == no- include: save_user_settings function declaration isn’t a prototype- Bugzilla: fix typo in comment don -> don\'t- client-python: fix a typo in error check- dd: do not log missing uid file when creating new dump dir- build: update searched pkg names for systemd
* Wed May 18 2016 Matej Habrnal 2.7.1-1- spec: compression updates- lib: add lz4 decompression- lib: avoid the need to link against lzma- all: format security- lib: add cgroup namespace- dd: introduce functions getting occurrence stamps- dd: introduce dd_get_env_variable- lib: add get env variable from a file- RHTSupport: include count in Support cases- lib: problem report API check fseek return code- ignored words: remove \'kwallet_jwakely\' which I added wrongly
* Fri Apr 08 2016 Matej Habrnal 2.7.0-1- ignored words: update ignored words- mailx: introduce debug parameter -D- mailx: mail formatting: add comment right after %oneline- mailx: use problem report api to define an emais\' content- lib: remove unused function make_description_bz- augeas: trim spaces before key value- Revert \"xml parser: be more verbose in case xml file cannot be opened\"- xml parser: be more verbose in case xml file cannot be opened- spec: add workflows.d to filesystem package- makefile: define LANG in release target- mailx: stop creating dead.letter on mailx failures- workflows: add comments to ambiguous functions- workflows: NULL for the default configuration dir- workflows: publish the function loading configuration- build: fix build on Fedora24- augeas: exclude mantisbt format configurations- reporter-mantisbt: add missing \'=\' to conf file- curl: fix typo Ingoring -> Ignoring- rhtsupport: attach all dump dir\'s element to a new case- rhtsupport: add pkg_vendor, reproducer and reproducible to description- report client: add silent mode to clean_up()- doc: add documentation for requires-details attribute- rhtsupport: Discourage users from reporting in non Red Hat stuff- rhtsupport: Discourage users from opening one-shot crashes- report-gtk: Require Reproducer for RHTSupport- Add workflow for RHEL anonymous report- spec: add workflow for RHEL anonymous report files- wizard: fix the broken widget expansion- dd: add documentation of dd_create_skeleton- workflow: add extern C to the header file- Fix minor typos- Translation updates- translations: update zanata configuration- wizard: fix the broken \"Show log\" widget- wizard: remove the code correcting Bugzilla groups
* Tue Feb 02 2016 Matej Habrnal 2.6.4-1- doc: add option -o and -O into reporter-ureport man page- rhtsupport: use problme report API to create description- bugzilla: make the event configurable- report-gtk: offer users to create private ticket- bugzilla|centos: declare \'restricted access\' support- event config: add support for \'restricted access\'- lib: move CREATE_PRIVATE_TICKET to the global configuration- dd: dd_delete_item does not die- dd: add function getting stat of item- dd: correct handling of TYPE when creating dump directory- dd: add function computing dump dir file system size- dd: add function counting number of dd items- dd: add function copying file descriptor to element- dd: allow 1 and 2 letter long element names- problem_data: factor out function reading single problem element- formatdup: more universal comment- dd: make function uid_in_group() public- Refactoring conditional directives that break parts of statements.- bugzilla: actualize man pages- bugzilla: don\'t report private problem as comment- uploader: move username and password to the advanced options- uploader: allow empty username and password- spec: add uploader config files and related man page- uploader: add possibility to set SSH keyfiles- curl: add possibility to configure SSH keys- desktop-utils: deal with Destkop files without command line- ureport: enable attaching of arbitrary values- update .gitignore- uploader: save remote name in reported_to- curl: return URLs without userinfo- lib: add function for removing userinfo from URIs- plugins: port reporters to add_reported_to_entry- reported_to: add a function formatting reported_to lines- lib: introduce parser of ISO date strings- uploader: use shared dd_create_archive function- dd: add a function for compressing dumpdirs- problem_report: add examples to the documentation- client: document environment variables
* Thu Oct 15 2015 Matej Habrnal 2.6.3-1- wizard: correct comments in save_text_if_changed()- events: improve example- reporter-bugzilla: add parameter -p- wizard: fix save users changes after reviewing dump dir files- dd: make function load_text_file non-static- bugzilla: don\'t attach build_ids- run_event: rewrite event rule parser- dd: add convenience wrappers fro loading numbers- ureport: improve curl\'s error messages- ureport: use Red Hat Certificate Authority to make rhsm cert trusted- curl: add posibility to use own Certificate Authority cert- spec: add redhat-access-insights to Requires of l-p-rhtsupport- bugzilla: put VARIANT_ID= to Whiteboard- autogen: use dnf instead of yum to install dependencies- configure: use hex value for dump dir mode- curl: add a helper for HTTP GET- dd: don\'t warn about missing \'type\' if the locking fails- dd: stop warning about corrupted mandatory files- Use a dgettext function returning strings instead of bytes