Changelog for python2-rpkg-1.52-1.fc28.noarch.rpm :

* Thu Feb 22 2018 Chenxiong Qi - 1.52-1- Mock ThreadPool in test_module_overview (cqi)- Drop rpmfluff in test (cqi)- Fix hardcoded directory name in test (lsedlar)- Improve testenv for py26 (cqi)- Run tests with old GitPython in py26 testenv (cqi)- Compile pycurl with openssl after F27 (cqi)- Ignore .egg/ from git (cqi)- Add py26 to testenv (cqi)- Install koji from PyPI (cqi)- Make compose-id and repo-url to take one or more values (csomh)- Let git ignore more directories (cqi)- Exclude pyc and __pycache__ globally in sdist (cqi)- Handle nonexisting mbs-manager (cqi)- Add dependent packages for Python 2.6 in (cqi)- Updated module cli API (mcurlej)- Declare Python versions rpkg can work with - #278 (cqi)- Fix flake8 errors (cqi)- Fix tests that do not work with Python 3 (cqi)- Fix tests: not impact by dict.items call (cqi)- Add py36 to testenv - #274 (cqi)- Run tox to run tests and check code styles - #276 (cqi)- Use flake8 3.5.0 (cqi)- Add files under requirements/ to sdist package (cqi)- Install Koji shared library via setuptools (cqi)- Set install and tests requires in (cqi)- Split pypi requirements and refine versions (cqi)- Change type of compose id from string to int (bfontecc)- Install RPM Python binding from PyPI (cqi)- Fix test test_lint_each_file_once (cqi)- Add compose-id and signing-intent arguments (bfontecc)- Use env\'s python (lucarval)- Use progress callback and TaskWatcher from koji_cli.lib (cqi)- Get buildhash from git+https:// url (lsedlar)- lint: Avoid checking rpm\'s multiple times (tmz)- Fix giturl as well by calling construct_build_url (cqi)- Fix construct anongiturl for chain-build (cqi)- Fix mock openidc_client (cqi)
* Fri Feb 09 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.51-4- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 23 2018 Chenxiong Qi - 1.51-3- Backport: Add compose-id and signing-intent arguments- Backport: Change type of compose id from string to int
* Wed Nov 08 2017 Chenxiong Qi - 1.51-2- Backport: Fix construct anongiturl for chain-build- Backport: Fix giturl as well by calling construct_build_url
* Fri Oct 20 2017 Chenxiong Qi - 1.51-1- Ignore TestModulesCli if openidc-client is unavailable (cqi)- Port mbs-build to rpkg (mprahl)- Add .vscode to .gitignore (mprahl)- Fix TestPatch.test_rediff in order to run with old version of mock (cqi)- Allow to specify alternative Copr config file - #184 (cqi)- Tests for patch command (cqi)- More Tests for mockbuild command (cqi)- More tests for getting spec file (cqi)- Tests for container-build-setup command (cqi)- Test for container-build to use custom config (cqi)- Suppress output from git command within setUp (cqi)- Skip test if rpmfluff is not available (lsedlar)- Allow to override build URL (cqi)- Test for mock-config command (cqi)- Tests for copr-build command (cqi)- Fix arch-override for container-build (lucarval)- Remove unsupported osbs for container-build (lucarval)- cli: add --arches support for koji_cointainerbuild (mlangsdo)- Strip refs/heads/ from branch only once (lsedlar)- Don\'t install bin and config files (cqi)- Fix kojiprofile selection in cliClient.container_build_koji (cqi)- Avoid branch detection for \'rpkg sources\' (praiskup)- Fix encoding in new command (cqi)- Minor wording improvement in help (pgier)- Fix indentation (pviktori)- Add --with and --without options to mockbuild (pviktori)
* Thu Aug 31 2017 Chenxiong Qi - 1.50-2- Backport: Fix kojiprofile selection in cliClient.container_build_koji (cqi)
* Thu Aug 10 2017 Chenxiong Qi - 1.50-1- Fix PEP8 error (cqi)- Spelling fixes (ville.skytta)- Reword help and description of new-sources and upload commands - rhbz#1248737 (cqi)- Set autorebuild enabled by default (bfontecc)- Add commands to whitelist_externals (cqi)- Declare Python 3 versions to support in (cqi)- Replace unicode with six.text_type (cqi)- Run tests in both Python 2 and 3 with tox (cqi)- Make tests and covered code compatible with Py3 (cqi)- Add requirements files (cqi)- Do not build srpm in test (cqi)- Do not actually run git-diff in tests (cqi)- Remove deprecated modules used in koji (cqi)- Non-zero exit when rpmbuild fails in local command (cqi)- Report deprecation of config via logger (lsedlar)- Print --dist deprecation warning explicitly (lsedlar)- utils: Avoid DeprecationWarning for messages for users (lsedlar)- Supply namespace to lookaside (if enabled) (lsedlar)- Support reading koji config from profile - #187 (cqi)- Remove kitchen (cqi)- Fix string format (cqi)- Recommend --release instead of --dist in mockbuild --help (tmz)- Allow overriding container build target by downstream (lsedlar)- Add a separate property for namespace (lsedlar)- Allow container builds from any namespace (maxamillion)- Make osbs support optional (cqi)- make osbs dependency optional (pavlix)- Allow explicit namespaces with slashes (lsedlar)- Do not hang indefinitely when lookaside cache server stops sending data (jkaluza)- Make --module-name work with namespaces - #216 (lsedlar)- Include README.rst in dist package (cqi)- More document in README - #189 (cqi)- Make new command be able to print unicode - #205 (cqi)- Allow to specify custom info to a dummy commit (cqi)- Load module name correctly even if push url ends in slash - #192 (cqi)- Replace with - #202 (cqi)- Fix rpm command to get changelog from SPEC - rhbz#1412224 (cqi)- Rewrite tests to avoid running rpmbuild and rpmlint (cqi)- Use fake value to make Command in test (cqi)- Python 3.6 invalid escape sequence deprecation fixes (ville.skytta)
* Thu Jul 27 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.49-7- Rebuilt for
* Mon Jul 10 2017 Chenxiong Qi - 1.49-6- Rename koji to python2-koji
* Thu Jun 29 2017 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.49-5- Allow using namespace in --module-name attribute
* Thu Jun 22 2017 Chenxiong Qi - 1.49-4- Remove python-osbs-client
* Fri Jun 16 2017 Chenxiong Qi - 1.49-3- Backport to make osbs optional
* Mon Mar 27 2017 Chenxiong Qi - 1.49-2- Rebuilt to rename pyrpkg to python2-rpkg
* Wed Feb 22 2017 Chenxiong Qi - 1.49-1- More upload PyCURL fixes for EL 7 (merlin)- Move tag inheritance check into a separate method (cqi)
* Sat Feb 11 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.48-3- Rebuilt for
* Wed Feb 01 2017 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.48-2- Backport patch to move tag inheritance check to separate method
* Thu Dec 22 2016 Chenxiong Qi - 1.48-1- Better message when fail to authenticate via Kerberos - #180 (cqi)
* Mon Dec 19 2016 Chenxiong Qi - 1.47-7- Refactor Commands._srpmdetails (cqi)
* Thu Dec 15 2016 Chenxiong Qi - 1.47-6- Add missing import koji.ssl.SSLCommon - BZ#1404102 (cqi)- Fix upload with old PyCURL - BZ#1241059 (lsedlar)
* Mon Dec 12 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.47-5- Fix default value for krb_rdns options
* Mon Dec 12 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.47-4- Add krb_rdns koji config
* Thu Dec 08 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.47-3- Conflict with too old fedpkg
* Wed Dec 07 2016 Chenxiong Qi - 1.47-2- Fix test that fails on a Koji ARM builder
* Fri Dec 02 2016 Chenxiong Qi - 1.47-1- New upstream release 1.47
* Tue Oct 25 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.46-5- Allow using gssapi for lookaside caches
* Tue Sep 06 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.46-4- Update dependencies for python-argparse and python-hashlib
* Thu Aug 25 2016 Chenxiong Qi - 1.46-3- python-six-1.9.0 is the minimum version rpkg depends
* Tue Jul 19 2016 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.46-2-
* Fri Jul 15 2016 Chenxiong Qi - 1.46-1- Warning untracked patches when push (cqi)- handle correct spec path when push from outside the repo (cqi)- Remove support for BuildContainer release task opt (lucarval)
* Mon Jun 27 2016 Chenxiong Qi - 1.45-2- Depend on python-six to be compatible with Python 3
* Mon Jun 27 2016 Chenxiong Qi - 1.45-1- add missing git-config in the git repo for testing (cqi)- Don\'t print download/upload progress outside of TTY (lsedlar)- Merge #58 `Rebase of #28 with conflict resolved` (cqi)- Get correct login without TTY (vgologuz)- Merge #63 `More Python 3 compatibility fixes` (lubomir.sedlar)- fix broken when non-ASCII in path (cqi)- More Python 3 compatibility fixes (ville.skytta)- Fix push called without argument (lsedlar)- Use logging.warning instead of deprecated logging.warn (ville.skytta)- Use assertEqual instead of deprecated assertEquals (ville.skytta)- Spelling fixes (ville.skytta)- Add missing dependencies to (ville.skytta)- Add tests for cloning with a namespace (lsedlar)- Fix cloning with -B and namespaced module (lsedlar)- Adjust figuring out the path of the git repo cloned (pingou)- Only clone into the bare_dir if no target was specified (pingou)- Add to the CLI the possibility to specify a target folder for the clone (pingou)- Add unit-tests for cloning into a specified directory (pingou)- Let rpkg support cloning into a specified directory (pingou)- Python 3 fixes (ville.skytta)- rewrite test_commands.setup_module using git (cqi)- Merge #40 `push: check for missing patches` (lubomir.sedlar)
* Thu Jun 02 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.44-1- Log container-build task results (lucarval)- Add support for BuildContainer release task opt (lucarval)- handle exception from getTaskInfo correctly (cqi)- fix failure of test_load_spec_where_path_contains_space on RHEL (cqi)- allow space appearing in path to cloned repo (cqi)- fix docstring of Commands.compile (cqi)- Make \'Failed to get ns_module_name from Git url or pushurl\' message a warning (issue #42) (orion)- pyrpkg: use git remote get-url --push (mathstuf)
* Wed Mar 23 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.43-1- Print warning when using old git configuration (lsedlar)- Add rpms namespace for checkouts without namespace (lsedlar)
* Wed Mar 16 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.42-1- Fix problems with namespacing (maxamillion)
* Mon Mar 14 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.41-2- Depend on python-osbs directly to avoid python3
* Mon Mar 14 2016 Lubomír Sedlář - 1.41-1- Update upstream URL (lsedlar)- Fixes based on lsedlar\'s feedback (maxamillion)- add distgit namespacing for non-rpm content (docker, xdg-app, etc) (maxamillion)- Container-build: dont\'t allow to build with unpushed changes (araszka)- Suggest --dist option when can\'t get OS ver from branch (araszka)- fix: print all tags without filter (araszka)- Fix lookaside upload when --path is specified (araszka)- Lookaside: encoding repo name to UTF-8 (araszka)- Fix errors on Python 2.6 (lsedlar)- Add test and docstring to byte offset convertor (araszka)- Decode .spec file with UTF-8 (araszka)- 1271741 - add copr command (Recommends: copr-cli) (msuchy)- Suggest --target option when unknown target (araszka)
* Thu Feb 04 2016 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.40-2- Rebuilt for
* Fri Oct 23 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.40-1- don\'t use assertRaises (ttomecek)- refactor test_clone: set clone config in the same test file (pbabinca)- Fix clone test to not use constructor to set clone_config (pbabinca)- Fix test clone test (pbabinca)- Make use of clone_config attribute backwards compatible (pbabinca)
* Thu Oct 22 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.39-1- Replace deprecated BaseException.message with str(BaseException) (pbabinca)- Don\'t print exception message during check repo tests (pbabinca)- Add support for setting post-clone git config (ville.skytta)
* Wed Oct 21 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.38-1- Fix parse error (pbabinca)
* Wed Oct 21 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.37-1- Add support for --nocheck (orion)- container-build: check repo (ttomecek)- move repo checking to a method (ttomecek)- Add \'oxt\' and \'xpi\' extensions to UPLOADEXTS (dsilakov)- Switch-branch: give more info about error (araszka)- Recognize binary files with .oxt and .xpi extensions (dsilakov)- Container-build: add --nowait option (araszka)- bash autocompletion: support for command container-build-config (pbabinca)- Implement getter for autorebuild value, use \'true\' and \'false\' for values (bkabrda)- Add a command and option to change container build setup (bkabrda)- Edit tests for python2.6 - EL6 (araszka)- tests: Don\'t use assertNotIn (araszka)- tests: Don\'t use assertRaises as context manager (araszka)- tests: Don\'t use check_output (araszka)- Typo in import --help descriptions (araszka)- change the url for rpkg (dennis)
* Wed Jul 15 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.36-1- container-build: support yum repos with --build-with=koji (pbabinca)- container-build: move --scratch option to koji group (pbabinca)- Print task info for container-build (pbabinca)
* Thu Jun 18 2015 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.35-3- Rebuilt for
* Tue May 26 2015 Dennis Gilmore - 1.35-2- pyrpkg Requires python-osbs
* Tue May 26 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.35-1- Test for scratch opt in the actual argument of container_build_koji (pbabinca)- Move the GitIgnore class to its own module (bochecha)- Modernize the gitignore-handling code (bochecha)- gitignore: Properly handle adding matching lines (bochecha)- Refactor: remove unnecessary code (pbabinca)- Move custom UnknownTargetError to errors module (pbabinca)- New command: container-build (jluza)- lookaside: Take over file uploads (bochecha)- Remove unnecessary log message (bochecha)- Stop making source files read-only (bochecha)- Drop some useless comments (bochecha)- Only report we\'re uploading when we actually are (bochecha)- lookaside: Check if a file already was uploaded (bochecha)- lookaside: Allow client-side and custom CA certificates (bochecha)- lookaside: Be more flexible when building the download URL (bochecha)- lookaside: Use the hashtype for the URL interpolation (bochecha)- lookaside: Add a progress callback (bochecha)- lookaside: Handle downloading of source files (bochecha)- lookaside: Move handling of file verification (bochecha)- lookaside: Move handling of file hashing (bochecha)- utils: Add a new warn_deprecated helper (bochecha)- Add a new lookaside module (bochecha)- Add a new utils module (bochecha)- Properly set the logger (bochecha)- Move our custom errors to their own module (bochecha)- Don\'t assume MD5 for the lookaside cache (bochecha)- Remove dead code (bochecha)- Use the proper exception syntax (bochecha)
* Thu Apr 16 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.34-1- tests: Don\'t use assertIsNone (bochecha)- tests: Don\'t use assertRaises as a context manager (bochecha)- Add long --verbose option to -v, new --debug and -d option (pbabinca)
* Mon Apr 13 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.33-1- New mockbuild options: --no-clean --no-cleanup-after (jskarvad)- Catch ssl auth problems and print more helpful messages (pbabinca)- New exception - rpkgAuthError to allow clients detect auth problems (pbabinca)
* Mon Mar 23 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.32-1- tests: Properly open/close the file (bochecha)- sources: Support writing in either the old or new format (bochecha)- sources: Reindent code (bochecha)
* Fri Mar 06 2015 Pavol Babincak - 1.31-1- Refactor: remove unused imports from test_sources (pbabinca)- Don\'t do several times the same thing (bochecha)- sources: Forbid mixing hash types (bochecha)- sources: Move to the new file format (bochecha)- Rewrite the sources module (bochecha)
* Wed Dec 03 2014 Pavol Babincak - 1.30-2- Use %{__python} instead of %{__python2} as it might be not defined
* Wed Oct 08 2014 Pavol Babincak - 1.30-1- add python-nose as BuildRequires as run tests in check section (pbabinca)- pass extra data to the Commands object via properties instead of __init__() (mikeb)- clean up Koji login, and properly support password auth (mikeb)- add --runas option (mikeb)- run os.path.expanduser on the kojiconfig attribute in case the path is in the user\'s home directory (bstinson)- Override GIT_EDITOR in tests (pbabinca)- Massive Flake8 fix (bochecha)- Fix some more Flake8 issues (bochecha)- Fix some flake8 issues (bochecha)- Simplify some code (bochecha)- Fix typo (bochecha)- tests: Ensure functioning of Commands.list_tag (bochecha)- list_tags: Stop executing a command (bochecha)- list_tags: Fix the docstring (bochecha)- delete_tag: Stop executing a command (bochecha)- tests: Ensure functioning of Commands.delete_tag (bochecha)- add_tag: Run the tag command in the right directory (bochecha)- tests: Ensure proper functioning of Commands.add_tag (bochecha)- tests: Factor out some code (bochecha)- tests: Ensure functioning of Commands.clone (bochecha)- gitignore: Make sure each line ends with a \
(bochecha)- gitignore: We\'re not modified any more after we wrote to disk (bochecha)- tests: Ensure proper functioning of GitIgnore (bochecha)- tests: Use nose (bochecha)- Remove unused import (bochecha)- Some more PEP8 (bochecha)- Add classifiers to (pbabinca)- Add new sources file parser even with unit tests (pbabinca)- If source file doesn\'t exist continue without downloading files (pbabinca)- Reformat to be compliant with PEP 8 (pbabinca)
* Tue Sep 30 2014 Pavol Babincak - 1.28-1- Compare fuller remote branch name with local branch before build
* Fri Sep 26 2014 Pavol Babincak - 1.27-1- Explicitly define pyrpkg\'s client name for man pages (pbabinca)- Refactor mock results dir to property (pbabinca)- Add skip-diffs option for import_srpms (lars)- Properly remove possible .py when creating man pages (lars)- Process srpm imports to empty repositories more explicitly (pbabinca)- Make UPLOADEXTS a class variable that can be extended (lars)- Introduce self.default_branch_remote for fresh clones (pbabinca)- On self.path change reset properties which could used old value (pbabinca)- Remove empty entry from git ls-files to not confuse following code (pbabinca)- Remove file names during srpm import in more extensible way (pbabinca)- Fix issue causing all current local builds via fedpkg to use md5 rather than sha256 (spot)- License replaced with official GPL 2.0 license from (pbabinca)- Allow \"rpkg commit -s\" (pjones)
* Tue Jul 29 2014 Pavol Babincak - 1.26-1- rpkg doesn\'t have a python module so use pyrpkg instead (pbabinca)
* Tue Jul 29 2014 Pavol Babincak - 1.25-1- 1.25 release (pbabinca)- Note to do_imports() doc. (pbabinca)- Change default option for switch-branch from --no-fetch to --fetch (pbabinca)- Allow default name of the library to be set by subclasses (pbabinca)- Use name attribute of cliClient to get configuration (pbabinca)- Make executable (pbabinca)- Use direct git call for fetches (pbabinca)- Print reason for failed switch-branch (pbabinca)- Match whole branch with remote name when switching branch (pbabinca)- Refactor: deduplicate remote & branch_merge (pbabinca)- De-hardcode \'origin\' as the remote name (bochecha)- Fallback the remote on \'origin\' (bochecha)
* Mon Jun 09 2014 Pavol Babincak - 1.24-1- 1.24 release (pbabinca)- Work around signed srpms (Till Maas)- Properly raise the error (bochecha)- Ability to skip NVR construction altogether for builds (pbabinca)- If we failed to parse NVRE from rpm output use better error message (pbabinca)- If command to get NVRE printed anything to stderr log that command (pbabinca)- Refactor: correctly split string on multi lines (pbabinca)- Use nvr_check as an optional argument for build (pbabinca)- 1.23 release (pbabinca)- Use module_name setter instead of constructor parameter (pbabinca)- Set pushurl & branch_remote by default (pbabinca)- 1.22 release (pbabinca)- Define module name from command line, git url and lastly from spec (pbabinca)- Revert \"Define module name from command line, git url and lastly from spec\" (pbabinca)
* Sun Jun 08 2014 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.21-2- Rebuilt for
* Mon Mar 24 2014 Pavol Babincak - 1.21-1- Refactor: split strings on multi lines without spaces from indentation (pbabinca)- Refactor: remove spaces at the end of lines (pbabinca)- Define module name from command line, git url and lastly from spec (pbabinca)- Option to skip NVR existence check in build system before build (pbabinca)- Add an \'epoch\' property to pyrpkg.Commands (bochecha)- Fetch remotes before switch-branch by default (pbabinca)- Protect rhpkg\'s --arches argument (pbabinca)
* Tue Feb 18 2014 Dennis Gilmore - 1.20-1- read krbservice from the koji config file (dennis)- We can assume that rpkg is installed if the (ville.skytta)- clog: Don\'t require empty line between changelog entries. (ville.skytta)- Spelling fixes. (ville.skytta)- expand %{name} and %{verion} macros when checking for unused_patches check for .patch and .diff files as patches (dennis)- clean up some language ambiguities (dennis)- clog: Support %changelog tag written in non-lowercase. (ville.skytta)- add spkg as a binary file extention rhbz#972903 (dennis)- Fixed version to 1.19 (pbabinca)- Don\'t track spec file here (pbabinca)- 1.20 (pbabinca)- Mock config temp dir in the form $(target)-$(localarch).$(mktemp)mockconfig (pbabinca)
* Sun Aug 04 2013 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.19-2- Rebuilt for
* Mon Apr 08 2013 Pavol Babincak - 1.19-1- Generate mock-config for mockbuild if needed (rhbz#856928) (pbabinca)
* Thu Feb 14 2013 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.18-4- Rebuilt for
* Fri Aug 10 2012 Robert Scheck - 1.18-3- Require %{version}-%{release} rather %{name}-%{version}
* Sat Jul 21 2012 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.18-2- Rebuilt for
* Mon Apr 16 2012 Jesse Keating - 1.18-1- Use rpmdefines when querying for package name
* Mon Apr 09 2012 Jesse Keating - 1.17-1- Don\'t assume master branch for chain builds (jkeating)
* Mon Mar 26 2012 Jesse Keating - 1.16-1- Only read from .koji/config (jkeating)
* Wed Mar 21 2012 Jesse Keating - 1.15-1- Fix branch push warning (jkeating)- Handle CVS based builds when getting build hash (jkeating)
* Mon Mar 12 2012 Jesse Keating - 1.14-1- Warn if the checked out branch cannot be pushed (jkeating)- Warn if commit or tag fails and we don\'t push (#21) (jkeating)- Honor ~/.koji/config (rhbz#785776) (jkeating)- Update help output for switch-branch (rhbz#741742) (jkeating)
* Thu Mar 01 2012 Jesse Keating - 1.13-1- Return proper exit code from builds (#20) (jkeating)- Fix md5 option in the build parser (jkeating)- More completion fixes (jkeating)- Add mock-config and mockbuild completion (jkeating)- Simplify test for rpkg availability. (ville.skytta)- Fix ~/... path completion. (ville.skytta (jkeating)- Add a --raw option to clog (#15) (jkeating)- Make things quiet when possible (jkeating)- Fix up figuring out srpm hash type (jkeating)- Allow defining an alternative builddir (jkeating)- Conflict with older fedpkg (jkeating)- Attempt to automatically set the md5 flag (jkeating)- Use -C not -c for config. (#752411) (jkeating)- Don\'t check gpg sigs when importing srpms (ticket #16) (jkeating)- Enable md5 option in mockbuild (twaugh) (jkeating)
* Tue Jan 24 2012 Jesse Keating - 1.12-1- Fix mock-config (ticket #13) (jkeating)- Make md5 a common build argument (jkeating)- Move arches to be a common build argument (ticket #3) (jkeating)- Find remote branch to track better (jkeating)
* Fri Jan 13 2012 Jesse Keating - 1.11-1- Change clog output to be more git-like (sochotnicky)- Fix mockconfig property (bochecha)- Use only new-style classes everywhere. (bochecha)- Testing for access before opening a file is unsafe (bochecha)- Add a gitbuildhash command (jkeating)- Always make sure you have a absolute path (aj) (jkeating)- don\'t try to import brew, just do koji (jkeating)
* Mon Nov 21 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.10-1- Use -C for --config shortcut (jkeating)- Don\'t leave a directory on failure (#754082) (jkeating)- Fix chain build (#754189) (jkeating)- Don\'t hardcode brew here (jkeating)
* Mon Nov 07 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.9-1- Don\'t upload if there is nothing to upload. (jkeating)- --branch option for import is not supported yet (jkeating)- Add epilog about mock-config generation (jkeating)- Don\'t assume we can create a folder named after the module. (bochecha)- Fix passing the optional mock root to mockbuild (bochecha)- Add missing registration for mockbuild target (bochecha)- Make the clean target work with --path. (bochecha)- Fix typo in a comment. (bochecha)- Fix syntax error in main script. (bochecha)- Fix typo. (bochecha)
* Fri Oct 28 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.8-1- Get more detailed error output from lookaside (jkeating)- Move the curl call out to it\'s own function (jkeating)- Hide build_common from help/usage (jkeating)- Fix the help command (jkeating)
* Tue Oct 25 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.7-1- Support a manually specified mock root (jkeating)- Add a mock-config subcommand (jkeating)- Fix a traceback on error. (jkeating)- Remove debugging code (jkeating)- More git api updates (jkeating)- Add topurl as a koji config and property (jkeating)- Add a mockconfig property (jkeating)- Turn the latest commit into a property (jkeating)
* Tue Sep 20 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.6-1- Allow name property to load by itself (jkeating)
* Mon Sep 19 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.5-1- Fix tag listing (#717528) (jkeating)- Revamp n-v-r property loading (#721389) (jkeating)- Don\'t use os.getlogin (jkeating)- Code style changes (jkeating)- Allow fedpkg lint to be configurable and to check spec file. (pingou)- Handle non-scratch srpm builds better (jkeating)
* Wed Aug 17 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.4-1- Be more generic when no spec file is found (jkeating)- Hint about use of git status when dirty (jkeating)- Don\'t use print when we can it (jkeating)- Don\'t exit from a library (jkeating)- Do the rpm query in our module path (jkeating)- Use git\'s native ability to checkout a branch (jkeating)- Use keyword arg with clone (jkeating)- Allow the on-demand generation of an srpm (jkeating)- Fix up exit codes (jkeating)
* Mon Aug 01 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.3-1- Fix a debug string (jkeating)- Set the right property (jkeating)- Make sure we have a default hashtype (jkeating)- Use underscore for the dist tag (jkeating)- Fix the kojiweburl property (jkeating)
* Wed Jul 20 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.2-1- Fill out the krb_creds function (jkeating)- Fix the log message (jkeating)- site_setup is no longer needed (jkeating)- Remove some rhtisms (jkeating)- Wire up the patch command in client code (jkeating)- Add a patch command (jkeating)
* Fri Jun 17 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.1-2- Use version macro in files
* Fri Jun 17 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.1-1- New tarball release with correct license files
* Fri Jun 17 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.0-2- Fix up things found in review
* Tue Jun 14 2011 Jesse Keating - 1.0-1- Initial package