Changelog for libzck1-1.1.0-1.3.x86_64.rpm :

* Sun Mar 31 2019 Neal Gompa - Update to version 1.1.0 + Fix multipart boundary bug when dealing with lighttpd servers + Optimize chunk matching while downloading, significantly reducing CPU usage
* Thu Jan 24 2019 Neal Gompa - Update to version 1.0.3 + Fix some small bugs found by Coverity + Fix memory leak and off-by-one errors- Drop patches part of 1.0.3 release + 0001-Fix-some-small-bugs-found-by-Coverity.patch
* Thu Jan 24 2019 Neal Gompa - Backport patch from upstream to fix bugs discovered by Coverity + Add patch: 0001-Fix-some-small-bugs-found-by-Coverity.patch
* Wed Jan 23 2019 Neal Gompa - Update to version 1.0.2 + Use hash table for finding identical chunks, speeding up process considerably + Add test case to verify that identical chunk checking is working
* Mon Dec 17 2018 Neal Gompa - Update to version 0.9.17 + Turn off some tests for big-endian architectures since zstd isn\'t deterministic on them + Add zck_gen_zdict binary to generate optimal zdict for a zchunk file + Add functions to API to simplify extracting a single chunk + Change default zstd compression to 9 for a 6x speed increase in compression speed for a 5% increase in compression size + Switch from optional flags to more robust optional elements + Sanity check hex hashes passed in as an option
* Mon Oct 29 2018 Luigi Baldoni - Update to version 0.9.13
* Add read support for zchunk files with optional flags
* Fix tests for zstd-1.3.6
* Sat Sep 29 2018 Neal Gompa - Bump meson build dependency to match requirement
* Sat Sep 29 2018 Neal Gompa - Rebase to 0.9.11 + Fix small bug where creating a zck_dl context fails when zck context is NULL + Fix security bugs found by Coverity + Fix test failures for zstd <= 1.3.4 + Add gen_xml_dictionary to libexecdir with zck_ prefix + Fix intermittent bug where auto-chunking wasn\'t deterministic + ABI (but not API change) - Use bool from stdbool.h + Allow specification of output file in zck + Set minimum and maximum chunk sizes for both automatic and manual chunking + New error handling functions + File format changes + API changes- Make requirements between subpackages stricter to avoid issues due to inter-subpackage ABI/API changes
* Wed Jul 18 2018 Martin Pluskal - Do not manually specify dependencies which are automatically generated- Make requirements of devel package less strict
* Tue Jul 17 2018 Neal Gompa - Update to 0.7.6 + SHA-512 and SHA-512/128 support + New default chunk checksum type SHA-512/128 + Automatic chunking moved into libzck and is now default + New option to disable automatic chunking + Bugfixes
* Thu Jul 05 2018 Neal Gompa - Initial packaging based on Mageia package