Changelog for rkward5-0.7.0b-lp150.32.70.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Apr 17 2018 Disable installation of r.xml again, syntax-highlighting (and ktexteditor before it) already contains a newer version anyway
* Tue Apr 17 2018 upstream release 0.7.0b
* First release of RKWard to be based on KF5 (version 5 of the KDE libraries)- Most important changes:- New features and improvements Implement \"split view\" feature, allowing to partion the main window, and to have several views of the same files / data side-by-side Double click on object in Workspace browser tries to open reference page, not object viewer, if the object is outside of .GlobalEnv Limit the number of debug log-files to keep (at most three, each, for frontend and backend) Remove Windows-only UI for setInternet2()-option (no longer available in R, with setInternet2(TRUE) the default since R 3.2.2) Remove startup wrapper script (moving the still-needed functionality into the main executable) Preview status messages can now be closed Show the message accompanying or rk.edit.files() inside the main window, instead of a separate dialog File browser gains \"Rename\" context menu action File selection fields in plugin dialogs remember the last used directory (per session), and check for a valid selection- Bug fixes Fix crash with R 3.5.x due to use to STRING_PTR Fixed: Creating trellis on-screen plots, while package lattice is not on the search path would produce errors in plot history mechanism Function argument hinting is less easily fooled by braces inside quotes Better handling of text drag-and-drop inside the R console window Fix NAs introduced by editing data containing characters that cannot be encoded in the system locale Fixed: Preview boxes followed by a element would not work under some circumstances Fixed: Setting an output CSS file via the GUI did not work Fixed: Bug report feature on Windows did nothing Avoid some potential encoding issues, that could cause graphical select.list to fail for certain strings, under some circumstances- Fix versioned package dependency on R-base, it was spelt R-Base by mistake and therefore ineffective (boo#993268)- Drop rkward-translations.tar.xz, the translations are included in the released tarball as usual
* Fri Dec 08 2017 Update to latest snapshot of the \"frameworks\" git branch (WIP port to Qt5/KF5), the KDE4 version cannot be built or installed anymore on Tumbleweed and Leap 15 as Qt4WebKit is to be dropped- Add rkward-translations.tar.xz containing the latest translations from SVN
* Fri Aug 12 2016 rwkard needs the R-Base version it was compiled with - boo993268
* Wed Jun 29 2016 Drop obsolete %clean section
* Thu Jun 09 2016 Don\'t delete %{_libdir}/R/library/R.css in the %install section, it doesn\'t exist in the first place
* Wed Jun 08 2016 upstream release 0.6.5- Most important changes:- New features and improvements Add option to override CSS file used for the output window Added context menu option to search for information on current symbol online Provide better status feedback when searching / filtering among installable packages Add access to basic menu items for docked previews Move preview controls to the button-column of dialogs Add preview to Sort data-, Subset data, and Recode categorical data-plugins Add preview to Power Analysis plugin Add support for adding \"htmlwidget\"- and \"gvis\"-class objects to the output window via rk.print() Add plugins for importing Excel files (.xls and .xlsx, Perl- and Java-based) Add ability to extract values row-wise in plugins Add convenience JS-function \"makeOption()\" for use in plugins Add previews for CSV, SPSS, and Stata import plugins Allow previews for data, (HTML) output, and custom types of previews Allow previews to be docked to the dialog window, and dock them, by default Implicitly save code preview visibility and size (instead of the former explicit settings) data.frame objects outside of globalenv() can be opened read-only in an editor window Show a warning screen when invoking plugins from the command line (or from clicking an rkward://-link in an external application) Use package type option \"binary\" from R 3.1.3 onwards, for automatic selection of the appropriate binary package- Fixes When manually adding pluginmaps, load these after, not before other pluginmaps, by default Fixed: Wizard plugins would be too small, initially Fixed: Help Search was not longer working correctly with R 3.2.x Fix compilation with R 3.3.x Fixed: Numerical (display) precision setting was not honored in data editor Fix several window activation quirks in \"Focus follows mouse\" mode File selectors in \"Import XYZ\" plugins now filter for standard file extensions, by default- upstream release 0.6.4- Most important changes:- New features and improvements Plugins check for correct object type, in more places, but allow to proceed with questionable object selections Switch to as primary issue tracker Workspace browser gains functionality to search / filter objects by name, making it easy to find objects, quickly Separate globalenv() and other environments in the search path more clearly in workspace browser Complete rework of UI for better usability Some usability refinements to \"Import CSV\" plugin Disabled the \"Import Data\"-dialog, as it was considered too confusing. The individual importers are still available from the menu, separately. For multi-item varslots and valueslots, use separate buttons for adding / removing items Don\'t show (useless) index number in mutli-value varslots and valueslots Make the option to disable / enable editing more visible (in the data editor\'s toolbar) Add context menu to HTML viewer window, including the ability to open links in a new window Remove dependency on KHTMLPart- Fixes Fixed: Plugin variable slots taking more than one object would not be highlighted in red while invalid Fixed: RKWard package repository would be listed twice on fresh installations Fix some minor toolbar glitches Try harder to honor system locale settings Remove obsolete \"Export tabular data\" plugin (superceded by \"Export Table / CSV\") Do not invoke symbol name completion while in the middle (not end) of a word- Use the NO_R_XML cmake option instead of manually deleting the R syntax highlighting file (which is also included in libktexteditor)
* Fri Mar 13 2015 upstream release 0.6.3- Most important changes:- New features and improvements New element for use in plugins\' logic section: Provides a translatable string property New element