Changelog for choqok-devel-1.5-lp150.1.2.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu Dec 08 2016 Revert kde4_runtime_requires change
* Tue Nov 29 2016 Expand macro kde4_runtime_requires only when its available to fix quilt setup
* Fri Jan 29 2016 Add a comment to the .desktop file using suse_update_desktop_file.
* Tue Feb 24 2015 Update to 1.5:
* Yourls plugin fixed. (by Benjamin Marwell) [BUG:265219]
* plugin added. (by Andrea Scarpino) [BUG:319348]
* Preview of images posted via added. (by Daniel Kreuter) [BUG:299433]
* Option to disable system tray. (by Andrea Scarpino) [BUG:241152]
* Twitter friend list update fixed. [BUG:325071]
* Add \"Report User\" to User menu Actions (by Ahmed I. Khalil)
* Get custom char limit for the accounts. (by Andrea Scarpino) [BUG:283298]
* shortner plugin fixed. (by Andrea Scarpino) [BUG:338917]
* New plugin for expanding tiny URLs. (by Andrea Scarpino) [BUG:294600]
* KDE Telepathy support in IMStatus Plugin (by Ahmed I. Khalil) [BUG:301702]
* Broken shortening plugins removed- removed patches that have been integrated upstream
* choqok-1.4-twitter-favorities-fix.patch
* choqok-1.4-plugin-yourls-fix.patch- added libattical devel to the BuildRequires
* Thu Dec 11 2014 Correct usage of fdupes macro
* Thu Feb 06 2014 Add choqok-1.4-twitter-favorities-fix.patch: fix bnc#862467.- Add choqok-1.4-plugin-yourls-fix.patch: fix yourls shortener plugin, kde#265219.
* Wed Sep 04 2013 Update to 1.4:
* Support for Twitter API v1.1.
* \"Mark timeline as read\" menu item added to tabs context menu.
* Show \"In reply to\" in twitter search timelines.
* support removed from StatusNet plugin.
* And some other minor fixes- Drop twitter-api.diff: fixed upstream.
* Sun Jun 16 2013 Added patch twitter-api.diff to make choqok work with the Twitter api v1.1 (bko#264091)
* Wed Apr 17 2013 remove file conflicting with kdepimlibs4
* Tue Mar 06 2012 Update to version 1.3
* Support for Twitter photo upload API method
* Translator plugin shuts off due Google terminated its free API
* Toolbar for Choqok
* Filter plugin new feature: Add a filter to Highlight a post containing some text
* Improvements in new tab bar UI
* Show first 4 characters of search timeline name over the timeline icon
* Sat Oct 08 2011 Removed commented files (fix for RPMLINT warning)- Cleaned up spec file formatting
* Thu Jul 28 2011 Add user friends list bugfix (bko#275185)
* Mon Apr 04 2011 Update to version 1.1
* Translator plugin
* Quick Filter plugin
* System tray icon problem in GNOME fixed
* Hide Menu-bar option
* Choqok caches posts automatically and not just at exit
* Fixed video preview plugin problem that causes Choqok to crash
* Bug fixes
* Tue Mar 22 2011 licenses package is about to die
* Thu Jan 27 2011 Update to version 1.0
* Bug fixes and improvements around RC1 release
* Twitter Lists support in Choqok [FEATURE:216249]
* Option to show timelines in reverse order [FEATURE:241743]
* Additional action in input boxes\' context menu that will shorten all selected URLs or all URLs if there\'s no selection.
* \"Hide Post\" option for post widgets.
* BiDi support is back.
* Support for Twitgoo service in imagepreview plugin. (Alex Infantes)
* Digg shortener plugin removed.
* Support for LibIndicate to use as an alternate notification system. (It\'s Optional)
* Send reply to original author of repeated posts + cc to repeater.
* \"Reply to USER\", \"Write to USER\", \"Reply to all\" actions added to reply button menu.
* Filter plugin: Option to just show own replies or just show replies to my friends added New Plugins: - OCS Plugin to support \"Open Collaboration Services API\" provided by and its partners - IMStatus plugin to set your post as current status in IM clients (Kopete, Pidgin, PSI, Skype) - Twitgoo image uploader - Mobypicture uploader - Posterous uploader - ImageShack uploader (Just image uploading) - Flickr uploader (Just image uploading) Plugins removed: - shortner, due its service discontinued - YFrog uploader (temporary)
* Tue Sep 21 2010 Corrected translatons to be corresponding with the Choqok version.
* Wed Sep 01 2010 update to a newer svn snapshot (Beta3)
* Better nick name detection.
* Better URL detection.
* Fetching Friends List problems fixed.
* UnTiny plugin can use service instead of its generic way (Configurable)
* Using the Choqok way to show repeated dents/tweets made optional (Default is Twitter way)
* Confirm dialog for Re tweet
* When KWallet isn’t available, Choqok will store secrets in text files (Not plain text, Base64)
* Choqok 1.0Beta2 was needs kdelibs 4.5 , We changed this to work with 4.4 too.
* Sat Aug 28 2010 Update to newer svn snapshot
* Includes newest translations
* Wed Aug 25 2010 update to latest svn snapshot
* Adding error notification.
* Option to use instead of generic redirect detection added
* twitter edit account bug fixed!
* Matched FriendsList request for Twitter to new API (bko#248206)
* Underline can be part of nick too.
* Doesn\'t show friends list when reply nick is on the end of message and post sending via pressing enter.
* Fix: text on systray icon too big when using \"--graphicssystem raster\" (bko#248216)
* Corrections related with special XML characteres (&, etc...)
* fix: Choqok Segfaults while looking up a profile (bko#247096)
* bugfixes (bko#227987, bko#243368)
* Fri Aug 07 2009 Update to version 0.6.6
* Icon improved and made greenish.
* Ability to follow a thread (Or option to see all previous posts of a conversation)
* Ability to resolve a TinyURL into a regular URL on url tooltip.
* Replaced RT for ReTweet function by ♻-Symbol.
* Identica hashtag search problem fixed and works again. (And it\'s a full text search like Twitter custom)
* cycle through accounts using the scroll wheel on the system tray icon.
* Sun Jun 14 2009 to version 0.6.1 + bugfix release due to new situation on (more than 2,147,483,647 tweets)
* Sun May 24 2009 update to version 0.6 + Add support for smilies in texts. + Add support for ReTweet function. + integration added, Posting to it and showing a thumbnail of it\'s pictures. + Posting \"Currently listening to ...\" text for Amarok 2.X Player implemented! + Option to use a custom browser instead of kde default implemented! (For Gnome users) + Ability to abort posting new status. + A \"Who is ...\" item added to user menu, to see Bio/Url and name of a user. + Support for shorturls service added. + Better support for right to left languages, And users who use multiple languages with different directions. + Image caching improved and some related bugs fixed.