Changelog for bzr-test-2.6.0-41.1.x86_64.rpm :
Fri Apr 3 14:00:00 2015
- Add gpg signature

Thu Dec 11 13:00:00 2014
- Remove timestamp from docs to reduce buildcompare noise:

Mon Oct 7 14:00:00 2013
- Version bump to 2.6.0:

* This release marks the start of a new long-term-stable series. From here, we
will only make bugfix releases on the 2.6 series (2.6.1, etc), while 2.7
will become our new development series.

* This is a bugfix and polish release over the 2.4 series, with a large number
of bugs fixed (~170 for the 2.5 series alone). The 2.5 series provides a
faster smart protocol implementation for many operations, basic support for
colocated branches. We have started translating bzr with the 2.5 series:, more than 20 languages have already
been registered but these are the early days, contributions welcome.

* Only a few bugfixes have been included since 2.5b6 so all known fixed bugs
are included here.

Mon Dec 10 13:00:00 2012
- Add requires on python-xml

Fri Dec 7 13:00:00 2012
- Drop superfluous locales to fix SLES build

Thu Dec 6 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 2.5.1:
+ Connecting with HTTPS via HTTP now correctly uses the host name of the
destination rather than the proxy when checking certificates.
+ Fixed merge tool availability checking and invocation to search the
Windows App Path registry in addition to the PATH.
+ Fixed problem with getting errors about failing to open /dev/tty when using
Bazaar Explorer to sign commits.
+ Fix UnicodeEncodeError when translated progress task messages contain
non-ascii text.
+ Make sure configuration options can provide their own help topic.
- Changes from version 2.5.0:
+ The names of colocated branches are used as branch nicks if no nick is
+ Show locks in ``bzr info`` on control directories without a
+ Disable ssl certificate verification on osx and windows until a native
access to the the root certificates is provided there.
- Don\'t install locales into /usr/share/share, /usr/share is enough
- Split out lang sub-package
- Build with Cython to have a superfast bzr binary
- Split out test sub-package

Fri Dec 9 13:00:00 2011
- says it\'s GPL-2.0

Sat Sep 17 14:00:00 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile

Fri Sep 9 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.4.1

* ``config.LocationMatcher`` properly excludes unrelated sections.
(Vincent Ladeuil, #829237)

* ``dirstate.fdatasync`` and ``repository.fdatasync`` can now properly be
disabled. (Vincent Ladeuil, #824513)

* Disable ``os.fsync`` and ``os.fdatasync`` by default when running
``bzr selftest``. You can use ``--sync`` to re-enable them.
(John Arbash Meinel, #837293)

* Fix i18n use when no environment variables are set. (Jelmer Vernooij, #810701)

* Avoid UnicodeDecode error when reporting EINVAL from transports.
(IWATA Hidetaka, #829237)

Wed Sep 7 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 2.4.0

* New command ``verify-signatures`` to check if all commits or specified commits
have digital signatures from trusted keys. Requires python-gpgme to be

* New option ``--signatures`` for ``bzr log`` to display digital signature
verification results for each commit.

* Config option acceptable_keys to list which GPG keys are verified as trusted.

* Config option validate_signatures_in_log to always show signatures in
``bzr log``.

* Hooks have been added for config stacks: ``get``, ``set`` and ``remove``
are called when an option is respectively read, modified or deleted. Also
added ``load`` and ``save`` hooks for config stores, called when the
stores are loaded or saved. (Vincent Ladeuil)

* New hook server_exception in to catch any
exception caused while running bzr serve.
(Jonathan Riddell, #274578)

* New hook set_commit_message in bzrlib.msgeditor to set a commit message
and revision properties. (Jonathan Riddell, #274578)

* Support ``-S`` as an alias for ``--short`` for the ``log`` and
``missing`` commands. (Martin von Gagern, #38655)

* The text compressor used for 2a repositories now has a tweakable
parameter that can be set in bazaar.conf.
``bzr.groupcompress.max_entries_per_source`` default of 65536.
When doing compression, we build up an index of locations to match
against. Setting this higher will result in slightly better compression,
at a cost of more memory. Note that a value of 65k represents fully
sampling a 1MB file. So this only has an effect when compressing texts
larger than N
*16 bytes. (John Arbash Meinel, #602614)

* ``bzr commit`` now supports a ``--lossy`` argument that can be used
to discard any data that can not be natively represented when committing
to a foreign VCS. (Jelmer Vernooij, #587721)

* Added ``changelog_merge`` plugin for merging changes to ``Changelog`` files
in GNU format. See ``bzr help changelog_merge`` for details.
(Andrew Bennetts)

* Configuration options can now use references to other options in the same
file by enclosing them with curly brackets (``{other_opt}``). This makes it
possible to use, for example,
``push_location=lp:~vila/bzr/config-{nickname}`` in ``branch.conf`` when
using a loom. During the beta period, the default behaviour is to disable
this feature. It can be activated by declaring ``bzr.config.expand = True``
in ``bazaar.conf``. (Vincent Ladeuil)

* External merge tools can now be configured in bazaar.conf. See
``bzr help configuration`` for more information. (Gordon Tyler, #489915)

* The ``lp:`` directory service now supports Launchpad\'s QA staging.
(Jelmer Vernooij, #667483)

* Add --no-tree option to \'bzr push\' and \'bzr init\' for creating a
new or mirrored branch without working trees.
(Matthew Gordon, #506730

* ``bzr config`` is a new command that displays the configuration options for
a given directory. It accepts a glob to match against multiple options at
once. It can also be used to set or delete a configuration option in any
configuration file. (Vincent Ladeuil)

* New shortcut URL schemes ``ubuntu:`` and ``debianlp:`` access source
branches on Launchpad. E.g. ``bzr branch ubuntu:foo`` gives you the source
branch for project ``foo`` in the current distroseries for Ubuntu while
``bzr branch debianlp:lenny/foo`` gives you the source branch (on Launchpad)
for project ``foo`` in Debian Lenny.
(Barry Warsaw, #609186)

* Provide a configuration option \"default_format\" that controls the
default format for new branches created with ``bzr init``.
(Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #484101)

* Add ``mainline`` revision specifier, which selects the revision that
merged a specified revision into the mainline. (Aaron Bentley)

* Add ``annotate`` revision specifier, which selects the revision that
introduced a specified line of a file. (Aaron Bentley)

* Add ``-Dmem_dump`` debug flag, which uses meliae to dump memory to
a file upon an out of memory error.
(Karl Bielefeldt, #551391)

* ``bzr status`` now displays a summary of existing shelves after
the other status information. This is done using a ``post_status``
(Parth Malwankar, #403687)

* GNU lsh is now a supported lsh client; just set BZR_SSH to \'lsh\'.
Also, bzr will recognize if the \'ssh\' comand is a symlink to lsh.
(Matthew Gordon, #374700)

* The ``pull`` and ``update`` commands now take a ``--show-base``
option that, in the case of conflicts, shows the base revision text.
(Rory Yorke, #202374)

* Added ``pre_status`` and ``post_status`` hooks. This allows plugins
to register custom handlers which will be invoked before/after the
standard status output is displayed. (Parth Malwankar)

* ``bzr break-lock --config [location]`` can now break config files
locks. (Vincent Ladeuil, #525571)

* ``bzrlib.config.LockableConfig`` is a base class for config files that
needs to be protected against multiple writers. All methods that
change a configuration variable value must be decorated with
AATTneeds_write_lock (set_option() for example).
(Vincent Ladeuil, #525571)

* The ``lp:`` prefix will now use your known username (from
``bzr launchpad-login``) to expand ``~`` to your username. For example:
``bzr launchpad-login user && bzr push lp:~/project/branch`` will now
push to ``lp:~user/project/branch``. (John Arbash Meinel)

* New development format ``development8-subtree`` which is similar to the
``2a`` format and adds subtree support. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* Support ``--directory`` option for a number of additional commands:
conflicts, merge-directive, missing, resolve, shelve, switch,
unshelve, whoami. (Martin von Gagern, #527878)

* ``bzr commit`` accepts ``-p`` (for \"patch\") as a shorter name for
(Parth Malwankar, #571467)

* ``bzr ignore`` now supports a ``--default-rules`` option that displays
the default ignore rules used by bzr. The flag ``--old-default-rules``
is no longer supported by ``ignore``.
(Parth Malwankar, #538703)

* ``bzr pack`` now supports a ``--clean-obsolete-packs`` option that
can save disk space by deleting obsolete pack files created during the
pack operation.
(Parth Malwankar, #304320)

* New command line option ``--authors`` to ``bzr log`` allows users to
select which of the apparent authors and committer should be
included in the log. Defaults depend on format. (Martin von Gagern, #513322)

* Support ``--directory`` option for a number of additional commands:
added, annotate, bind, cat, cat-revision, clean-tree, deleted,
export, ignore, ignored, lookup-revision, ls, modified, nick,
re-sign, unbind, unknowns.
(Martin von Gagern, #527878)

* The bash_completion plugin from the bzr-bash-completion project has
been merged into the tree. It provides a bash-completion command and
replaces the outdated ``contrib/bash/bzr`` script with a version
using the plugin. (Martin von Gagern, #560030)

* A new transport based on GIO (the Gnome I/O library) provides access to
Samba shares, WebDAV using gio+smb and gio+dav. It is also possible to
use gio for some already existing transport methods as gio+file,
gio+sftp, gio+ftp.
(Mattias Eriksson)

* ``bzr diff`` now supports a --format option, which can be used to
select alternative diff formats. (Jelmer Vernooij, #555994)

* Added ``bzr remove-branch`` command that can remove a local or remote
branch. (Jelmer Vernooij, #276295)

* ``bzr export`` now takes an optional argument ``--per-file-timestamps``
to set file mtimes to the last timestamp of the last revision in which
they were changed rather than the current time. (Jelmer Vernooij)

* If the Apport crash-reporting tool is available, bzr crashes are now
stored into the ``/var/crash`` apport spool directory, and the user is
invited to report them to the developers from there, either
automatically or by running ``apport-bug``. No information is sent
without specific permission from the user. (Martin Pool, #515052)

* Parsing of command lines, for example in ``diff --using``, no longer
treats backslash as an escape character on Windows.
(Gordon Tyler, #392428)

* Plugins can be disabled by defining ``BZR_DISABLE_PLUGINS`` as
a list of plugin names separated by \':\' (\';\' on windows).
(Vincent Ladeuil, #411413)

* Plugins can be loaded from arbitrary locations by defining
``BZR_PLUGINS_AT`` as a list of nameAATTpath separated by \':\' (\';\' on
windows). This takes precedence over ``BZR_PLUGIN_PATH`` for the
specified plugins. This is targeted at plugin developers for punctual
needs and
* intended to replace ``BZR_PLUGIN_PATH``.
(Vincent Ladeuil, #82693)

* Tag names can now be determined automatically by ``automatic_tag_name``
hooks on ``Branch`` if they are not specified on the command line.
(Jelmer Vernooij)

* Tree-shape conflicts can be resolved by providing ``--take-this`` and
``--take-other`` to the ``bzr resolve`` command. Just marking the conflict
as resolved is still accessible via the ``--done`` default action.
(Vincent Ladeuil)

* Merges can be proposed on Launchpad with the new lp-propose-merge command.
(Aaron Bentley, Jonathan Lange)

* Add bug information to log output when available.
(Neil Martinsen-Burrell, Guillermo Gonzalez, #251729)

* Added ``merge_file_content`` hook point to ``Merger``, allowing plugins
to register custom merge logic, e.g. to provide smarter merging for
particular files.

* Bazaar now includes the ``news_merge`` plugin. It is disabled by
default, to enable it add a ``news_merge_files`` option to your
configuration. Consult ``bzr help news_merge`` for more information.
(Andrew Bennetts)

* ``bzr branch`` now takes a ``--bind`` option. This lets you
branch and bind all in one command. (Ian Clatworthy)

* ``bzr switch`` now takes a ``--revision`` option, to allow switching to
a specific revision of a branch. (Daniel Watkins, #183559)

* ``bzr unshelve --preview`` can now be used to show how a patch on the
shelf would be applied to the working tree.
(Guilherme Salgado, #308122)

* ``bzr update`` now takes a ``--revision`` argument. This lets you
change the revision of the working tree to any revision in the
ancestry of the current or master branch. (Matthieu Moy, Mark Hammond,
Martin Pool, #45719)

* ``-Dbytes`` can now be used to display the total number of bytes
transferred for the current command. This information is always logged
to ``.bzr.log`` for later inspection. (John Arbash Meinel)

* New ignore patterns. Patterns prefixed with \'!\' are exceptions to
ignore patterns and take precedence over regular ignores. Such
exceptions are used to specify files that should be versioned which
would otherwise be ignored. Patterns prefixed with \'!!\' act as regular
ignore patterns, but have highest precedence, even over the \'!\'
exception patterns. (John Whitley, #428031)

* The ``supress_warnings`` configuration option has been introduced to disable
various warnings (it currently only supports the ``format_deprecation``
warning). The new option can be set in any of the following locations:
``bazaar.conf``, ``locations.conf`` and/or ``branch.conf``.
(Ted Gould, Matthew Fuller, Vincent Ladeuil)

* ``bzr commit`` now has a ``--commit-time`` option.
(Alexander Sack, #459276)

* ``-Dhpss`` now increases logging done when run on the bzr server,
similarly to how it works on the client. (John Arbash Meinel)

* New option ``bzr unshelve --keep`` applies the changes and leaves them
on the shelf. (Martin Pool, Oscar Fuentes, #492091)

* The ``BZR_COLUMNS`` envrionment variable can be set to force bzr to
respect a given terminal width. This can be useful when output is
redirected or in obscure cases where the default value is not
appropriate. Pagers can use it to get a better control of the line
(Vincent Ladeuil)

* The new command ``bzr lp-mirror`` will request that Launchpad update its
mirror of a local branch. This command will only function if launchpadlib
is installed.
(Jonathan Lange)

* Users can define a shelve editor to provide shelf functionality at a
granularity finer than per-patch-hunk. (Aaron Bentley)

* Bazaar can now send mail through Apple OS X
(Brian de Alwis)

* ``bzr+ssh`` and ``bzr`` paths can now be relative to home directories
specified in the URL. Paths starting with a path segment of ``~`` are
relative to the home directory of the user running the server, and paths
starting with ``~user`` are relative to the home directory of the named

* Extensions can now be compiled if either Cython or Pyrex is available.
Currently Pyrex is preferred, but that may change in the future.

* Give more control on BZR_PLUGIN_PATH by providing a way to refer to or
disable the user, site and core plugin directories.
(Vincent Ladeuil, #412930, #316192, #145612)

Wed Mar 24 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.0.5

* Avoid ``malloc(0)`` in ``patiencediff``, which is non-portable.
(Martin Pool, #331095)

* Concurrent autopacking is more resilient to already-renamed pack files.
If we find that a file we are about to obsolete is already obsoleted, we
do not try to rename it, and we leave the file in ``obsolete_packs``.
The code is also fault tolerant if a file goes missing, assuming that
another process already removed the file.
(John Arbash Meinel, Gareth White, #507557)

* Cope with the lockdir ``held/info`` file being empty, which seems to
happen fairly often if the process is suddenly interrupted while taking
a lock. (Martin Pool, #185103)

* Give the warning about potentially slow cross-format fetches much
earlier on in the fetch operation. Don\'t show this message during
upgrades, and show the correct format indication for remote
repositories. (Martin Pool, #456077, #515356, #513157)

* Handle renames correctly when there are files or directories that
differ only in case. (Chris Jones, Martin Pool, #368931)

* If ``bzr push --create-prefix`` triggers an unexpected ``NoSuchFile``
error, report that error rather than failing with an unhelpful
``UnboundLocalError``. (Andrew Bennetts, #423563)

* Running ``bzr`` command without any arguments now shows bzr
version number along with rest of the help text.
(Parth Malwankar, #369501)

* Use osutils.O_NOINHERIT for some files on win32 to avoid PermissionDenied
errors. (Inada Naoki, #524560)
- Fixed various rpmlint warnings (hard-linked duplicate files,
removed shebangs from non-executable scripts)
- Install bzr bash completion functions

Fri Jan 29 13:00:00 2010
- Update to version 2.0.4

* bzr annotate on another branch with -r branch:... no longer fails with an
ObjectNotLocked error. (Andrew Bennetts, #496590)

* bzr export dir now requests all file content as a record stream, rather than
requsting the file content one file-at-a-time. This can make exporting over the
network significantly faster (54min => 9min in one case). (John Arbash Meinel,

* bzr serve no longer slowly leaks memory. The compiled
bzrlib.bencode.Encoder() class was using __del__ to cleanup and free resources,
and it should have been using __dealloc__. This will likely have an impact on
any other process that is serving for an extended period of time.
(John Arbash Meinel, #494406)

* Check for SIGINT (Ctrl-C) and other signals immediately if readdir returns
EINTR by calling PyErr_CheckSignals. This affected the optional _readdir_pyx
extension. (Andrew Bennetts, # 495023)

* Concurrent autopacks will no longer lose a newly created pack file. There was
a race condition, where if the reload happened at the right time, the second
packer would forget the name of the newly added pack file. (John Arbash Meinel,
Gareth White, #507566)

* Give a clearer message if the lockdir disappears after being apparently
successfully taken. (Martin Pool, #498378)

* Give a warning when fetching between repositories (local or remote) with
sufficiently different formats that the content will need to be serialized (ie
InterDifferingSerializer or inventory-deltas), so the user has a clue that
upgrading could make it faster. (Martin Pool, #456077)

* If we fail to open ~/.bzr.log write a clear message to stderr rather than
using warning(). The log file is opened before logging is set up, and it leads
to very confusing: ‘no handlers for “bzr”’ messages for users, rather than
something nicer. (John Arbash Meinel, Barry Warsaw, #503886)

* Refuse to build with any Pyrex 0.9.4 release, as they have known bugs.
(Martin Pool, John Arbash Meinel, #449372)

* bdist_rpm now properly finds extra files needed for the build.
(there is still the distutils bug
(Joe Julian, #175839)

* The 2a format wasn’t properly restarting autopacks when something changed
underneath it (like another autopack). Now concurrent autopackers will properly
succeed. (John Arbash Meinel, #495000)

* TreeTransform can now handle when a delta says that the file id for the tree
root changes. Rather than trying to rename your working directory, or failing
early saying that you can’t have multiple tree roots. This also fixes revert,
update, and pull when the root id changes. (John Arbash Meinel, #494269,

* _update_current_block no longer suppresses exceptions, so ^C at just the
right time will get propagated, rather than silently failing to move the block
pointer. (John Arbash Meinel, Gareth White, #495023)

Thu Dec 31 13:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.0.3

* bzr push --use-existing-dir no longer crashes if the directory exists but
contains an invalid .bzr directory. (Andrew Bennetts, #423563)

* Content filters are now applied correctly after pull, merge and switch.
(Ian Clatworthy, #385879)

* Fix a potential segfault in the groupcompress hash map handling code. When
inserting new entries, if the final hash bucket was empty, we could end up
trying to access if (last_entry+1)->ptr == NULL. (John Arbash Meinel, #490228)

* Improve “Binary files differ” hunk handling. (Aaron Bentley, #436325)

Mon Dec 14 13:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.0.2

* Avoid \"NoneType has no attribute st_mode\" error when files disappear
from a directory while it\'s being read. (Martin Pool, #446033)

* Content filters are now applied correctly after revert.
(Ian Clatworthy)

* Diff parsing handles \"Binary files differ\" hunks. (Aaron Bentley, #436325)

* Fetching from stacked pre-2a repository via a smart server no longer
fails intermittently with \"second push failed to complete\".
(Andrew Bennetts, #437626)

* Fix typos left after test_selftest refactoring.
(Vincent Ladeuil, Matt Nordhoff, #461149)

* Fixed ``ObjectNotLocked`` errors during ``bzr log -r NNN somefile``.
(Andrew Bennetts, #445171)

* PreviewTree file names are not limited by the encoding of the temp
directory\'s filesystem. (Aaron Bentley, #436794)

* ``bzr log`` now read-locks branches exactly once, so makes better use of
data caches. (Andrew Bennetts)

Thu Oct 29 13:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.0.1

* ``bzr add`` in a tree that has files with ``\\r`` or ``\
`` in the
filename will issue a warning and skip over those files.
(Robert Collins, #3918)

* bzr will attempt to authenticate with SSH servers that support
``keyboard-interactive`` auth but not ``password`` auth when using
Paramiko. (Andrew Bennetts, #433846)

* Fixed fetches from a stacked branch on a smart server that were failing
with some combinations of remote and local formats.
(Andrew Bennetts, #427736)

* Fixed ``ObjectNotLocked`` errors when doing some log and diff operations
on branches via a smart server. (Andrew Bennetts, #389413)

* Handle things like ``bzr add foo`` and ``bzr rm foo`` when the tree is
at the root of a drive.
(John Arbash Meinel, Jason Spashett, #322807)

* Hide deprecation warnings for \'final\' releases for python2.6.
(John Arbash Meinel, #440062)

* Improve the time for ``bzr log DIR`` for 2a format repositories.
(John Arbash Meinel, #374730)

* Make sure that we unlock the tree if we fail to create a TreeTransform
object when doing a merge, and there is limbo, or pending-deletions
directory. (Gary van der Merwe, #427773)

* Occasional IndexError on renamed files have been fixed.
(Robert Collins, #403322)

* Retrieving file text or mtime from a _PreviewTree has good performance when
there are many changes. (Aaron Bentley)

* The CHK index pages now use an unlimited cache size.
(John Arbash Meinel, #402623)

* When a file kind becomes unversionable after being added, a sensible
error will be shown instead of a traceback. (Robert Collins, #438569)

Wed Oct 7 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 2.0.0

* 2a repository format is now the default

Mon Sep 7 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 1.18

* bzr merge --interactive applies a user-selected portion of the merge

* bzr reconfigure now takes options --stacked-on URL and --unstacked to
change stacking of a branch

* Bug fixes - see

Mon Jul 20 14:00:00 2009
- Update to version 1.17

* greatly reduced memory consumption during commits

* faster ls

* faster annotate

* faster network operations if you\'re specifying a revision number

* final destruction of those annoying progress bar artifacts.