Changelog for libhwloc5-2.0.2-50.3.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Nov 21 2017 update to latest released upstream version 1.11.8 (fate#324166)
* Multiple Solaris improvements + Detect caches on Sparc. + Properly detect allowed/disallowed PUs and NUMA nodes with processor sets. + Add hwloc_get_last_cpu_location() support for the current thread.
* Add support for CUDA compute capability 7.0 and fix support for 6.[12].
* Tools improvements + Fix search for objects by physical index in command-line tools. + Add missing \"cpubind:get_thisthread_last_cpu_location\" in the output of hwloc-info --support. + Add --pid and --name to specify target processes in hwloc-ps. + Display thread names in lstopo and hwloc-ps on Linux.
* Doc improvements + Add a FAQ entry about building on Windows. + Install missing sub-manpage for hwloc_obj_add_info() and hwloc_obj_get_info_by_name().
* Fix hwloc-bind --membind for CPU-less NUMA nodes (again). Thanks to Gilles Gouaillardet for reporting the issue.
* Fix a memory leak on IBM S/390 platforms running Linux.
* Fix a memory leak when forcing the x86 backend first on amd64/topoext platforms running Linux.
* Command-line tools now support \"hbm\" instead \"numanode\" for filtering only high-bandwidth memory nodes when selecting locations. + hwloc-bind also support --hbm and --no-hbm for filtering only or no HBM nodes.
* Add --children and --descendants to hwloc-info for listing object children or object descendants of a specific type.
* Add --no-index, --index, --no-attrs, --attrs to disable/enable display of index numbers or attributes in the graphical lstopo output.
* Try to gather hwloc-dump-hwdata output from all possible locations in hwloc-gather-topology.
* Updates to the documentation of locations in hwloc(7) and command-line tools manpages.
* Make the Linux discovery about twice faster, especially on the CPU side, by trying to avoid sysfs file accesses as much as possible.
* Add support for AMD Family 17h processors (Zen) SMT cores in the Linux and x86 backends.
* Add the HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_THISSYSTEM_ALLOWED_RESOURCES flag (and the HWLOC_THISSYSTEM_ALLOWED_RESOURCES environment variable) for reading the set of allowed resources from the local operating system even if the topology was loaded from XML or synthetic.
* Fix hwloc_bitmap_set/clr_range() for infinite ranges that do not overlap currently defined ranges in the bitmap.
* Don\'t reset the lstopo zoom scale when moving the X11 window.
* lstopo now has --flags for manually setting topology flags.
* hwloc_get_depth_type() returns HWLOC_TYPE_DEPTH_UNKNOWN for Misc objects.
* Tue Nov 21 2017 Fix build on Leap where both sle_version is defined and is_opensuse is True.
* Mon Mar 06 2017 make hwloc-dump-hwdata only available on x86, as it is only supported for Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi platforms- revert sub packages for SLE from no-arch to arch specific in order to keep backward compatibility- fix typo in specfile
* Wed Feb 08 2017 fix grammar errors
* Fri Jan 27 2017 use correct upstream source version
* Tue Jan 24 2017 use version_prefix in specfile and download_files service to get sources
* Mon Jan 23 2017 Set noarch on the subpackages that are arch independent- Run configure with enabling verbose mode and disable needless knobs- Set version in the package fully (not 1.11 but 1.11.5+git...)- Rename files to name of the package, if it needs to be renamed the folder needs to keep the other name too- Do not mess with provides/obsoletes about the hwloc-2.0 it won\'t work with libsolv anyway without user interaction
* Bump the user version to to allow \'fake\' update for user in order to work with fate#321929c#5
* Tue Jan 17 2017 switch to version 1.11.5 since 2.0 is a development version with no .so-version set fate#321929 comment#5)
* Mon Aug 29 2016 fix missing manpage bug (bsc#995407)- remove dependency to selinux-policy, selinux is not essential for hwloc (bsc#976559 comment#4)
* Fri Apr 22 2016 add dependency to selinux-policy (bsc#976559)
* Fri Mar 11 2016 Update to 2.0 to support memory side cache (fate#319511)
* Sat Dec 26 2015 Update to 1.11.2
* Improve support for Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi on Linux: + Group local NUMA nodes of normal memory (DDR) and high-bandwidth memory (MCDRAM) together through \"Cluster\" groups so that the local MCDRAM is easy to find. - See \"How do I find the local MCDRAM NUMA node on Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi?\" in the documentation. - For uniformity across all KNL configurations, always have a NUMA node object even if the host is UMA. + Fix the detection of the memory-side cache: - Add the hwloc-dump-hwdata superuser utility to dump SMBIOS information into /var/run/hwloc/ as root during boot, and load this dumped information from the hwloc library at runtime. - See \"Why do I need hwloc-dump-hwdata for caches on Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi?\" in the documentation. Thanks to Grzegorz Andrejczuk for the patches and for the help.
* The x86 and linux backends may now be combined for discovering CPUs through x86 CPUID and memory from the Linux kernel. This is useful for working around buggy CPU information reported by Linux (for instance the AMD Bulldozer/Piledriver bug below). Combination is enabled by passing HWLOC_COMPONENTS=x86 in the environment.
* Fix L3 cache sharing on AMD Opteron 63xx (Piledriver) and 62xx (Bulldozer) in the x86 backend. Thanks to many users who helped.
* Fix the overzealous L3 cache sharing fix added to the x86 backend in 1.11.1 for AMD Opteron 61xx (Magny-Cours) processors.
* The x86 backend may now add the info attribute Inclusive=0 or 1 to caches it discovers, or to caches discovered by other backends earlier. Thanks to Guillaume Beauchamp for the patch.
* Fix the management on alloc_membind() allocation failures on AIX, HP-UX and OSF/Tru64.
* Fix spurious failures to load with ENOMEM on AIX in case of Misc objects below PUs.
* lstopo improvements in X11 and Windows graphical mode: + Add + - f 1 shortcuts to manually zoom-in, zoom-out, reset the scale, or fit the entire window. + Display all keyboard shortcuts in the console.
* Debug messages may be disabled at runtime by passing
* HWLOC_DEBUG_VERBOSE=0 in the environment when --enable-debug was passed to configure.
* Add a FAQ entry \"What are these Group objects in my topology?\".
* Mon Nov 16 2015 Update to version 1.11.1
* Hardwire the topology of Fujitsu K-computer, FX10, FX100 servers to workaround buggy Linux kernels.
* Fix L3 cache information on AMD Opteron 61xx Magny-Cours processors in the x86 backend.
* Detect block devices directly attached to PCI without a controller, for instance NVMe disks.
* Add the PCISlot attribute to all PCI functions instead of only the first one.
* Ignore PCI bridges that could fail assertions by reporting buggy secondary-subordinate bus numbers
* Fix an overzealous assertion when inserting an intermediate Group object while Groups are totally ignored.
* Fix a memory leak on Linux on AMD processors with dual-core compute units.
* Fix a memory leak on failure to load a xml diff file.
* Fix some segfaults when inputting an invalid synthetic description.
* Fix a segfault when plugins fail to find core symbols.
* Fix a segfault when displaying logical indexes in the graphical lstopo.
* Fix lstopo linking with X11 libraries, for instance on Mac OS X.
* hwloc-annotate, hwloc-diff and hwloc-patch do not drop unavailable resources from the output anymore and those may be annotated as well.
* Command-line tools may now import XML from the standard input with -i -.xml
* Add missing documentation for the hwloc-info --no-icaches option.
* Thu Mar 05 2015 Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner- Update to 1.10.1
* Actually remove disallowed NUMA nodes from nodesets when the whole-system flag isn\'t enabled.
* Fix the gathering of PCI domains. Thanks to James Custer for reporting the issue and providing a patch.
* Fix the merging of identical parent and child in presence of Misc objects. Thanks to Dave Love for reporting the issue.
* Fix some misordering of children when merging with ignore_keep_structure() in partially allowed topologies.
* Fix an overzealous assertion in the debug code when running on a single-PU host with I/O. Thanks to Thomas Van Doren for reporting the issue.
* Don\'t forget to setup NUMA node object nodesets in x86 backend (for BSDs) and OSF/Tru64 backend.
* Fix cpuid-x86 build error with gcc -O3 on x86-32. Thanks to Thomas Van Doren for reporting the issue.
* Fix support for future very large caches in the x86 backend.
* Fix vendor/device names for SR-IOV PCI devices on Linux.
* Fix an unlikely crash in case of buggy hierarchical distance matrix.
* Fix PU os_index on some AIX releases. Thanks to Hendryk Bockelmann and Erik Schnetter for helping debugging.
* Fix hwloc_bitmap_isincluded() in case of infinite sets.
* Change hwloc-ls.desktop into a lstopo.desktop and only install it if lstopo is built with Cairo/X11 support. It cannot work with a non-graphical lstopo or hwloc-ls.
* Add support for the renaming of Socket into Package in future releases.
* Add support for the replacement of HWLOC_OBJ_NODE with HWLOC_OBJ_NUMANODE in future releases.
* Clarify the documentation of distance matrices in hwloc.h and in the manpage of the hwloc-distances. Thanks to Dave Love for the suggestion.
* Improve some error messages by displaying more information about the hwloc library in use.
* Document how to deal with the ABI break when upgrading to the upcoming 2.0 See \"How do I handle ABI breaks and API upgrades ?\" in the FAQ.
* Tue Dec 30 2014 minor spec fixes (unbreak build for suse_version < Factory)
* Tue Dec 16 2014 Update to Version 1.10.0
* v1.10.0 is the new feature release. There is no new major change in this release, just improvements everywhere. If you are buying new Intel Xeon E5 with 10 cores or more, this release is required for proper Socket/NUMA detection until the Linux kernel gets fixed.
* API + Add hwloc_topology_export_synthetic() to export a topology to a synthetic string without using lstopo. See the Synthetic topologies section in the documentation. + Add hwloc_topology_set/get_userdata() to let the application save a private pointer in the topology whenever it needs a way to find its own object corresponding to a topology. + Add hwloc_get_numanode_obj_by_os_index() and document that this function as well as hwloc_get_pu_obj_by_os_index() are good at converting nodesets and cpusets into objects. + hwloc_distrib() does not ignore any objects anymore when there are too many of them. They get merged with others instead. Thanks to Tim Creech for reporting the issue.
* Tools + hwloc-bind --get now executes the command after displaying the binding instead of ignoring the command entirely. Thanks to John Donners for the suggestion. + Clarify that memory sizes shown in lstopo are local by default unless specified (total memory added in the root object).
* Synthetic topologies + Synthetic topology descriptions may now specify attributes such as memory sizes and OS indexes. See the Synthetic topologies section in the documentation. + lstopo now exports in this fully-detailed format by default. The new option --export-synthetic-flags may be used to revert back the old format.
* Documentation + Add the doc/examples/ subdirectory with several real-life examples, including the already existing hwloc-hello.C for basics. Thanks to Rob Aulwes for the suggestion. + Improve the documentation of CPU and memory binding in the API. + Add a FAQ entry about operating system errors, especially on AMD platforms with buggy cache information. + Add a FAQ entry about loading many topologies in a single program.
* Misc + Work around buggy Linux kernels reporting 2 sockets instead 1 socket with 2 NUMA nodes for each Xeon E5 v3 (Haswell) processor. + pciutils/libpci support is now removed since libpciaccess works well and there\'s also a Linux-specific PCI backend. For the record, pciutils was GPL and therefore disabled by default since v1.6.2. + Add --disable-cpuid configure flag to work around buggy processor simulators reporting invalid CPUID information. Thanks for Andrew Friedley for reporting the issue. + Fix a racy use of libltdl when manipulating multiple topologies in different threads. Thanks to Andra Hugo for reporting the issue and testing patches. + Fix some build failures in private/misc.h. Thanks to Pavan Balaji and Ralph Castain for the reports. + Fix failures to detect X11/Xutil.h on some Solaris platforms. Thanks to Siegmar Gross for reporting the failure. + The plugin ABI has changed, this release will not load plugins built against previous hwloc releases.