Changelog for higan-0.106-7.21.x86_64.rpm :

* Mon Dec 25 2017 Use GCC 7 for Leap 42.x
* Tue Nov 28 2017 Fix builds for Leap 42.2, 42.3, and Fedora 27.- Rename create-config.patch to create_config.patch to match Debian URL reference
* Sun Nov 26 2017 update to v106:
* restores soft-reset support for consoles
* adds auto-saving RAM support
* adds a new tool to save per-game text notes
* adds 64 new SNES PAL game verifications to the icarus database- repackage files related to \"icarus\", the ROM picker for higan, as a subpackage- for v105 changes, see for v104 changes, see build against gtk3 instead of gtk2- partial drop in optflags.patch
* g++ fix merged in e9d2d56df9f59dd17ebfa2e105fb5409467e4d9f- rebase patches:
* icondir.patch (incorrect icon dimensions also fixed)
* use-XDG_CONFIG_HOME.patch
* ult.patch
* optflags.patch (noop)- drop find_cairo.patch: cairo resolves without issues- match upstream patch name:
* remove sharedpath.patch
* add use_sharedpath.patch- tidiness
* cleanup with spec-cleaner
* re-number patches taken from debian starting at 3xx
* tag patches with upstream links
* remove manual desktop hooks (rely on rpm triggers)
* Sat Aug 12 2017 Trim history and future goals from description.
* Sat Aug 05 2017 Add man pages- Build with optflags- Add patches from Debian/Mageia/Fedora to improve integration:
* desktop.patch
* optflags.patch
* create-config.patch
* ignore_manifests_by_default.patch
* use-XDG_CONFIG_HOME.patch
* sharedpath.patch
* find_cairo.patch (fix for Gtk2 build though we still use Qt)
* Sat Jun 24 2017 Update to v103 - added SuperGrafx emulation - improved audio band-pass filtering for all emulated systems - screen rotation is now a hotkey; automatically rotates control bindings - screen rotation now supported on the Game Boy Advance as well (used by a small number of games) - massive improvements to Mega Drive emulation - massive code cleanups and rewrites to many CPU emulation cores (MOS6502, WDC65816, SPC700, etc) - Famicom, Master System, Mega Drive: added PAL emulation support - PC Engine, SuperGrafx, Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive: added save state support - PC Engine, SuperGrafx: added PSG sound emulation - Master System, Game Gear: added PSG sound emulation - Mega Drive: added Z80 APU emulation [with help from Cydrak] - Mega Drive: added PSG sound emulation - Mega Drive: added YM2612 sound emulation [Cydrak] - Super Famicom: fixed Super Game Boy emulation - PC Engine: added save RAM support (using per-game PCE-CD backup RAM) - Game Boy Advance: substantial improvements to audio emulation quality - Game Boy Advance: convert scanline-based PPU renderer to a dot-based renderer - Game Boy Advance: properly initialize CPU state (fixes Classic NES Series games) - Game Boy Advance: MUL timing corrected [Jonas Quinn] - Mega Drive: emulate special mappers for Phantasy Star IV, Super Street Fighter II, etc. - Super Famicom: use darker luma for INIDISP=0 (large improvement to Final Fantasy III opening) - Super Famicom: fixed bugs in SMP OR1,AND1 instructions - cheat code database regrettably removed from official releases; will be made available separately - Famicom: PAL emulation improvements [hex\\_usr]- Changes from v102 - PCE: latch background scroll registers (fixes Neutopia scrolling) - PCE: clip background attribute table scrolling (fixes Blazing Lazers scrolling) - PCE: support background/sprite enable/disable bits - PCE: fix large sprite indexing (fixes Blazing Lazers title screen sprites) - HuC6280: wrap zeropage accesses to never go beyond $20xx - HuC6280: fix alternating addresses for block move instructions (fixes Neutopia II) - HuC6280: block move instructions save and restore A,X,Y registers - HuC6280: emulate BCD mode (may not be 100% correct, based on SNES BCD) (fixes Blazing Lazers scoring)- Drop higan-makefile.patch as some changes were applied upstream.- Add icondir.patch as the icon directory is still incorrect.
* Fri Dec 02 2016 Update to v101 (see changelog on Dropped Makefile_no_home_folder.patch and higan-rpmlintrc- Added higan-makefile.patch- Dropped Fedora since it\'s not a target in Emulators- Removed libananke subpackage since the library is no longer present
* Sun Dec 14 2014 Fedora compatibility
* Tue Apr 15 2014 optimized spec file- added rpmlintrc to prevent non-devel package error
* Tue Apr 15 2014 added libananke to build