Changelog for python-pytest-2.7.0-1.7.noarch.rpm :
Sun Apr 5 14:00:00 2015
- update to 2.7.0:
- fix issue435: make reload() work when assert rewriting is active.
Thanks Daniel Hahler.
- fix issue616: files and their contained fixutres are now
properly considered for visibility, independently from the exact
current working directory and test arguments that are used.
Many thanks to Eric Siegerman and his PR235 which contains
systematic tests for conftest visibility and now passes.
This change also introduces the concept of a ``rootdir`` which
is printed as a new pytest header and documented in the pytest
customize web page.
- change reporting of \"diverted\" tests, i.e. tests that are collected
in one file but actually come from another (e.g. when tests in a test class
come from a base class in a different file). We now show the nodeid
and indicate via a postfix the other file.
- add ability to set command line options by environment
- added documentation on the new pytest-dev teams on bitbucket and
github. See .
Thanks to Anatoly for pushing and initial work on this.
- fix issue650: new option ``--docttest-ignore-import-errors`` which
will turn import errors in doctests into skips. Thanks Charles Cloud
for the complete PR.
- fix issue655: work around different ways that cause python2/3
to leak sys.exc_info into fixtures/tests causing failures in 3rd party code
- fix issue615: assertion re-writing did not correctly escape % signs
when formatting boolean operations, which tripped over mixing
booleans with modulo operators. Thanks to Tom Viner for the report,
triaging and fix.
- implement issue351: add ability to specify parametrize ids as a callable
to generate custom test ids. Thanks Brianna Laugher for the idea and
- introduce and document new hookwrapper mechanism useful for plugins
which want to wrap the execution of certain hooks for their purposes.
This supersedes the undocumented ``__multicall__`` protocol which
pytest itself and some external plugins use. Note that pytest-2.8
is scheduled to drop supporting the old ``__multicall__``
and only support the hookwrapper protocol.
- majorly speed up invocation of plugin hooks
- use hookwrapper mechanism in builtin pytest plugins.
- add a doctest ini option for doctest flags, thanks Holger Peters.
- add note to docs that if you want to mark a parameter and the
parameter is a callable, you also need to pass in a reason to disambiguate
it from the \"decorator\" case. Thanks Tom Viner.
- \"python_classes\" and \"python_functions\" options now support glob-patterns
for test discovery, as discussed in issue600. Thanks Ldiary Translations.
- allow to override parametrized fixtures with non-parametrized ones and
vice ver sa (bubenkoff).
- fix issue463: raise specific error for \'parameterize\' misspelling
(pfctdayelise ).
- On failure, the ``sys.last_value``, ``sys.last_type`` and
``sys.last_traceback`` are set, so that a user can inspect the error
via postmortem debugging (almarklein).
- Bump Requires/BuildRequires for python-py

Wed Mar 25 13:00:00 2015
- Add optional dependencies for testsuite as BuildRequires.

Wed Mar 25 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 2.6.4:
- Improve assertion failure reporting on iterables, by using ndiff and pprint.
- removed outdated japanese docs from source tree.
- docs for \"pytest_addhooks\" hook. Thanks Bruno Oliveira.
- updated plugin index docs. Thanks Bruno Oliveira.
- fix issue557: with \"-k\" we only allow the old style \"-\" for negation
at the beginning of strings and even that is deprecated. Use \"not\" instead.
This should allow to pick parametrized tests where \"-\" appeared in the parameter.
- fix issue604: Escape % character in the assertion message.
- fix issue620: add explanation in the --genscript target about what
the binary blob means. Thanks Dinu Gherman.
- fix issue614: fixed pastebin support.

Sat Nov 8 13:00:00 2014 Led
- fix bashism in pre script

Sun Oct 5 14:00:00 2014
- Update to 2.6.3
- No longer show line numbers in the –verbose output, the output
is now purely the nodeid. The line number is still shown in
failure reports. Thanks Floris Bruynooghe.
- fix issue437 where assertion rewriting could cause pytest-xdist
slaves to collect different tests.
Thanks Bruno Oliveira.
- fix issue555: add “errors” attribute to capture-streams to
satisfy some distutils and possibly other code accessing sys.stdout.errors.
- fix issue547 capsys/capfd also work when output capturing (“-s”)
is disabled.
- address issue170: allow pytest.mark.xfail(...) to specify expected
exceptions via an optional “raises=EXC” argument where EXC can be
a single exception or a tuple of exception classes.
Thanks David Mohr for the complete PR.
- fix integration of pytest with unittest.mock.patch decorator when
it uses the “new” argument.
Thanks Nicolas Delaby for test and PR.
- fix issue with detecting conftest files if the arguments contain
”::” node id specifications (copy pasted from “-v” output)
- fix issue544 by only removing “AATTNUM” at the end of ”::” separated
parts and if the part has an ”.py” extension don’t use py.std
import helper, rather import things directly.
Thanks Bruno Oliveira.
See for other releases:

Wed Jul 30 14:00:00 2014
- Update to 2.6.0
- Cache exceptions from fixtures according to their scope (issue 467).
- fix issue537: Avoid importing old assertion reinterpretation code by default.
- fix issue364: shorten and enhance tracebacks representation by default.
The new \"--tb=auto\" option (default) will only display long tracebacks
for the first and last entry. You can get the old behaviour of printing
all entries as long entries with \"--tb=long\". Also short entries by
default are now printed very similarly to \"--tb=native\" ones.
- fix issue514: teach assertion reinterpretation about private class attributes
- change -v output to include full node IDs of tests. Users can copy
a node ID from a test run, including line number, and use it as a
positional argument in order to run only a single test.
- fix issue 475: fail early and comprehensible if calling
pytest.raises with wrong exception type.
- fix issue516: tell in getting-started about current dependencies.
- cleanup a bit and specify supported versions. Thanks Jurko
Gospodnetic for the PR.
- change XPASS colour to yellow rather then red when tests are run
with -v.
- fix issue473: work around mock putting an unbound method into a class
dict when double-patching.
- fix issue498: if a fixture finalizer fails, make sure that
the fixture is still invalidated.
- fix issue453: the result of the pytest_assertrepr_compare hook now gets
it\'s newlines escaped so that format_exception does not blow up.
- internal new warning system: pytest will now produce warnings when
it detects oddities in your test collection or execution.
Warnings are ultimately sent to a new pytest_logwarning hook which is
currently only implemented by the terminal plugin which displays
warnings in the summary line and shows more details when -rw (report on
warnings) is specified.
- change skips into warnings for test classes with an __init__ and
callables in test modules which look like a test but are not functions.
- fix issue436: improved finding of initial conftest files from command
line arguments by using the result of parse_known_args rather than
the previous flaky heuristics. Thanks Marc Abramowitz for tests
and initial fixing approaches in this area.
- fix issue #479: properly handle nose/unittest(2) SkipTest exceptions
during collection/loading of test modules. Thanks to Marc Schlaich
for the complete PR.
- fix issue490: include pytest_load_initial_conftests in documentation
and improve docstring.
- fix issue472: clarify that ``pytest.config.getvalue()`` cannot work
if it\'s triggered ahead of command line parsing.
- merge PR123: improved integration with mock.patch decorator on tests.
- fix issue412: messing with stdout/stderr FD-level streams is now
captured without crashes.
- fix issue483: trial/py33 works now properly. Thanks Daniel Grana for PR.
- improve example for pytest integration with \"python test\"
which now has a generic \"-a\" or \"--pytest-args\" option where you
can pass additional options as a quoted string. Thanks Trevor Bekolay.
- simplified internal capturing mechanism and made it more robust
against tests or setups changing FD1/FD2, also better integrated
now with pytest.pdb() in single tests.
- improvements to pytest\'s own test-suite leakage detection, courtesy of PRs
from Marc Abramowitz
- fix issue492: avoid leak in test_writeorg. Thanks Marc Abramowitz.
- fix issue493: don\'t run tests in doc directory with ``python test``
(use tox -e doctesting for that)
- fix issue486: better reporting and handling of early conftest loading failures
- some cleanup and simplification of internal conftest handling.
- work a bit harder to break reference cycles when catching exceptions.
Thanks Jurko Gospodnetic.
- fix issue443: fix skip examples to use proper comparison. Thanks Alex
- support nose-style ``__test__`` attribute on modules, classes and
functions, including unittest-style Classes. If set to False, the
test will not be collected.
- fix issue512: show \"\" for arguments which might not be set
in monkeypatch plugin. Improves output in documentation.

Tue Jun 10 14:00:00 2014
- Add setuptools dependency as py.test launcher does import pkg_resources

Wed Mar 12 13:00:00 2014
- Update to version 2.5.2:
- fix issue409 -- better interoperate with cx_freeze by not
trying to import from which causes problems
for py27/cx_freeze. Thanks Wolfgang L. for reporting and tracking it down.
- fixed docs and code to use \"pytest\" instead of \"py.test\" almost everywhere.
Thanks Jurko Gospodnetic for the complete PR.
- fix issue425: mention at end of \"py.test -h\" that --markers
and --fixtures work according to specified test path (or current dir)
- fix issue413: exceptions with unicode attributes are now printed
correctly also on python2 and with pytest-xdist runs. (the fix
requires py-1.4.20)
- copy, cleanup and integrate capture
from pylib 1.4.20.dev2 (rev 13d9af95547e)
- address issue416: clarify docs as to loading semantics
- fix issue429: comparing byte strings with non-ascii chars in assert
expressions now work better. Thanks Floris Bruynooghe.
- make capfd/capsys.capture private, its unused and shouldnt be exposed

Thu Jan 30 13:00:00 2014
- Re-add python-argparse requirement for SP3

Fri Jan 3 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 2.5.1:
+ merge new documentation styling PR from Tobias Bieniek.
+ fix issue403: allow parametrize of multiple same-name functions within
a collection node.
+ Allow parameterized fixtures to specify the ID of the parameters by
adding an ids argument to pytest.fixture() and pytest.yield_fixture().
+ fix issue404 by always using the binary xml escape in the junitxml
+ fix issue407: fix addoption docstring to point to argparse instead of

* 2.5.0:
+ dropped python2.5 from automated release testing of pytest itself
which means it\'s probably going to break soon
+ simplified and fixed implementation for calling finalizers when
parametrized fixtures or function arguments are involved. finalization
is now performed lazily at setup time instead of in the \"teardown phase\".
+ PR90: add --color=yes|no|auto option to force terminal coloring
mode (\"auto\" is default).
+ fix issue319 - correctly show unicode in assertion errors. Also means
we depend on py>=1.4.19 now.
+ fix issue396 - correctly sort and finalize class-scoped parametrized
tests independently from number of methods on the class.
+ refix issue323 in a better way -- parametrization should now never
cause Runtime Recursion errors because the underlying algorithm
for re-ordering tests per-scope/per-fixture is not recursive
+ fix issue290 - there is preliminary support now for parametrizing
with repeated same values (sometimes useful to to test if calling
a second time works as with the first time).
+ close issue240 - document precisely how pytest module importing
works, discuss the two common test directory layouts, and how it
interacts with PEP420-namespace packages.
+ fix issue246 fix finalizer order to be LIFO on independent fixtures
depending on a parametrized higher-than-function scoped fixture.
(was quite some effort so please bear with the complexity of
this sentence :)
+ fix issue244 by implementing special index for parameters to only use
indices for paramentrized test ids
+ fix issue287 by running all finalizers but saving the exception
from the first failing finalizer and re-raising it so teardown will
still have failed. We reraise the first failing exception because
it might be the cause for other finalizers to fail.
+ fix ordering when mock.patch or other standard decorator-wrappings
are used with test methods. This fixues issue346 and should
help with random \"xdist\" collection failures. Thanks to
Ronny Pfannschmidt and Donald Stufft for helping to isolate it.
+ and many more, see CHANGELOG for details
- require python3-py at least 1.4.19
- mark /etc/alternatives/py.test as ghost file for openSUSE 12.3+
- skip test_simple.yml from %check

Thu Sep 19 14:00:00 2013
- Skip running tests on SLE_11_SP2

Tue Jun 18 14:00:00 2013
- Use update-alternatives

Mon Jun 17 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 2.3.5:
+ never consider a fixture function for test function collection
+ allow re-running of test items / helps to fix pytest-reruntests plugin
and also help to keep less fixture/resource references alive
+ put captured stdout/stderr into junitxml output even for passing tests
(thanks Adam Goucher)
+ Issue 265 - integrate nose setup/teardown with setupstate
so it doesnt try to teardown if it did not setup
+ issue 271 - dont write junitxml on slave nodes
+ Issue 274 - dont try to show full doctest example
when doctest does not know the example location
+ issue 280 - disable assertion rewriting on buggy CPython 2.6.0
+ inject \"getfixture()\" helper to retrieve fixtures from doctests,
thanks Andreas Zeidler
+ issue 259 - when assertion rewriting, be consistent with the default
source encoding of ASCII on Python 2
+ issue 251 - report a skip instead of ignoring classes with init
+ issue250 unicode/str mixes in parametrization names and values now works
+ issue257, assertion-triggered compilation of source ending in a
comment line doesn\'t blow up in python2.5 (fixed through py>=1.4.13.dev6)
+ fix --genscript option to generate standalone scripts that also
work with python3.3 (importer ordering)
+ issue171 - in assertion rewriting, show the repr of some
global variables
+ fix option help for \"-k\"
+ move long description of distribution into README.rst
+ improve docstring for metafunc.parametrize()
+ fix bug where using capsys with pytest.set_trace() in a test
function would break when looking at capsys.readouterr()
+ allow to specify prefixes starting with \"_\" when
customizing python_functions test discovery. (thanks Graham Horler)
+ improve PYTEST_DEBUG tracing output by puting
extra data on a new lines with additional indent
+ ensure OutcomeExceptions like skip/fail have initialized exception attributes
+ issue 260 - don\'t use nose special setup on plain unittest cases
+ fix issue134 - print the collect errors that prevent running specified test items
+ fix issue266 - accept unicode in MarkEvaluator expressions

Thu May 2 14:00:00 2013
- Enable testsuite

Sat Apr 20 14:00:00 2013
- Updated to version 2.3.4
For details, see
No releases before 2.3.4 published (except the initial release).
- SPEC file changes:

* Added build conditional with tests

* Improved package description

Mon Feb 20 13:00:00 2012
- Initial version