Changelog for ocaml-findlib-camlp4-1.7.3-74.24.i586.rpm :

* Tue Jul 25 2017 Use Group: Development/Languages/OCaml
* Mon Jul 17 2017 Update to upstream version 1.7.3 Fix regarding num-top: this library is now also optional, as num. Trying to protect against failures when several package installs are done in parallel. New subpackage \"\" for the toploop The \"num\" library is now optional. New command \"ocamlfind printppx\" that outputs how the ppx preprocessor would be called Support for the raw_spacetime library that comes with OCaml 4.04 Require that ocamlc and ocamlc.opt are installed to the same directory \"ocamlfind printconf\" respects the environment variable OCAMLFIND_CONF Build with -opaque Preliminary support for native toplevel New options: ocamlfind query -qe -qo- drop findlib-1.3.3.patch
* Mon Jul 17 2017 Wrap specfile conditionals to fix quilt setup
* Mon Jul 17 2017 Remove autodeps for pre openSUSE 12.1 releases
* Wed May 18 2016 Update to upstream version 1.6.2 (fate#320836) Adding an \"ocamldoc\" library, providing the cmi\'s for ocamldoc plugins Support for OCaml-4.03: recognize that the new -color option has an argument Adding support for dynamically loading packages new \"plugin\" variable, new Fl_dynload module. New command \"ocamlfind lint\" for checking META files Allow to query the location of the META file of a package: \"ocamlfind query -format \'%m\'\" Get the install path for the META file of packages: \"ocamlfind printconf metapath\" The switch -only-show did not work as described.
* Tue Nov 10 2015 Add hardcoded Provides for pre 12.1 repos
* Thu Oct 23 2014 Update to upstream version 1.5.5 New ppxopt META variables. Support for OCAMLFIND_TOOLCHAIN environment variable.
* Thu Oct 23 2014 BuildRequire ocaml-rpm-macros
* Fri Oct 10 2014 BuildRequire at least ocaml 4.02
* Wed Oct 08 2014 Update to upstream version 1.5.3 The installation of \"bytes\" respects now $prefix and the configured destination. New option -pp for \"ocamlfind query\", to get preprocessor packages. Updated the compatibility Bytes module to support extend, init, mapi, blit_string.- 1.5.2: support for the query formats \"%+a\" and \"%+A\". Fix: the \"ppx\" property is now also path-expanded when interpreted in a toploop. Fix: implicit \"ppx\" is not path-expanded anymore. Fix: Build bytes.cmxs only if natdynlink is enabled.- 1.5.1: includes a file that was missing in 1.5- 1.5: Including the \"bytes\" package that is either a compat package for ocaml < 4.02 or a fake package for ocaml >= 4.02. The package aims at helping to support the transition to the new \"bytes\" type for mutable strings. Also installing findlib.cmxs if OCaml supports it. Allowing to disable camlp4 (in prep for OCaml-4.02). The \"ppx\" package property can be specified for constructing ppx-type preprocessor.- 1.4.1:ocamldoc: The order of -ppopt arguments was changed by ocamlfind, which is not correct.- 1.4: Fixed performance bug when many arguments need to be processed. Auto-configuring ocamldoc.opt if it is found. New config switch -no-custom to prevent that \"ocamlfind\" is linked in custom-runtime mode (bytecode only). The library dbm is no longer part of OCaml, and now optional in findlib Support for ocamloptp. New function Topfind.log for controlling the verbosity. Rewritten Fl_metascanner without camlp4