Changelog for dfhack-debuginfo-0.44.12-0.r1.fc28.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Sat Dec 01 2018 Ben Rosser - 0.44.12-0.r1.1- Updated to latest upstream release for 0.44.12.- Add new submodule for jsoncpp.
* Sun Aug 19 2018 RPM Fusion Release Engineering - 0.44.10-3.r1- Rebuilt for Fedora 29 Mass Rebuild binutils issue
* Fri Jul 27 2018 RPM Fusion Release Engineering - 0.44.10-2.r1- Rebuilt for
* Mon Jun 04 2018 Ben Rosser - 0.44.10-0.r1.1- Updated to latest upstream release for 0.44.10.
* Mon Apr 09 2018 Ben Rosser - 0.44.09-1.r1- Update to latest upstream release for 0.44.09.
* Mon Feb 26 2018 Ben Rosser - 0.44.05-3.r2- Update to latest upstream release for 0.44.05.
* Wed Feb 21 2018 Ben Rosser - 0.44.05-2.r1- Added missing provides for dfhack-static to dfhack-devel.
* Tue Feb 20 2018 Ben Rosser - 0.44.05-1.r1- Update to latest upstream release, add various review fixes.- Remove static subpackage, move static library into devel subpackage.- Remove re-definition of dist tag for EPEL.- Use make_build instead of make smp_flags macro.- Remove BR on git.- Add comment to upstream ticket about isoworld issues/patches.- Generate dfhack-doc subpackage, excluding documentation build script.
* Sun Dec 31 2017 Ben Rosser - 0.44.03-1.beta1- Updated to latest dfhack upstream release, beta1 for 0.44.03.- Redid packaging to use several source URLs, one for each git repository.- Commit hashes and git-describe.h get generated by prepare-dfhack-release, script, both included in source RPM.- Fixed executable permissions on some proto files, excluded df-structures gitignore in devel package.- Added bundled protobuf version to Provide.- Made stonesense Provides versioned.
* Sun Jul 16 2017 Ben Rosser - 0.43.05-7.r2- Update to latest dfhack upstream release, r2 for 0.43.05.
* Tue Jun 20 2017 Ben Rosser - 0.43.05-6.r1- Update to r1 release for DF 0.43.05.
* Tue May 09 2017 Ben Rosser - 0.43.05-5.beta2- Update to beta2 release for DF 0.43.05.
* Wed Feb 15 2017 Ben Rosser - 0.43.05-4.beta1- Update to beta1 release for DF 0.43.05.
* Fri Jan 20 2017 Ben Rosser - 0.43.05-3.alpha4- Rebuild with DOWLOAD_RUBY actually set to off.
* Fri Jan 20 2017 Ben Rosser - 0.43.05-2.alpha4- Update to latest 0.43.05 alpha release.- The symlink is no longer required.
* Sun Oct 23 2016 Ben Rosser - 0.43.05-1.alpha1- Initial support for 0.43.05 and 64-bit Dwarf Fortress; not perfectly stable.- Now that ruby plugin supports 2.x libruby, unbundle libruby.- Rebundle tinyxml; as dfhack segfaults when it is unbundled for whatever reason.- Keep libdfhack-version as static library, install it in dfhack-static package.
* Sat Oct 01 2016 Ben Rosser - 0.43.03-6.r1- Add -devel subpackage containing all development headers and pkgconfig file.- Build libdfhack-version as shared library and install it in main package.
* Thu Jul 07 2016 Ben Rosser 0.43.03-5.r1- Update to 0.43.03 stable release- Unbundle tinyxml, link against system-wide tinyxml (patch accepted upstream)
* Sat Jun 18 2016 Ben Rosser 0.43.03-4.alpha1- Unbundle allegro, link stonesense against system-wide allegro.
* Sat Jun 18 2016 Ben Rosser 0.43.03-3.alpha1- Fix bug in dfhack-run when installing stonesense.
* Sat Jun 18 2016 Ben Rosser 0.43.03-2.alpha1- Change Source0 to use version macro so I don\'t accidentally forget to update it.
* Sat Jun 18 2016 Ben Rosser 0.43.03-1.alpha1- Update to 0.43.03 alpha release
* Fri Jun 17 2016 Ben Rosser 0.42.06-2.r1- Switch to using _libdir and _datadir to store dfhack instead of opt.- Added valgrind as run-time dependency.- Include stonesense as subpackage.
* Fri Jun 17 2016 Ben Rosser 0.42.06-1.r1- Initial package.