Changelog for gnash-tools-0.8.8-5-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm :

* Mon Mar 14 2011 Funda Wang 0.8.8-5mdv2011.0+ Revision: 644482- rebuild for new boost + G?tz Waschk - disable vaapi for backports + Ahmad Samir - the .desktop file that\'ll appear only in the Menu doesn\'t need %%U
* Thu Aug 26 2010 Ahmad Samir 0.8.8-4mdv2011.0+ Revision: 573384- Offer two .desktop files, one to appear in the menu so that gnash GUI loads correctly, and another to show up in the context menu so that double clicking an swf file works. Should fix (mdv#60786) hopefully for good.
* Wed Aug 25 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.8-3mdv2011.0+ Revision: 573358- move plugin conf file in the right subpackage- don\'t provide empty changelog, provide versioned changelog
* Tue Aug 24 2010 Funda Wang 0.8.8-2mdv2011.0+ Revision: 572516- BR xi for input devices
* Mon Aug 23 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.8-1mdv2011.0+ Revision: 572417- New version 0.8.8 final- enable every render and media handler, can be switched at runtime- suggest lightspark for AVM2 handling
* Tue Aug 10 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.8-0.20100810.1mdv2011.0+ Revision: 568333- New bzr snapshot- BR gsm-devel nspr-devel expat-devel- New bzr snapshot
* Thu Aug 05 2010 Funda Wang 0.8.8-0.20100801.2mdv2011.0+ Revision: 566097- rebuild for new boost + Matthew Dawkins - make spec file rpm5 compatible - make spec file rpm5 compatible
* Mon Aug 02 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.8-0.20100801.1mdv2011.0+ Revision: 565045- fix files list- disable doc, breaks build- New bzr snapshot- drop p0 and p2- BR tslib-devel and gtkglext-dvel- don\'t enable avm2, it breaks build- set agg as renderer, it\'s the only one fully working- update files list
* Sat May 29 2010 Ahmad Samir 0.8.7-5mdv2010.1+ Revision: 546565- add %%U to Exec line in the .desktop files to make it actually work (mdv #59540)
* Sun May 02 2010 Funda Wang 0.8.7-4mdv2010.1+ Revision: 541525- fix summary
* Sat May 01 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-3mdv2010.1+ Revision: 541508- drop firefox requires, can also be used by chromium- add menu entry- add SOURCE1 (swf sample) because gnash needs argument on opening
* Sun Apr 25 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-2mdv2010.1+ Revision: 538696- rebuild
* Mon Feb 15 2010 Funda Wang 0.8.7-1mdv2010.1+ Revision: 506177- more linkage fix- fix linkage- new version 0.8.7 final
* Tue Feb 09 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-0.20100208.1mdv2010.1+ Revision: 502982- new snapshot- bump BR version- update files list
* Mon Feb 08 2010 Anssi Hannula 0.8.7-0.20100131.3mdv2010.1+ Revision: 501882- rebuild for new boost
* Wed Feb 03 2010 Funda Wang 0.8.7-0.20100131.2mdv2010.1+ Revision: 500087- rebuild for new boost
* Sun Jan 31 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-0.20100131.1mdv2010.1+ Revision: 498782- New bzr snapshot
* Fri Jan 22 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-0.20100122.1mdv2010.1+ Revision: 495042- New bzr snapshot
* Mon Jan 18 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-0.20100117.1mdv2010.1+ Revision: 493041- fix files list- New bzr snapshot- create subpackage for gnash tools
* Wed Jan 13 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-0.20100113.1mdv2010.1+ Revision: 491014- disable test, ming-all test failing- update files list- add trigger for tests- enable tests- New bzr snapshot
* Wed Jan 13 2010 G?tz Waschk 0.8.7-0.20091231.5mdv2010.1+ Revision: 490588- rebuild for new libjpeg
* Sun Jan 03 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-0.20091231.4mdv2010.1+ Revision: 486050- create conditionnal for gstreamer use- use ffmpeg media handler to workaround sound issue in youtube (to fix)
* Sat Jan 02 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-0.20091231.2mdv2010.1+ Revision: 485175- drop useless BR- force GST detection- move files to right package- create subpackage for cygnal streaming media server
* Fri Jan 01 2010 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.7-0.20091231.1mdv2010.1+ Revision: 484630- drop useless/redundant configure arguments- use major- update files list- pre 0.8.7 bzr snapshot + Nicolas L?cureuil - Remove unused BuildRequires - Add csound as BuildRequire
* Sun Sep 20 2009 Nicolas L?cureuil 0.8.6-1mdv2010.0+ Revision: 444891- Add libgstreamer-plugins-base-devel as buildrequires Fix File list + Zombie Ryushu - Add missing dependencies - Add missing dependencies - Upgrade to 0.8.6 - Upgrade to 0.8.6
* Thu Mar 05 2009 Per ?yvind Karlsen 0.8.5-1mdv2010.0+ Revision: 349093- use %%configure2_5x macro so that we don\'t have to do silly libtool workaround- no sense in setting $QTDIR etc., these are already set by the profile.d scripts
* Thu Mar 05 2009 Per ?yvind Karlsen 0.8.5-1mdv2009.1+ Revision: 348966- fix manual (P1, from fedora)- ignore version the moc files has been generated with, and also add a missing one from gnash kde4 bzr branch (P0) so that we now can build kde4 plugin- build with speex support- add support for building kde4 klash plugin (not working yet though)- grf, give up trying to --no-undefined stuff..- new release: 0.8.5- fix underlinking (P0)- do parallel build- make buildrequires on kdebase3-devel conditional
* Sat Dec 20 2008 Funda Wang 0.8.4-3mdv2009.1+ Revision: 316576- rebuild for new boost + Oden Eriksson - use lowercase mysql-devel
* Mon Nov 10 2008 Funda Wang 0.8.4-2mdv2009.1+ Revision: 301762- rebuild for new xcb
* Tue Oct 28 2008 Nicolas L?cureuil 0.8.4-1mdv2009.1+ Revision: 297975- Fix oversion- New upstream version 0.8.4 Fix firefox plugin requires
* Sun Aug 31 2008 Nicolas L?cureuil 0.8.4-0.20080830.1mdv2009.0+ Revision: 277695- Add a switch for kparts(klash) build Do not build Kparts for now Fix file list- Disable kparts for the moment- Fix BuildRequires- New Bzr snapshot- Remove --with-qt-lib from %%configure- Fix kde includes- Update spec file to version 0.8.3- Update to Gnash 0.8.3- More fixes for kde plugin- Fix kde-gnash move- Fix install of kde plugin- New snapshot Fix File list + Thierry Vignaud - rebuild + Funda Wang - use configure2_5x + Oden Eriksson - rebuilt for mozilla-firefox- + Anssi Hannula - own %%_libdir/gnash + Pixel - do not call ldconfig in %%post/%%postun, it is now handled by filetriggers - adapt to %%_localstatedir now being /var instead of /var/lib (#22312)
* Wed Mar 26 2008 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.2-4mdv2008.1+ Revision: 190470- Rebuild for new FF
* Mon Mar 24 2008 Emmanuel Andry 0.8.2-3mdv2008.1+ Revision: 189789- Update description- build SDL and fb gui