Changelog for cyrus-sasl-bdb-2.1.27-150300.4.3.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu Feb 25 2021 Fix build: Do not build libsasl2-3 in the bdb package. This will not be linked to berkely db. libsasl2-3 is now defined as %BuildRequires and %Requires
* Tue Dec 08 2020 Remove Berkeley DB dependency (JIRA#SLE-12190) The packages cyrus-sasl and cyrus-sasl-saslauthd are built without Berkely DB support. gdbm will be used instead of BDB. The packages cyrus-sasl-bdb and cyrus-sasl-saslauthd-bdb are built with Berkely DB support.- Update to 2.1.27
* Added support for OpenSSL 1.1
* Added support for lmdb
* Lots of build fixes
* Treat SCRAM and DIGEST-MD5 as more secure than PLAIN when selecting client mech
* DIGEST-MD5 plugin: Fixed memory leaks Fixed a segfault when looking for non-existent reauth cache Prevent client from going from step 3 back to step 2 Allow cmusaslsecretDIGEST-MD5 property to be disabled
* GSSAPI plugin: Added support for retrieving negotiated SSF Fixed GSS-SPNEGO to use flags negotiated by GSSAPI for SSF Properly compute maxbufsize AFTER security layers have been set
* SCRAM plugin: Added support for SCRAM-SHA-256
* LOGIN plugin: Don’t prompt client for password until requested by server
* NTLM plugin: Fixed crash due to uninitialized HMAC context- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)- bsc#983938 `` left-overs in several unit files- added patches: fix_libpq-fe_include.diff for fixing including libpq-fe.h- removed patches obsoleted by upstream changes:
* shared_link_on_ppc.patch
* cyrus-sasl-2.1.27-openssl-1.1.0.patch
* 0002-Drop-unused-parameter-from-gssapi_spnego_ssf.patch
* 0003-Check-return-error-from-gss_wrap_size_limit.patch
* 0004-Add-support-for-retrieving-the-mech_ssf.patch
* 0001-Fix-GSS-SPNEGO-mechanism-s-incompatible-behavior.patch
* cyrus-sasl-fix-logging-in-gssapi.patch
* Thu Feb 06 2020 Added support for retrieving negotiated SSF in gssapi plugin (bsc#1162518)
* Add 0002-Drop-unused-parameter-from-gssapi_spnego_ssf.patch
* Add 0003-Check-return-error-from-gss_wrap_size_limit.patch
* Add 0004-Add-support-for-retrieving-the-mech_ssf.patch- Fixed GSS-SPNEGO to use flags negotiated by GSSAPI for SSF (bsc#1162518)
* Add 0001-Fix-GSS-SPNEGO-mechanism-s-incompatible-behavior.patch
* Thu Nov 28 2019 added backport-patch cyrus-sasl-bug587.patch which fixes off-by-one error in _sasl_add_string function (see CVE-2019-19906 bsc#1159635)
* Mon Feb 04 2019 bnc#1044840 syslog is polluted with messages \"GSSAPI client step 1\" By server context the connection will be sent to the log function. Client content does not have log level information. I.e. there is no way to stop DEBUG level logs nece I\'ve removed it.
* add cyrus-sasl-fix-logging-in-gssapi.patch
* Mon Sep 04 2017 OpenSSL 1.1 support (bsc#1055463)
* add cyrus-sasl-2.1.27-openssl-1.1.0.patch from Fedora
* Wed Mar 22 2017 added cyrus-sasl-issue-402.patch to fix SASL GSSAPI mechanism acceptor wrongly returns zero maxbufsize #402 (see
* Tue Mar 07 2017 bnc#1026825 saslauthd: :set_auth_mech : unknown authentication mechanism: kerberos5
* Wed Dec 09 2015 really use SASLAUTHD_PARAMS variable (bnc#938657)
* Tue Jan 06 2015 bnc#908883 cyrus-sasl-scram refers to wrong RFC
* Thu Nov 27 2014 Make sure /usr/sbin/rcsaslauthd exists