Changelog for libao4-1.2.0-1.48.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu May 15 2014 Version bump to 1.2.0: - Added missing ao_file_extension() (see Trac #1841) - Fixed memory leak in ao_shutdown() (see Trac #1799) - Updated manpage libao.conf.5 (see Trac #1822) - Corrected doc/ao_play.html (see Trac #1808) - Latency adjustments - Implement PulseAudio client_name (see Trac #1924) - Other ALSA, Pulse, Roar, sndio and MacOS driver improvements- Disable esd module, Gnome is not using that for ages and moved to pulse anyway.- Drop patch lib64.dif and replace it by simple sed that works more straight-forward.
* Thu Apr 11 2013 Added url as source. Please see
* Mon Dec 26 2011 Use O_CLOEXEC in shared library- Remove aRts plugin, which is dead since 2004.- remove _service file
* Thu May 12 2011 fix missing obsoletes for 32bit baselibs package
* Thu May 05 2011 fix provides/obsoletes
* Sun May 01 2011 Added 32bit compatibility libraries
* Thu Feb 24 2011 update to version 1.1.0
* Add autofoo ld symbol versioning to build system
* Update Roar driver to latest API
* Fix Roar driver to not block on SLP lookup during probe
* Improve/correct latency setup in ALSA (see Trac #1762)
* Add missing ctype.h header in build (see Trac #1760)
* Move toward more consistent option naming across drivers
* Correct ao_example.c source to not pass dangling pointer for the matrix argument.
* Add 24 bit playback to Pulse plugin
* Fix 24 bit playback in ALSA plugin
* Fix segfaults when closing a driver that did not successfully open.
* Fix compilation of sndio plugin- Remove ao-pulse-fixes.patch, libao-missing_headers.diff and libao-alsa-fix.diff since were applied by upstream- Remove libao-pulse Provides/Obsoletes from libao-plugins4 subpackage since the new pulse plugin isn\'t the same than the old one.
* Fri Feb 11 2011 Add ao-pulse-fixes.patch to fix libao not working correctly with pulse audio
* Wed Dec 15 2010 Add libao-pulse Provides/Obsoletes to libao-plugins4 subpackage since it now provides the pulse plugin.
* Sat Dec 11 2010 Fix License tag
* Fri Dec 10 2010 update to version 1.0.0
* AO returns to active development
* Added surround channel mapping API and capability
* Update and test all drivers on modern installs
* New config file options
* Driver options may be specifid in config file
* Support for MacosX < 1.5 dropped, driver moded to AUHAL
* Build in WMM driver rather than using dlopen()
* Added Roar Audio driver
* Added OpenBSD SNDIO driver
* Work around ESD non-4096 byte write bug
* Work around aRts server crash bug
* Workaround for VIA82xx click/crackle bugs under ALSA
* Remove dead/unused drivers (solaris, alasa05, mmsound)
* Numerous patches from multiple downstreams- run spec-cleaner- follow library packaging policy- removed libao-pkgconfig.diff (fixed upstream)- removed libao-configure.diff as suggested (#93877, reapply if needed)- updated libao-alsa-fix.diff- add libao-missing_headers.diff
* Fri Dec 18 2009 enable parallel build